St Stephen's Church burial ground, Norwich, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AdkinSarah Adkinfirst name on this monument1758371795id: SSN355706701070Wife of Jacob Adkin. Also 2 of their children who died in infancy.

2AllenWilliam Allenfirst name on this monument1787801867id: SSN245706591070
Lucy Charlotte Allenwife of William Allen1787601847

3BaconJohn Baconfirst name on this monument1750281778id: SSN155706501073A Physician. Son of Francis Bacon of York.

4BarberThomas Barberfirst name on this monument1751591810id: SSN1035707381065
Mary Barberwife of Thomas Barber1748681816

5BarwellJohn Barwellfirst name on this monument65id: SSN515706861071
Robert Barwellson of John Barwell179541799
Harriet Barwellwife of John Barwell1768831851 Daughter of John Sumner Sedley of Morley Hall , Norfolk and Twickenham , Middlesex.

6BashamMary Bashamfirst name on this monument1752701822id: SSN10957074410701Some details from online sources.
Charles Bashamhusband of Mary Basham1752781830

7BedfordMary Bedfordfirst name on this monument1822id: SSN42
(2 images)
5706771073Died in June.
Charles Bedfordhusband of Mary Bedford1784651849
Martha Bedfordsecond wife of husband of Mary Bedford1792491841 2nd wife of Charles Bedford.
Diana Sheppardrelationship not known of Mary Bedford1820191839 Some information from online sources.

8BennettAnn Bennettfirst name on this monument1764521816id: SSN555706901065Relict of Matthew Bennett.

9BennettElizabeth Bennettfirst name on this monument1839id: SSN545706891065Wife of Thomas Bennett.

10BenslyRobert Benslyfirst name on this monument1760771837id: SSN655707001070
William Brazill Benslyson of Robert Bensly1874
Margaret Benslywife of Robert Bensly1768771845 Death year may be 1843.

11BettsS B Bettsfirst name on this monument1923751998id: SSN785707131065R-n

12BignoldElizabeth Bignoldfirst name on this monument1797631860id: SSN1395707741068
Elizabeth Atkins Bignolddaughter of Elizabeth Bignold1816181834
Samuel Bignoldhusband of Elizabeth Bignold1791841875
George Bignoldson of Elizabeth Bignold183301833
Charles Edward Bignoldrelationship not known of Elizabeth Bignold1831641895
Charlotte Lucy Bignoldrelationship not known of Elizabeth Bignold1835891924
Emma Julia Bignoldrelationship not known of Elizabeth Bignold1837551892
Louisa Bignoldrelationship not known of Elizabeth Bignold1827661893 She is also commemorated on another plaque.

13BignoldLouisa Bignoldfirst name on this monument1827661893id: SSN1385707731067She is also commemorated on another plaque. Sister of C (Charlotte) Lucy Bignold.

14BloomBenjamin Walker Bloomfirst name on this monument1810211831id: SSN1475707821073

15BondRichard Bondfirst name on this monument1654id: SSN1345707691065

16BrownsmithGilbert Brownsmithfirst name on this monument1723631786id: SSN114
(5 images)
5707491068Son of Thomas and Hester (she is Ester on the plaque) Brownsmith.
Ann Bredeldaughter of Gilbert Brownsmith1753741827 Relict of Abraham Bredel of Spitalfields , London.
Ann Elizabeth Bredelgrand daughter of Gilbert Brownsmith1779711850
Elizabeth Brownsmithwife of Gilbert Brownsmith1722621784 Daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Matthews.

17BulwerAmy Bulwerfirst name on this monument1775351810id: SSN385706731065Wife of Reverend Edward Bulwer.

18BurtWilliam Burtfirst name on this monument1759731832id: SSN1435707781067
Elizabeth Burtwife of William Burt1765681833

19ButcherEzekiel Butcherfirst name on this monument1772551827id: SSN33
(3 images)
Mary Butcherwife of Ezekiel Butcher1775361811

20ButtryElizabeth Buttryfirst name on this monument1546id: SSN35706381066Prioress of Campsea Ash. Information from online sources.

21CannellWilliam Cannellfirst name on this monument1799261825id: SSN565706911067

22CarterRichard Carterfirst name on this monument1716id: SSN125706471071
Richard Carterson of Richard Carter1716

23ChalkerNoah Chalkerfirst name on this monument1744711815id: SSN1105707451070
Sarah Chalkersister of Noah Chalker1741821823
Ann Chalkerwife of Noah Chalker1756721828

24ChambersNethercote Chambersfirst name on this monument1745681813id: SSN1215707561067
Sarah Chamberswife of Nethercote Chambers1748361784
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25ChattenBrian Sandell Chattenfirst name on this monument1932782010id: SSN735707081071

26ChattenMarjorie Selena Chattenfirst name on this monument1930812011id: SSN745707091070

27ClaphamAnn Claphamfirst name on this monument1946652011id: SSN815707161089

28CockCharles George Cockfirst name on this monument1964id: SSN1315707661068
Anna Cockwife of Charles George Cock

29ColkettWilliam Samuel Colkettfirst name on this monument1783381821id: SSN945707291067
Susan Colkettdaughter of William Samuel Colkett1810151825

30ConnouldJohannes Connouldfirst name on this monument1645631708id: SSN85706431068
Elizabeth Connouldwife of Johannes Connould1648751723

31CooperMary Cooperfirst name on this monument1738281766id: SSN12457075910671

32CooperSamuel Cooperfirst name on this monument1711741785id: SSN13257076710671
Maria Cooperwife of Samuel Cooper1784 Daughter of William Lovick.

33CoppinElizabeth Coppinfirst name on this monument1768441812id: SSN255706601066

34CotfieldGeorge Cotfieldfirst name on this monument1790601850id: SSN325706671065Also 3 of his children.

35CrickmoreElizabeth Crickmorefirst name on this monument1732561788id: SSN1005707351066Formerly of Lowestoft.
John Crickmorehusband of Elizabeth Crickmore1732601792 Details from online sources.

36CulyerWilliam Culyerfirst name on this monument1764791843id: SSN965707311068
Elizabeth Culyerwife of William Culyer1773791852

37DaalmanEdward Daalmanfirst name on this monument1711741785id: SSN1085707431069
Jane Daalmanwife of Edward Daalman1710831793

38DalrympleWilliam Dalrymplefirst name on this monument1703691772id: SSN99
(3 images)
Catherine Dalrymplewife of William Dalrymple1706861792

39DawsonWilliam Dawsonfirst name on this monument12id: SSN615706961065Son of James and Mary Dawson. Died on 11th July.

40DemeeJacob Demeefirst name on this monument1659591718id: SSN21
(2 images)
Francisca Demeefirst wife of Jacob Demee1664231687 Daughter of Martin , Earl of Wood-Dawling.
Elizabeth Demeesecond wife of Jacob Demee1666431709 Daughter of Francis Morley , a cleric.

41DemexJames Demexfirst name on this monument1659591718id: SSN105706451073The last letter of the surname is missing. Online sources give the name as shown but there is a possibility that it is Demee as there is a wall plaque to some Demee persons.
Elizabeth Demexsecond wife of James Demex1666431709
Erasmus Earlerelationship not known of James Demex
Charles Mackerellrelationship not known of James Demex
Frances Mackerellrelationship not known of James Demex174341747 Daughter of James and Frances Mackerell.
Mary Mackerellrelationship not known of James Demex

42DingleIsabella Dinglefirst name on this monument1761791840id: SSN1015707361067Relict of John Dingle of Thorpe Hamlet.

43DitchmanJohn Ditchmanfirst name on this monument1740421782id: SSN345706691067

44EdwardsMary Edwardsfirst name on this monument1793571850id: SSN45
(4 images)
5706801068Aged 6 weeks.
Thomas Edwardshusband of Mary Edwards1790631853
William Carterrelationship not known of Mary Edwards1814341848 Son of the late W G Edwards , nephew of Thomas Edwards.
Elizabeth Edwardsrelationship not known of Mary Edwards1767461813 Wife of William G Edwards. Six of her children Mary Ann , Ann , Charles , Gordon , John and George are buried nearby.
Elizabeth Edwardsrelationship not known of Mary Edwards1802121814 Daughter of William G and Elizabeth Edwards.
William Gordon Edwardsrelationship not known of Mary Edwards1760581818 Husband of Elizabeth Edwards.
Sarah Heywoodrelationship not known of Mary Edwards1754861840 Maternal aunt of Thomas Edwards.

45ElliotJames William Elliotfirst name on this monument1798271825id: SSN1225707571067
Rosamond Rednall Elliotrelationship not known of James William Elliot1770681838

46FosterSarah Fosterfirst name on this monument1735481783id: SSN20
(2 images)
5706551065Her rather worn gravestone is just outside the church.
William Fosterhusband of Sarah Foster1736741810

47FosterWilliam Fosterfirst name on this monument1762591821id: SSN195706541092
Anastasia Fosterwife of William Foster1773281801

48FriendMartin Friendfirst name on this monument1813181831id: SSN585706931065Stone is very worn , except for the surname other details may be incorrect.

49FromowIsabel Fromowfirst name on this monument1665741739id: SSN1305707651067Wife of John Fromow.

50FromowJohn Fromowfirst name on this monument1698551753id: SSN1295707641067
Hannah Fromowdaughter of John Fromow1725641789
Hannah Fromowwife of John Fromow58 Died 2nd of May.
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51FromowSarah Fromowfirst name on this monument1709611770id: SSN135706481068
Aaron Fromowhusband of Sarah Fromow1700731773

52GalbraithMary Galbraithfirst name on this monument2012id: SSN795707141065

53GallardThomas Gallardfirst name on this monument1712221734id: SSN1275707621068Son of Thomas Gallard.
Sarah Gallardmother of Thomas Gallard1685561741

54GoochHorace Goochfirst name on this monument1843id: SSN985707331065Formerly of Lowestoft.

55Gooch HannEdward Gooch Hannfirst name on this monument1771421813id: SSN112
(3 images)
Ann Gooch Hannwife of Edward Gooch Hann1765781843

56GoodmanAnthony Goodmanfirst name on this monument1724141738id: SSN1445707791067Son of John and Frances Goodman. Frances has a gravestone outside the church , near the wall.
John Goodmanbrother of Anthony Goodman1723221745
Robert Goodmanbrother of Anthony Goodman
Frances Goodmansister of Anthony Goodman1730151745
Frances Ann Goodmansister of Anthony Goodman Died in infancy.

57GoodmanFrances Goodmanfirst name on this monument1698541752id: SSN1065707411065Wife of John Goodman. Also commemorated are three sons and three daughters.

58GowingGeorge Gowingfirst name on this monument1803361839id: SSN405706751067

59GreenRaymond Greenfirst name on this monument1922782000id: SSN675707021065

60GuybonPhilippa Guybonfirst name on this monument1733id: SSN915707261067Daughter of Francis Guybon.
Barbara Guybonsister of Philippa Guybon1744

61HardyJames Hardyfirst name on this monument1744731817id: SSN175706521069
Mary Hardydaughter of James Hardy1774151789
Francis Hardyson of James Hardy Died in infancy.
Henry Hardyson of James Hardy Died in infancy.
Eleanor Hardywife of James Hardy1751951846
Charles Hardyrelationship not known of James Hardy1810191829
George Le Bas Hardyrelationship not known of James Hardy1779391818
Susanna Hardyrelationship not known of James Hardy1779751854
William Hardyrelationship not known of James Hardy1788481836

62HarperWilliam Harperfirst name on this monument1774321806id: SSN457063910871
George Harperbrother of William Harper1778321810
William Harperfather of William Harper1746681814
Ann Harpermother of William Harper1750661816

63HarveyAnne Harveyfirst name on this monument1760411801id: SSN1465707811068Wife of Robert Harvey. Daughter of Jeremiah Ives.

64HaversCharles Haversfirst name on this monument1789601849id: SSN495706841067

65HindesRosa Hindesfirst name on this monument1769631832id: SSN465706811069Wife of Henry Hindes.
William Hindesson of Rosa Hindes182381831
Rose Hannah Hindesrelationship not known of Rosa Hindes This name is just visible at the base of the stone.

66HomesRobert Homesfirst name on this monument1766831849id: SSN485706831065
Sarah Homeswife of Robert Homes1767751842

67HowesJoseph Howesfirst name on this monument1882id: SSN275706621065

68HowmanEdward Howmanfirst name on this monument1678751753id: SSN14557078010651

69HutchinsonCaroline Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1777591836id: SSN11857075310713rd Daughter of the late Reverend Benjamin Hutchinson.
Harriet Hutchinsonsister of Caroline Hutchinson1775801855
Jane Russellsister of Caroline Hutchinson1763841847 Relict of Thomas Russell (youngest son of William Russell).

70IsackMarie Isackfirst name on this monument1657id: SSN265706611069Daughter of John Isack.

71JenneyFrancis Jenneyfirst name on this monument1629771706id: SSN1265707611080Son of Arthur Jenney.

72JenneySibyll Jenneyfirst name on this monument1637791716id: SSN1285707631068Widow of Francis Jenney and daughter of Francis Norris.

73JenningsJohn Jenningsfirst name on this monument1757301787id: SSN65706411067
Mary Crippsrelationship not known of John Jennings1720701790

74JermyEdward Jermyfirst name on this monument1914862000id: SSN775707121068

75JermyEthel May Jermyfirst name on this monument1920922012id: SSN765707111067

76KedingtonJudith Kedingtonfirst name on this monument1692181710id: SSN145706491069Daughter of Henry and Margaret Kedington (Margaret was the daughter of Robert Buxton).
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77KerrisonSidney Foch Kerrisonfirst name on this monument1919892008id: SSN805707151067

78LathomHenry Lathomfirst name on this monument1738741812id: SSN75706421068
Sarah Lathomwife of Henry Lathom1731821813

79LeveringtonWilliam Leveringtonfirst name on this monument1666591725id: SSN625706971067
Mary Leveringtonwife of William Leverington1674541728

80LibbisH G Libbisfirst name on this monument1808281836id: SSN895707241066J L 1836 is also on this stone.

81LingCharles Lingfirst name on this monument1816191835id: SSN875707221076
Eliza Lingrelationship not known of Charles Ling1818241842

82LongDorothy Longfirst name on this monument1694id: SSN955707301065Wife of Thomas Long.

83LovewellPauline Lovewellfirst name on this monument1925802005id: SSN715707061065

84LovewellSidney Lovewellfirst name on this monument1927822009id: SSN725707071065

85LovewellTerence Robin Lovewellfirst name on this monument1925892014id: SSN685707031067

86LovickWilliam Lovickfirst name on this monument1687721759id: SSN8657072110671
Sarah Lovickwife of William Lovick1689691758

87Lovick… An Lovickfirst name on this monument71id: SSN1055707401066
Sarah Lovickdaughter of … An Lovick1717381755
Sarah Lovickwife of … An Lovick69

88MackerellCharles Mackerellfirst name on this monument1676511727id: SSN117
(2 images)
Mary Mackerellwife of Charles Mackerell1685621747
Erasmus Earlerelationship not known of Charles Mackerell1665631728 Uncle of Mary Mackerell.

89ManningJohn Manningfirst name on this monument1731751806id: SSN23
(2 images)
Anne Manningwife of John Manning1730821812

90MartinElizabeth Martinfirst name on this monument68id: SSN595706941066Died 3rd July.
Samuel Martinhusband of Elizabeth Martin1768831851

91MatthewsJohn Matthewsfirst name on this monument1729461775id: SSN1205707551082

92MatthewsRichard Matthewsfirst name on this monument1709651774id: SSN2257065710801

93MatthewsRichard Matthewsfirst name on this monument1687741761id: SSN18
(2 images)
5706531070Their gravestone is across a doorway and is quite worn. They are also commemorated on a plaque placed high on a wall inside the church.
William Matthewsson of Richard Matthews1733771810 Their youngest son.
Elizabeth Matthewswife of Richard Matthews1691661757

94MeeksMary Ann Meeksfirst name on this monument1817211838id: SSN605706951077Wife of …..s Meeks and sister of Sarah Ann Smith. “Also James …. son ...” is on the lower part of the stone but the rest of the inscription is eroded away.

95MiddletonJohn Middletonfirst name on this monument1788601848id: SSN85
(2 images)
John Middletonson of John Middleton1827291856 Interred in the New Cemetery.
Ann Middletonwife of John Middleton1801291830 An infant daughter is also mentioned.

96MiddletonMary Middletonfirst name on this monument1798851883id: SSN825707171065

97MingayJohn Mingayfirst name on this monument1556691625id: SSN84
(2 images)
5707191068He was Mayor of Norwich in 1617. Married 44 years they had 4 sons and 3 daughters.
Susan Mingaywife of John Mingay1642 Daughter of Richard Skynner.

98MitchellJohn Mitchellfirst name on this monument1886id: SSN315706661065

99MooreJohn Moorefirst name on this monument1686681754id: SSN115706461066
Martha Moorewife of John Moore1679771756

100MooreMary Moorefirst name on this monument1709701779id: SSN295706641065
Elizabeth Long Moorerelationship not known of Mary Moore1760151775 Daughter of Thomas and Frances Moore.
Harriot Moorerelationship not known of Mary Moore1763281791

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