Wickham Road (part 3) Cemetery, Fareham, Hampshire, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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801MooreJames William Moorefirst name on this monument1906751981id: 2735499001068
Denys Moorerelationship not known of James William Moore1906962002

802MooreReginald H Moorefirst name on this monument1916711987id: 11085506981067
Kathleen C Moorewife of Reginald H Moore1921781999

803MoranJames Moranfirst name on this monument1907801987id: 3115499371066
Mary Moranwife of James Moran1905921997

804MoretonLloyd Jim Moretonfirst name on this monument1913741987id: 11145507041081
Daisy May Moretonwife of Lloyd Jim Moreton1914741988

805MorganKate Morganfirst name on this monument1904851989id: 12835508681069
Leonard Morganrelationship not known of Kate Morgan1901921993

806MorganThomas Stanley Morganfirst name on this monument1921431964id: 1255497551065

807MorleyHugh David Jonathan Morleyfirst name on this monument1958351993id: 12765508621139
Christine Catherine Morleyrelationship not known of Hugh David Jonathan Morley1920902010
David John Morleyrelationship not known of Hugh David Jonathan Morley1922751997

808MorriceWilliam Morricefirst name on this monument1911561967id: 2145498411066

809MorrisHenry James Morrisfirst name on this monument1904671971id: 2305498571080
Minnie Morriswife of Henry James Morris1895911986

810MorrisLilian Eliza Morrisfirst name on this monument1916631979id: 10045505921084

811MorrisLilias Mary Morrisfirst name on this monument1919471966id: 1185497481083
Jeffrey William Morrishusband of Lilias Mary Morris1916842000

812MortDelcia Edith Mortfirst name on this monument1927301957id: 5075501151065

813MortonDavid Desmond Mortonfirst name on this monument1915721987id: 11075506971090
Joan Elizabeth Mortonwife of David Desmond Morton2007 Not shown on image , but recorded in cemetery records
George Godfreywidows partner of David Desmond Morton1923822005
Terry Godfreyrelationship not known of David Desmond Morton son of George

814MossFrancis Mossfirst name on this monument1913661979id: 2835499101067
Dorothy Ann Mossrelationship not known of Francis Moss1916862002

815MotleySidney Motleyfirst name on this monument1901651966id: 1115497411065
Elsie May Motleywife of Sidney Motley1901841985

816MoulandKathleen May Moulandfirst name on this monument1917811998id: 7445503361065
Samuel Moulandrelationship not known of Kathleen May Mouland1915631978

817MoxonClara Georgina Moxonfirst name on this monument1878861964id: 5395501451083

818MullensWalt Mullensfirst name on this monument1890801970id: 415496691065age unclear
Mary Mullenswife of Walt Mullens1892791971

819MumfordOliver John Mumfordfirst name on this monument1935581993id: 9805505691071

820MuntOlive Muntfirst name on this monument1895841979id: 5825501851067
Arthur Charles Edwin Munthusband of Olive Munt1896941990

821MurphyMichael John David Murphyfirst name on this monument1963372000id: 8005503921065
John William Murphyrelationship not known of Michael John David Murphy1935712006

822NashDorothy Amelia Nashfirst name on this monument1911831994id: 12215508091085

823NashLillie Nashfirst name on this monument1925802005id: 9225505131067

824NazariKhan Aziz Nazarifirst name on this monument1935662001id: 8605504511069

825NeildBeatrice May Neildfirst name on this monument1901881989id: 11565507441091
William Edward James Neildhusband of Beatrice May Neild1905851990

826NelsonReginald W E Nelsonfirst name on this monument1905721977id: 9885505771065
Lilly Nelsonwife of Reginald W E Nelson1902881990

827NeweySally Neweyfirst name on this monument1950461996id: 8965504871067

828NewmanAlfred Newmanfirst name on this monument1899661965id: 1445497741083
Ivy Louisa Newmanwife of Alfred Newman1901771978

829NewmanFrederick Charles Newmanfirst name on this monument1869751944id: 3635499891121
Alice Gertrude Newmanwife of Frederick Charles Newman1884611945
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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830NewmanNorman V Newmanfirst name on this monument1914841998id: 7455503371082
Ada Newmanwife of Norman V Newman1915902005

831NgKam Ngfirst name on this monument1937762013id: 3625499881075

832NobleAnnie Josephine Noblefirst name on this monument1896801976id: 2375498641068
Walter Albert Noblehusband of Annie Josephine Noble1894921986

833NoonanMargaret Mary Noonanfirst name on this monument1940571997id: 7315503231067

834NortonAnn F Nortonfirst name on this monument1949522001id: 4175500361088
Paul Nortonson of Ann F Norton

835NortonHenry Robert Nortonfirst name on this monument1875751950id: 3845500071067
Gertrude Lily Gagesister of Henry Robert Norton1898871985
Jane Nortonwife of Henry Robert Norton1884701954

836NugentFrances Nugentfirst name on this monument1906891995id: 12425508291069

837O'DonoughueNorman O'Donoughuefirst name on this monument1912821994id: 11935507821066
Edna O'Donoughuewife of Norman O'Donoughue1916932009

838O'DriscollPatrick Gerald O'Driscollfirst name on this monument1931531984id: 2895499161067

839O'FlahertyJames O'Flahertyfirst name on this monument1920781998id: 9505505391070

840O'KeeffeLilly O'Keeffefirst name on this monument1905751980id: 2775499041070
Timothy O'Keeffehusband of Lilly O'Keeffe1908821990

841O'MahonyDenis P O'Mahonyfirst name on this monument1923701993id: 9815505701069
Anne O'Mahonywife of Denis P O'Mahony

842O'NeillHugh Stevenson O'Neillfirst name on this monument1912701982id: 10485506371078
Agnes Wright O'Neillwife of Hugh Stevenson O'Neill1907911998

843O'NeillMay O'Neillfirst name on this monument1908891997id: 9445505331068
Eileen O'Neillrelationship not known of May O'Neill1915942009

844OakleyThomas Edward Oakleyfirst name on this monument1924471971id: 195496471066
Diana Oakleywife of Thomas Edward Oakley1995

845OffordAnn Mary Offordfirst name on this monument1932161948id: 650
(2 images)
Constance Dora Offordrelationship not known of Ann Mary Offord1912801992
George Henry Offordrelationship not known of Ann Mary Offord1903731976

846OkeCyril Okefirst name on this monument1917741991id: 11665507541069
Freda Stephanie Okewife of Cyril Oke1922892011

847OldenJack Oldenfirst name on this monument1926721998id: 7555503471072
Renee Oldenwife of Jack Olden1921771998

848OlsenAnn Olsenfirst name on this monument1965id: 1295497591073
Harry Walter Mugridgerelationship not known of Ann Olsen1901911992
Mona Marion Mugridgerelationship not known of Ann Olsen1906891995

849OsborneGentilia Matilda Osbornefirst name on this monument1911721983id: 10645506541081
Bertie Osbornehusband of Gentilia Matilda Osborne1908851993

850OsborneJean Mary Osbornefirst name on this monument1932621994id: 12205508081066
Peter Bertram Osbornehusband of Jean Mary Osborne1929651994

851OsborneMarianne Elizabeth Osbornefirst name on this monument1861871948id: 6485502421071
Henry Turner Osbornehusband of Marianne Elizabeth Osborne1870831953 age unclear

852OswaldPatricia W Oswaldfirst name on this monument1943491992id: 11205507101066

853OthenGeorgina Ann Othenfirst name on this monument1931681999id: 10205506091073

854PacholkoGrzegorz Pacholkofirst name on this monument1911811992id: 9695505581065

855PackCharlotte Louisa Packfirst name on this monument1877701947id: 6165502161066
Henry George Packhusband of Charlotte Louisa Pack1874851959

856PaffettArthur L Paffettfirst name on this monument1900571957id: 5045501121071
Winifred Paffettwife of Arthur L Paffett1903561959

857PaiceCharles James Paicefirst name on this monument1903701973id: 1965498241066
May Lily Paicewife of Charles James Paice1913771990
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858PainVera Mary Painfirst name on this monument1913801993id: 7295503211141
Bertram Painrelationship not known of Vera Mary Pain1911861997

859PakesJoseph Geoffrey Pakesfirst name on this monument1912601972id: 56755017310651

860PalkAlfred Henry Palkfirst name on this monument1909841993id: 12235508111074
Joan Palkrelationship not known of Alfred Henry Palk1910851995

861PalmerAlan Wilson Palmerfirst name on this monument1929651994id: 11625507501174
Mary Lilian Palmerwife of Alan Wilson Palmer1934702004

862PalmerGertrude Louise Palmerfirst name on this monument1887801967id: 1055497351147
Albert Palmerhusband of Gertrude Louise Palmer1888831971

863PalmerIris Dorothy Palmerfirst name on this monument1922842006id: 6675502591087
Raymond David Palmerhusband of Iris Dorothy Palmer1924882012

864PalmerJanet Elizabeth Palmerfirst name on this monument1947441991id: 11765507641080

865PannellGeorgina Pannellfirst name on this monument1944521996id: 3145499401065

866ParkerJohn Binning Parkerfirst name on this monument1894841978id: 9965505841068
Dorothy Evans Parkerwife of John Binning Parker1896881984

867ParkinsonChristine Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1939581997id: 11335507231112

868ParrJohn Parrfirst name on this monument1937501987id: 11125507021065

869ParrisCyril William Parrisfirst name on this monument1924581982id: 10535506421065

870ParryAllan Parryfirst name on this monument1937421979id: 2675498941068
Mary Parrywife of Allan Parry1935792014

871ParsonsFrederick Samuel Parsonsfirst name on this monument1900681968id: 695496971075
Alma Parsonswife of Frederick Samuel Parsons1900811981

872ParsonsRose Isobel Parsonsfirst name on this monument1894711965id: 5435501491068
James Stanley Parsonshusband of Rose Isobel Parsons1902771979

873PatmoreAlfred William Patmorefirst name on this monument1919801999id: 7655503571066
Barbara Florence Rosemary Patmorewife of Alfred William Patmore1922902012

874PattersonAlexander James Mackay Pattersonfirst name on this monument1923311954id: 4765500861069

875PattersonRonald Pattersonfirst name on this monument1907841991id: 11645507521066
Evelyn Elizabeth G Pattersonwife of Ronald Patterson1910871997

876PaxtonJohn Edgar Paxtonfirst name on this monument1924191943id: 3445499701083

877PeacheyCharles Albert John Peacheyfirst name on this monument1931782009id: 7975503891068

878PeacheyCharles Leo Peacheyfirst name on this monument1900731973id: 5665501721078
Doris Emily Peacheywife of Charles Leo Peachey1904771981

879PeacheyJames D Peacheyfirst name on this monument1909731982id: 10665506561072
Kathleen R Peacheywife of James D Peachey1926742000

880PeakeMabel Maud Peakefirst name on this monument1916691985id: 7255503171069
Douglas Henry Peakehusband of Mabel Maud Peake1919872006

881PearceAlfred Wallace Pearcefirst name on this monument1914841998id: 11325507221090

882PearcePamela Brenda Pearcefirst name on this monument1924741998id: 7545503461072

883PeopleCharles J Peoplefirst name on this monument1890831973id: 1945498221081
J & D Messengerrelationship not known of Charles J People parents of Robert
Robert John Messengerrelationship not known of Charles J People197051975

884PercivalDonald Percivalfirst name on this monument1936662002id: 4525500631070

885PerryChristine Perryfirst name on this monument1947582005id: 6835502751092

886PerryChristine Violet Perryfirst name on this monument1930481978id: 10075505951092
Roger Perryhusband of Christine Violet Perry1919952014

887PerryPeter James Perryfirst name on this monument1925731998id: 7495503411067
Roger James Perryson of Peter James Perry1953552008
Thelma Joyce Perrywife of Peter James Perry1926872013

888PetersReginald Wilberforce Petersfirst name on this monument1895791974id: 1825498111073
Edward Ernest Dacrehusband of Reginald Wilberforce Peters1899871986
Florence Gertrude Peterswife of Reginald Wilberforce Peters1899891988
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.view

889PettyElizabeth Pettyfirst name on this monument1880761956id: 4905500991073
Clara Higginssister of Elizabeth Petty1870861956

890PhilipCaroline Mary Philipfirst name on this monument1903751978id: 2635498901068
Albert Edward Philiphusband of Caroline Mary Philip1903761979

891PhillimoreMaud E Phillimorefirst name on this monument1901601961id: 52755013510651
Frederick James Phillimorehusband of Maud E Phillimore1897741971

892PiersonHorace Norton Piersonfirst name on this monument1912331945id: 3585499841068

893PigeonEileen Edith Pigeonfirst name on this monument1925731998id: 7535503451066

894PinchNancy Pinchfirst name on this monument1919591978id: 9955505831068

895PinkGraham Robert James Pinkfirst name on this monument1918711989id: 11265507161086
Margaret Pinkwife of Graham Robert James Pink1921751996

896PinkIvy Pinkfirst name on this monument1886641950id: 5755501791079
Minnie Pinkrelationship not known of Ivy Pink1891621953

897PinkPercy Pinkfirst name on this monument1892741966id: 5745501781072
Annie Karki Pinkwife of Percy Pink1900731973

898PinkSidney James Pinkfirst name on this monument1875831958id: 3745499991076
Esther Daisy Pinkrelationship not known of Sidney James Pink1892781970

899PledgeErnest Edward Pledgefirst name on this monument1905381943id: 3465499721071

900PlestedDavid William Plestedfirst name on this monument1938551993id: 12275508151068
Susan Margaret Plestedwife of David William Plested1943682011

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Wickham Road (part 3) Cemetery, Fareham, Hampshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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The postcode for this cemetery is PO16 7HX - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

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