Wickham Road (part 3) Cemetery, Fareham, Hampshire, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

401FleetThomas Edward Fleetfirst name on this monument1924491973id: 191549820148
Dorothy May Fleetwife of Thomas Edward Fleet1927681995

402FlemonsEric Lionel Flemonsfirst name on this monument1924201944id: 349549975122

403FletcherAnthony Douglas Fletcherfirst name on this monument1941421983id: 1080550670127
Sylvia Joyce Fletcherwife of Anthony Douglas Fletcher1943421985
George William Fletcherrelationship not known of Anthony Douglas Fletcher1915872002
Violet Emily Fletcherrelationship not known of Anthony Douglas Fletcher1921761997

404FletcherJohn George Fletcherfirst name on this monument2007id: 85255044458

405FletcherRichard Lynn Fletcherfirst name on this monument1941561997id: 125455084182

406FlintNeville John Flintfirst name on this monument1931361967id: 8454971452

407FloodPeter Floodfirst name on this monument1921611982id: 40255002479
Florence May Floodwife of Peter Flood1908881996

408FloodWilliam Henry Floodfirst name on this monument1913301943id: 34354996961

409FluellenAlfred Philip Fluellenfirst name on this monument1884781962id: 52855013665

410FoleyChristine Linda Foleyfirst name on this monument1948481996id: 1262550849119

411FordAlan Maurice Fordfirst name on this monument1923631986id: 70549699331

412FordGladys Hilda Fordfirst name on this monument1921561977id: 7054969832

413FordeEthel A Fordefirst name on this monument1893841977id: 98455057376

414FormhalsFrederick William Shears Formhalsfirst name on this monument1884641948id: 64355023840
Mabel Formhalswife of Frederick William Shears Formhals1889721961

415ForrowReginald Charles Forrowfirst name on this monument1918671985id: 109355068365
Joan Margaret Forrowwife of Reginald Charles Forrow1920761996

416FossLouisa E Fossfirst name on this monument1885801965id: 12354975384

417FosterNigel Francis Fosterfirst name on this monument1969271996id: 70955030182

418FoxJessie Blanche Foxfirst name on this monument1892701962id: 40155002353
Elizabeth Rosina Foxdaughter-in-law of Jessie Blanche Fox1929792008
Geoffrey Atherton Foxson of Jessie Blanche Fox1923741997
George Arthur Foxwife of Jessie Blanche Fox1880821962

419FoyleAlice Emily Foylefirst name on this monument1881681949id: 58855019064
Ernest Foylehusband of Alice Emily Foyle1882711953

420FramptonAlice Framptonfirst name on this monument1870871957no image550030167
Isaac Framptonhusband of Alice Frampton1872851957

421FranklinBrian Henry Franklinfirst name on this monument1942692011id: 665550257102

422FreemanDerek Charles Freemanfirst name on this monument1946501996id: 86955046054

423FreemantleArthur Freemantlefirst name on this monument1925641989id: 1157550745100
Frances May Freemantlewife of Arthur Freemantle1932692001

424FreerWilliam Harold James Freerfirst name on this monument1906831989id: 113855072863

425FrenchAlice Rosina Frenchfirst name on this monument1909741983id: 1081550671162
Arthur George Frenchhusband of Alice Rosina French1908761984

426FrenchDonald George Frenchfirst name on this monument1936762012id: 674550266180

427FritchleyMelville Donald Fritchleyfirst name on this monument1892571949id: 390550013213
Grace Cecilia Fritchleymother of Melville Donald Fritchley1868821950
Cecil Edwin Fritchleyrelationship not known of Melville Donald Fritchley1898631961
Cecilia Margaret Halesrelationship not known of Melville Donald Fritchley1929541983

428FrostNorman H W Frostfirst name on this monument1916862002id: 48555009471
Phyllis Eva Frostwife of Norman H W Frost1917902007

429FuchsMiloslav Jan Fuchsfirst name on this monument1926742000id: 81255040461
June Fuchswife of Miloslav Jan Fuchs

430FullerAmy Lesley Fullerfirst name on this monument1875911966id: 132549762215
Reginald David Cliffordgrand son of Amy Lesley Fuller1935702005
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

431FurnessClaudine Clara Furnessfirst name on this monument1912811993id: 122655081470
Thomas Furnesshusband of Claudine Clara Furness1915892004

432GageAda Gagefirst name on this monument1896551951id: 38555000864

433GagliardiniThomas Jospeh John Gagliardinifirst name on this monument1913671980id: 28154990882
John Gagliardinison of Thomas Jospeh John Gagliardini
Florence Mary Gagliardiniwife of Thomas Jospeh John Gagliardini1921741995

434GallagherAlan John Gallagherfirst name on this monument1927501977id: 48255009181

435GallagherMichael Gallagherfirst name on this monument1917611978id: 26454989133

436GamblenWilliam George Gamblenfirst name on this monument1915821997id: 125555084231
Kathleen Mary Gamblenwife of William George Gamblen1921842005

437GardinerWinifred Gertrude Gardinerfirst name on this monument1910912001id: 936550526251

438GardnerDavid Gardnerfirst name on this monument1957482005id: 14854977844

439GardnerEllen Gardnerfirst name on this monument1923802003id: 45655006746

440GardnerGeorge Ernest Gardnerfirst name on this monument1911611972id: 1154963937
Justina May Gardnerrelationship not known of George Ernest Gardner1913861999

441GatehouseMary Jane Gatehousefirst name on this monument1883851968id: 5954968762
Frank Gatehousehusband of Mary Jane Gatehouse1882861968

442GayPercy Gayfirst name on this monument1911801991id: 97355056278
Elizabeth Gaywife of Percy Gay1914952009

443GedgeJames Daniel Gedgefirst name on this monument1886811967id: 9254972259

444GeorgeSydney Walter Georgefirst name on this monument1904801984id: 107455066428
Elsie Maud Georgewife of Sydney Walter George1904951999

445GiacominSecondo Giacominfirst name on this monument1918701988id: 30854993440

446GiffordGustave Giffordfirst name on this monument1913701983id: 32754995363
Margaret Ellen Mary Giffordwife of Gustave Gifford2006

447GilbertElizabeth Gilbertfirst name on this monument1897871984id: 29354992024

448GilfedderJohn Dennis Gilfedderfirst name on this monument1927711998id: 955550544104
Gillian Rose Willanpartner of John Dennis Gilfedder1945592004

449GillRosemary Gillfirst name on this monument1953211974id: 56555017126

450GillenDenis M Gillenfirst name on this monument1931722003id: 91355050448

451GirlingHilda Emily Girlingfirst name on this monument1910972007id: 484550093110
Alexander Norman Girlinghusband of Hilda Emily Girling19081012009

452GladdingAnthony Bernard Gladdingfirst name on this monument1946622008id: 14954977949
Carole Gladdingrelationship not known of Anthony Bernard Gladding1954592013

453GladdingDonald C A Gladdingfirst name on this monument1919511970id: 3954966780
Adrian Charles Gladdingrelationship not known of Donald C A Gladding1951411992

454GoddardEdward Goddardfirst name on this monument1866801946id: 377
(2 images)
Alice Goddardwife of Edward Goddard1864821946

455GoddardWilliam James Goddardfirst name on this monument1903811984id: 713550305107
Lilian Margaret Goddardrelationship not known of William James Goddard1914972011

456GodwinPhyllis Godwinfirst name on this monument1922731995id: 126455085193
Arthur Godwinhusband of Phyllis Godwin1920812001

457GoodallArthur George Goodallfirst name on this monument1925671992id: 1163550751130
Ivy May Goodallwife of Arthur George Goodall1925721997

458GoodchildJudith Erica Goodchildfirst name on this monument1950642014id: 68055027274

459GoodyearRobert Arthur Goodyearfirst name on this monument1909801989id: 114255073178

460GoughBenjamin Goughfirst name on this monument1881881969id: 65549693172
Sarah Goughwife of Benjamin Gough1883941977

461GoughFrederick Valentine Goughfirst name on this monument1889551944id: 347549973281

462GouldDerek Gouldfirst name on this monument1954482002id: 929550519119

463GrantBrian H E Grantfirst name on this monument1949552004id: 15754978745
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

464GrantDennis Raymond Grantfirst name on this monument1927651992id: 120555079451

465GrantEmily Anne Grantfirst name on this monument1919541973id: 18854981731
Harold Amos Granthusband of Emily Anne Grant1917611978

466GrantLeslie Albert Grantfirst name on this monument1909591968id: 7454970377
Edith Eyles Grantwife of Leslie Albert Grant1911661977

467GrantPatrick Ernest Walter Grantfirst name on this monument1918852003id: 45755006847
Marjorie Joan Grantwife of Patrick Ernest Walter Grant1919942013

468GrantSydney Edward Grantfirst name on this monument1920761996id: 126055084748
Margaret Amy Grantwife of Sydney Edward Grant1925872012

469GrantWilliam Thomas Grantfirst name on this monument1911591970id: 22754985426
Josephine Grantwife of William Thomas Grant1910751985

470GrayMaria Earle Grayfirst name on this monument1921892010id: 87655046736

471GrayMaria Ethel Grayfirst name on this monument1912791991id: 86655045745
Dorotea Mabel Grayrelationship not known of Maria Ethel Gray1916781994

472GrayRosina Ann Grayfirst name on this monument1907861993id: 122555081354
George Joseph Grayrelationship not known of Rosina Ann Gray1907881995

473GreenEdward William Greenfirst name on this monument1905761981id: 65555024746
Lilian Emma Hetty Greenrelationship not known of Edward William Green1918822000

474GreenMary Josephine Greenfirst name on this monument1976-611915id: 23654986367
Reginald Thomas Greenhusband of Mary Josephine Green1916721988

475GreenWilliam J Greenfirst name on this monument1956472003id: 466550076126

476GriffithsFlorence Elizabeth Griffithsfirst name on this monument1877811958id: 39155001430

477GruteGermaine Grutefirst name on this monument1918711989id: 329549955192
George Grutehusband of Germaine Grute1919721991

478GwynnHenry Gwynnfirst name on this monument1894871981id: 105655064552

479GwynnNorman Victor Gwynnfirst name on this monument1927812008id: 91055050162
Maureen Gwynnwife of Norman Victor Gwynn1930782008

480GwytherBeryl May Gwytherfirst name on this monument1922882010id: 83355042598

481HackettYvonne Iris Ivy Hackettfirst name on this monument1946562002id: 68755027973

482HaddrellBeatrice Ethel Haddrellfirst name on this monument1903861989id: 115855074688

483HalkyardFrancis Halkyardfirst name on this monument1924802004id: 32154994772
Frances Halkyardwife of Francis Halkyard1926862012

484HallAlbert Hallfirst name on this monument1913691982id: 10525506412111

485HallEric Skelton Hallfirst name on this monument1924551979id: 694550286246
Lesley Halldaughter of Eric Skelton Hall
Linda Halldaughter of Eric Skelton Hall
Marie Aileen Hallwife of Eric Skelton Hall1925571982

486HallLouise Hallfirst name on this monument1960361996id: 124655083372

487HallRobert Hallfirst name on this monument1906341940id: 33654996246

488HallettFrederick Hallettfirst name on this monument1910871997id: 736550328124

489HallowesMary Eleanora Hallowesfirst name on this monument1883871970id: 4354967166

490HamiltonGeorgina Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1902431945id: 589550191190
Alfred Hamiltonrelationship not known of Georgina Hamilton1934421976
Georgina Not knownrelationship not known of Georgina Hamilton
June Not knownrelationship not known of Georgina Hamilton

491Hamilton VeyEmily Hilda Hamilton Veyfirst name on this monument1890841974id: 8354971349

492Hamilton VeyFrancis Hamilton Veyfirst name on this monument1888791967id: 83549712218

493HammertonKathleen Hammertonfirst name on this monument1917621979id: 100155058964

494HammondAnthony Ralph Hammondfirst name on this monument1925752000id: 781550373213
Donald Hammondbrother of Anthony Ralph Hammond1934551989
Rosemary Hammondsister of Anthony Ralph Hammond1929671996
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

495HammondFreda Grace Hammondfirst name on this monument1916932009id: 78855038087

496HamperAlbert Thomas Hamperfirst name on this monument1897601957id: 41855003785
Margaret Catherine Hamperwife of Albert Thomas Hamper1900711971

497HampsonAnnie Hampsonfirst name on this monument1916902006id: 849550441111

498HancockBrian John Hancockfirst name on this monument1944582002id: 656550248212

499HansonCyril Hansonfirst name on this monument1911711982id: 1062550652861
Hilda Hansonwife of Cyril Hanson1917771994

500HarfieldEdith May Harfieldfirst name on this monument1913671980id: 697550289110
Frederick Harfieldhusband of Edith May Harfield1912731985

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Wickham Road (part 3) Cemetery, Fareham, Hampshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is PO16 7HX - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

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