Blackwood Cemetery, Blackwood, Victoria, Australia

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101HobsonElizabeth Alice Hobsonfirst name on this monument1971id: P11800745755901076Victims of a road accident
Eileen Hobsondaughter of Elizabeth Alice Hobson
John Hobsonfather of Elizabeth Alice Hobson
John Campbellfather-in-law of Elizabeth Alice Hobson
Helen Hobsongrand daughter of Elizabeth Alice Hobson
Margaret Hobsongrand daughter of Elizabeth Alice Hobson
Kim Hobsongreat grand daughter of Elizabeth Alice Hobson
Aaron Hobsongreat grand son of Elizabeth Alice Hobson
Shannon Hobsongreat grand son of Elizabeth Alice Hobson
Glen Hobsongrand son of Elizabeth Alice Hobson
Hurtle Rupert Hobsonhusband of Elizabeth Alice Hobson1896751971
Sarah Hobsonmother of Elizabeth Alice Hobson
Alice Louisa Campbellmother-in-law of Elizabeth Alice Hobson
Len Hobsonson of Elizabeth Alice Hobson

102HoskingBenjamin Hoskingfirst name on this monument1831781909id: P11800425755601082
Benjamin Hoskingfather of Benjamin Hosking
Edward Carterfather-in-law of Benjamin Hosking
Grace Hoskingmother of Benjamin Hosking
Sarah Cartermother-in-law of Benjamin Hosking
Sarah Hoskingwife of Benjamin Hosking1843701913

103HudsonNoel John Hudsonfirst name on this monument1949652014id: P11800815755971068
Margaret Hudsonwife of Noel John Hudson

104HunterDavid Hunterfirst name on this monument1886891975id: P11709955755191075Early Blackwood Miner
Glenda Hunterdaughter-in-law of David Hunter
William Hunterfather of David Hunter
Levi Doblefather-in-law of David Hunter
Fiona Huntergrand daughter of David Hunter
David Huntergrand son of David Hunter
Keith Huntergrand son of David Hunter
Neil Huntergrand son of David Hunter
Mary Jane Huntermother of David Hunter
Mary Doblemother-in-law of David Hunter
David Bruce Hunterson of David Hunter1923902013
Edgar Stuart Hunterson of David Hunter1925882013
William Hunterson of David Hunter
Lucy Beatrice Hunterwife of David Hunter1892881980

105HunterDavid Hunterfirst name on this monument1820391859id: P1170986
(2 images)
William Hunterfather of David Hunter
Christina Fergusonrelationship not known of David Hunter
James Fergusonrelationship not known of David Hunter1827651892
Mary Fergusonrelationship not known of David Hunter1818931911 Born Linthgou , Scotland
William Fergusonrelationship not known of David Hunter

106IrvingAndrew Irvingfirst name on this monument1805761881id: P118001857553910681
John Irvingfather of Andrew Irving
Catherine Irvingmother of Andrew Irving
William Andrew Irvingson of Andrew Irving186001860 b May 1860
Henrietta Irvingwife of Andrew Irving

107JohnsonEileen Johnsonfirst name on this monument1994id: P11800765755921066
Glen Johnsonson of Eileen Johnson

108JohnstonJames Johnstonfirst name on this monument1817421859id: P1180149
(3 images)
Jessie Eliza Millyarddaughter of James Johnston
James Johnstonfather of James Johnston
Thomas William Perryfather-in-law of James Johnston1810871897
Frankie Millyardgrand son of James Johnston188111882
James Millyardsecond husband of wife of James Johnston1824581882
Ann Johnstonmother of James Johnston
George Johnstonson of James Johnston185811859 b Dec 1858
James Smith Johnstonson of James Johnston1856461902
William Arras Johnstonson of James Johnston1855621917
Jessie Eliza Millyardwife of James Johnston1824451869
Kate Millyardsecond wife of husband of James Johnston
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109JonesJohn Jonesfirst name on this monument1803771880id: P11800325755521073
Hugh Jonesfather of John Jones
Ann Jonesmother of John Jones

110KennyJohanna Kennyfirst name on this monument1835571892id: P11801925756821067
Peter Tuomyfather of Johanna Kenny
Thomas Kennyhusband of Johanna Kenny
Johanna Tuomymother of Johanna Kenny

111LachatPhilippe Lachatfirst name on this monument1946542000id: P11800615755781070

112LaneNoel James Lanefirst name on this monument1917571974id: P11801695756651091Ldg Stores Assistant 23541 Royal Aust Navy
George Lanefather of Noel James Lane
Ethel May Lanemother of Noel James Lane
Lola May Lanewife of Noel James Lane

113LangfordMabel Annie Langfordfirst name on this monument189811899id: P11800835755991074
Nicholas Langfordfather of Mabel Annie Langford
Eva Langfordmother of Mabel Annie Langford

114LawsonMary E Lawsonfirst name on this monument1814411855id: P11801595756551067
William Lawsonhusband of Mary E Lawson

115LeeM Leefirst name on this monumentid: P11801965756861074
Thomas Adams Mathewsfather-in-law of M Lee
William Mathewshusband of M Lee1889711960
Bridget Mathewsmother-in-law of M Lee

116LeeMichael Leefirst name on this monumentid: P11802265757121067
Mary Leedaughter of Michael Lee1860201880
Ellen Kennedymother-in-law of Michael Lee
John Leeson of Michael Lee
Mary Leewife of Michael Lee1824831907

117LightlyJohn Lightlyfirst name on this monument1830741904id: P11801285756351066
John Lightlyfather of John Lightly
Sarah Lightlymother of John Lightly
Johanna Lightlywife of John Lightly

118LindsayVera Edith Lillian Lindsayfirst name on this monument1903951998id: P11801335756401072
Mary Lindsaydaughter of Vera Edith Lillian Lindsay
Harry Cannfather of Vera Edith Lillian Lindsay
James Edward Lindsayfather of Vera Edith Lillian Lindsay
Harold Lloyd Lindsayhusband of Vera Edith Lillian Lindsay1910711981 VX2470 2nd/2nd Field Ambulance 6th Div WOI
Sarah Elenor Cannmother of Vera Edith Lillian Lindsay
Mary Maria Lindsaymother of Vera Edith Lillian Lindsay
Tom Lindsayson of Vera Edith Lillian Lindsay

119LivyWilliam Livyfirst name on this monument1837541891id: P11801665756621066
George Livyfather of William Livy
John Livyfather-in-law of William Livy
Charlotte Livymother of William Livy
Sarah Livymother-in-law of William Livy
John Livyson of William Livy1859361895
William Henry Edward Livyson of William Livy1857521909
Eliza Livywife of William Livy1837661903

120LoiseleurJean Marie Loiseleurfirst name on this monument1822601882id: P11802145757011070
Marie Loiseleurfather of Jean Marie Loiseleur
Rose Mary Loiseleurmother of Jean Marie Loiseleur

121LyngHenry C Lyngfirst name on this monument1852751927id: P11800115755341072
John Mckenzie-Brownbrother-in-law of Henry C Lyng
Christie Brownfather-in-law of Henry C Lyng
Margaret Brownmother-in-law of Henry C Lyng
Elizabeth Lyngwife of Henry C Lyng1864791943
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122MackieJames Horace Mackiefirst name on this monument1831711902id: P11801815756731083Blackwood Pioneers
Arthur George Mackiefather of James Horace Mackie
George Francisfather-in-law of James Horace Mackie
Margaret Eleanor Mackiemother of James Horace Mackie
Helen Francismother-in-law of James Horace Mackie
Helen Mackiewife of James Horace Mackie1838941932

123MacumberRussell E Macumberfirst name on this monument1929661995id: P11802015756911073

124MaddenElizabeth Maddenfirst name on this monument1842651907id: P11800385755581083
Peter Maddenfather-in-law of Elizabeth Madden
John Maddenhusband of Elizabeth Madden1843671910
Margaret Maddenmother-in-law of Elizabeth Madden

125MaguireThomas Maguirefirst name on this monument1833431876id: P11709905755171088
Thomas Millerfather-in-law of Thomas Maguire
Agnes Millermother-in-law of Thomas Maguire
Agnes Maguirewife of Thomas Maguire1839621901

126MalesJane Malesfirst name on this monument1850281878id: P11709765755051081
John Storeyfather of Jane Males
Amos Maleshusband of Jane Males
Rachel Storeymother of Jane Males

127MartinAlfred Martinfirst name on this monument1860591919id: P11800375755571077

128MartinVeronica Josephine Martinfirst name on this monument1916601976id: P11802005756901068
John Watersfather of Veronica Josephine Martin
Josephine V Watersmother of Veronica Josephine Martin

129MathesonDiane Therese Mathesonfirst name on this monument1946582004id: P11800915756071077
Claire Mathesondaughter of Diane Therese Matheson
Donna Mathesondaughter of Diane Therese Matheson
Max Mathesonhusband of Diane Therese Matheson
Brett Mathesonson of Diane Therese Matheson
Martin Mathesonson of Diane Therese Matheson
Scott Mathesonson of Diane Therese Matheson

130MathesonGeorge Kenneth Mathesonfirst name on this monument1871671938id: P11709805755081075
Duncan Mathesonfather of George Kenneth Matheson
William Byresfather-in-law of George Kenneth Matheson
Christina Mathesonmother of George Kenneth Matheson
Annie Byresmother-in-law of George Kenneth Matheson
Annie Maud Mathesonwife of George Kenneth Matheson1881751956

131MathesonJulianne Rebecca Mathesonfirst name on this monument1946552001id: P11800945756091067

132MathesonKenneth Kendal Mathesonfirst name on this monument1906771983id: P11800935756081083
Frances Mathesondaughter of Kenneth Kendal Matheson
Janice Mathesondaughter of Kenneth Kendal Matheson
Julianne Mathesondaughter of Kenneth Kendal Matheson
Edwin Thomas Cannfather of Kenneth Kendal Matheson
George Kenneth Mathesonfather of Kenneth Kendal Matheson
Grace Ethel Cannmother of Kenneth Kendal Matheson
Annie Maude Mathesonmother of Kenneth Kendal Matheson
Gary Mathesonson of Kenneth Kendal Matheson
Maxwell Mathesonson of Kenneth Kendal Matheson
Eleanor Rebecca Mathesonwife of Kenneth Kendal Matheson1906771983

133MathesonWilliam Alexander Mathesonfirst name on this monument1902741976id: P11802325757181072
George Kenneth Mathesonfather of William Alexander Matheson
Annie Maude Mathesonmother of William Alexander Matheson
Margaret Mathesonwife of William Alexander Matheson1905941999
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134MathewsThomas Adams Mathewsfirst name on this monumentid: P11801945756841082
Thomas Beasleyfather-in-law of Thomas Adams Mathews
Mary Beasleymother-in-law of Thomas Adams Mathews
Bridget Mathewswife of Thomas Adams Mathews1865861951

135MccrackenThomas Adam Mccrackenfirst name on this monument1834591893id: P117098357551110771Family of miners
Helen Amelia Mccrackendaughter-in-law of Thomas Adam Mccracken
James Kilpatrickfather-in-law of Thomas Adam Mccracken
Hugh James Mccrackengrand son of Thomas Adam Mccracken1907901997
Mary Ann Mccrackenmother of Thomas Adam Mccracken
Hannah Kilpatrickmother-in-law of Thomas Adam Mccracken
John Mccrackenson of Thomas Adam Mccracken
Margaret Mccrackenwife of Thomas Adam Mccracken1836721908

136McinnesNorman Alan Neil Mcinnesfirst name on this monument1884741958id: P11800855756011067Late 38th Batt 1st AIF

137MclennanKenneth Mclennanfirst name on this monument1882971979id: P11801255756321068
Herb Cannbrother-in-law of Kenneth Mclennan
Norman Mclennanfather of Kenneth Mclennan
Herbert H Cannfather-in-law of Kenneth Mclennan
Isabella Mclennanmother of Kenneth Mclennan
Ellen Eliza Cannmother-in-law of Kenneth Mclennan
Christopher Cannnephew of Kenneth Mclennan
Kenneth Cannnephew of Kenneth Mclennan
Cheryl Cannniece of Kenneth Mclennan
Susan Cannniece of Kenneth Mclennan
Betty Cannsister of Kenneth Mclennan
Lucy May Mclennanwife of Kenneth Mclennan1902781980

138MeadowsOlive Bertha Meadowsfirst name on this monument1899621961id: P11801725756681085
Alexander Andersonfather of Olive Bertha Meadows
Cliff Andersonhusband of Olive Bertha Meadows
Elizabeth Andersonmother of Olive Bertha Meadows

139MillerKenneth Millerfirst name on this monument1923802003id: P11800845756001066

140MillottJennifer Millottfirst name on this monument1938561994id: P11801135756241066
Alisa Millottdaughter of Jennifer Millott
Ronald Millotthusband of Jennifer Millott
Brett Millottson of Jennifer Millott
Glen Millottson of Jennifer Millott

141MitchellEvelyn Mitchellfirst name on this monumentid: P11800515755691066
Hannah Mitchellmother of Evelyn Mitchell

142MurphyChristopher Murphyfirst name on this monument1922912013id: P11800045755271066

143MurphyJean Murphyfirst name on this monument1926882014id: P11800035755261066

144MurphyJohn Michael Murphyfirst name on this monument1945682013id: P11800055755281066

145NelsonGeorge Nelsonfirst name on this monument1867661933id: P11801805756721066

146NoallWilliam Edward Noallfirst name on this monument1873271900id: P11800315755511070
William Noallfather of William Edward Noall1818731891
William Noallgrand father of William Edward Noall
Ann Noallgrand mother of William Edward Noall
Eliza Annie Noallmother of William Edward Noall

147O'hanlonJosephine Veronica O'hanlonfirst name on this monument1929842013id: P11801015756151066

148O'hehirHugh James O'hehirfirst name on this monument1929772006id: P11800825755981066
Patricia O'hehirdaughter of Hugh James O'hehir
Peter O'hehirson of Hugh James O'hehir
June O'hehirwife of Hugh James O'hehir
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149O'keefeSean Patrick O'keefefirst name on this monument1968201988id: P11800175755381076

150OatesEileen Edna Oatesfirst name on this monumentid: P11800785755941067
Helen Oatesdaughter of Eileen Edna Oates
Margaret Oatesdaughter of Eileen Edna Oates
Leonard Royston Oateshusband of Eileen Edna Oates
Glen Oatesson of Eileen Edna Oates

151OatesTheodore Edward Oatesfirst name on this monument1907731980id: P1180126575633107262358 Pte 2nd NZ Expeditionary Force. Served 8/1/1941 to 24/4/1945
George Frederick Oatesfather of Theodore Edward Oates
Amelia Oatesmother of Theodore Edward Oates

152OuldWilliam Uren Ouldfirst name on this monument1811541865id: P11800215755421074Born Hayle , Cornwall
James Ouldfather of William Uren Ould
Anthony Allenfather-in-law of William Uren Ould
Emma Ouldmother of William Uren Ould
Jane Ouldwife of William Uren Ould1812721884

153ParkerEva May Parkerfirst name on this monument1914581972id: P11801685756641085
Barbara Parkerdaughter of Eva May Parker
Norma Parkerdaughter of Eva May Parker
Harry George Parkerhusband of Eva May Parker1912791991
Ruby Flettmother of Eva May Parker

154ParsonsSharene Grace Parsonsfirst name on this monument1961532014id: P11802305757161070
Amanda Parsonsdaughter of Sharene Grace Parsons
Rodney Parsonshusband of Sharene Grace Parsons
Gary Parsonsson of Sharene Grace Parsons
Michael Parsonsson of Sharene Grace Parsons

155PhillipsJoyce Marjorie Phillipsfirst name on this monument192121923id: P11801365756421073
Richard Phillipsfather of Joyce Marjorie Phillips
Annie Phillipsmother of Joyce Marjorie Phillips

156PlewsEdward William Plewsfirst name on this monument1821781899id: P11709695754981068
John Plewsfather of Edward William Plews
Edward William Jonesfather-in-law of Edward William Plews
Mary Sandford Jonesmother-in-law of Edward William Plews
Mary Sandford Margaret Plewswife of Edward William Plews1837871924

157PlewsGeorge Phillip Plewsfirst name on this monument1925641989id: P11801325756391066
Leigh Plewsson of George Phillip Plews
Ross Plewsson of George Phillip Plews
Pat Plewswife of George Phillip Plews

158PrynThomas Prynfirst name on this monument1827801907id: P11801615756571071
Elizabeth Prynwife of Thomas Pryn1830581888

159RaeJohn Simpson Raefirst name on this monument1856621918id: P11800125755351076
James Raefather of John Simpson Rae
Euphemia Raemother of John Simpson Rae
Lora Raewife of John Simpson Rae1869871956

160RankinDonald Ross Rankinfirst name on this monument1914771991id: P1170999575523107321 Squadron RAAF 1941-1925. Born , Lived and died Essendon , Vic
Donald James Rankinfather of Donald Ross Rankin
Ethel Russell Rankinmother of Donald Ross Rankin

161RappoltPeter Derek Rappoltfirst name on this monument1933782011id: P11800475755651066

162RaynerGrace Genevieve Raynerfirst name on this monument1920862006id: P11802155757021067
Jack Raynerhusband of Grace Genevieve Rayner

163Rea Reafirst name on this monumentid: P11801405756451068

164RedfernGerald Redfernfirst name on this monument1931712002id: P11801095756201069
Jillian Redferndaughter of Gerald Redfern
Melinda Redferndaughter of Gerald Redfern
Craig Redfernson of Gerald Redfern
Norma Redfernwife of Gerald Redfern
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165RitchieElizabeth Hay Ritchiefirst name on this monument1897841981id: P11800555755731071
James Ritchiefather of Elizabeth Hay Ritchie
Barbara Ritchiemother of Elizabeth Hay Ritchie

166RitsonFrances Ann Challenger Ritsonfirst name on this monument1909id: P11801895756791080Born London
Rick Bentleyfather of Frances Ann Challenger Ritson
Thomas Wynne Ritsonfather-in-law of Frances Ann Challenger Ritson
Thomas Ritsonhusband of Frances Ann Challenger Ritson1829831912 Born Woolton Lanes , England

167RobinsonHarold Gamil Robinsonfirst name on this monument1864441908id: P11801905756801066
Thomas Robinsonfather of Harold Gamil Robinson
Fanny Robinsonmother of Harold Gamil Robinson

168RogersMary Rogersfirst name on this monument1828681896id: P1180235
(3 images)
5757201076Born Hayle , Cornwall
Elizabeth Victotria Terrilldaughter of Mary Rogers1872651937
Abraham Rogersfather of Mary Rogers
James Rogersfather-in-law of Mary Rogers
Ivy Mary Parkinsongrand daughter of Mary Rogers1962
Marion Ivy Parkinsongreat grand daughter of Mary Rogers1937591996
Michelle Parkinsongreat grand daughter of Mary Rogers
Darryl Parkinsongreat grand son of Mary Rogers
Gregory Raymond Parkinsongreat grand son of Mary Rogers1962422004
Raymond George Parkinsongrand son-in-law of Mary Rogers1934481982
Matthew Rogershusband of Mary Rogers1825771902 Born St Erth , Cornwall
Elizabeth Rogersmother of Mary Rogers
Elizabeth Rogersmother-in-law of Mary Rogers
James Terrillson-in-law of Mary Rogers

169SargentFrederick Sargentfirst name on this monument1803631866id: P11800235755441070Born Berkshire , England
Frederick Sargentfather of Frederick Sargent
Elizabeth Sargentmother of Frederick Sargent

170SawbridgeworthGeorge Sawbridgeworthfirst name on this monument1817781895id: P11800265755471068
Alice Sawbridgeworthdaughter of George Sawbridgeworth186311864
Jessie Annie Sawbridgeworthdaughter of George Sawbridgeworth186061866
John Allenfather of George Sawbridgeworth
George Sawbridgeworthhusband of George Sawbridgeworth
Eliza Sawbridgeworthwife of George Sawbridgeworth1824521876

171SeymourLeonard Seymourfirst name on this monument1912771989id: P11802225757081079
Agnes Mary Richardsonfriend of Leonard Seymour1910831993

172ShawIsabella Anne Shawfirst name on this monument1893761969id: P11801835756751069
William Shawfather of Isabella Anne Shaw
Elizabeth Shawmother of Isabella Anne Shaw
Elizabeth Mary Shawsister of Isabella Anne Shaw1904231927

173ShawR Shawfirst name on this monumentid: P11801575756541076
C M Shawwife of R Shaw

174ShawWilliam Shawfirst name on this monument1859681927id: P11801885756781079
Joseph Shawfather of William Shaw
Matthew Barbourfather-in-law of William Shaw
Ann Shawmother of William Shaw
Isabella Barbourmother-in-law of William Shaw
Elizabeth Shawwife of William Shaw1870691939

175ShepherdCatherine Agnes Shepherdfirst name on this monument1921852006id: P11800995756141072
Julia Glavatidaughter of Catherine Agnes Shepherd1949602009
Lesley Shepherddaughter of Catherine Agnes Shepherd
Catherine Glavatigrand daughter of Catherine Agnes Shepherd
Sarah Glavatigrand daughter of Catherine Agnes Shepherd
Simon Glavatigrand son of Catherine Agnes Shepherd
Bernard Julian Shepherdhusband of Catherine Agnes Shepherd1920902010
Ray Shepherdson of Catherine Agnes Shepherd
Frank Glavatison-in-law of Catherine Agnes Shepherd
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176SimmondsCharles William Simmondsfirst name on this monument1963382001id: P11800895756051078
Logan Simmondsson of Charles William Simmonds
Raaimi Simmondsson of Charles William Simmonds
Tracey Simmondswife of Charles William Simmonds

177SimmondsJohn Charles Simmondsfirst name on this monument1934331967id: P11800885756041069
Cheryl Simmondsdaughter of John Charles Simmonds
Jeanette Simmondsdaughter of John Charles Simmonds
Leanne Simmondsdaughter of John Charles Simmonds
John Peter Simmondsfather of John Charles Simmonds
Margaret Beatrice Catherine Simmondsmother of John Charles Simmonds
Charles Simmondsson of John Charles Simmonds
John Simmondsson of John Charles Simmonds
Paul Simmondsson of John Charles Simmonds
Lorraine Margaret Simmondswife of John Charles Simmonds1936631999

178SimmondsJohn Peter Simmondsfirst name on this monument1905731978id: P11800865756021079V40021 Sgt 24 Inf Batt Aust Commonwealth Military Force
Margaret Simmondsdaughter of John Peter Simmonds
John Peter Simmondsfather of John Peter Simmonds
Frances Bertha Simmondsmother of John Peter Simmonds
Jim Simmondsson of John Peter Simmonds
John Simmondsson of John Peter Simmonds Deceased
Noel Simmondsson of John Peter Simmonds
Margaret Beatrice Catherine Simmondswife of John Peter Simmonds

179SindreyMargaret Walker Mcleod Sindreyfirst name on this monument1911932004id: P11800985756131071
Maggie Sindreydaughter of Margaret Walker Mcleod Sindrey
William Henry Sindreyhusband of Margaret Walker Mcleod Sindrey

180SmithJohn Alexander Smithfirst name on this monument1910id: P11801375756431068
Kate Kinnear Smithwife of John Alexander Smith1848891937

181StewartRodney John Stewartfirst name on this monument1972251997id: P11800585755761066
Anthony Scott Stewartbrother of Rodney John Stewart1972302002

182StobieFrank Jennings Stobiefirst name on this monument1870681938id: P11800295755491085
David Greene Stobiefather of Frank Jennings Stobie
William Brabsenfather-in-law of Frank Jennings Stobie
Sarah Ann Stobiemother of Frank Jennings Stobie
Emily Catherine Brabsenmother-in-law of Frank Jennings Stobie
Eleanor Stobiewife of Frank Jennings Stobie1873661939

183StockdaleErnest Henry Stockdalefirst name on this monument1918832001id: P11709975755211076VX111267 Lieut 4 FD Regt RAA
Hugh Arthur Stockdalebrother of Ernest Henry Stockdale1925832008 9
William John Stockdalebrother of Ernest Henry Stockdale1913912004
William Stockdalefather of Ernest Henry Stockdale1873861959
Henry Isa Bugggrand father of Ernest Henry Stockdale
William Stockdalegrand father of Ernest Henry Stockdale
Eliza Bugggrand mother of Ernest Henry Stockdale
Eliza Jane Stockdalegrand mother of Ernest Henry Stockdale
Florence Emily Stockdalemother of Ernest Henry Stockdale1885891974
Peter Stockdalenephew of Ernest Henry Stockdale
Raymond Stockdalenephew of Ernest Henry Stockdale
Coral Stockdaleniece of Ernest Henry Stockdale
Joyce Stockdalesister-in-law of Ernest Henry Stockdale
Merle Stockdalesister-in-law of Ernest Henry Stockdale

184StockdaleMargaret Ethel Stockdalefirst name on this monument1927872014id: P117099857552210721nee Gillies
Sandra Stockdaledaughter of Margaret Ethel Stockdale
George Stockdalehusband of Margaret Ethel Stockdale
Ron Stockdaleson of Margaret Ethel Stockdale
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185StrangmanWilliam Strangmanfirst name on this monument1838601898id: P11801915756811070
Thomas Strangmanfather of William Strangman
George Sawbrigeworthfather-in-law of William Strangman
Sarah Strangmanmother of William Strangman
Sophia Sawbrigeworthmother-in-law of William Strangman
Infant Strangman
Infant Strangman
Infant Strangman
Charles Strangmanson of William Strangman1871281899
Sophia Strangmanwife of William Strangman1843771920

186SunbornMaggy Sunbornfirst name on this monument1937531990id: P11801355756411067

187SutersA G Sutersfirst name on this monument1925741999id: P11800575755751067VX68146 Pte AIF
Helen Sutersdaughter of A G Suters
Jeanette Sutersdaughter of A G Suters
Roslyn Sutersdaughter of A G Suters
Brian Sutersson of A G Suters
Valerie Suterswife of A G Suters

188SweetCatherine Sweetfirst name on this monument1839631902id: P11802085756951068
Catherine Toomeyfather of Catherine Sweet
Matthew Sweetfather-in-law of Catherine Sweet
George Sweethusband of Catherine Sweet1847641911
Johana Toomeymother of Catherine Sweet
Mary Sweetmother-in-law of Catherine Sweet
George Sweetson of Catherine Sweet1870341904

189SweetE W Sweetfirst name on this monumentid: P11800535755711066

190SweetMary Sweetfirst name on this monument1819861905id: P11802235757091067Born Tipperary , Ireland Blackwood Pioneer
Catherine Sweetdaughter of Mary Sweet
Eliza Sweetdaughter of Mary Sweet
Elizabeth Sweetdaughter of Mary Sweet
Thomas Kellyfather of Mary Sweet
Matthew Sweethusband of Mary Sweet
Catherine Ruby Kellymother of Mary Sweet
Albert Sweetson of Mary Sweet
George Sweetson of Mary Sweet
John Sweetson of Mary Sweet
Matthew Sweetson of Mary Sweet
Stephen Sweetson of Mary Sweet
Thomas Sweetson of Mary Sweet
William Sweetson of Mary Sweet

191SweetMatthew Sweetfirst name on this monument1808781886id: P11709745755031071Born Bristol , England. Arr Aust on Champion 1827 . Second man on Blackwood Goldfields
Catherine Sweetdaughter of Matthew Sweet
Eliza Sweetdaughter of Matthew Sweet
Elizabeth Sweetdaughter of Matthew Sweet
John Haskinsfather of Matthew Sweet
Elizabeth Haskinsmother of Matthew Sweet
Albert Sweetson of Matthew Sweet
George Sweetson of Matthew Sweet
John Sweetson of Matthew Sweet
Matthew Sweetson of Matthew Sweet
Stephen Sweetson of Matthew Sweet
Thomas Sweetson of Matthew Sweet
William Sweetson of Matthew Sweet
Mary Sweetwife of Matthew Sweet
Thomas Sweetrelationship not known of Matthew Sweet
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192SweetThomas Sweetfirst name on this monument1843471890id: P11801425756471069
Lucy Sweetdaughter-in-law of Thomas Sweet1871911962
Matthew Sweetfather of Thomas Sweet
Henry Turnerfather of daughter-in-law of Thomas Sweet
John Dolphinfather-in-law of Thomas Sweet
Linda Constance Owengrand daughter of Thomas Sweet1910871997
Lucy May Sweetgrand daughter of Thomas Sweet1898191917
Bronwyn Owengreat great grand daughter of Thomas Sweet
David Owengreat great grand son of Thomas Sweet
Don Owengreat grand son of Thomas Sweet
Henry E Owengrand son-in-law of Thomas Sweet
Mary Sweetmother of Thomas Sweet
Jane Turnermother of daughter in law of Thomas Sweet
Sarah Dolphinmother-in-law of Thomas Sweet
George Thomas Sweetson of Thomas Sweet1866551921
Martha Sweetwife of Thomas Sweet1846751921

193SweetWalter Henry Sweetfirst name on this monument1929701999id: P11801045756161066

194SweetWilliam Mathew Sweetfirst name on this monument1858731931id: P11801465756491071
Mathew Sweetfather of William Mathew Sweet
John Taylorfather-in-law of William Mathew Sweet
Mary Sweetmother of William Mathew Sweet
Ann Taylormother-in-law of William Mathew Sweet
Harriet Sophie Sweetwife of William Mathew Sweet1860801940

195SweetWilliam Matthew Sweetfirst name on this monument1892731965id: P11801675756631073
William Sweetfather of William Matthew Sweet
Walter Gettyfather-in-law of William Matthew Sweet
Harriett Sweetmother of William Matthew Sweet
Minnie Gettymother-in-law of William Matthew Sweet
Elizabeth Sweetwife of William Matthew Sweet1890871977

196TannerBona Elvin Tannerfirst name on this monument1920681988id: P11801995756891079
Margaret Tannerdaughter of Bona Elvin Tanner
Harold Wallace Peter Tannerfather of Bona Elvin Tanner
Lillian Tannermother of Bona Elvin Tanner
Kenneth Tannerson of Bona Elvin Tanner
Norah Cecilia Tannerwife of Bona Elvin Tanner1921812002

197TaylorElizabeth Wilhemina Taylorfirst name on this monument1838541892id: P11801635756591075
Austin Cooper Chadwickfather of Elizabeth Wilhemina Taylor
Samuel Taylorfather-in-law of Elizabeth Wilhemina Taylor
Thomas Hulme Taylorhusband of Elizabeth Wilhemina Taylor1835661901
Hannah Matilda Chadwickmother of Elizabeth Wilhemina Taylor
Hannah Taylormother-in-law of Elizabeth Wilhemina Taylor

198TaylorGeorge Robinson Taylorfirst name on this monument1825681893id: P11802275757131076
Eleanor Taylordaughter of George Robinson Taylor1868781946
Isabella Taylordaughter of George Robinson Taylor1944
Dennis Michael Gormanfather-in-law of George Robinson Taylor
Ellen Gormanmother-in-law of George Robinson Taylor
Infant Taylor
Infant Taylor
Infant Taylor
Infant Taylor
Infant Taylor
Margaret Taylorwife of George Robinson Taylor1838851923
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199TaylorWilliam Charles Taylorfirst name on this monument1870161886id: P11800655755821066
Harriet Readingsdaughter of William Charles Taylor
William Taylorgrand father of William Charles Taylor
Hannah Henrietta Taylorgrand mother of William Charles Taylor
Martha Taylormother of William Charles Taylor1826691895
William Readingsson-in-law of William Charles Taylor1809611870

200TerrillEdward Terrillfirst name on this monument1868841952id: P11800735755891069
John Terrillfather of Edward Terrill
John Hayesfather-in-law of Edward Terrill
Jane Terrillmother of Edward Terrill
Marie Hayesmother-in-law of Edward Terrill
Agnes Louie Terrillwife of Edward Terrill1878801958

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Blackwood Cemetery, Blackwood, Victoria, Australia.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is 3458 - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

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