St Peter's Church burial ground, Chailey, Sussex, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101HibbsJohn Hibbsfirst name on this monument1822601882id: 3044483821071

102HicksCharles Terry Hicksfirst name on this monument1866341900id: 3154483931077
John Hicksfather of Charles Terry Hicks
Frances Hicksmother of Charles Terry Hicks

103HoatherRichard Hoatherfirst name on this monument1791611852id: 24744833510691Served more than 50 years in the Hooke family.

104HobdenElizabeth Hobdenfirst name on this monument1742411783id: 27444836110761
Richard Hobdenhusband of Elizabeth Hobden

105HobdenO Hobdenfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484431072WW1 memorial.

106HomewoodT Homewoodfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484441088WW1 memorial.

107HowellMiles Howellfirst name on this monument1804931897id: 2514483391076
Louisa Howelldaughter of Miles Howell1838351873
Mary Howellwife of Miles Howell1810451855

108HubbardJane Hubbardfirst name on this monument1781671848id: 2834483641072
Elizabeth Blunden Hubbarddaughter of Jane Hubbard1827 d 18?? details indistinct.
William Williamsfirst husband of Jane Hubbard
Henry Hubbardsecond husband of Jane Hubbard1794741868

109HugginsD A L Hugginsfirst name on this monument1945id: 3534484791079WW2 memorial.

110HugginsR Hugginsfirst name on this monument1945id: 3534484801068WW2 memorial.

111HugginsT P Hugginsfirst name on this monument1945id: 3534484811067WW2 memorial.

112HurstThomas Hurstfirst name on this monument1805311836id: 2364483291073Of Five Bells Inn; Chailey.
Mary Ann Hurstwife of Thomas Hurst1805721877

113IngramG S Ingramfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484451066WW1 memorial.

114IrelandC Irelandfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484461073WW1 memorial.

115JefferyAnn Jefferyfirst name on this monument1762411803id: 2734483601070Date indistinct.
Thomas Jefferyhusband of Ann Jeffery

116JefferyMary Jefferyfirst name on this monument1760491809id: 2714483581069Second wife of Thomas Jeffery.
Thomas Jefferyhusband of Mary Jeffery

117JefferyThomas Jefferyfirst name on this monument1759731832id: 2724483591066

118JefferyThomas Jefferyfirst name on this monument1834181852id: 3494484241067A butcher whose knife slipped and severed a main artery in his thigh following which he lived only one hour.

119JefferyWilliam Jefferyfirst name on this monument1792651857id: 3504484251067

120JennerAnn Jennerfirst name on this monument1695311726id: 1914482971068
Thomas Jennerfather of Ann Jenner
Jane Jennermother of Ann Jenner

121JennerElizabeth Jennerfirst name on this monument1732561788id: 1924482981070

122JennerJane Jennerfirst name on this monument1820581878id: 13044826310662
John Jennerhusband of Jane Jenner

123JennerPhilip Jennerfirst name on this monument77id: 187
(5 images)
4482931077d 18?? details indistinct.
Elizabeth Jennerdaughter of Philip Jenner1775861861 Details indistinct.
Sarah Jennerdaughter of Philip Jenner1759201779
Philip Jennerson of Philip Jenner1765611826
Elizabeth Jennerwife of Philip Jenner

124JennerThomas Jennerfirst name on this monument1725211746id: 1894482951067
Philip Jennerfather of Thomas Jenner
Sarah Jennermother of Thomas Jenner

125JennerThomas Jennerfirst name on this monument1766461812id: 181
(8 images)
4482901069Of Warrs in Chailey.
Grace Jennerdaughter of Thomas Jenner1796 d 18?? details indistinct.
Harriet Jennerdaughter of Thomas Jenner1792 d 18?? details indistinct.
Jane Jennerdaughter of Thomas Jenner1802131815
John Jennerson of Thomas Jenner1798201818
Thomas Jennerson of Thomas Jenner1789611850 Details indistinct.
William Jennerson of Thomas Jenner1804 d 18?? details indistinct.
Elizabeth Jennerwife of Thomas Jenner1767701837 Details indistinct.
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126KemberJohn Kemberfirst name on this monument1804711875id: 3254484041073
Elizabeth Kemberwife of John Kember1805901895

127KingJohn Dashwood Kingfirst name on this monumentid: 3304482771066

128LangridgeC Langridgefirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484471070WW1 memorial.

129LangridgeJames Langridgefirst name on this monument1855461901id: 3264484051076

130LangridgeJohn Langridgefirst name on this monument1806741880id: 3274484061076
Jane Langridgewife of John Langridge1809771886

131LeeC Leefirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484481067WW1 memorial.

132LeeThomas Harry Leefirst name on this monument1943id: 1904482961067

133MartinLouisa Martinfirst name on this monument1820841904id: 2484483361072
William Reedfather of Louisa Martin
Joseph Martinhusband of Louisa Martin
Mary Reedmother of Louisa Martin

134McQueenJohn Rainier McQueenfirst name on this monument1840721912id: 16044828410741
James McQueenfather of John Rainier McQueen

135McQueenRobert Rainier McQueenfirst name on this monument1842451887id: 158
(2 images)
James McQueenfather of Robert Rainier McQueen
J S Rainiergrand father of Robert Rainier McQueen

136MiddletonFrancis Middletonfirst name on this monument1620531673id: 34044841810741
Arthur Middletonfather of Francis Middleton Of Horsham.
Ann Middletonmother of Francis Middleton1595701665
John Middletonson of Francis Middleton1646841730 Details indistinct.

137MillerJ C Millerfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484491066WW1 memorial.

138MorleyJames Morleyfirst name on this monument1784801864id: 208
(2 images)
Jane Child Morleywife of James Morley1784571841

139NewmanAnne Newmanfirst name on this monument1850791929id: 2984483761088
Thomas J Newman1845851930

140Nye Nyefirst name on this monument1783841867id: 2994483771080No forename given.
Thomas Nyehusband of Nye Buried at Waldrom.

141OdenHarriett Odenfirst name on this monument1826391865id: 3034483811069
Alfred Odenhusband of Harriett Oden1817811898

142OliverH J Oliverfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484501066WW1 memorial.

143OsborneFlorence Mary Osbornefirst name on this monument186501865id: 3184483971071
John George Osbornefather of Florence Mary Osborne
Mary Ann Osbornemother of Florence Mary Osborne

144OutridgeAlexander Outridgefirst name on this monument1743101753id: 2624483491079

145PadghamA Padghamfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484511069WW1 memorial.

146PainterAnn Painterfirst name on this monumentid: 3214484011071

147PannettHenry Pannettfirst name on this monument1835id: 2054483121076

148PayneEdward Paynefirst name on this monument72id: 246
(3 images)
4483341072d 18?? details indistinct.
Edward Payneson of Edward Payne1784571841 Died at Brighton.
Mary Paynewife of Edward Payne

149PeacockElizabeth Peacockfirst name on this monument1806781884id: 2024483081067
William Peacockhusband of Elizabeth Peacock1815701885

150PeacockF Peacockfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484521067WW1 memorial.

151PickettJohn Pickettfirst name on this monumentid: 254
(3 images)
4483401088d 18?? details indistinct.
Elizabeth Pickettwife of John Pickett1743571800 Details indistinct.

152PlumerJames Plumerfirst name on this monument1662891751id: 170
(3 images)
44828910871Married 65 years.
Margaret Plumerwife of James Plumer1659891748 Married 65 years.

153PlummerA Plummerfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484531080WW1 memorial.

154PlummerAlex Plummerfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484541068WW1 memorial.
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155PlummerE Plummerfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484551070WW1 memorial.

156PlummerO Plummerfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484561070WW1 memorial.

157PointingChristopher Pointingfirst name on this monument1776621838id: 1294482621077
Lydia Pointingwife of Christopher Pointing1781821863

158PointingRichard Pointingfirst name on this monument1806851891id: 1284482611075For 73 years a servant in the family of James Ingram.
James Ingramemployer of Richard Pointing

159PointingWilliam Pointingfirst name on this monument1840271867id: 1274482601071

160PooleHenry Poolefirst name on this monument1745761821id: 33944841710671

161PooleHenry Poolefirst name on this monument1744771821id: 292
(4 images)
Henry Pooleson of Henry Poole1794111805
Charlotte Poolewife of Henry Poole1764731837

162PorterCatharine Porterfirst name on this monument1677711748id: 3384484161066

163PorterElizabeth Porterfirst name on this monument1688731761id: 3384484151066

164PorterRichard Porterfirst name on this monument1674791753id: 3384484131066

165PorterThomas Porterfirst name on this monument1675641739id: 3384484141066

166PotterAnn Potterfirst name on this monumentid: 924482431078d 17?? details indistinct.

167PotterJohn Potterfirst name on this monument1770id: 924482421067
William Potterfather of John Potter Details indistinct.
Elizabeth Pottermother of John Potter

168PotterWilliam Snr Potterfirst name on this monumentid: 934482441074d 17?? details indistinct.
Ann Maria Potterdaughter-in-law of William Snr Potter
William Pottergrand son of William Snr Potter179471801
William Potterson of William Snr Potter
Elizabeth Potterwife of William Snr Potter Details indistinct.

169PownallHenry Harrison Pownallfirst name on this monument1853601913id: 3434484191072

170PownallL Y H Pownallfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484571066WW1 memorial.

171RainierElizabeth Rainierfirst name on this monument1780921872id: 154
(2 images)
Philip Dearefather of Elizabeth Rainier
J S Rainierhusband of Elizabeth Rainier

172ReedThomas Reedfirst name on this monument1741661807id: 2504483381066
Louisa Reedwife of Thomas Reed1750581808

173ReedWilliam Reedfirst name on this monument1779811860id: 2494483371066
Mary Reedwife of William Reed1782861868

174RoberstonM R Roberstonfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484581067WW1 memorial.

175RobertsonMurray Robertsonfirst name on this monument1850671917id: 1484482751068
Elliot Pasley Robertsonfather of Murray Robertson

176RussellMary Russellfirst name on this monument1789661855id: 1634482871069

177SandallGeorge Frank Sandallfirst name on this monument1861221883id: 1974483031068
Mark Sandallfather of George Frank Sandall
Jane Sandallmother of George Frank Sandall

178SandallHarry Sandallfirst name on this monument1851141865id: 1964483021069
Mark Sandallfather of Harry Sandall
Jane Sandallmother of Harry Sandall

179SandallMark Sandallfirst name on this monument185451859id: 1954483011068
Mark Sandallfather of Mark Sandall
Jane Sandallmother of Mark Sandall
Charlotte Jane Sandallsister of Mark Sandall185631859

180SandallMatthew Sandallfirst name on this monument1777601837id: 1944483001070
Eliza Sandalldaughter of Matthew Sandall1817461863
Mary Sandalldaughter of Matthew Sandall181451819
Philadelphia Sandallwife of Matthew Sandall1783821865
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181SaundersG S Saundersfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484591066WW1 memorial.

182SaundersH A Saundersfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484601066WW1 memorial.

183SelbyA Selbyfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484611068WW1 memorial.

184SimmonsThomas Simmonsfirst name on this monument1806751881id: 32444840310701
Caroline Simmonswife of Thomas Simmons

185SkinnerHeneage Skinnerfirst name on this monument1812261838id: 2574483431066
James Skinnerfather of Heneage Skinner
Mary Skinnermother of Heneage Skinner

186SkinnerJames Skinnerfirst name on this monument1808321840id: 2564483421066
James Skinnerfather of James Skinner
Mary Skinnermother of James Skinner

187SkinnerSamuel Skinnerfirst name on this monument1810231833id: 2594483451075
James Skinnerfather of Samuel Skinner
Mary Skinnermother of Samuel Skinner

188SkinnerSarah Skinnerfirst name on this monument1803201823id: 2584483441070
James Skinnerfather of Sarah Skinner
Mary Skinnermother of Sarah Skinner

189SmithHenry Smithfirst name on this monument1732681800id: 1594482831066

190SmithReuben Smithfirst name on this monument1832771909id: 1934482991066

191SnellingA Snellingfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484651066WW1 memorial.

192SnellingR E Snellingfirst name on this monument1892541946id: 3114483891066CWGC gravestone.

193SparyJane Sparyfirst name on this monument1809661875id: 2784483631070Matron for 17 years at the Chailey Union Workhouse.
Adam Sparyhusband of Jane Spary

194StenningHarriott Stenningfirst name on this monument1781421823id: 2324483281069
Edward Stenninghusband of Harriott Stenning

195StenningJohn Stenningfirst name on this monument1750501800id: 2274483251067
Hannah Stenningfirst wife of John Stenning1754271781

196StenningMary Stenningfirst name on this monument1740821822id: 22644832410882nd wife of John Stenning.
John Stenninghusband of Mary Stenning

197StenningWilliam Stenningfirst name on this monument177751782id: 2284483261075
John Stenningfather of William Stenning
Hannah Stenningmother of William Stenning

198StevensF Stevensfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484631066WW1 memorial.

199StevensW Stevensfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484621069WW1 memorial.

200StevensonF Stevensonfirst name on this monument1918id: 3534484641070WW1 memorial.

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Peter's Church burial ground, Chailey, Sussex, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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The postcode for this burial ground is BN8 4DA - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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