St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Eling, Hampshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AdamsGeorge Adamsfirst name on this monumentid: 394876431073numerals unclear

2AdamsHarriott Adamsfirst name on this monument1801631864id: 624876641070
William Adamshusband of Harriott Adams1812621874

3AndrewWilliam Andrewfirst name on this monument67id: 94876171069d 18?? - Year unclear
Elizabeth Andrewrelationship not known of William Andrew1796641860 Relationship unclear-looks like 'B--- of the above' numerals also unclear.

4AshbyFrancis Stedman Ashbyfirst name on this monument1834421876id: 67
(2 images)
Blanche Margaret Ashbydaughter of Francis Stedman Ashby186811869 age 7 months
Elizabeth Rebecca Ashbywife of Francis Stedman Ashby

5BagshawEllen Bagshawfirst name on this monument1847id: 354876401071age 28? - numerals unclear

6BarnesRichard Barnesfirst name on this monument1853id: 1104877091074d 1853?
William Barnesson of Richard Barnes
Elizabeth Barneswife of Richard Barnes

7BatchelorAnn Batchelorfirst name on this monument1690621752id: 734876721077
John Batchelorhusband of Ann Batchelor

8BatchelorEdward Batchelorfirst name on this monument1715id: 1114877101081d 1715?
William Batchelorrelationship not known of Edward Batchelor d 17??

9BatchelorJohn Batchelorfirst name on this monument1691501741id: 764876751071Year unclear
John Batchelorgrand son of John Batchelor

10BatchelorJohn Batchelorfirst name on this monument1776561832id: 754876741086d 1832? - merchant';numerlas unclear
John Batchelornephew of John Batchelor28 d 18??
Jane Watsonsister of John Batchelor1775571832 d 1832?
Elizabeth Batchelorwife of John Batchelor1790621852
John Wilkinsonrelationship not known of John Batchelor d 18?? - innkeeper of Winchester-numerlas unclear
Martha Wilkinsonrelationship not known of John Batchelor1783821865 wife of John

11BatchelorMary Batchelorfirst name on this monument1690411731id: 744876731071
John Batchelorhusband of Mary Batchelor
Matt Batchelorrelationship not known of Mary Batchelor

12BatchelorThomas Batchelorfirst name on this monument1863id: 774876761070
Unknown Batchelorson of Thomas Batchelor
Mary Ann Batchelorwife of Thomas Batchelor1791871878

13BernardJoseph Stephen Bernardfirst name on this monument1800711871id: 714876701080
Frances Bernardwife of Joseph Stephen Bernard1799721871

14BevingtonWilliam Bevingtonfirst name on this monument182961835id: 474876501069
Alfred Bevingtonfather of William Bevington
Mary Ann Bevingtonmother of William Bevington

15BrentWilliam Brentfirst name on this monument1759421801id: 594876611069
Ann Brentwife of William Brent1757721829
William George Brentrelationship not known of William Brent1786211807 d 1807? age 21?

16BrockmanWalter Brockmanfirst name on this monument1770id: 884876871074d 1770? - numerals unclear
Unknown Brockmanrelationship not known of Walter Brockman unclear

17BuffhamJohn Buffhamfirst name on this monument1827371864id: 484876511070

18BulmerMary Bulmerfirst name on this monument1766671833id: 874876861075Year unclear

19BurtMary Burtfirst name on this monument64id: 244876311079d 18?? - unclear
Abraham Burthusband of Mary Burt

20CarpenterElizabeth Carpenterfirst name on this monument38id: 284876331080d 18?8 age 38? - numerals unclear
George Carpenterhusband of Elizabeth Carpenter

21CarpenterThomas Carpenterfirst name on this monument1825561881id: 294876341067also 3 infant children'

22CarterMary Carterfirst name on this monumentid: 10548770410711
Margaret Carterrelationship not known of Mary Carter

23CarterStephen Carterfirst name on this monument1819641883id: 10648770510721Died through being thrown from his horse while hunting
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24ClarkHenry Clarkfirst name on this monument1785711856id: 454876481077Year unclear
Sarah Clarkfirst wife of Henry Clark first wife of Henry Clark'

25ClarkMary Clarkfirst name on this monumentid: 444876471078second wife of Henry Clark'
Henry Clarkhusband of Mary Clark
Henry John Clarkrelationship not known of Mary Clark possibly son-surname uncertain

26ColesWilliam Colesfirst name on this monument63id: 994876981071

27CrookElizabeth Crookfirst name on this monument1820511871id: 814876801071
George Crookhusband of Elizabeth Crook1819601879
Hannah Tillermother of Elizabeth Crook1777801857

28CrookGeorge Crookfirst name on this monument1841711912id: 304876351074
Emma Eliza Crookwife of George Crook1845821927

29CrookPersis Crookfirst name on this monument1775681843id: 13
(2 images)
48762110701age unclear
Betty Crookdaughter of Persis Crook1805831888

30Da??Jonh Henry Da??first name on this monumentid: 124876201070d 18?? - unclear
Elizabeth Crookdaughter of Jonh Henry Da??180301803 age 8 months
Thomas Crookhusband of Jonh Henry Da??1771751846

31FarthingSarah Farthingfirst name on this monument177001770id: 1074877061067infant - parents' names not clear

32FenwickThomas Fenwickfirst name on this monument1830511881id: 864876851069

33FordJohn Harding Fordfirst name on this monumentid: 1004876991070
Rebecca Fordwife of John Harding Ford1876

34FoxJohn Foxfirst name on this monument180801808id: 724876711086infant
Stephen Foxfather of John Fox
Sarah Foxmother of John Fox
Ann Foxrelationship not known of John Fox Wife of George
George Foxrelationship not known of John Fox32 d 18?? - husband of Ann
Sarah Foxrelationship not known of John Fox d 180? - daughter of George and Ann Fox

35FullerJohn Fullerfirst name on this monument1799711870id: 214876281083
Delia Fullerwife of John Fuller1844 numerals unclear

36FullerMary Fullerfirst name on this monument65id: 234876301067
George Fullerhusband of Mary Fuller1772681840

37Garnen/CarnenRobert Garnen/Carnenfirst name on this monumentid: 1044877031072
Rose Garnen/Carnenwife of Robert Garnen/Carnen

38GoodwinCharles Goodwinfirst name on this monument1762501812id: 824876811073

39GrayMary Grayfirst name on this monument1786351821id: 324876371069age unclear
Philip Grayhusband of Mary Gray1780721852

40GrossmithCharlotte Philadelphia Grossmithfirst name on this monumentid: 8448768310701d 18?4 - numerals unclear
Richard Wakefather of Charlotte Philadelphia Grossmith
William Grossmithhusband of Charlotte Philadelphia Grossmith
Charlotte Wakemother of Charlotte Philadelphia Grossmith

41GulliverHarriett Phillis Gulliverfirst name on this monument1834431877id: 604876621083
William Adamsfather of Harriett Phillis Gulliver
Benjamin Gulliverwife of Harriett Phillis Gulliver

42HayterGeorge Hayterfirst name on this monument1727861813id: 704876691070

43HeathcottAnt Girton Heathcottfirst name on this monument1780id: 834876821070unclear

44HedgesJohn Hedgesfirst name on this monument1727381765id: 34876121069

45HopkinsJohn Hopkinsfirst name on this monument1769671836id: 464876491067d 1836? - Year unclear

46Howell?Thomas Howell?first name on this monumentid: 1134877121068

47HuntAnne Huntfirst name on this monument1797711868id: 1124877111073

48KentJoseph Kentfirst name on this monumentid: 1034877021070

49KentMary Kentfirst name on this monumentid: 1024877011106other names on stone not legible
Ann Kentrelationship not known of Mary Kent
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50KimberWilliam Kimberfirst name on this monument1762821844id: 804876791068Year unclear
Hannah Kimberwife of William Kimber1775801855 Year unclear

51LaidlawEllen Laidlawfirst name on this monument1805551860id: 1084877071072
William Laidlawhusband of Ellen Laidlaw1819601879
John Laidlawson of Ellen Laidlaw1854161870

52LainsonEdith Mary Lainsonfirst name on this monument1883731956id: 974876961069

53LainsonElizabeth Lainsonfirst name on this monument1844311875id: 914876901074
Samuel Lainsonhusband of Elizabeth Lainson1839751914

54LainsonHubert Lainsonfirst name on this monument1905791984id: 9448769311231
Albert D Howerelationship not known of Hubert Lainson1905992004
Kathleen Anne Howerelationship not known of Hubert Lainson1907721979
Norah Eileen Lainsonrelationship not known of Hubert Lainson1905972002 Wife of Hubert Lainson

55LainsonTom Lainsonfirst name on this monument1881731954id: 964876951071

56LeeJohn Leefirst name on this monument1789431832id: 184876251067
Mary Leedaughter of John Lee1819281847
Marrall Leewife of John Lee1789821871

57LewisEmma Eliza Lewisfirst name on this monument1854241878id: 424876451072
Frank Lewishusband of Emma Eliza Lewis

58LightMary Lightfirst name on this monument1828291857id: 114876191068unclear
Richard Lightfather of Mary Light
Elizabeth Lightmother of Mary Light

59LonnonJames Lonnonfirst name on this monument70id: 24876111067d 1800? - Year unclear

60LovellFelix Lovellfirst name on this monument1841id: 84876161070
Mary Lovellwife of Felix Lovell1850 numerals unclear

61LovellMary Lovellfirst name on this monument1793821875id: 74876151070
Elizabeth Lovellrelationship not known of Mary Lovell1809901899

62LowmanJohn Lowmanfirst name on this monument1742781820id: 164876231071unclear
Elizabeth Lowmandaughter of John Lowman1789721861
Jane Lowmanwife of John Lowman85 d 18??

63LowmanMichael Lowmanfirst name on this monument1755661821id: 344876391073d 1821? - Year unclear
Elizabeth Lowmanwife of Michael Lowman d 18?? - numerals unclear

64MansbridgeHenry Mansbridgefirst name on this monument1627701697id: 9248769110721age 70?
Richard Mansbridgeson of Henry Mansbridge inscription partly buried

65MathewsCharles Mathewsfirst name on this monument1816id: 554876571069d 1816?

66MooreRichard Moorefirst name on this monument1831251856id: 36
(2 images)
4876411067numerals unclear
Richard Moorefather of Richard Moore1798611859 Senior

67MorriceWalter Morricefirst name on this monument1843id: 544876561070

68NewmanAnn Newmanfirst name on this monumentid: 934876921082d 18??
James Newmanhusband of Ann Newman
John Newmanson of Ann Newman d 18??

69NewmanMary Ann Newmanfirst name on this monumentid: 584876601071

70OldingJohn Oldingfirst name on this monument1763701833id: 614876631068
Amelia Oldingrelationship not known of John Olding1775921867
Ann Oldingrelationship not known of John Olding1802711873
Charles Oldingrelationship not known of John Olding1817601877
Eliza Oldingrelationship not known of John Olding1802621864
Elizabeth Oldingrelationship not known of John Olding180781815
John Oldingrelationship not known of John Olding1805671872

71OliverThomas Oliverfirst name on this monument1853id: 694876681068
Elizabeth Oliverwife of Thomas Oliver38 d 18?? - numerals unclear

72PaiceRobert Paicefirst name on this monument1779771856id: 384876421067
Mary Paicewife of Robert Paice1775841859
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73PayneAnn Paynefirst name on this monument1813571870id: 204876271068
Mark Paynehusband of Ann Payne

74PenfordGeorge Penfordfirst name on this monument1796751871id: 44876131069

75PennyMary Pennyfirst name on this monument1837id: 52
(2 images)
C Pennydaughter of Mary Penny1836
John Pennyhusband of Mary Penny1851

76PiballHugh Piballfirst name on this monument1765321797id: 434876461068

77PurkesAnn Allis Purkesfirst name on this monument1703id: 984876971078d 1703?
Robert Purkeshusband of Ann Allis Purkes

78PurkisJohn Purkisfirst name on this monument1853id: 664876661068

79ReadAnn Readfirst name on this monument1784521836id: 494876521085
Thomas Readhusband of Ann Read1780781858
William Readson of Ann Read22 d 18??

80ReadThomas Readfirst name on this monument1815621877id: 504876531085postmaster of Totton
Mary M Readwife of Thomas Read1818741892 also 5 sons---died in infancy

81RichmanEdmund Richmanfirst name on this monument1791601851id: 654876651070age 60? - other names on stone not legible

82StarkesJohn Starkesfirst name on this monument1765451810id: 954876941068
Ruth Starkeswife of John Starkes1766611827

83TaylorIsaac Taylorfirst name on this monument1784731857id: 314876361069
Isaac Taylorson of Isaac Taylor1818551873

84TaylorThomas Taylorfirst name on this monument1805661871id: 904876891073
Ann Crooksister of Thomas Taylor1815861901

85TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument1801id: 1094877081070
Elizabeth Taylorwife of William Taylor78 d 18??

86TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument1781531834id: 894876881070
John Taylorson of William Taylor d 18??
Ann Taylorwife of William Taylor1787801867
Ann Williamsrelationship not known of William Taylor d 18??

87ToogoodMary Ann Toogoodfirst name on this monument1789721861id: 5148765410691Year unclear
Thomas Toogoodhusband of Mary Ann Toogood

88UnknownJane Unknownfirst name on this monumentid: 564876581067

89UnknownJob? Unknownfirst name on this monument1779id: 784876771067
Unknown Unknownwife of Job? Unknown1704791783

90UnknownJohn Unknownfirst name on this monument1775id: 224876291066unclear

91UnknownJohn Unknownfirst name on this monumentid: 1144877131067

92ViantJohn Viantfirst name on this monument1806741880id: 5
(2 images)
William Viantson of John Viant1846321878

93WakeRichard Wakefirst name on this monumentid: 854876841069unclear

94WalkerWilliam Walkerfirst name on this monument1831461877id: 1014877001068

95WebbElizabeth Webbfirst name on this monument1831id: 794876781067
Elizabeth Webbdaughter of Elizabeth Webb1850 d 1850?
Thomas Webbhusband of Elizabeth Webb
Thomas Webbson of Elizabeth Webb
James Webbrelationship not known of Elizabeth Webb

96WhitcherUnknown Whitcherfirst name on this monument1753271780id: 574876591075age 27?
Joseph Whitcherhusband of Unknown Whitcher1749801829 age 80? - numerals unclear

97WilderGeorge Gordon Wilderfirst name on this monument1845311876id: 40
(2 images)
Honora Elizabeth Graham Wilderwife of George Gordon Wilder1854621916

98WilliamsCharles Williamsfirst name on this monument1781391820id: 334876381070
Harriett Blakerelationship not known of Charles Williams1800601860
William Blakerelationship not known of Charles Williams1799511850 aged 31 or 51-unclear
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99WilliamsJa?? Williamsfirst name on this monumentid: 104876181069surname unclear
Mary Williamsdaughter of Ja?? Williams surname unclear
James Williamsrelationship not known of Ja?? Williams surname unclear

100WittCharles Wittfirst name on this monument82id: 1548762210701d 18?? age 82? - numerals unclear

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