St Thomas' Church burial ground, Melling, Lancashire, England

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1Daniel id: 45625779041072very worn not legible

2John id: 45635779051082
Elizabeth The Buriel Ground of John and Elizabeth

3John id: 45735779101073
Eliz details difficult to read
Brenda Beatrice Jones1931 Infant Daughter of R and E Jones

4AdamsEsther Adams1849381887id: 44525778081075
James Adams1845631908

5AndertonAnnette Anderton1892161908id: 44265777851098
Daniel Anderton1858651923
Jane Anderton1858641922
Jane Core1890481938

6AndertonJohn Anderton1854501904id: 44205777791074
Annie Mary Anderton1886731959
John Anderton1892271919
Margaret Anderton1859721931

7AndertonThomas Anderton1848671915id: 45295778761079
Jane Anderton1853621915 wife of above

8AndertonWilliam Anderton1865501915id: 45305778771087Husband of Anne
William Anderton1893291922
Anne Anderton1847891936 wife of William

9AndertonWilliam Anderton1832631895id: 44475778041138Accidentally Killed
Mary Elizabeth Smith1875551930 Daughter of above
William Anderton1863721935 Son of William and Ellen
David Alexander Smith1883501933
Ellen Anderton1832831915
Grace Shacklady1887691956 Sister of Frances
Joseph Shacklady1891591950 Husband of Grace

10AtkinsonMargaret P Atkinson1843711914id: 44805778331123
Frances Ellen Collins1882641946 Neice of Margaret Atkinson

11BakerGeorege Baker1876611937id: 45405778871078
Rosa Baker1889771966

12BaldwinJames Baldwin54id: 45795779151305Husband of Margaret Baldwin
Mary Charnock1788171805 above DC 1794
George Cross1888 The other too difficult to read
Margaret Baldwin
Thomas Huyton1850741924
Catherine Owne1787 Here lieth the Body

13BaldwinThomas Baldwin1927621989id: 44605778161074
Mary Baldwin1851791930

14BaldwinWilliam Baldwin1840261866id: 46155779411085The Buriel place of James and Margery Baldwin
James Baldwin1803801883 Also the buriel place of Robert and Alice Baldwin
Margery Baldwin1816651881

15BallRobert Ball1820741894id: 46095779371182
Alice Ball184811849 age 14 months
Edward Ball186741871
James Ball1861461907
John Ball1852541906
Robert Ball187651881
William Ball1864421906
Mary Ball1824751899
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16BarlowPhillis Barlow1929251954id: 44895778421077
James Parker Turner
Elizabeth Turner1925541979 devoted wife of James Parker Turner

17BarnesRebecca Barnes1817671884id: 46125779381074of Simonswood
Thomas Barnes1817671884
Richard Rose1890 age 8 months - son of Robert and Rebecca Rose
Sarah Rose1888 age 8 months - daughter of Robert and Rebecca Rose

18BarnesWilliam Barnes1851651916id: 44575779001084husband of Henrietta Barnes
W R Rimmer1884631947 only son of Fraces A Rimmer
Henrietta Barnes1855791934

19BassantAlice M Bassant1879781957id: 449857785111021
Margaret Crockett1913721985
Dora Loverius1909922001
Janet Pritchard1914821996
Elias William Bassant1880781958
Lily Bassant1907992006 Sisters re united
Alice Owen1904941998

20BennettMargaret Bennett70id: 45875779201070
James Bennett1741771818

21BlundellWilliam Blundell1878821960id: 44875778401077
Mary Blundell1900601960 wife of Norman
Norman Blundell
Mary Blundell1871841955

22BoltonAlice Bolton1800831883id: 46625779701116wife of John
John Bolton

23BoltonAlice Bolton1805831888id: 46195779431118

24BottomsMargaret Bottoms1931id: 45365778831072

25BoyleJohn Boyle1845541899id: 45555778991104
Samuel Cheetham70 son of Sarah date obscured
Sarah Cheetham1825741899 of Melling
Elizabeth Boyle1874371911
Euphemia Boyle190381911
William Cheetham1854471901

26BradburyMary Bradbury1899911990id: 45005778521088
Charles Bradbury1886711957 others obscured by flowers

27BradleyJames Bradley1805561861id: 46395779561075of Knowsley
Ellen Bradley1830781908
Margaret Bradley1810851895

28BradleyJohn Bradleyid: 46245779471069of Maghull

29BrindleyGeorge Brindleyid: 46265779491081
Hannah Brindley The Buriel Plae of 2 BR

30BrownbillMary Elizabeth Brownbill1867241891id: 45935779251112
Alice Brownbill1877491926 wife of Arthur Brownbill
Annie Brownbill1838821920
Arthur Brownbill1873591932
Edmond Brownbill1832821914
Herbert Brownbill1855921947 Youngest son of Edmond and Annie Brownhill
Emily Florence Richardson1886821968 Stepsister to Alice
Annette Roach1812881900 sister of Edmond Brownbill

31BullenJohn Bullen1881721953id: 44915778441082
Helen Bullen1913912004 wife of Valentine
Valentine Bullen1916601976
Anne Letitia Bullen1885741959
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32Bundell?William Bundell?id: 46615779691075
Mary Bundell? The Buriel Place of

33BurwellElizabeth Burwell1832791911id: 44695778241089Died at Kirkby
G A H Burwell1932 of Boston Died at Sea

34CarrJoseph Carr1953id: 44865778391082
Lillian May Carr1978 no ages give

35CharnockCharles Charnock1861381899id: 46165779421088son of Elizabeth and late John
John Charnock
Elizabeth Charnock1825891914 Mother of the above

36CharnockCharles Charnock1861381899id: 46645779711105son of late John Charnock
John Charnock
Elizabeth Charnock1825891914

37CharnockDaniel Charnock1853511904id: 45605779021095
Martha Charnock1858601918

38CharnockEllen Charnock1849791928id: 45445778901104
Benjamin Henry Charnock1863741937
William Charnock1850861936
Elizabeth Charnock1854851939

39CharnockJohn Charnock1786741860id: 45835779161088

40CharnockWill Charnock1834601894id: 45885779211093
Mary Charnock1831541885

41ClarkGesana Clark1853441897id: 44515778071079Of Wilbraham Cottage Melling
Bessie Clark188511886 age 12 months
William Clark1850631913
William Clark14

42CollinsFrances Ellen Collins1846451891id: 44415778001094
Sarah Atkinson1874211895
William Collins1857541911

43CoreStanley Core1906301936id: 45395778861078son of John and Elizabeth Core
John Core1885661951
Elizabeth Core1887611948 wife of John
Phyllis Core1918321950

44CowleyMargaret Ellen Cowley1894611955id: 44935778461093
Kenneth Cowley1938561994
Peter Jnr Cowley1919731992
Peter Cowley1886731959

45CrossAnnie Cross1897161913id: 44785778311077Daughter of James and Jane
James Cross1866701936
Jane Cross

46CrossMary Bluncell Cross1813801893id: 45945779261080
Annie Cross1850801930 Wife of Edward
Edward Cross1812851897
Edward Cross1850631913 Husband of Annie Cross
Edward Cross1872621934 Husband of Jane Cross
Mary Cross daughter of Edward

47CulshawJames Culshaw1847501897id: 45895779221073
Margaret Culshaw1824921916

48CulshawMary Culshaw1788581846id: 46235779461079
Jane Beadley1777541831

49CurtisDavid James Curtis1877571934id: 45385778851079
Florence Ethel Curtis1881961977
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50DickinsonJohn Dickinson1894581952id: 44815778341065Husband of Florence
Florence Dickinson

51DickinsonRobert S Dickinson1902551957id: 45015778531093
William Kickinson1998
Lily Dickinson1906781984 wife of Jim and Bob

52DonkinSamuel Arthur Donkin1901id: 444557780310972age 5 1/2 months Baptised 17th Feb 1901 in the same church where buried
Robert Benson Donkin191551920
Robert Benson Donkin
Harriet E Donkin nee Harriet Emma Butterworth, married 1st June 1895, died 11th December 1952
Dorothy Donkin190671913

53DowJohn Thomas Dow1881871968id: 44255777841100Devoted Husband
James Dow age 4 days
Elizabeth Dow1881931974

54EatonThomas Edward Eaton1882481930id: 45355778821092
Catharine Eaton1882671949

55EdwardsMalcolm Edwards1904251929id: 453357788010691
Mary Edwards1869631932
John Johnston Edwards1872631935

56EvansRebecca Evans1866341900id: 44405777991067
Sarah Overton1836661902

57FaircloughEdward Fairclough1815641879id: 46605779681078
Mary Fairclough1815661881 The Buriel Place of Edward and Mary Fairclough

58GardinerJoseph Sturdy Gardiner1839681907id: 44665778211077Vicar of Melling 1900-07
Mary Gardiner1836721908

59GloverEdmund Harold Glover1907261933id: 44285777871090Dearly loved son of William and Martha Glover
William Glover1906 age 4 months
William Glover1884781962
William Glover1863331896
Martha Glover1880781958 Wife of William mother of above
Selina Glover1864301894

60GloverElizabeth Glover1861501911id: 44275777861067
Jane Glover1893371930
Joseph Glover1865731938

61GloverWilliam Glover1909351944id: 45145778651079Husband of Margaret Glover
Margaret Glover

62GoreAlice Gore1850731923id: 46815779811069The buriel place of John and Alice Gore

63GoulbournEdmund Goulbourn1796id: 46035779331078The Buriel Place of

64GoulbournHenry Goulbourn1774671841id: 46255779481084The Buriel Place of
Margaret Goulbourn1767801847

65GoulbournWilliam Goulbourn1805831888id: 45745779111078
Margaret Goulbourn1800871887

66GreenAlice Green1847621909id: 446757782210762Wife of William Crosby Gree
Samuel Ledson191011911 age 1 year 11 months
William Crosby Green1852741926
Richard Morris1888701958 Husband of Sarah son in law of Alice
Sarah Morris

67GregsonWilliam Gregson1843761919id: 45495778941075
Margaret Gregson73 d 192?

68GriffithsThomas Griffiths1862301892id: 45255778731069

69HaleThomas Haleid: 45725779091084
Cicely Hale no other details given
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70HalesAlice Hales1887651952id: 455157789610741wife of Henry Ernest Hales wife and mother
Henry Ernest Hales1883741957

71HalesErnest George Hales1937191956id: 44955778481081
Ernest Alexander Hales1906611967
Florence Josephine Hales1912531965 wife of Ernest and mother of Ernest George

72HampsonWilliam Hampson82id: 45285778751082d 188? - Sexton of the church for 19 years
Margaret Hampson62 d 187? - wife of above

73HardingRichard Harding1802id: 45985779301068
John Harding1781591840 He was the Sexton of this Chapel 9 years
Richard Harding1754931847

74HardmanElizabeth Hardman1825641889id: 445557781110732
Joseph Hardman1820731893

75HarrisonAnn Harrison1946id: 44585778151088age 7? - obscured by ivey
Emma Lewis1903 age 16 days - Daughter of Ebeneza Wm and Emma
Mary Lewis1907 age 2 days
Lena Lewis
Michael Lewis
Reginald William Lewis1899481947 Dearly loved husband of Lena and daddy of Michael
Ebeneza William Lewis1870701940

76HartleyJohn Hartley1851651916id: 46825779821081
Agnes Hartley
Alfred Hartley1897191916 KLR (PALS) Killed in action on the Somme France
Ernest Hartley1917 Killed in action at Ypres
Richard Hartley1875521927 Eldest son and Husband of Agnes Hartley
Ruth Hall Hartley1854621916

77HeatonMoses Heaton1813691882id: 44325777911082
Ann Heaton1820781898

78HillEthel Ermyntrude Hill1887id: 44395777981070age 4 months - Daughtr of Rowland and Rebecca Hill
Robert Rowland Hill70
James Rawlinson71
Elizabeth Rawlinson1828601888 Grandmother of above
Rebecca Hill78
Gladys Ermyntrude Rowland1890 age 5 months

79HindsJohn Hinds48id: 44825778351080
Ann Hinds1908821990 Wife of John
Harold Hinds1912701982 obsured by flowers

80HowardJohn Wilson Howard1830731903id: 44175777761083
Evelyn Constance Howard1899181917 Granddaughtr of above
Ann Howard1829821911
Margaret Howard1870701940
Thomas Howard1868771945

81HulmeEdward Hulme1803651868id: 46425779591089of Aintree Hall , Aintree
Mary Hulme d 18?9 - very worn

82HulmeHenry Joseph Hulme1898531951id: 45105778611091
Leonard George Hulme1934231957
Beatrice May Hulme1904941998

83HulmeJames Hulme1836591895id: 46415779581082
Ann Hulme1836791915

84HurstElizabeth Hurst1823701893id: 44425778011089
John Hurst1813821895
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85Huyton Huyton1812id: 44955779271068
George Huyton1812321844

86HuytonThomas Huytonid: 45965779281080no other details
John Huyton186341867
Jane Huyton Buriel Place of

87JacksonJoseph Jackson1852511903id: 44235777821073Lateof Liverpool
Anne Maria Jackson1835721907

88JohnsonHenry Johnson1829421871id: 44685779071070
Ellen Johnson1827811908
Jane Johnson1861291890

89JonesGeorge Jones1941id: 45165778671096
Ann Bamber1804721876
Elizabeth Jones Date obscured by plants
Ellen Maria Jones1866751941
Thomas Bamber1809621871
William Jones1866861952

90JumpAnn Jump1862461908id: 44685778231081daughter of the late Joseph and Mary Jump
Joseph Jump1875671942 husband of Ann Jane Jump
Ann Jane Jump1879941973
Joseph Jump1919211940 Lost at sea
Sarah Harrison1905901995

91JumpMary Jump1930431973id: 452057786910751wife of Joseph Jump
Elizabeth Jump dates obscured
John Jump1800811881
John Jump1858271885 son of John Jump
Joseph Jump1835591894
Sarah Jump1839541893 wife of Joseph

92KeatingMaurice Keating1946id: 45075778581075
Cecily Keating1961
John Edward Kelly2005
Mildred Kelly1980
Harry Ross1958

93KillieLucy Killie1888651953id: 44855778381069
William Killie1885801965

94KilpatrickMargaret Kilpatrick1854591913id: 44705778251075
Eliza Kilpatrick1920
Robert Kilpatrick1855691924
William James Jackson Kilpatrick1887731960

95KirbyElizabeth Kirby1846761922id: 45325778791068Wife of Peter
Margaret Kirby1881621943
Peter Kirby1853731926
John Kirby1877661943 son of the above

96KirbyJames Kirby1804881892id: 46005779311078
Elizabeth Kirby1848831931
John Kirby1858371895
Catherine Kirby1821731894
Elizabeth Kirby Wife of James

97KirbyJohn Kirby1836731909id: 45925779241080
Ellen Kirby1832841916 widow of above

98KirkRobert John Kirk1896691965id: 45125778631083
Dorothy Kirk1893741967
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99LaughlinThomas Laughlin1891id: 44365777951125age 8 1/2

100LedsonDaniel Ledson1841731914id: 45315778781126
Mary Jane Ledson1849681917 Relict of above

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