Avon View Cemetery, St George, Bristol, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

301RobertsAlfred J Robertsfirst name on this monument1879391918id: 205
(2 images)
Edith Nellie Robertsdaughter of Alfred J Roberts1910141924

302RogersCharles Rogersfirst name on this monument1920201940id: 117
(3 images)
Walter Rogersfather of Charles Rogers1900581958
Barbara Rogersmother of Charles Rogers1904821986
Walter Morgan Rogersson of Charles Rogers1922842006

303RoutleyG Routleyfirst name on this monument1881351916id: 504517941311

304SandfordJ Sandfordfirst name on this monument1884331917id: 36545210952

305SaundersA Saundersfirst name on this monument1886321918id: 350452094231

306SaundersArthur Saundersfirst name on this monument1873461919id: 279
(3 images)
Alice Saunderswife of Arthur Saunders1874671941

307SaxtySamuel Saxtyfirst name on this monument1840731913id: 21445195857

308ScottIvy Doris Scottfirst name on this monument190931912id: 250
(2 images)
Lilian Hancockaunt of Ivy Doris Scott1880341914
George Scottfather of Ivy Doris Scott1883581941
Charles Hancockgrand father of Ivy Doris Scott1858471905
Mary Hancockgrand mother of Ivy Doris Scott1858731931
Caroline Scottmother of Ivy Doris Scott1978

309SelmanEthel Sophia Selmanfirst name on this monument1886181904id: 329
(2 images)
Daniel Selmanfather of Ethel Sophia Selman
Miriam Selmanmother of Ethel Sophia Selman1851751926

310SelwayWalter Selwayfirst name on this monument1885321917id: 160
(6 images)
Arthur George Selwaybrother of Walter Selway1883341917
George Selwayfather of Walter Selway1855371892
Elizabeth Jane Selwaymother of Walter Selway1859761935
Miriam N Selwaysister of Walter Selway189071897

311ShallardCharles Shallardfirst name on this monument1840741914id: 249
(2 images)
Edith Shallarddaughter of Charles Shallard1883941977
Hannah Maria Shallarddaughter of Charles Shallard1870641934
Elizabeth Shallardniece of Charles Shallard1871541925
Elizabeth Shallardwife of Charles Shallard1841901931

312SheppardWilliam John Sheppardfirst name on this monument1856681924id: 209
(2 images)
Herbert E Sheppardgrand son of William John Sheppard1916241940
William E Sheppardgrand son of William John Sheppard1919251944
Herbert C F Sheppardson of William John Sheppard1884621946
Emily Sheppardwife of William John Sheppard1855861941

313ShererStephen Frank Shererfirst name on this monument1895231918id: 199
(4 images)
Ernest Arthur Shererbrother of Stephen Frank Sherer1954
Stephen Arthur Shererfather of Stephen Frank Sherer1860851945
Frances M A Sherermother of Stephen Frank Sherer1861751936
Alick Thomas Appleby1889681957
Arthur Appleby
Beatrice Appleby1892721964
Edith Annie Shererson-in-law of Stephen Frank Sherer1891591950

314ShortLillian Gertrude Shortfirst name on this monument1917id: 66
(8 images)
W H Balmond1885311916
H McIver1868481916
Helen A McIver1878421920
Alfred Short1856631919
Ernest Short1894241918
Sarah Short
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

315ShortmanThomas Shortmanfirst name on this monument1853701923id: 134
(2 images)
Ernest Shortmanson of Thomas Shortman
Thomas Shortmanson of Thomas Shortman
Mary Ann Shortmanwife of Thomas Shortman1854781932

316SimsFred K Simsfirst name on this monument1896191915id: 41
(2 images)
Edith Simssister of Fred K Sims1900191919

317SimsH Simsfirst name on this monument1892291921id: 14845189296

318SkinnerWilliam Skinnerfirst name on this monument1895731968id: 96
(2 images)
Henry Lismore1887591946
Joseph Lismore1892461938
Florence May Skinnerwife of William Skinner

319SmithE G Smithfirst name on this monument1920id: 36145210596

320SmithLeonard E S Smithfirst name on this monument1923201943id: 7
(5 images)
Joseph Walter Smithfather of Leonard E S Smith1891811972
Rose Smithmother of Leonard E S Smith

321SparkesOlive Dorothy Sparkesfirst name on this monument1897551952id: 141
(4 images)
Ann Sparkesdaughter of Olive Dorothy Sparkes
William John Sparkeshusband of Olive Dorothy Sparkes1898591957
Frederick V Pope1899431942
Doris Florence Sparkes1902751977
Mathew Henry Sparkes1872461918
Rosina Sparkes1871791950

322SparkesR Sparkesfirst name on this monument1894231917id: 314
(5 images)
Richard Joseph Sparkesbrother of R Sparkes1864681932
Joseph Sparkesfather of R Sparkes
Sarah Ann Sparkesmother of R Sparkes1844641908
Elizabeth Sparkessister-in-law of R Sparkes1872531925

323StennerRose Stennerfirst name on this monument1897531950id: 49
(2 images)
William Stennerhusband of Rose Stenner
Edith Stennersister of Rose Stenner

324StephensMary Jane Stephensfirst name on this monument1834411875id: 367452111101
William Richard Stephenshusband of Mary Jane Stephens1863711934

325StillArthur Stillfirst name on this monument1916251941id: 97451841132
James Edgar Stillfather of Arthur Still1882821964
Edith Stillmother of Arthur Still1879761955
Adeline Stillwife of Arthur Still

326StockEliza Stockfirst name on this monument1862461908id: 273452017374
Florence Fellowsdaughter of Eliza Stock
Thomas Stockhusband of Eliza Stock1850871937
Wallace Stockson of Eliza Stock1896211917
Walter James Fellowsson-in-law of Eliza Stock1873541927

327StokerLily Jane Stokerfirst name on this monument1898491947id: 344
(2 images)
Walter Stokerfather of Lily Jane Stoker1863481911
Jane Stokermother of Lily Jane Stoker1865841949

328StoneEmily Stonefirst name on this monument1886191905id: 181
(4 images)
Samuel Stonebrother of Emily Stone1887451932
William Stonefather of Emily Stone1848661914
E Stonemother of Emily Stone
Lily Stonesister of Emily Stone189231895

329StoneSamuel Stonefirst name on this monument1824751899id: 189
(4 images)
Ann Stonedaughter of Samuel Stone1843411884
Martha Stonedaughter-in-law of Samuel Stone1844531897
Arthur Stoneson of Samuel Stone1844601904
Hannah Stonewife of Samuel Stone1819361855
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

330StoneSidney John Stonefirst name on this monument1870551925id: 339
(2 images)
Elsie Stonedaughter of Sidney John Stone189671903
John Stonegrand son of Sidney John Stone191441918
Sidney Clifford Stoneson of Sidney John Stone1894211915
Edith Blanche Olivia Stonewife of Sidney John Stone

331SummersCyril Henry Summersfirst name on this monument1908151923id: 277
(4 images)
Cyril Henry Summersbrother of Cyril Henry Summers1907
Leonard W Hillbrother-in-law of Cyril Henry Summers
Henry George Summersfather of Cyril Henry Summers1873811954
Ada Summersmother of Cyril Henry Summers1873921965
Hilda Hillsister of Cyril Henry Summers1903321935

332TalyorWilliam John Talyorfirst name on this monument1890211911id: 25745200187
John Talyorfather of William John Talyor1864621926
Sarah Talyormother of William John Talyor

333TalyorWilliam Thomas Talyorfirst name on this monument1883351918id: 311
(4 images)
H Allenbrother-in-law of William Thomas Talyor
William McCarthybrother-in-law of William Thomas Talyor
R Allensister-in-law of William Thomas Talyor
Emily Rosina McCarthysister-in-law of William Thomas Talyor1887371924
Mary Ann Talyorwife of William Thomas Talyor1884781962

334TaylorIvy Maud Taylorfirst name on this monument1917171934id: 244
(2 images)
John Frederick Talyorbrother of Ivy Maud Taylor1919221941
John Talyorfather of Ivy Maud Taylor1885701955
Annie Emma Elizabeth Talyormother of Ivy Maud Taylor1888691957

335TaylorRobert Taylorfirst name on this monument1926id: 228
(3 images)
Emma Dimentdaughter of Robert Taylor1938
William Dimentgrand son of Robert Taylor1917
Hannah Taylorwife of Robert Taylor1927

336TerryC Terryfirst name on this monument1918id: 358452102100

337ThacherGeorge Frederick Thacherfirst name on this monument1868171885id: 150
(3 images)
Francis A Longbrother-in-law of George Frederick Thacher1871871958
Aaron Thacherfather of George Frederick Thacher
Elizabeth Rebecca Thachermother of George Frederick Thacher1845731918
Percie G T Longnephew of George Frederick Thacher1893211914
Lillian Blanche Longnephew of George Frederick Thacher1899
Lilian R Longsister of George Frederick Thacher1870721942

338ThomasAlfred Thomasfirst name on this monument1875531928id: 246
(2 images)
Selina Thomaswife of Alfred Thomas1873851958

339ThomasDeah Thomasfirst name on this monumentid: 140
(2 images)
Iris Valentine Sweetdaughter of Deah Thomas
John Sweetgrand son of Deah Thomas
Samuel Thomashusband of Deah Thomas
Bert Thomasson of Deah Thomas
Reginald Sweetson-in-law of Deah Thomas1944

340ThomasElizabeth Thomasfirst name on this monument1875491924id: 255
(2 images)
Stephen Thomasgrand father-in-law of Elizabeth Thomas
Honoh Thomasgrand mother-in-law of Elizabeth Thomas
George Thomashusband of Elizabeth Thomas1878591937

341TilleyA C Tilleyfirst name on this monument1898201918id: 3634521071331

342TinnerIrene May Tinnerfirst name on this monument1905id: 310
(2 images)
Josiah Tinnerfather of Irene May Tinner1942
Sarah Tinnermother of Irene May Tinner1882361918
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

343TippettEdwin Tippettfirst name on this monument1869641933id: 68
(3 images)
Gladys Gwendoline Tippettdaughter of Edwin Tippett1909451954
Edwin Herbert Tippettson of Edwin Tippett1895211916
Joseph Charles Tippettson of Edwin Tippett1905291934
Ann Tippettwife of Edwin Tippett1870811951

344TivyWilliam James Tivyfirst name on this monument1851591910id: 354
(2 images)
Laura Tivywife of William James Tivy1853591912

345TrimnellGeorge Trimnellfirst name on this monument1858571915id: 283
(3 images)
Beatrice Trimnelldaughter of George Trimnell1899741973
Alfred Henry Norrisgrand son of George Trimnell1902221924
Albert Trimnellson of George Trimnell1916
Rebecca Trimnellwife of George Trimnell1860741934

346TrotmanElizabeth Trotmanfirst name on this monument1855651920id: 76
(4 images)
Mabel Taylordaughter of Elizabeth Trotman
Lily Thomasdaughter of Elizabeth Trotman
Thomas Trotmanhusband of Elizabeth Trotman1855681923
Alfred John Sheppard1886531939
Frederick Taylorson-in-law of Elizabeth Trotman1892261918
John Thomasson-in-law of Elizabeth Trotman1885331918

347TyeKate Tyefirst name on this monument1890601950id: 216
(3 images)
Eileen Grace Alice Tyedaughter of Kate Tye192321925
William James Tyehusband of Kate Tye1891711962
William James Tyeson of Kate Tye1921221943

348VicaryHarriett Vicaryfirst name on this monument1852531905id: 309
(2 images)
Alice Maud Mary Thursbydaughter of Harriett Vicary1880371917
William Thursbyson-in-law of Harriett Vicary1865671932

349WaddellEdith Waddellfirst name on this monument1873721945id: 19
(2 images)
William F Waddellhusband of Edith Waddell1869791948
Dennis James Waddellson of Edith Waddell1919261945

350WakehamAlbert Wakehamfirst name on this monument1858781936id: 58451802120
Emma Wakehamwife of Albert Wakeham1856811937

351WaldronHenry Thomas Waldronfirst name on this monument1883561939id: 161
(5 images)
Ronald C Waldronson of Henry Thomas Waldron1915291944
Mary Valentine Waldronwife of Henry Thomas Waldron1882851967

352WalshF F Walshfirst name on this monument1895261921id: 142
(3 images)
Charlotte Walshwife of F F Walsh1896791975

353WarreThomas Warrefirst name on this monument1872641936id: 87
(2 images)
Frederick Robert Warreson of Thomas Warre1906221928
Reginald William Warreson of Thomas Warre1896201916
May Alice Warrewife of Thomas Warre1873791952

354WeaverMay Weaverfirst name on this monument1893331926id: 270
(4 images)
Fred Weaverfather of May Weaver1865661931
Eliza Weavermother of May Weaver1869871956
Ernest Woodington1917

355WebberHarry Webberfirst name on this monument1884591943id: 100
(2 images)
C H Webberson of Harry Webber1907241931
Alice Webberwife of Harry Webber1882861968

356WhiteAlbert G Whitefirst name on this monument1895221917id: 259
(2 images)
Charles Whitefather of Albert G White1865611926
Ruth Whitemother of Albert G White1867601927

357WhiteSamuel Whitefirst name on this monument1853691922id: 269
(2 images)
Alice Emily Whitedaughter of Samuel White1898201918
Thomas Samuel Whitegrand son of Samuel White1903211924
Frank Edwin Whiteson of Samuel White1879381917
Susan Whitewife of Samuel White
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no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

358WhiteThomas Edward Whitefirst name on this monument1908221930id: 242
(2 images)
Walter Henry Whitebrother of Thomas Edward White1898191917

359WilcoxCharles Wilcoxfirst name on this monument1850751925id: 217
(4 images)
Caroline Wilcoxdaughter-in-law of Charles Wilcox1873791952
H Wilcoxgrand son of Charles Wilcox1896211917
Henry Wilcoxson of Charles Wilcox18731011974
Mary Ann Wilcoxwife of Charles Wilcox1852791931

360WilliamsA Williamsfirst name on this monument1886341920id: 151
(3 images)
Esther Williamswife of A Williams

361WilliamsJohn Williamsfirst name on this monument1854611915id: 226
(5 images)
Lyla Clarice Davisdaughter of John Williams1898321930
Edith May Williamsdaughter of John Williams1894
A E Davisson-in-law of John Williams
Margaret Williamswife of John Williams1855731928

362WilsonMargaret Wilsonfirst name on this monument1885341919id: 170
(3 images)
S H Burrowsbrother of Margaret Wilson1890271917
W E Burrowsbrother of Margaret Wilson1894221916
Amy Eliza Burrows
Ivy Burrowssister of Margaret Wilson1898201918

363WindsorJesse Windsorfirst name on this monument1846681914id: 223
(3 images)
Alice Windsordaughter-in-law of Jesse Windsor
Charles Edward Windsorgrand son of Jesse Windsor1895201915
Charles Windsorson of Jesse Windsor
Sophia Windsorwife of Jesse Windsor

364WoodingtonAlbert Joseph Woodingtonfirst name on this monument1855731928id: 293452037123
Churchill Woodingtonson of Albert Joseph Woodington1892261918
Harold Joseph Woodingtonson of Albert Joseph Woodington1891371928
Sarah Ann Woodingtonwife of Albert Joseph Woodington78

365WoodingtonRoyston Woodingtonfirst name on this monument1930101940id: 114
(3 images)
Florence E Jonesdaughter of Royston Woodington1875851960
Fred Woodingtonfather of Royston Woodington1901671968
Florence Ethel Woodingtonmother of Royston Woodington1893811974

366WookeyA Wookeyfirst name on this monument1919id: 348452092126

367WoollacottWilliam Woollacottfirst name on this monument1846621908id: 334
(4 images)
William Charles Woollacottgrand son of William Woollacott1886611947
Albert Joshua Woollacottson of William Woollacott1880521932
Edward Follen Woollacottson of William Woollacott1883331916
Maria Woollacottwife of William Woollacott1847911938

368WorlockWilliam Worlockfirst name on this monument1911311942id: 91
(3 images)
Ernest Worlockfather of William Worlock
Susan L Worlockmother of William Worlock1884541938

369YoungCaleb Youngfirst name on this monument1855651920id: 180
(2 images)
Edwin Moses Youngson of Caleb Young1879381917
Jesse Caleb Youngson of Caleb Young1883341917
Elizabeth Curtis Youngwife of Caleb Young1856821938

370YoungChristian Blaikie Youngfirst name on this monument1862321894id: 231
(3 images)
James Younghusband of Christian Blaikie Young1866651931
J C Lawrence Youngson of Christian Blaikie Young1894241918

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Avon View Cemetery, St George, Bristol, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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