Lynes Naval Military Cemetery, Hoy, Orkney Islands, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
1AburrowJohn Albert Aburrowfirst name on this monument1916no image423828356
2AdamsWalter Horace Adamsfirst name on this monument1916no image423829299
3AdcockArthur Adcockfirst name on this monument1918231941no image423830643
John Adcockfather of Arthur Adcock
Alice Adcockmother of Arthur Adcock
Gertrude Margaret Adcockwife of Arthur Adcock
4AlfordWilliam Henry Alfordfirst name on this monument1918no image423831250
5AllenAlphaeus Allenfirst name on this monument1888301918no image423832404
John Allenfather of Alphaeus Allen
Jane Allenwife of Alphaeus Allen
6AllenFrank Allenfirst name on this monument1916no image423833266
7AllenFred Henry Allenfirst name on this monument1916no image423834247
8AmblerJohn Amblerfirst name on this monument1883341917no image423835660
Robert Amblerfather of John Ambler
Ellen S Amblermother of John Ambler
Ellen M Amblerwife of John Ambler
9AmosJoseph James Amosfirst name on this monument1916id: 10
(one image)
10AmuellerMax Ludurig Fritz Amuellerfirst name on this monument1918id: 11
(one image)
11AndrewsAlfred Walter Andrewsfirst name on this monument1916id: 12
(one image)
12AndrewsFrank Andrewsfirst name on this monument1916id: 13
(one image)
13AttwoodGeorge Attwoodfirst name on this monument1891251916id: 14
(one image)
John Thomas Attwoodfather of George Attwood
Matilda Eliza Attwoodmother of George Attwood
14AustinAlbert Edward Austinfirst name on this monument1916id: 15
(one image)
15AvernsReginald Avernsfirst name on this monument1901421943id: 16
(one image)
Leonard Louis Avernsfather of Reginald Averns
Annie Avernsmother of Reginald Averns
Ethel Mary Avernswife of Reginald Averns
16BackGeorge Herbert Backfirst name on this monument1919231942id: 17
(one image)
Edward Backfather of George Herbert Back
Alice Backmother of George Herbert Back
Betty May Backwife of George Herbert Back
17BackhouseWilliam Fred Backhousefirst name on this monument1902401942no image423844460
William Henry Backhousefather of William Fred Backhouse
Alice Backhousemother of William Fred Backhouse
Florence Emilie Backhousewife of William Fred Backhouse
18BainesFred Walter Bainesfirst name on this monument1916no image423845376
19BainesSamuel Bainesfirst name on this monument1916no image423846283
20BakerThomas James Bakerfirst name on this monument1916no image423847270
21BallamJesse Ballamfirst name on this monument1918no image423848313
22BallardC W Ballardfirst name on this monument1916no image423849292
23BallardRobert George Ballardfirst name on this monument1916no image423850261
24BancroftIsaac Bancroftfirst name on this monument1916no image423851294
25BanksFrederick Charles Gordon Banksfirst name on this monument1902381940no image423852469
Charles Banksfather of Frederick Charles Gordon Banks
Minnie Julia Banksmother of Frederick Charles Gordon Banks
Kathleen Rose Bankswife of Frederick Charles Gordon Banks
26BarkerJohn Knighton Barkerfirst name on this monument1909351944no image423853369
Charles Barkerfather of John Knighton Barker
Fannie Barkermother of John Knighton Barker
Dorothy Mary Barkerwife of John Knighton Barker
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
27BarnardJames Edward T Barnardfirst name on this monument1878381916no image423854290
L L Barnardwife of James Edward T Barnard
28BarryJames Barryfirst name on this monument1918no image423855207
29BartlettAlbert Percy Bartlettfirst name on this monument1900181918no image423856544
Alfred Bartlettfather of Albert Percy Bartlett
Elizabeth Bartlettmother of Albert Percy Bartlett
30BartlettGeorge Bartlettfirst name on this monument1916no image423857272
31BartlettGeorge Norman Bartlettfirst name on this monument1895221917no image423858306
John Henry Bartlettfather of George Norman Bartlett
Sarah Ann Bartlettmother of George Norman Bartlett
32BawdenR W Bawdenfirst name on this monument1905401945no image423859242
33BaxterJames Frederick Baxterfirst name on this monument1907331940no image423860370
Mathew Wilkinson Baxterfather of James Frederick Baxter
Isabella Baxtermother of James Frederick Baxter
Rita Susannah Baxterwife of James Frederick Baxter
34BayldonBertram Frederick Bayldonfirst name on this monument1940no image423861236
35BeardWilliam Henry Beardfirst name on this monument1917251942no image423862280
Jane Beardmother of William Henry Beard
36BeatonAngus Beatonfirst name on this monument1940no image423863346
37BeaumontEdgar Wright Beaumontfirst name on this monument1918221940no image4238643381
38BeestonGeorge Stanley Beestonfirst name on this monument1916no image423865267
39BeikeFriedrich Beikefirst name on this monument1919no image423866253
40BellDenis Desmond Bellfirst name on this monument1919211940no image423867345
E M Bellmother of Denis Desmond Bell
41BendallRichard Sydney John Bendallfirst name on this monument1939no image4238682751
42BennettArthur Edward Bennettfirst name on this monument1921191940no image423869595
Alfred Arthur Bennettfather of Arthur Edward Bennett
Lily Matilda Bennettmother of Arthur Edward Bennett
43BennettJames John Bennettfirst name on this monument1917no image423870267
44BennettLister Stone Bennettfirst name on this monument1916no image423871276
45BennettWesley Bramwell Bennettfirst name on this monument1918no image423872227
46BenneyCharles E Benneyfirst name on this monument1902371939no image4238735061
Charles Edward Benneyfather of Charles E Benney
Flora Benneymother of Charles E Benney
Vera Kathleen Benneywife of Charles E Benney
47BerrimanWilliam Berrimanfirst name on this monument1919no image423874293
48BettsErnest John William Bettsfirst name on this monument1892241916no image423875404
John Bettsfather of Ernest John William Betts
Grace M Bettsmother of Ernest John William Betts
49BinsteadC H Binsteadfirst name on this monumentno image424410306
50BinsteadCharles Henry Binsteadfirst name on this monument1878381916no image423876410
Charles Binsteadfather of Charles Henry Binstead
Sarah Binsteadmother of Charles Henry Binstead
Elizabeth Alice Binsteadwife of Charles Henry Binstead
51BlatchfordOliver Blatchfordfirst name on this monument1856621918no image423877263
52BlightRichard John Blightfirst name on this monument1917no image423878256
53BolsterLeslie L Bolsterfirst name on this monument1921191940no image423879292
Frank Samuel Bolsterfather of Leslie L Bolster
Emma Jane Bolstermother of Leslie L Bolster
54BondRowland Edward Bondfirst name on this monument1916no image423880381
Charles R Bondfather of Rowland Edward Bond
Catherine F Bondmother of Rowland Edward Bond
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
55BonnederFriedrich Bonnederfirst name on this monument1919no image423881212
56BoxallBenjamin John Boxallfirst name on this monument1941no image423882341
Benjamin Boxallfather of Benjamin John Boxall
Helen Boxallmother of Benjamin John Boxall
Olive Hilda Boxallwife of Benjamin John Boxall
57BoxallLincoln William Boxallfirst name on this monument1917id: 57
(one image)
58BoyleWilliam Boylefirst name on this monument1907321939no image423884260
Agnes Boylewife of William Boyle
59BoylinFrank Boylinfirst name on this monument1918no image423885218
60BraddickArthur H Braddickfirst name on this monument1939no image423886245
61BradshawJohn William Bradshawfirst name on this monument1940no image423887187
62BridgesWilliam Fitzherbert Bridgesfirst name on this monument1884321916no image423888345
William Bridgesfather of William Fitzherbert Bridges
Ellen Bridgesmother of William Fitzherbert Bridges
63BriggsH Briggsfirst name on this monumentno image424420185
64BrindleyJoseph Brindleyfirst name on this monument1888281916no image423889285
Clara Brindleymother of Joseph Brindley
65BrineReginald Henry Brinefirst name on this monument1918no image423890267
66BroadleyArthur Broadleyfirst name on this monument1908361944no image423891294
Harry Broadleyfather of Arthur Broadley
Beatrice Broadleymother of Arthur Broadley
Annie Broadleywife of Arthur Broadley
67BrockwayFrancis William Brockwayfirst name on this monument1898201918no image423892484
Joseph Watson Brockwayfather of Francis William Brockway
Harriet E Brockwaymother of Francis William Brockway
68BrownAlfred Brownfirst name on this monument1917no image423893251
69BrowningHarry Browningfirst name on this monument1896201916no image423894329
David Browningfather of Harry Browning
Eliza Browningmother of Harry Browning
70BuckenhamJohn Thomas Buckenhamfirst name on this monument1916no image423895209
71BuckettStanley V Buckettfirst name on this monument1939no image4238963661
72BuddSamuel Buddfirst name on this monument1898181916no image423897207
73BulteelTom Oliver Bulteelfirst name on this monument1899441943no image423898365
John George Bulteelfather of Tom Oliver Bulteel
Mary Sophia Bulteelmother of Tom Oliver Bulteel
74BuntingThomas Buntingfirst name on this monument1899171916no image423899294
Julia Buntingmother of Thomas Bunting
75BurdenAlbert Edward William Burdenfirst name on this monument1943no image423900248
Ethel Burdenwife of Albert Edward William Burden
76BurnellHarry Burnellfirst name on this monumentno image423973297
77BuryF Buryfirst name on this monument1916no image423901236
78BushnellJohn Thomas Bushnellfirst name on this monument1917no image423902294
79BuskJohn Westly Buskfirst name on this monument1922181940no image423903434
Edmund Westly Busk; M C ;father of John Westly Busk
Kathleen Maynard Buskmother of John Westly Busk
80ButlerRalph Twisden Butlerfirst name on this monument1916no image423904190
81CakeWilliam Cakefirst name on this monument1878381916no image423905401
Henry Cakefather of William Cake
Mary Cakemother of William Cake
Minnie Cakewife of William Cake
82CampReginald Campfirst name on this monument1895491944no image423906231
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
83CareWilliam James Carefirst name on this monument1886321918no image423907208
84CarlingHarry Carlingfirst name on this monument1918no image423908255
85CarrWilliam M Carrfirst name on this monument1942no image423909285
William Carrfather of William M Carr
Hannah Carrmother of William M Carr
Hannah Carrwife of William M Carr
86CarterH Carterfirst name on this monumentno image424429182
87CartwrightJames Albert Victor Cartwrightfirst name on this monument1918no image423910228
88CarvinCharles Carvinfirst name on this monument1868481916no image423911250
John Carvinfather of Charles Carvin
Jane Carvinwife of Charles Carvin
89CastleJames George Castlefirst name on this monument1916no image423912194
90CavellJack Cavellfirst name on this monument1917no image423913249
91CawthorneJoseph Cawthornefirst name on this monument1916no image423914185
92ChamberlineLouisa C Chamberlinefirst name on this monument1918no image424406217
93ChaplinHarold Garrett Chaplinfirst name on this monument1916no image423915255
94ChapmanFrank H Chapmanfirst name on this monument1920201940no image423916210
F E Chapmanfather of Frank H Chapman
Minnie Chapmanmother of Frank H Chapman
95CheneyDenis Charles Cheneyfirst name on this monument1922181940no image423917256
Edward Cheneyfather of Denis Charles Cheney
Emily Gertrude Cheneymother of Denis Charles Cheney
96ClarkJoseph Clarkfirst name on this monument1918no image423919191
97ClarkJoseph Clarkfirst name on this monument1925171942no image423918192
98ClarkRalph Lennox Woodrow Clarkfirst name on this monument1939no image423920241
99ClarkeHarry C Clarkefirst name on this monument1896451941no image423921270
William Clarkefather of Harry C Clarke
Elizabeth Clarkemother of Harry C Clarke
Winifred Clarkewife of Harry C Clarke
100CleaveJack Cleavefirst name on this monument1924171941no image4239222881
Harry Moore Cleavefather of Jack Cleave
Florence Cleavemother of Jack Cleave

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Lynes Naval Military Cemetery, Hoy, Orkney Islands, Scotland.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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