The Banks Municipal Cemetery, Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1***burnKathleen M ***burnfirst name on this monumentid: BCPW 1324661061073

2AbrahamMaurice Abrahamfirst name on this monument1910591969id: BCExt S 1164662281070
Gwendoline Abrahamwife of Maurice Abraham1913791992

3AdamsonDennis Adamsonfirst name on this monument1921842005id: BCExt S 0164661431076

4AdcockElizabeth Woodbridge Adcockfirst name on this monument1835841919id: BCNE2 0864654321077

5AdeyKathleen Rose Adeyfirst name on this monument1908962004id: BCPW 1414661131095
Carol Anne Adey1933531986
Gordon Fredrick Adey1936571993

6AdiePhebe Adiefirst name on this monument1811821893id: BC3 0394653331073
Sarah Ann Adiedaughter of Phebe Adie1839621901
William Henry Adiehusband of Phebe Adie1810861896
Selina Adie1835681903

7AlecockLeonard Alecockfirst name on this monument1911721983id: BC WS 1434658491074Vase

8AllbonesEdward Allbonesfirst name on this monument1936631999id: BC SE 1244656831076

9AllbonesGeorge William Allbonesfirst name on this monument1906811987id: BC WS 0704657951073
Annie Allboneswife of George William Allbones1910811991

10AndersonJohn Andersonfirst name on this monument1882901972id: BC WS 225
(2 images)
Elizabeth Gawerskidaughter of John Anderson1905921997
A Duncan Graygrand son of John Anderson1933471980 And her son

11AndersonThomas Mcwhirter Andersonfirst name on this monument1923421965id: BC WS 227
(2 images)
4658881072Accidentally killed 2nd Feb 1965
Catherine Andersonwife of Thomas Mcwhirter Anderson1970 Age not given

12AndrewsArthur John Andrewsfirst name on this monument1915831998id: BC SE 1534656981086
Kathleen Andrewswife of Arthur John Andrews1915952010

13AndrewsJohn Andrewsfirst name on this monument1919id: B C 1 1434653031082
Martha Andrewswife of John Andrews1873571930

14ArmstrongAgnes Kelly Armstrongfirst name on this monument1921721993id: BCExt S 1584662561085
Thomas Henry Armstronghusband of Agnes Kelly Armstrong1928732001

15ArnoldDouglas Metcalf Arnoldfirst name on this monument1918942012id: BC SE 0074656011106A beloved husband , father and grandfather

16ArnoldMary Arnoldfirst name on this monument1846531899id: B C 1 0824652771068
George Arnoldhusband of Mary Arnold1839691908

17AsherJohn Asherfirst name on this monument1830811911id: BCNE2 0554654081068
Mary Asherwife of John Asher1836801916

18AtkinsonFrancesca Anne Sheila Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1962251987id: BC WS 1074658231077Née Phillips

19AttenboroughAgnes Attenboroughfirst name on this monument1890701960id: BC WS 251
(2 images)
4659011072Born 24th January 18** (Year indistinct) died 18th July 1960

20AttenboroughEric George Attenboroughfirst name on this monument1922581980id: BC WS 1264658381073

21AttenboroughJames Attenboroughfirst name on this monument1850841934id: BC EC 019
(2 images)
Mary Attenboroughwife of James Attenborough1862751937 last digit of year is uncertain

22AttewellJohn Edward Attewellfirst name on this monumentid: BCExt S 1014662141071

23Austin-PriceReginald Austin-Pricefirst name on this monument1909821991id: BCPW 0814660601075
Doris Austin-Pricewife of Reginald Austin-Price1914932007

24AveyardPhyllis Aveyardfirst name on this monument92id: BCExt S 0494661671073Undated

25AyscoughWilliam R Ayscoughfirst name on this monument1859671926id: BCNE2 121
(3 images)
Gertrude Asycoughdaughter of William R Ayscough1888851973 An unfortunate mis-spelling of her surname
Mary Ayscoughwife of William R Ayscough1861701931

26BaconArthur Ainsworth Baconfirst name on this monument1889741963id: BC WS 2394658941090
Margaret Cynthia Baconwife of Arthur Ainsworth Bacon1908881996

27BaconCharles Henry Baconfirst name on this monument1858601918id: B C 1 1344653001075
Annie Baconwife of Charles Henry Bacon1864911955

28BaconFrank Baconfirst name on this monument1895631958id: BC EC 341
(2 images)
4655951090In loving memory of our parents
Aubrey Baconson of Frank Bacon1922211943 Also our beloved brother Aubrey killed in action Salerno September 13th 1943 aged 21 years
Ada Annie Baconwife of Frank Bacon1892641956
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29BaconFrank Baconfirst name on this monument1887631950id: BC NWC 104
(3 images)
4659341076In loving memory of our dear parents
Aubrey Baconson of Frank Bacon1922211943 Also our beloved brother Aubrey killed in action Salerno September 17th 1943 aged 21 years
Ada Annie Baconwife of Frank Bacon1892641956

30BaconJune Diana Baconfirst name on this monument1938682006id: BC WS 0264657671077

31BaconPhilip Baconfirst name on this monument1819751894id: B C 1 0324652481082
Mary Elizabeth Bacondaughter of Philip Bacon1863281891
Sarah Jane Langsdaledaughter of Philip Bacon1855371892
Sarah Baconwife of Philip Bacon1822701892

32BaconPiers Ainsworth Baconfirst name on this monument1966261992id: BC WS 023
(2 images)

33BaconWilliam Baconfirst name on this monument1860391899id: B C 1 0474652501087

34BaggsLionel Henry Baggsfirst name on this monument1920721992id: BC WS 0294657701074Per ardua ad astra
Phyllis Baggswife of Lionel Henry Baggs1926742000

35BaileyFrederick Richard Baileyfirst name on this monument1924711995id: BCPW 0704660521067

36BaileySandra Marilyn Baileyfirst name on this monument1949512000id: BCPW 0414660291069
Pearl Florence Hendersonmother of Sandra Marilyn Bailey1929782007

37BaileySarah Ann Baileyfirst name on this monument1879491928id: BC EC 0654654911067
Thomas Henry Baileyhusband of Sarah Ann Bailey1871891960

38BainesSarah Jane Bainesfirst name on this monument1886851971id: BC WS 0494657841067

39BakerEileen Bakerfirst name on this monument1917751992id: BCPW 1374661111068
Montague Bakerhusband of Eileen Baker1918822000

40BakerGeorge Bakerfirst name on this monument1830771907id: BCNE2 004
(2 images)
Mary Bakerwife of George Baker1828821910

41BakerTom Bakerfirst name on this monument1948612009id: BC Ext SE 0464660111067

42BaldockJoseph Baldockfirst name on this monument1867781945id: BC EC 164
(2 images)

43BamptonNorman Bamptonfirst name on this monument1918761994id: BC SE 0254656141068
Lilian Annie Bamptonwife of Norman Bampton1922761998 vase with the diminutives 'Gramps' 'Gran' 'Granfer' on three of the four sides

44BaneMatt Banefirst name on this monument1879781957id: BC NWC 311
(3 images)
Joseph Banebrother of Matt Bane1898901988

45BarkerGeorge H Barkerfirst name on this monument1900781978id: BC WS 0064657551067
Hannah Amelia Barkerwife of George H Barker1909851994

46BarlowRobert Askew Barlowfirst name on this monument1901641965id: BC SE 0344656191069
Nellie Barlowwife of Robert Askew Barlow1901891990

47BarnesGeorge S Barnesfirst name on this monument1893901983id: BCExt S 0994662131066
Florrie Barneswife of George S Barnes1901871988

48BarnesJohn Barnesfirst name on this monumentid: BC EC 2694655671066As in death in life

49BarnesKate Doreen Barnesfirst name on this monument1895921987id: BC SE 0714656471066

50BarrattEmma Barrattfirst name on this monument1865271892id: BC3 0314653271083wife of John Barratt
John Barratthusband of Emma Barratt

51BarrattJohn Barrattfirst name on this monument1821691890id: BC3 0414653341106
Annie Barrattdaughter of John Barratt1853361889
Elizabeth Barrattwife of John Barratt1819851904

52BarrowEliza Barrowfirst name on this monument1910761986id: BC WS 2194658851069Wife Mother and Grandma 5th April 1986. (Year uncertain)

53BartschRudi Bartschfirst name on this monument1926731999id: BCPW 0634660461079
Margaret Bartschwife of Rudi Bartsch1920741994

54BastableJ D Bastablefirst name on this monument1940441984id: BC SE 0774656511069L4201696 Warrant Officer Royal Air Force

55BatemanSarah Ann Batemanfirst name on this monument1893741967id: BC SE 04346562610741Given names Sarah Hannah
Horace Christopher Batemanhusband of Sarah Ann Bateman1888841972 Blacksmith born 20 June 1888 East Bridgford

56BatesonWalter Batesonfirst name on this monument1915691984id: BC WS 0884658071072
Alice Mary Batesonwife of Walter Bateson1916731989

57BattersbyJohn Battersbyfirst name on this monument1846591905id: BC NE 056
(2 images)
Emma Battersbywife of John Battersby1847841931
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58BaxterDick Baxterfirst name on this monumentid: BCNE2 0844654301075Vase
Mary Baxter
William Baxter

59BaxterEdith Mary Baxterfirst name on this monument1893701963id: BCNE2 0524654051068
George Baxterhusband of Edith Mary Baxter1895801975

60BaxterEmily Baxterfirst name on this monument1903661969id: BC SE 1784657131068
Wallace Baxterhusband of Emily Baxter1895751970

61BaxterL H Baxterfirst name on this monumentid: BC EC 2874655771065vase. At rest

62BaxterMary Ann Baxterfirst name on this monument1849801929id: BCNE2 0944654351070
William Baxterhusband of Mary Ann Baxter1860751935
John Thomas Baxter1893741967
William Harry Baxterson of Mary Ann Baxter1891 4 months

63BealeRoy F Bealefirst name on this monument1927601987id: BC WS 0344657731067

64BeaumontRaymond Edward Beaumontfirst name on this monument1905531958id: BC WS 254
(2 images)
Chloe Beaumontwife of Raymond Edward Beaumont1896851981 Music and children was her life
Lily Moncasterwife of Raymond Edward Beaumont1887701957

65BebbingtonEdna Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument1928581986id: BCExt S 0814661981071

66BeebyMargaret Ellen Beebyfirst name on this monument1929792008id: BCExt S 0034661331069

67BeereAnn Beerefirst name on this monument1830851915id: B C 1 090
(2 images)
4652821072Relict of William Beere
William Beerehusband of Ann Beere

68BeereJohn Metcalfe Beerefirst name on this monument10449311975id: BC WS 1034658191069

69BeggJames Beggfirst name on this monument1999id: BCPW 0604660441073
Edna Beggwife of James Begg2010

70BelcherMabel Belcherfirst name on this monumentid: BC WS 1414658481101Dates and ages not given
Gordon Belcher

71BellGeorge Edward Bellfirst name on this monument1927631990id: BCExt S 0894662051069
Elsie Jean Bellwife of George Edward Bell1931631994

72BellGeorge Frederick Bellfirst name on this monument1915321947id: BC EC 2814655721086Beloved Son of I F and M A Bell
John Verdun Bellbrother of George Frederick Bell1917461963 Vase inscribed 'Rene and Jack'
I F Bellfather or mother of George Frederick Bell
M A Bellfather or mother of George Frederick Bell
Irene Bellson-in-law of George Frederick Bell1918781996 Beloved parents of Peter

73BellIan Wright Bellfirst name on this monument1913851998id: BCExt S 0714661881066
Ruth Waterfieldwife of Ian Wright Bell1916902006 Waterfield , in brackets , may have been her maiden name

74BellJames Frederick Bellfirst name on this monument1891771968id: BC EC 2774655711070
Robert Arthur Bellson of James Frederick Bell1921711992 Passed away 18th July 1992
Mary Ann Bellwife of James Frederick Bell1893931986

75BellamyJames Johnson Bellamyfirst name on this monument1873831956id: BC EC 2824655731066
Selina Bellamywife of James Johnson Bellamy1807691876

76BellamyTrevor John Bellamyfirst name on this monument1944id: BC EC 2834655741092
John Jarvis Bellamy1903631966
Marjorie Elizabeth Bellamy1913751988

77BensonEdward Allan Bensonfirst name on this monument1926521978id: BCExt S 0754661921070

78BerezaMarian Berezafirst name on this monument1919761995id: BC SE 082
(2 images)
Catherine Berezawife of Marian Bereza1926792005

79BetensonEvelyn Joice Westcott Betensonfirst name on this monument1911871998id: BCExt S 0694661851078

80BiddlesPaul Edgar Biddlesfirst name on this monument1881521933id: BC EC 3324655921084
Edith Biddleswife of Paul Edgar Biddles1892891981

81BillingVernon Billingfirst name on this monument1925832008id: BCPW 1584661261093
Michael Billingson of Vernon Billing1952542006
Sylvia Billingwife of Vernon Billing1928832011
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82BirchWilliam B Birchfirst name on this monument1897921989id: BCPW 0974660741065
Irene E Birchwife of William B Birch1908932001

83BirchallAlan Birchallfirst name on this monument1913631976id: BC WS 1914658741070
Patricia Thomasina Birchallwife of Alan Birchall1920802000

84BirketAlan Birketfirst name on this monumentid: BC WS 0644657901067Small slab
Irene Birketwife of Alan Birket

85BishopCaroline Bishopfirst name on this monument1963472010id: BC Ext SE 0494660141066

86BlacklerJames Arther Blacklerfirst name on this monument1935111946id: BC EC 15346552311131
Christina Caroline Blacklermother of James Arther Blackler1902951997

87BlackshawAnnie Elizabeth Blackshawfirst name on this monument1904331937id: BC EC 2234655501068In loving memory of our dear daughter... Surname not clear

88BlackshawEmma Blackshawfirst name on this monument1957id: BC EC 2324655541079No ages given , (Emma was 78 when she died)
Benjamin Robert Blackshaw1996 Reunited with his loved ones
George Blackshawson of Emma Blackshaw1990

89BlaggAnn Elizabeth Blaggfirst name on this monument1878781956id: BC NWC 2074659701069
Harry Blagghusband of Ann Elizabeth Blagg1875821957

90BlaggGeorge Blaggfirst name on this monument1825661891id: BC3 042
(2 images)

91BlaggGeorge Blaggfirst name on this monument1845481893id: B C 1 0434652471066
Mary Ann Blaggwife of George Blagg1853781931

92BlakeboroughDan W Blakeboroughfirst name on this monument1876781954id: BC NWC 218
(2 images)
Agnes Annie Blakeboroughwife of Dan W Blakeborough1883851968

93BlatherwickThomas Blatherwickfirst name on this monument1870211891id: B C 1 0544652561065The surname is very dfficult to decypher. The son of Thomas and Elizabeth
Thomas Blatherwickfather of Thomas Blatherwick
Elizabeth Blatherwickmother of Thomas Blatherwick

94BlenkinErnest E L Blenkinfirst name on this monument1875621937id: BC NWC 1664659641084Vicar of Elston 1937 to 1939. Christchurch , Westgreen , London. A son of Consolation

95BloodLaura Constance Bloodfirst name on this monument1869821951id: BCNE2 138
(4 images)
Kathleen Mary Blooddaughter of Laura Constance Blood1897631960
Sam William Foster Bloodhusband of Laura Constance Blood1867861953

96BloorCharles Edward Bloorfirst name on this monument1882791961id: BC WS 246
(2 images)
46589910661In loving memory of our dear parents Died 31st October 1961
Edith Mary Bloorwife of Charles Edward Bloor1884801964 22nd Oct. 1964

97BoehmHerman W Boehmfirst name on this monument1903841987id: BC WS 1574658591066Born Vienna 4th Nov 1903 died Bingham 12th June 1987
Maria Boehmwife of Herman W Boehm1914972011 Reichenberg 12th May 1914 London 5th Jan 2011

98BondFrank William Bondfirst name on this monument1922171939id: BC NWC 1604659621091
Florabel Bond1897751972
William George Bond1893561949

99BondRichard John Bondfirst name on this monument1930712001id: BCPW 0514660361071

100BoothRaymond Edward Boothfirst name on this monumentid: BCPW 0544660391067

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