St John of Beverley's Church burial ground, Whatton in the Vale, Nottinghamshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101GelsthorpeWill M Gelsthorpefirst name on this monument1778431821no image5086961070

102GelsthorpeWilliam Gelsthorpefirst name on this monument1810791889no image5087201070Of East Bridgford

103GelsthorpeWll M Gelsthorpefirst name on this monument1746781824no image5086941069
Mary Gelsthorpewife of Wll M Gelsthorpe1765821847

104GoodbandStephen Goodbandfirst name on this monument1840531893no image5088311066
Sarah Elizabeth Goodbanddaughter of Stephen Goodband188531888
Mary Goodbandwife of Stephen Goodband1846931939

105GoodwinEliza Goodwinfirst name on this monument1856731929no image5088611065Wife of George Goodwin
George Goodwinhusband of Eliza Goodwin1851831934

106GoodwinGeorge Goodwinfirst name on this monument188251887no image5088261065The beloved child of George and Eliza Goodwin
George Goodwinfather of George Goodwin
Eliza Goodwinmother of George Goodwin

107GoodwinMary Goodwinfirst name on this monument1814811895no image5086091065
Richard Goodwinhusband of Mary Goodwin1814901904

108GoodwinMary Ann Goodwinfirst name on this monument1813671880no image5087761065
John Goodwinhusband of Mary Ann Goodwin1811751886

109GoodwinRichard Goodwinfirst name on this monument1838251863no image5086131065Son of Richard and Mary Goodwin Also two sisters of the above who died in their minority
Richard Goodwinfather of Richard Goodwin
Mary Goodwinmother of Richard Goodwin

110GoodwinThomas Goodwinfirst name on this monument1877501927no image5088601065
Mary Elizabeth Goodwindaughter of Thomas Goodwin1906181924
Elizabeth Hannah Goodwinwife of Thomas Goodwin1873511924

111GoodwinWilliam Goodwinfirst name on this monument1837321869no image5086641065Son of John and Mary Ann Goodwin
John Goodwinfather of William Goodwin
Mary Ann Goodwinmother of William Goodwin

112GoodwinWilliam Goodwinfirst name on this monument187841882no image5088271065The beloved child of George and Eliza Goodwin

113GoreArthur Edward Gorefirst name on this monument1913201933no image5087771066

114GouldingAgatha May Gouldingfirst name on this monument1895no image5086861068The dearly loved infant child of William C and May Goulding
William C Gouldingfather of Agatha May Goulding
Mary Gouldingmother of Agatha May Goulding

115GouldingElizabeth Gouldingfirst name on this monument1857431900no image5089431071The beloved wife of W. C. Goulding
W C Gouldinghusband of Elizabeth Goulding

116GouldingHerbert Mary Gibson Gouldingfirst name on this monument1868791947no image5086241068
Florence Elizabeth Gouldingwife of Herbert Mary Gibson Goulding1870851955

117GouldingWilliam Gouldingfirst name on this monument1831691900no image5086231066
Hannah Gouldingwife of William Goulding1833761909

118GoulsonBenjamin Goulsonfirst name on this monument1779671846no image5086161066Son of Joseph and Ann
Joseph Goulsonfather of Benjamin Goulson
Ann Goulsonmother of Benjamin Goulson

119GrayPeter Scott Grayfirst name on this monumentno image5088181065Vase

120GreasleyArnold Henry Greasleyfirst name on this monument1885731958no image5087481067
Mildred Elizabeth Greasleyson of Arnold Henry Greasley1884921976

121GreasleyArthur Thomas Greasleyfirst name on this monument1896551951no image5087561066

122GreasleyGeorge Frederick Greasleyfirst name on this monument1888591947no image5087501067
Eunice Greasley1971 In memory of our Beloved Eunice

123GreasleyHannah Greasleyfirst name on this monument1803791882no image5087681066

124GreasleyHenry Greasleyfirst name on this monument1796751871no image5087671067

125GreasleyJohn Greasleyfirst name on this monument1765811846no image5087151066
Elizabeth Greasleywife of John Greasley1773801853

126GreasleyJohn Greasleyfirst name on this monument1809861895no image5087511066
Elizabeth Greasleywife of John Greasley1823871910
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127GreasleyKathleen Olive Greasleyfirst name on this monument1898821980no image5087491067
Eleanor Mary Greasley1891921983

128GreasleyMary Hannah Greasleyfirst name on this monument10no image5087171066
Elizabeth Greasley Died in their infancy
Henry Greasley Died in their infancy

129GreasleyMary Lizzie Greasleyfirst name on this monument1861291890no image5087811068The beloved wife of William Baguley Greasley of Charnwood Villa Beeston
Gladys Marion Greasleydaughter of Mary Lizzie Greasley188971896 Elder daughter of the above
William Baguley Greasleyhusband of Mary Lizzie Greasley

130GreasleyMiriam Greasleyfirst name on this monument1818261844no image5087161066Wife of John Greasley
John Greasleyhusband of Miriam Greasley

131GreasleySarah Greasleyfirst name on this monument1811231834no image5087611066The daughter of William and Melicent Greasley

132GreasleySarah Greasleyfirst name on this monument1811231834no image5087601066The daughter of William and Melicent Greasley (Shadow)
William Greasleyfather of Sarah Greasley
Melicent Greasleymother of Sarah Greasley

133GreasleyThomas Henry Greasleyfirst name on this monument1845641909no image5087551067
Ernest John Greasley1887281915 Who was wounded in the Dardanelles
Eleanor Greasleywife of Thomas Henry Greasley1920 Date and age hidden by earth

134GreasleyThomas Outram Greasleyfirst name on this monument1921721993no image5087471067Devoted Husband and Father

135GreasleyWilliam Baguley Greasleyfirst name on this monument1859371896no image5087521068Charnwood Villa Beeston

136GreenAnn Greenfirst name on this monument1786801866no image5089051065

137GreenElizabeth Greenfirst name on this monument1806331839no image5086791065Wife of George Green
Elizabeth Greendaughter of Elizabeth Green1839 Aged 2 months
George Greenhusband of Elizabeth Green

138GreenSarah Greenfirst name on this monument1818291847no image5089061065Daughter of W.m and Sarah Green
William Greenfather of Sarah Green
Sarah Greenmother of Sarah Green

139GreenWilliam Greenfirst name on this monument1784511835no image5089071065

140GreyGeorge Greyfirst name on this monument1857371894no image5087571065Late of Greenock N.B.

141GreyMary Helen Greyfirst name on this monument1859521911no image5087621065Wife of George Grey and daughter of Samuel and Reddish
Samuel Reddishfather of Mary Helen Grey
George Greyhusband of Mary Helen Grey
Elizabeth Reddishmother of Mary Helen Grey

142HallAnn Hallfirst name on this monument1755391794no image50895910662Wife of Matthew Hall; sen.r
Matthew Hallhusband of Ann Hall

143HallCecil Haffenden Hallfirst name on this monument1844301874no image5089471067Who died at Whatton
Mary Georgina Caroline Hallwife of Cecil Haffenden Hall1846341880

144HallElizabeth Hallfirst name on this monument1710711781no image50895410721Relict of Henry Hall
Henry Hallhusband of Elizabeth Hall

145HallHannah Hallfirst name on this monument1750231773no image5089561065

146HallHenry Hallfirst name on this monument1706741780no image50895510651

147HallHenry Hallfirst name on this monument1832301862no image5089531065

148HallHenry Hallfirst name on this monument1783291812no image5089601065

149HallMary Ann Hallfirst name on this monument180461810no image5089581065Daughter of Matthew and Ann Hall
Matthew Hallfather of Mary Ann Hall
Ann Hallmother of Mary Ann Hall

150HallMary Emily Hallfirst name on this monument1915no image5089481065Who died at Whatton

151HallSarah Hallfirst name on this monument1789231812no image50895710652Wife of Matthew Hall jun:r
Matthew Hallhusband of Sarah Hall

152HallSophia Elizabeth Hallfirst name on this monument1815811896no image5087711068Wife of Thomas Dickinson Hall
Thomas Dickinson Hallhusband of Sophia Elizabeth Hall

153HallThomas Dickinson Hallfirst name on this monument1809701879no image5087701066(Lord of this Manor and Patron of this Church)
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154HandMary Handfirst name on this monument1801621863no image5087591065Wife of Thomas Hand
Thomas Handhusband of Mary Hand

155HardyAnn Hardyfirst name on this monument1827471874no image50877210732
Thomas Hardyhusband of Ann Hardy1824731897

156HarrisonWalter Holiday Harrisonfirst name on this monument1822771899no image5086261067
Elizabeth Harrison1805921897
Elizabeth Harrison1805921897 Inscription detail

157HearsonThomas Hearsonfirst name on this monument1811641875no image50883210681A faithful servant to the late Wlliam Bower of Whatton Field
William Boweremployer of Thomas Hearson

158HensonJohn Hensonfirst name on this monument1809721881no image5088291065
Sarah Hensonwife of John Henson1814751889

159HickmanLeonard Hickmanfirst name on this monument1709731782no image5086771068Also near this stone lie Sarah his wife and six Children
Sarah Hickmanwife of Leonard Hickman

160HickmanTho S Hickmanfirst name on this monument1741431784no image5086761068

161HindesJames Henry Hindesfirst name on this monument1880281908no image5086311068The dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth Hindes
Elizabeth Hindeswife of James Henry Hindes

162HooperAnn Hooperfirst name on this monument48no image5086291069Wife of Will..m Hooper
William Hooperhusband of Ann Hooper

163HooperJoseph Hooperfirst name on this monument1691741765no image5086271068
Martha Hooperdaughter of Joseph Hooper1738161754 The daughter of Joseph and Triphana Hooper
Triphana Hoopermother of Joseph Hooper

164HooperTriphena Hooperfirst name on this monument1709671776no image5086281065Wife of Joseph Hooper
Joseph Hooperhusband of Triphena Hooper

165HooperWilliam Hooperfirst name on this monument1866181884no image50887910651

166HooperWilliam Hooperfirst name on this monument1900281928no image50878610703The beloved son of John and Grace Edmonds Hooper
John Hooperfather of William Hooper1876611937
Grace Edmonds Hoopermother of William Hooper

167HooperWilliam Hooperfirst name on this monument1837751912no image5086301065
Julia Hooperwife of William Hooper1839691908

168HoughtonWilliam Houghtonfirst name on this monument1853611914no image5088621065Dearly beloved husband of Florence Walker Houghton who died at Whatton in the Vale
John Frederick Houghtonson of William Houghton1886581944
Florence Walker Houghtonwife of William Houghton

169HoughtonWilliam Henry Houghtonfirst name on this monument188381891no image5088141072Two beloved children of William and Florence W Houghton
Anthony Milnes Houghtonbrother of William Henry Houghton188921891 Two beloved children of William and Florence W Houghton
William Houghtonfather of William Henry Houghton
Florence W Houghtonmother of William Henry Houghton

170InnocentAnne Innocentfirst name on this monumentno image5089461066The beloved wife of John Innocent
John Innocenthusband of Anne Innocent

171InnocentEliz Innocentfirst name on this monument1748491797no image5086981066Wife of George Innocent
George Innocenthusband of Eliz Innocent

172InnocentGeorge Innocentfirst name on this monument1741831824no image5086971066

173InnocentJohn Innocentfirst name on this monument1817831900no image5087531066

174InnocentRobert Innocentfirst name on this monument182261828no image5087001066Son and Daughter of George and Rebecca Innocent
George Innocentfather of Robert Innocent
Rebecca Innocentmother of Robert Innocent
Fanny Innocentson of Robert Innocent1824 Aged 9 months

175InnocentWilliam Innocentfirst name on this monument1815711886no image5086991066

176InnocentWilliam Innocentfirst name on this monument180921811no image5087011068Son of George and Rebecca Innocent
George Innocentfather of William Innocent
Rebecca Innocentmother of William Innocent

177IvensRichard Ivensfirst name on this monument1849821931no image5087961073
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178JacksonMary Jacksonfirst name on this monument1778371815no image50861510751Wife of William Jackson and daughter of John and Elizabeth Elmitt
John Elmittfather of Mary Jackson
William Jacksonhusband of Mary Jackson
Elizabeth Elmittmother of Mary Jackson

179KeyworthJohn Henry Keyworthfirst name on this monument185771864no image5088091066Son of Robert and Mary Ann Keyworth (of Aslockton)
Robert Keyworthfather of John Henry Keyworth
Mary Ann Keyworthmother of John Henry Keyworth

180KeyworthRobert Keyworthfirst name on this monument1829671896no image5088111066(Of Aslockton)
Charlotte Rebecca Keyworthdaughter of Robert Keyworth1866751941
Mary Keyworthwife of Robert Keyworth1830751905

181KeyworthRobert Keyworthfirst name on this monument1797731870no image5088081066

182KirkWilliam Kirkfirst name on this monument1720801800no image5086371067
Ann Kirkwife of William Kirk1726681794

183KnightThomas Knightfirst name on this monument1847481895no image5088101065

184KnightThomas Knightfirst name on this monument1848851933no image5087911066
Margaret Ann Knightwife of Thomas Knight1864821946

185KnowlesJohn Knowlesfirst name on this monument1853701923no image5088681065
Hannah Knowleswife of John Knowles1861781939

186LaughtonHerbert T Laughtonfirst name on this monument1784601844no image5089511069

187LazzariniTimothy Lazzarinifirst name on this monument195211953no image5086541066Beloved son of William and Sheila Lazzarini
William Lazzarinifather of Timothy Lazzarini
William Lazzarinifather of Timothy Lazzarini1959
Sheila Lazzarinimother of Timothy Lazzarini
Sheila Yvonne Lazzarinimother of Timothy Lazzarini2013

188LongGeorge Innocent Longfirst name on this monument1846841930no image5087891067
Louisa Marriott Longwife of George Innocent Long1868851953

189MachinDavid Sheldon Machinfirst name on this monument194521947no image5088461065

190MachinJoan Mary Machinfirst name on this monument1919812000no image5088471065
Philip John Machin1917882005

191MachinPeter Edward Machinfirst name on this monument196821970no image5088451065

192MariottWilliam Mariottfirst name on this monument1736921828no image50872210651
Amey Marriottwife of William Mariott1761641825

193MarriottEdward Marriottfirst name on this monument1821731894no image50885210651Of Aslockton

194MarriottElizabeth Marriottfirst name on this monument1858301888no image50885310651Daughter of Edward and Maria Marriott (Of Aslockton)
Edward Marriottfather of Elizabeth Marriott
Maria Marriottmother of Elizabeth Marriott

195MarriottEmmet G Marriottfirst name on this monument180531808no image5086621065Of Aslacton whose death was occasioned by her dress taking fire in the absence of her attendant

196MarriottGeorge Marriottfirst name on this monument1792211813no image5087231072Son of Will.m and Amy Marriott
William Marriottfather of George Marriott
Amy Marriottmother of George Marriott

197MarriottHarriet Marriottfirst name on this monument1809251834no image5087251065

198MarriottJane Marriottfirst name on this monument1787361823no image5087241065Wife of William Marriott of Car Colston in this County
William Marriotthusband of Jane Marriott

199MarriottJohn Marriottfirst name on this monument1793311824no image5086611065

200MarriottJohn Marriottfirst name on this monument1772841856no image5088981065
Sarah Marriottwife of John Marriott1773751848

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