Lynes Naval Military Cemetery, Hoy, Orkney Islands, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
301JohnsonR Johnsonfirst name on this monumentno image42442689
302JohnstonJohn Johnstonfirst name on this monument1916no image42411543
303JohnstoneJ Johnstonefirst name on this monument1918no image42411659
304JonesCharles Thomas Jonesfirst name on this monument1923171940no image424117122
George M Jonesfather of Charles Thomas Jones
Rose Jonesmother of Charles Thomas Jones
305JonesHorace Alfred Jonesfirst name on this monument1917no image42411885
306JonesW Y Jonesfirst name on this monumentno image42441983
307JonesWilliam Hamley Jonesfirst name on this monument1847691916no image424119191
Samuel M Jonesfather of William Hamley Jones
Kate Joneswife of William Hamley Jones
308KaneJames Francis Kanefirst name on this monument1917no image424120175
309KangZu Sing Kangfirst name on this monument1916no image424402223
310KavanaghArthur Daniel Kavanaghfirst name on this monument1921241945no image424121203
Arthur Richard Claude Kavanaghfather of Arthur Daniel Kavanagh
Kathleen Kavanaghmother of Arthur Daniel Kavanagh
311KayJoseph Kayfirst name on this monument1895211916no image424122123
Joseph Kayfather of Joseph Kay
Charlotte Kaymother of Joseph Kay
312KeepingThomas Leonard Keepingfirst name on this monument1916no image424123200
313KingDavid James Kingfirst name on this monument1919211940no image42412476
Frederick Augustus Kingfather of David James King
Maude Mary Ann Kingmother of David James King
314KingstonErnest George Kingstonfirst name on this monument1903381941no image424125144
Alfred Kingstonfather of Ernest George Kingston
Harriet Kingstonmother of Ernest George Kingston
Evelyn Maud Kingstonwife of Ernest George Kingston
315KnightJohn George Knightfirst name on this monument1916no image42412682
Roland Knightfather of John George Knight
Elizabeth H Knightmother of John George Knight
316KolbergHerbert Kolbergfirst name on this monument1911291940no image424127147
317LaceyHenry Laceyfirst name on this monument1942no image424128140
318LaceyReginald Laceyfirst name on this monument1916no image424129120
319LamponW J Lamponfirst name on this monumentno image42441860
320LanceWilliam J Lancefirst name on this monument1905361941no image424130120
Henry Lancefather of William J Lance
Annie Lancemother of William J Lance
David Lanceson of William J Lance
Peter Lanceson of William J Lance
Gwendoline May Lancewife of William J Lance
321LaneWilliam Charles Lanefirst name on this monument1921191940no image424131103
Fanny Louisa Lanemother of William Charles Lane
322LaneWilliam Leanord Lanefirst name on this monument1918no image42413248
323LangCharles W Langfirst name on this monument1899421941no image424133194
Arthur Langfather of Charles W Lang
Clara Langmother of Charles W Lang
Gertrude Langwife of Charles W Lang
324LangridgeGeorge Langridgefirst name on this monument1878381916no image424134179
325LavereckH Lavereckfirst name on this monumentno image42442363
326LaversCaryle E P Laversfirst name on this monument1919221941no image42413572
Ida Mary Gertrude Laversmother of Caryle E P Lavers
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
327LawHerbert Lawfirst name on this monument1898181916no image42413671
Herbert Lawfather of Herbert Law
Kate Lawmother of Herbert Law
328LawrenceJohn Lawrencefirst name on this monument1888291917no image424137751
Joseph Lawrencefather of John Lawrence
Jane Lawrencewife of John Lawrence
329LawrenceRobert A Lawrencefirst name on this monument1923211944no image424138175
Gilbert Ashley Lawrencefather of Robert A Lawrence
Alice May Lawrencemother of Robert A Lawrence
330LawsonRobert Lawsonfirst name on this monument1898201918no image424139106
Robert Lawsonfather of Robert Lawson
Catherine Lawsonmother of Robert Lawson
331Le CornuPhilip R Le Cornufirst name on this monument1916no image42414067
332Le GrosErnest Le Grosfirst name on this monument1918no image42414196
333LeaderLeonard John Leaderfirst name on this monument1888281916no image424142191
James Leaderfather of Leonard John Leader
Emma Martha Leadermother of Leonard John Leader
334LeeCharles Leefirst name on this monument1916no image42414375
335LeeJohn Leefirst name on this monument1917no image42414465
336LeonardJohn Leonardfirst name on this monument1878381916no image424145117
John Leonardfather of John Leonard
Ann Mcrae Leonardmother of John Leonard
337LewisSidney J Lewisfirst name on this monument1919no image42414658
338LewisWalter Lewisfirst name on this monument1897191916no image42414795
Sidney Lewisfather of Walter Lewis
Mary Lewismother of Walter Lewis
339LileyErnest Lileyfirst name on this monument1916no image42414884
340LilleyArthur Leonard Lilleyfirst name on this monument1916no image424149184
341LinsellBernard John Linsellfirst name on this monument1920201940no image424150117
George Linsellfather of Bernard John Linsell
Florence Linsellmother of Bernard John Linsell
342LittleEdgar Douglas Gifford Littlefirst name on this monument1916261942no image424151236
Edgar Littlefather of Edgar Douglas Gifford Little
Sylvia Littlemother of Edgar Douglas Gifford Little
Margaret Rosemary Littlewife of Edgar Douglas Gifford Little
343LongWalter Stanley Longfirst name on this monument1940no image42415267
344LongleyWilliam Charles Longleyfirst name on this monument1894241918no image42415397
W H Longleyfather of William Charles Longley
Lucy Longleymother of William Charles Longley
345MabbettFrank Mabbettfirst name on this monument1877391916no image424154267
Robert Mabbettfather of Frank Mabbett
Ann Mabbettmother of Frank Mabbett
Kate Lavinia Mabbettwife of Frank Mabbett
346MacDermottAntony Diarmiud MacDermottfirst name on this monument1939no image42415588
347MacLeanDonald MacLeanfirst name on this monument1912291941no image424156291
Alexander MacLeanfather of Donald MacLean
Annie MacLeanmother of Donald MacLean
348MacLeanRobert Angus MacLeanfirst name on this monument1918no image42415764
349MacLeodMurdo MacLeodfirst name on this monument1897211918no image42415884
Murdo MacLeodfather of Murdo MacLeod
Maggie MacLeodmother of Murdo MacLeod
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
350MacPhersonRobert David MacPhersonfirst name on this monument1916no image42415982
351MacPhersonRoderick Montague MacPhersonfirst name on this monument1897201917no image424160141
Roderick MacPhersonfather of Roderick Montague MacPherson
352MahoneyMichael John Mahoneyfirst name on this monument1886311917no image424161141
Honora Mahoneymother of Michael John Mahoney
353MakinDavid Makinfirst name on this monument1919211940no image424162199
Jesse Hiscockfather of David Makin
Catherine Hiscockmother of David Makin
354MalyonSydney Herbert Malyonfirst name on this monument34no image424163183
Herbert Malyonfather of Sydney Herbert Malyon
Louise Malyonmother of Sydney Herbert Malyon
355MansonDavid Mansonfirst name on this monument1898211919no image424164246
David Mansonfather of David Manson
Catherine Simpson Mansonmother of David Manson
356MansonWilliam Mansonfirst name on this monument1919no image42416590
357MarcusThomas Marcusfirst name on this monument1942no image42416684
358MarkgrafWilhelm Markgraffirst name on this monument1919no image42416787
359MarshAlbert Marshfirst name on this monument1916no image424168170
360MarshallHerbert M Marshallfirst name on this monument1918no image42440456
361MartinArthur David Martinfirst name on this monument1917231940no image42416973
David Martinfather of Arthur David Martin
Ellen Martinmother of Arthur David Martin
362MartinLionel A Martinfirst name on this monument1918no image42440367
363MartinRobert Percy Martinfirst name on this monument1898181916no image424170163
Alice Martinmother of Robert Percy Martin
364MatherThomas Matherfirst name on this monument1911331944no image424171228
John Thomas Matherfather of Thomas Mather
Susannah Martha Mathermother of Thomas Mather
Elizabeth Helen Matherwife of Thomas Mather
365MatthewsHumphrey Matthewsfirst name on this monument1916no image42417279
366MaxtedHarry Maxtedfirst name on this monument1895211916no image424173163
Mary Ann Maxtedmother of Harry Maxted
367MayneWilliam Maynefirst name on this monument1918id: 346
(one image)
368McBrineR J McBrinefirst name on this monumentno image42440867
369McBrinnRichard Joseph McBrinnfirst name on this monument1916no image424175115
370McCarthyWilliam George Henry McCarthyfirst name on this monument1874441918no image424176107
William George Henry McCarthyfather of William George Henry McCarthy
Mary Arm McCarthymother of William George Henry McCarthy
Laura McCarthywife of William George Henry McCarthy
371McFarlaneGeorge McFarlanefirst name on this monument1918no image42417790
372McFarlaneRobert Mcrobbie McFarlanefirst name on this monument1916no image42417884
373McGowanF G McGowanfirst name on this monument1916no image424179114
374McKeagJohn Joseph McKeagfirst name on this monument1885331918no image42418093
Elvira McKeagwife of John Joseph McKeag
375McKessickJohn Patrick McKessickfirst name on this monument1917231940no image42418187
James McKessickfather of John Patrick McKessick
Matilda McKessickmother of John Patrick McKessick
376McLeanAngus McLeanfirst name on this monument1917no image424182339
Alexander McLeanfather of Angus McLean
Catherine McLeanmother of Angus McLean
377McLeodW McLeodfirst name on this monument1909361945no image42418346
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
378McLoughlinJames Patrick McLoughlinfirst name on this monument1925191944no image424184142
Teresa McLoughlinaunt of James Patrick McLoughlin
Winifred McLoughlinmother of James Patrick McLoughlin
379McMurtryFred McMurtryfirst name on this monument1914281942no image424185154
Hugh McMurtyfather of Fred McMurtry
Mary McMurtymother of Fred McMurtry
L Starley
Mrs Starley
380MellerJohn Robert Mellerfirst name on this monument1890281918no image424186110
John Freer Mellerfather of John Robert Meller
Alice Mellermother of John Robert Meller
381MelsonFrederick William George Melsonfirst name on this monument1916no image424187111
382MercerAlbert Edward Stone Mercerfirst name on this monument1897471944no image424188222
William John Mercerfather of Albert Edward Stone Mercer
Kate Alice Mercermother of Albert Edward Stone Mercer
Lily Cissie Mercerwife of Albert Edward Stone Mercer
383MerrittCharles H Merrittfirst name on this monument1892241916no image42418978
E Merrittmother of Charles H Merritt
384MeyrickBenjamin T Meyrickfirst name on this monument1904371941no image424190126
Phyllis Meyrickdaughter of Benjamin T Meyrick
Benjamin Meyrickfather of Benjamin T Meyrick
Florence Meyrickmother of Benjamin T Meyrick
Adena Meyrickwife of Benjamin T Meyrick
385MilnesRonald William Milnesfirst name on this monument1923161939no image424191124
Grace Milnesmother of Ronald William Milnes
386MittonFrederick William John Mittonfirst name on this monument1916no image42419266
387MooreWilliam Moorefirst name on this monument1911291940no image4241931061
William Moorefather of William Moore
Sarah Mooremother of William Moore
Elizabeth Moorewife of William Moore
388MorfittAlbert Morfittfirst name on this monument1916no image424194122
389MorganJohn Williams Morganfirst name on this monument1923211944no image42419583
Edgar Williams Morganfather of John Williams Morgan
Ruth Louie Morganmother of John Williams Morgan
390MoscropGeorge Moscropfirst name on this monument1910331943no image424196188
James Moscropfather of George Moscrop
Elizabeth Moscropmother of George Moscrop
391MothWilliam F Mothfirst name on this monument1918no image42419797
392MulveyPeter Mulveyfirst name on this monument1916no image424198821
393NagelGunther Nagelfirst name on this monument1944no image42419963
394NapierRobert Napierfirst name on this monument1917231940no image424200109
Andrew Napierfather of Robert Napier
Mary Napiermother of Robert Napier
395NeeldAlbert William Neeldfirst name on this monument1896201916no image4242011811
William Neeldfather of Albert William Neeld
Sarah Neeldmother of Albert William Neeld
396NewlandFrank Newlandfirst name on this monument1916no image42420265
397NewtonBenjamin Newtonfirst name on this monument1940no image424203185
398NicholsPeter L Norman Nicholsfirst name on this monument1922181940no image424204305
Allen Nicholsfather of Peter L Norman Nichols
Lillie Nicholsmother of Peter L Norman Nichols
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
399NicholsonFrederick Reginald Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1916no image42420589
400NinehamWalter Edward Ninehamfirst name on this monument1878381916no image424206243
Samuel Ninehamfather of Walter Edward Nineham
Ann Newton Ninehammother of Walter Edward Nineham
Bessie Louise Ninehamwife of Walter Edward Nineham

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Lynes Naval Military Cemetery, Hoy, Orkney Islands, Scotland.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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