St Nicholas' Church burial ground, Ashill, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1Agnes name from the church records1538no image 1071

2Alice name from the church records1658no image 1066

3Andeston name from the church records1716no image 1077

4Honozia name from the church records1619no image 1066
Thomas father of Honozia

5John name from the church records1538no image 1071

6Vincent name from the church records1720no image 1071

7...LasonMary ...Lasonname from the church records1680no image 1072
James ...Lasonfather of Mary ...Lason
Elizabeth ...Lasonmother of Mary ...Lason

8AbraEliza Abraname from the church records1871no image 10733 weeks

9AdcockAnn Adcockname from the church records1820261846no image 1074

10AdcockArthur Ernest Adcockname from the church records1906161922no image 1077
James Adcockfather of Arthur Ernest Adcock
Emma Adcockmother of Arthur Ernest Adcock

11AdcockElizabeth Adcockname from the church records1784881872no image 1076

12AdcockEmma Adcockname from the church records1947no image 1085
Esther Maria Adcockdaughter of Emma Adcock
Rosetta Adcockdaughter of Emma Adcock
Jerry Adcockfather of Emma Adcock
James Adcockhusband of Emma Adcock
Arthur Ernest Adcockson of Emma Adcock
Frank Adcockson of Emma Adcock

13AdcockErnest William Adcockname from the church records1891271918no image 1075
John Adcockfather of Ernest William Adcock
Jane Adcockmother of Ernest William Adcock

14AdcockFrances Adcockname from the church records1801521853no image 1078

15AdcockJack Adcockfirst name on this monument1888891977id: 445198901089data from online records , best match
George Ringerrelationship not known of Jack Adcock1893771970 data from online records , best match

16AdcockJames Adcockname from the church records1830831913no image 1077
Elizabeth Adcockdaughter of James Adcock
Sarah Adcockdaughter of James Adcock
John Adcockfather of James Adcock
Sarah Adcockmother of James Adcock
James Adcockson of James Adcock
John Adcockson of James Adcock
Maria Adcockwife of James Adcock

17AdcockJames Adcockfirst name on this monument1892621954id: 412
(4 images)
Anne Adcockwife of James Adcock1899821981

18AdcockJames Adcockname from the church records1854941948no image 1078
Esther Maria Adcockdaughter of James Adcock
Rosetta Adcockdaughter of James Adcock
James Adcockfather of James Adcock
Arthur Ernest Adcockson of James Adcock
Frank Adcockson of James Adcock
Maria Adcockwife of James Adcock

19AdcockJames Adcockname from the church records1815811896no image 1075

20AdcockJane Adcockname from the church records1949no image 1075
Annie Elizabeth Adcockdaughter of Jane Adcock
Florence Emma Adcockdaughter of Jane Adcock
Jerry Adcockfather of Jane Adcock
John Adcockhusband of Jane Adcock
Ernest William Adcockson of Jane Adcock
John Adcockson of Jane Adcock
Thomas Henry Adcockson of Jane Adcock
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21AdcockJohn Adcockfirst name on this monument1889881977id: 4735201791078
Eleanor Adcockwife of John Adcock1900931993

22AdcockJohn Adcockfirst name on this monument1743841827id: 8035204321069

23AdcockJohn Adcockname from the church records1809591868no image 1072

24AdcockJohn Adcockname from the church records1859741933no image 1075
Annie Elizabeth Adcockdaughter of John Adcock
Florence Emma Adcockdaughter of John Adcock
James Adcockfather of John Adcock
Maria Adcockmother of John Adcock
Thomas Henry Adcockson of John Adcock
Jane Adcockwife of John Adcock

25AdcockMaria Adcockname from the church records1904no image 1077
Elizabeth Adcockdaughter of Maria Adcock
Sarah Ann Adcockdaughter of Maria Adcock
James Adcockhusband of Maria Adcock
James Adcockson of Maria Adcock
John Adcockson of Maria Adcock

26AdcockMartha Adcockname from the church records1847no image 10706 months

27AdcockMartha Adcockname from the church records184511846no image 1071

28AdcockMary Adcockname from the church records1811791890no image 1067

29AdcockMary Adcockfirst name on this monument1749861835id: 8045204331084Data from Gravestone Inscriptions Book in church
John Adcockhusband of Mary Adcock

30AdcockMary Ann Adcockname from the church records184351848no image 1069

31AdcockRobert Adcockfirst name on this monument1826811907id: 3695201091071
Sarah Adcockwife of Robert Adcock1817841901

32AdcockRobert Adcockname from the church records1783711854no image 1072

33AdcockRonald Alwyn Adcockfirst name on this monument1939521991id: 8265204531067

34AdcockSarah Adcockname from the church records1820281848no image 1072

35AdcockSarah Adcockname from the church records1812211833no image 1070

36AdcockSarah Adcockname from the church records1819821901no image 1071
John Rushbrookfather of Sarah Adcock
Robert Adcockhusband of Sarah Adcock
Sarah Rushbrookmother of Sarah Adcock

37AdcockThomas Adcockfirst name on this monument1812701882id: 755520402106914 Years cleck of this parish

38AddisonEdwin Arthur Addisonfirst name on this monument1919691988id: 8335204591072
Stella Doreen Addisonwife of Edwin Arthur Addison1920902010

39AddisonLucy Elizabeth Addisonfirst name on this monument1883761959id: 3445200931088
Edwin Isaac Addisonhusband of Lucy Elizabeth Addison1889861975

40AddisonVernon Edwin Addisonfirst name on this monument1943592002id: 6615203141077

41AeyloeRalph Aeyloename from the church records1729no image 1076

42AggsAnn Aggsname from the church records1671no image 1072
Robert Aggsfather of Ann Aggs
Ma… Aggsmother of Ann Aggs

43AggsEliz Aggsname from the church records1688no image 1068
Francis Aggsfather of Eliz Aggs

44AggsElizabeth Aggsname from the church records1672no image 1074
John Aggshusband of Elizabeth Aggs

45AggsHonor Aggsname from the church records1670no image 1068
Aggshusband of Honor Aggs

46AggsJohn Aggsname from the church records1661no image 1068

47AggsRichard Aggsname from the church records1673no image 1068
Henry Aggsfather of Richard Aggs
Mary Aggsmother of Richard Aggs
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48AggsRobt Aggsname from the church records1674no image 1072
Robert Aggsfather of Robt Aggs
Elizabeth Aggsmother of Robt Aggs

49AggsRobt Aggsname from the church records1679no image 1067
Robert Aggsfather of Robt Aggs

50AggsSusanna Aggsname from the church records1687no image 1072
Robt Aggsfather of Susanna Aggs
Elizabeth Aggsmother of Susanna Aggs

51AingerAlbert Ernest Aingerfirst name on this monument1907731980id: 7285203751074

52AingerFrederick Aingerfirst name on this monument1882771959id: 72352037110781
Annie Aingerwife of Frederick Ainger1881881969

53AlcockAnn Alcockname from the church records1742no image 1082
Robert Alcockfather of Ann Alcock
Ann Alcockmother of Ann Alcock

54AlcockDeborah Alcockname from the church records1849271876no image 1081

55AlcockElizabeth Alcockname from the church records1747no image 1082
Robert Alcockfather of Elizabeth Alcock
Ann Alcockmother of Elizabeth Alcock

56AlcockFrances Alcockname from the church records1749421791no image 1094
Alice Alcockdaughter of Frances Alcock
William Alcockhusband of Frances Alcock
Jacob Alcockson of Frances Alcock
James Alcockson of Frances Alcock
John Dye Alcockson of Frances Alcock
William Alcockson of Frances Alcock

57AlcockHarriet Alcockname from the church records1772no image 1087
William Alcockfather of Harriet Alcock
Elizabeth Alcockmother of Harriet Alcock

58AlcockJacob Alcockname from the church records178601786no image 1076
William Alcockfather of Jacob Alcock
Frances Alcockmother of Jacob Alcock

59AlcockJemima Alcockname from the church records181111812no image 1080
Edward Alcockfather of Jemima Alcock
Martha Alcockmother of Jemima Alcock

60AlcockJohn Dye Alcockname from the church records178811789no image 1074
William Alcockfather of John Dye Alcock
Frances Alcockmother of John Dye Alcock

61AlcockMartha Alcockname from the church records1812no image 1080
Harriet Alcockdaughter of Martha Alcock
Jemima Alcockdaughter of Martha Alcock
Edward Alcockhusband of Martha Alcock
Charles Alcockson of Martha Alcock
John Alcockson of Martha Alcock

62AlcockMary Alcockname from the church records1752501802no image 1067Spinster
Unknown Alcockfather of Mary Alcock
Mary Alcockmother of Mary Alcock

63AlcockMary Alcockname from the church records1749no image 1090
Robert Alcockfather of Mary Alcock
Ann Alcockmother of Mary Alcock

64AlcockMary Alcockname from the church records178341787no image 1066
Mary Alcockmother of Mary Alcock Spinster
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65AlcockRobert Alcockname from the church records1714711785no image 1078
Ann Alcockdaughter of Robert Alcock
Elizabeth Alcockdaughter of Robert Alcock
Mary Alcockdaughter of Robert Alcock
Robert Alcockson of Robert Alcock
William Alcockson of Robert Alcock
Ann Alcockwife of Robert Alcock

66AlcockRobert Alcockname from the church records178201782no image 1073
Robert Alcockfather of Robert Alcock
Mary Alcockmother of Robert Alcock

67AldertonThomas Aldertonname from the church records1773881861no image 1066

68AldissCecil Aldissfirst name on this monument190401904id: 238
(2 images)

69AlgerAlbert George Algerfirst name on this monument1930812011id: 5765202481071

70AllcockAnn Allcockname from the church records1775621837no image 1075

71AllcockArthur Allcockname from the church records1858no image 10698 months

72AllcockCharles Allcockname from the church records1810691879no image 1068

73AllcockCharles Allcockname from the church records1795461841no image 1070

74AllcockCharles Allcockname from the church records183561841no image 1074

75AllcockDeborah Allcockfirst name on this monument1849271876id: 8215204481079Data from Gravestone Inscriptions Book in church
Joseph Allcockfather of Deborah Allcock
Sarah Allcockmother of Deborah Allcock

76AllcockDinah Allcockfirst name on this monument1776791855id: 7505203971071
William Allcockhusband of Dinah Allcock

77AllcockEdward Allcockfirst name on this monument1804541858id: 7535204001113

78AllcockEdward Allcockname from the church records1772751847no image 1072

79AllcockEleanor Allcockname from the church records1851no image 10689 months

80AllcockElizabeth Allcockname from the church records1807761883no image 1074

81AllcockEllinor Allcockname from the church records1857no image 10672 weeks

82AllcockEthel Alice Allcockfirst name on this monument1873201893id: 3865201251069

83AllcockGeorge Allcockname from the church records186411865no image 1071

84AllcockHephzibah Allcockname from the church records1853no image 10684 months

85AllcockJacob Allcockname from the church records1846no image 107010 months

86AllcockJacob Allcockname from the church records1811261837no image 1069

87AllcockJames Allcockname from the church records181011811no image 1073
William Allcockfather of James Allcock
Dinah Allcockmother of James Allcock

88AllcockJames Allcockname from the church records1785521837no image 1069

89AllcockJeremiah Allcockname from the church records1841no image 106810 weeks

90AllcockJohn Allcockfirst name on this monument1823241847id: 7515203981068

91AllcockJohn Allcockfirst name on this monument1792951887id: 5285202111089
Susan Allcockwife of John Allcock1796741870

92AllcockJohn Allcockname from the church records180781815no image 1068

93AllcockJohn Allcockname from the church records1845no image 107026 weeks

94AllcockJoseph Allcockname from the church records1838no image 10699 weeks

95AllcockJoseph Allcockname from the church records1815731888no image 1070

96AllcockMartha Allcockname from the church records1827no image 106614 days

97AllcockMary Allcockname from the church records1790781868no image 1067

98AllcockMary Allcockname from the church records182281830no image 1066

99AllcockMary Allcockname from the church records1753971850no image 1066

100AllcockMary Ann Allcockname from the church records185921861no image 1066

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Nicholas' Church burial ground, Ashill, Norfolk, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is IP25 7AW - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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