St James the Great's Church burial ground, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201GrindrodWilliam Grindrodfirst name on this monument187131874id: 961070s of Benjamin and Betsy
Benjamin Grindrodfather of William Grindrod1853471900
Betsy Grindrodmother of William Grindrod81
Mary Jane Grindrodsister of William Grindrod188231885 d of Benjamin and Betsy

202GrundyLilian Grundyfirst name on this monument1899891988id: 4481078

203HallJohn Hallfirst name on this monument1785551840id: 901071
Martha Howardrelationship not known of John Hall184021842 age 2y 5m - d of Jessie

204HallWilliam Hallfirst name on this monument1797451842id: 231069
Wi Matthew Hallrelationship not known of William Hall182022 s of George and Ann

205HalliwellAlbert Halliwellfirst name on this monument186101861id: 1911108age 2m - s of John and Mary
Abraham Crabtree Halliwellbrother of Albert Halliwell1857261883 s of John and Mary
John Halliwellbrother of Albert Halliwell1826701896 s of John and Mary
Alice Halliwelldaughter of Albert Halliwell s of John and Mary
Mary Halliwelldaughter of Albert Halliwell1822691891 s of John and Mary
John Henry Halliwellson of Albert Halliwell26 s of John and Mary

206HalsteadBannister Halsteadfirst name on this monument1852id: 1491073s of Bannister and Nancy
Bannister Halsteadrelationship not known of Bannister Halstead

207HarrisJack Harrisfirst name on this monument1915531968id: 4281074

208HarrisRhoda Harrisfirst name on this monument1906821988id: 4441074

209HartAlbert Hartfirst name on this monument187911880id: 1281080age 3m - s of Jabez and Grace
Jabez Hartfather of Albert Hart1858621920
Grace Hartmother of Albert Hart1897
Edith Spencewife of Albert Hart1875441919 w of Albert and d of Jabez and Grace

210HartleyAlice Hartleyfirst name on this monument1863661929id: 2201088w of James
James Hartleyhusband of Alice Hartley1861741935
Frank Hartleyson of Alice Hartley1897201917 s of James and Alice
Isabella Hartleyrelationship not known of Alice Hartley188921891 age 2y 9m

211HartleyCharles John Hartleyfirst name on this monument1865791944id: 431092
Elizabeth Ann Hartleywife of Charles John Hartley1869811950 w of Charles John

212HartleyElizabeth Hartleyfirst name on this monument1853241877id: 361081d of Tho and Sarah
Thomas Hartleyfather of Elizabeth Hartley1887
Sarah Hartleymother of Elizabeth Hartley1823761899 w of Thomas
Albert Edward Hartleyrelationship not known of Elizabeth Hartley
Mary Hartleyrelationship not known of Elizabeth Hartley1932
John T Tippingrelationship not known of Elizabeth Hartley1861631924 h of Mary Elzbth
Mary Elizabeth Tippingrelationship not known of Elizabeth Hartley1865581923 w of John T and gt neice of Thomas and Sarah

213HartleyHannah Hartleyfirst name on this monument46id: 2331071w of James
Hannah Hartleyrelationship not known of Hannah Hartley w of James
James Hartleyrelationship not known of Hannah Hartley72
James Hartleyrelationship not known of Hannah Hartley s of James and Hannah

214HartleyJohn Hartleyfirst name on this monument1833421875id: 831073
Annie Elizabeth Hartleydaughter of John Hartley1872571929 d of John and Mary Hannah
Mary Hartleydaughter of John Hartley1863851948 d of John and Mary Hannah
Mary Hannah Hartleywife of John Hartley1837671904 w of John

215HartleyJoseph Hartleyfirst name on this monument1839561895id: 3101282
Mary Hartleydaughter of Joseph Hartley1865801945 d of Joseph and Harriet
Harriet Hartleywife of Joseph Hartley1844711915 w of Joseph

216HartleySally Hartleyfirst name on this monument182771834id: 2811092d of John and Betty
Betty Sutclifferelationship not known of Sally Hartley1858861944 w of Edmund
Edmund Sutclifferelationship not known of Sally Hartley1873701943
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217HartleyThomas Hartleyfirst name on this monument184411845id: 8410881s of James and Grace
Eli Hartleybrother of Thomas Hartley184451849 s of James
William Henry Hartleybrother of Thomas Hartley1840381878 s of James and Grace
James Hartleyfather of Thomas Hartley1796541850
Ann Hartleyson-in-law of Thomas Hartley1841681909 w of Wm Henry

218HartleyThomas Hartleyfirst name on this monument1860391899id: 611085
George Thomas Hartleyrelationship not known of Thomas Hartley1898191917

219HarwoodHarry Harwoodfirst name on this monument1902701972id: 3801073

220HarwoodNellie Harwoodfirst name on this monument1908861994id: 4711069

221HayworthJohn Hayworthfirst name on this monument1793601853id: 1581084
Betty Hayworthwife of John Hayworth1789741863 w of John
John Dawsonrelationship not known of John Hayworth1858121870 s of Wm and Eliza
Sarah Ann Dawsonrelationship not known of John Hayworth1851221873 d of Wm and Eliza
William Dawsonrelationship not known of John Hayworth1899
Alethea Greenwoodrelationship not known of John Hayworth1937 d of John and Emma

222HeapDavid Heapfirst name on this monument1815491864id: 2761090
George Leopold Heaprelationship not known of David Heap1 age 13m - s of Elizabeth Emma

223HeapHannah Heapfirst name on this monument1798631861id: 2421085
Mary Horsfalldaughter of Hannah Heap1818501868 w of Robert and d of Hannah
Mary Hannah Horsfallrelationship not known of Hannah Heap1913 d of Rbt and Mary

224HeapJohn Heapfirst name on this monument1793561849id: 1051086
Hannah Heapdaughter of John Heap183891847 d of John
Mary Hitchinrelationship not known of John Heap1817761893 w of Wm
William Hitchinrelationship not known of John Heap1816671883

225HeapMary Elizabeth Heapfirst name on this monument1845401885id: 2021123w of Roger
Mary Ann Heapdaughter of Mary Elizabeth Heap1876201896 d of Roger and Mary Elzbth
Roger Heaphusband of Mary Elizabeth Heap1842781920
Elizabeth Hannah Heaprelationship not known of Mary Elizabeth Heap1850701920 w of Roger

226HeelamJim Heelamfirst name on this monument1964351999id: 49910741

227HelliwellGrace Helliwellfirst name on this monument1837771914id: 141071w of Joshua
Joshua Helliwellhusband of Grace Helliwell1835821917 h of Grace

228HelliwellHenry Helliwellfirst name on this monument1814571871id: 3491072
Elizabeth Helliwelldaughter of Henry Helliwell1843711914 d of Henry and Hannah
Ellen Helliwelldaughter of Henry Helliwell1858911949 d of Henry and Hannah
Mary Ann Helliwelldaughter of Henry Helliwell1844681912 d of Henry and Hannah
Sarah Helliwelldaughter of Henry Helliwell1846601906 d of Henry and Hannah
Hannah Helliwellwife of Henry Helliwell1820801900 w of Henry

229HelliwellJames Helliwellfirst name on this monument1815611876id: 911070
Sarah Alice Helliwelldaughter of James Helliwell1845651910 d of James and Ann
David Helliwellson of James Helliwell1847471894 s of James and Ann
Ann Helliwellwife of James Helliwell1824621886 relict of James

230HelliwellJoseph Helliwellfirst name on this monument1814651879id: 981076
Mary Helliwellwife of Joseph Helliwell1872321904 w of James
James Helliwellrelationship not known of Joseph Helliwell1839751914

231HelliwellJoseph Helliwellfirst name on this monument184691855id: 1881086s of Ellis and Ann
Ellis Helliwellfather of Joseph Helliwell1829541883
Ann Helliwellmother of Joseph Helliwell1810771887

232HelliwellMary Grace Helliwellfirst name on this monument1838331871id: 61071d of Joshua and Grace
Clara Helliwellsister of Mary Grace Helliwell187011871 d of Joshua and Grace
Edith Helliwellsister of Mary Grace Helliwell187801878 age 7m - d of Joshua and Grace
Fanny Helliwellsister of Mary Grace Helliwell186651871 d of Joshua and Grace
Louisa Helliwellsister of Mary Grace Helliwell1879201899 d of Joshua and Grace
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233HelliwellSarah Helliwellfirst name on this monument1817571874id: 1310731w of William
William Helliwellhusband of Sarah Helliwell1807801887
Frederick Helliwellrelationship not known of Sarah Helliwell1864751939
Sarah Jane Helliwellrelationship not known of Sarah Helliwell1868721940 w of Frederick

234HelliwellWillie Helliwellfirst name on this monument187421876id: 871082s of Sutcliffe and Louisa
Sutcliffe Helliwellfather of Willie Helliwell1846721918
Louisa Helliwellmother of Willie Helliwell1853741927
Edith Helliwellsister of Willie Helliwell187721879 d of Sutcliffe and Louisa
Eva Horrocksrelationship not known of Willie Helliwell1883761959

235HeyDoris Evelyn Heyfirst name on this monument1908851993id: 4701101

236HeyJames Heyfirst name on this monument1907631970id: 3721077

237HirstFlora Hirstfirst name on this monument1898831981id: 4131069

238HirstHarold Hirstfirst name on this monument1920721992id: 4611075

239HirstJohn Brian Hirstfirst name on this monument1931712002id: 5091076

240HirstRobert William Hirstfirst name on this monument189731900id: 34610721s of Gill and Mary Ann
Thomas Hirstbrother of Robert William Hirst1901 Thomas Hirst Is Gill Hirst Father born c1832 - 1901
Gill Hirstfather of Robert William Hirst1862791941
Mary Ann Hirstmother of Robert William Hirst1861771938 w of Gill

241HirstThomas Hirstfirst name on this monument1901841985id: 3821077

242HitchenEdwin Hitchenfirst name on this monument1866341900id: 2101088

243HitchenHarry Hitchenfirst name on this monument189431897id: 3671067

244HitchenHerbert Hitchenfirst name on this monument1857961953id: 151076

245HodgsonSarah Grace Hodgsonfirst name on this monument186621868id: 641072d of Gregory and Hannah
Gregory A Hodgsonfather of Sarah Grace Hodgson1822511873
Hannah Hodgsonmother of Sarah Grace Hodgson1838671905 w of Gregory
Gertrude Gladys Cockroftrelationship not known of Sarah Grace Hodgson1892711963

246HoldenBertha Holdenfirst name on this monument1910861996id: 4841097

247HoltCharlotte Holtfirst name on this monument1843171860id: 2181075s of Wm and Barbara

248HorrocksArthur Horrocksfirst name on this monument1910751985id: 4171117

249HorrocksMartha J Horrocksfirst name on this monument1916611977id: 4051075

250HorrocksMatilda Horrocksfirst name on this monument1839651904id: 2491090
Sydney Horrocksgrand son of Matilda Horrocks190621908 gs of Matilda
David Horrocksson of Matilda Horrocks1871611932 s of Matilda
John Horrocksrelationship not known of Matilda Horrocks1871741945

251HorsfallAnn Horsfallfirst name on this monument1841331874id: 761084
Elizabeth Horsfallrelationship not known of Ann Horsfall1880701950 d of Thomas and Sarah
Sarah Horsfallrelationship not known of Ann Horsfall1836781914 w of Thomas
Thomas Horsfallrelationship not known of Ann Horsfall1830621892

252HorsfallBen Horsfallfirst name on this monument1854561910id: 811086
Philippa Horsfallwife of Ben Horsfall1852851937 w of Ben

253HorsfallBetty Horsfallfirst name on this monumentid: 5461094

254HorsfallMary Ann Horsfallfirst name on this monument183341837id: 591081d of Rbt and Grace
Richard Horsfallbrother of Mary Ann Horsfall183521837 s of Rbt and Grace
Robert Horsfallfather of Mary Ann Horsfall

255HorsfallRobinson Horsfallfirst name on this monument1822451867id: 3051095
Mary Ann Horsfallwife of Robinson Horsfall1828751903 relict of Robinson
Helen Atackrelationship not known of Robinson Horsfall1879741953 d of George and Mary
Sarah Ann Horsfallrelationship not known of Robinson Horsfall1846851931

256HorsfallSarah Horsfallfirst name on this monument1807511858id: 2311112w of John Lister
Ellen Ann Horsfalldaughter of Sarah Horsfall1837651902 d of John L and Srah
Sarah Jane Horsfalldaughter of Sarah Horsfall1846801926 d of John L and Srah
Bertram Horsfallgrand son of Sarah Horsfall1878331911 gs of John Lister
John Lister Horsfallhusband of Sarah Horsfall1813461859
William Thomas Horsfallrelationship not known of Sarah Horsfall1910871997 s of Bertram
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257HorsfallSarah Horsfallfirst name on this monument1840561896id: 1241111w of William
William Horsfallhusband of Sarah Horsfall1839661905

258HorsfallSydney Travis Horsfallfirst name on this monument1872861958id: 251095age 1886 - gs of Wm and Hannah
William Horsfallgrand father of Sydney Travis Horsfall1842
Caroline Horsfallgrand mother of Sydney Travis Horsfall1788791867 w of Wm
Isabel Sarah Horsfallsister of Sydney Travis Horsfall1877891966 gd of Wm and Hannah
Marian Horsfallsister of Sydney Travis Horsfall1885801965 gd of Wm and Hannah

259HorsfallWalter Horsfallfirst name on this monument187451879id: 1021080age 4y 8m - s ofJames and Elzbth Ellen
Annie Dewhirstrelationship not known of Walter Horsfall1818971915 w of Brian

260HorsfieldMary Elizabeth Horsfieldfirst name on this monument1894851979id: 3431087
Frank Horsfieldson of Mary Elizabeth Horsfield1880381918 s of Mary E

261HowardJohn Howardfirst name on this monument1850121862id: 27011162s of Rbt and Sally
Edward Howardbrother of John Howard1851261877 s of Rbt and Sally
Robert Howardfather of John Howard1809651874
Sally Howardmother of John Howard1828491877 w of Robert

262HulmeJames Hulmefirst name on this monument1835541889id: 2741073
Martha Hulmewife of James Hulme1923 w of James

263HutchinsonDilys Hutchinsonfirst name on this monumentid: 5531069

264InghamJames Inghamfirst name on this monument1804741878id: 1161153
Sally Inghamwife of James Ingham1813701883 w of James
Mary Tennantrelationship not known of James Ingham29 w ofThomas F and neice of James and Sally
Thomas Fawcett Tennantrelationship not known of James Ingham1961

265InghamJohn Inghamfirst name on this monument1777791856id: 1971081
Rhoda Inghamwife of John Ingham1777801857 w of John

266IngramJonas Ingramfirst name on this monument1770751845id: 471084
Ann Ingramrelationship not known of Jonas Ingram1783881871
John Ingramrelationship not known of Jonas Ingram1818871905
Sarah Ingramrelationship not known of Jonas Ingram1820841904

267JacksonAlbert Jacksonfirst name on this monument1902861988id: 4411166

268JacksonLona Jacksonfirst name on this monument1928451973id: 3851105

269JacksonWilliam Jacksonfirst name on this monument1811641875id: 991071

270JohnsonAbraham Johnsonfirst name on this monument1873id: 91113
Ralph Wrightrelationship not known of Abraham Johnson1911
Sarah Alice Wrightrelationship not known of Abraham Johnson

271KaberryElsie Kaberryfirst name on this monument1920701990id: 4571074

272KaySelwyn Kayfirst name on this monument1927581985id: 4201074

273KearneyAnn Kearneyfirst name on this monument1831441875id: 181070
Thomas Kearneyrelationship not known of Ann Kearney1861221883

274KeatingNicola Keatingfirst name on this monument1986212007id: 5341084

275KenneyEdward Kenneyfirst name on this monument1913751988id: 4421075

276KennyEdith Kennyfirst name on this monument1915771992id: 4291075

277KershawHoughton Kershawfirst name on this monument1913841997id: 4901076

278KershawJohn Kershawfirst name on this monument1796561852id: 1361073
Sophia Kershawrelationship not known of John Kershaw65
Vivienne Littlerelationship not known of John Kershaw1944481992
Elizabeth Ann Spencerrelationship not known of John Kershaw1861701931

279KingAngelina Kingfirst name on this monument1879191898id: 1151074d of Edward and Mary Agnes
Harry Kingbrother of Angelina King1897211918 s of Edw and Mary Agnes
Edward Kingfather of Angelina King1846531899
Mary Agnes Kingrelationship not known of Angelina King1852681920

280KingEmma Kingfirst name on this monument1834671901id: 3321073
Frederick Ogden Kingson of Emma King188301883 s of Frederick and Emma
John Edward Kingrelationship not known of Emma King1870841954 h of Doris Jane
Mark Kingrelationship not known of Emma King1829911920 h of Emma
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281KingSadie Kingfirst name on this monument1910721982id: 3961076

282KingVera Kingfirst name on this monument191221914id: 2661069age 1y 11m
Irene Kingsister of Vera King1914 twin sister of Vera

283KinghamMarcus Kinghamfirst name on this monument1971151986id: 4241075

284KitchinJonathan Kitchinfirst name on this monument1795461841id: 301076
Susannah Kitchinwife of Jonathan Kitchin1803541857 relict of Jonathan
Elizabeth Holtrelationship not known of Jonathan Kitchin1873681941 w of George H
George Herbert Holtrelationship not known of Jonathan Kitchin1877641941

285KnowlesEmma Knowlesfirst name on this monument1814621876id: 3601072w of Thomas
Thomas Knowleshusband of Emma Knowles1813781891
David Knowlesson of Emma Knowles1852601912 s of Thomas and Emma
Ellen Knowlesrelationship not known of Emma Knowles1813891902

286LathamEllen Lathamfirst name on this monument1904801984id: 2051103
Frederick Lathamrelationship not known of Ellen Latham1927611988

287LawsChristine Lawsfirst name on this monument1943592002id: 5061130

288LewisRaymond Lewisfirst name on this monument1915681983id: 2061092

289LimebearAlbert Limebearfirst name on this monument1921661987id: 4341072

290LittleCharlotte Susan Littlefirst name on this monument1828341862id: 2561168w of Joseph
Allan Thorntonrelationship not known of Charlotte Susan Little1871701941
Edith Annie Thorntonrelationship not known of Charlotte Susan Little1871911962
Emily Thorntonrelationship not known of Charlotte Susan Little1897231920 d of Allan and Edith Annie

291LobbanHazel Lobbanfirst name on this monument1937772014id: 1501077w of Clinton

292LomasGeof Lomasfirst name on this monument1938611999id: 1291094

293LongbottomHedley Longbottomfirst name on this monument1915751990id: 4541069

294LongbottomPhyllis Mary Longbottomfirst name on this monument1917811998id: 4941083

295LordGrace Lordfirst name on this monument1822551877id: 341081w of Joshua
Joshua Lordhusband of Grace Lord1818711889 h of Grace

296LordHannah Lordfirst name on this monument1803541857id: 571074w of James
James Lordhusband of Hannah Lord1782591841
Hannah Lordrelationship not known of Hannah Lord1811421853 w of James junior
James Lordrelationship not known of Hannah Lord1806601866

297LoweryMarjorie J Loweryfirst name on this monument1905871992id: 4631073

298LowerySydney B Loweryfirst name on this monument1905721977id: 4031075

299MallandaineEliza Mallandainefirst name on this monument1831141845id: 5210981
Nancy Cooperelationship not known of Eliza Mallandaine1778671845
Edward Mallandainerelationship not known of Eliza Mallandaine1813551868

300MallisonGeorge Mallisonfirst name on this monument1811481859id: 2261082
John James Ashworthrelationship not known of George Mallison1895 age 5m - s of John and Mary Ann
Mary Ann Ashworthrelationship not known of George Mallison1856411897 w of John
Martha Mallisonrelationship not known of George Mallison1813571870

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St James the Great's Church burial ground, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England.

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