St John the Evangelist's Church burial ground, Farnworth, Lancashire, England

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101ChattonCharles Chattonfirst name on this monument1822651887id: 203383398802
Alice Chatton184481852
Sarah Chatton1848281876
Caroline Smith
Isacc Smith187341877 gs of of Wm Hardman and Caroline
William Hardman Smith
Wright Chattonson of Charles Chatton184601846 age 2w - s of Charles and Maria
Maria Chattonwife of Charles Chatton1822541876

102ChattonMaria Chattonfirst name on this monument1887151902id: 576383767798d of Wm and Emma
Fred Chattonbrother of Maria Chatton1885251910 s of Wm and Elizabeth
William Chattonfather of Maria Chatton1856661922 h of Emma
Emma Chattonmother of Maria Chatton1853731926 w of William
Ann Barlow Crompton1843531896 w of Robert
Robert Crompton
Emma Mort1838351873

103ChattonMary Chattonfirst name on this monument1830481878id: 204383399797w of George
Sarah Ann Chattondaughter of Mary Chatton1871301901 d of Geo and Mary
George Chattonhusband of Mary Chatton1830641894

104CheadleRichard Cheadlefirst name on this monument1827611888id: 2693834617971h of Mary
John Cheadleson of Richard Cheadle185321855 s of Richard and Mary
Mary Cheadlewife of Richard Cheadle1826361862

105ChurnsideWilliam Churnsidefirst name on this monument1843341877id: 513383704800
John Clarke1852791931
Jane Clarkewife of William Churnside1842681910 w of John

106ClareThomas Henry Clarefirst name on this monument186731870id: 591383782795s of Benjamin andEliza
Arthur Clarebrother of Thomas Henry Clare188111882 s of Benjamin and Eliza
David Clarebrother of Thomas Henry Clare187411875 age 12m - s of Benjamin and Eliza
Frank Cecil Clarebrother of Thomas Henry Clare188221884 s of Benjamin and Eliza
Herbert Clarebrother of Thomas Henry Clare1875191894 s of Benjamin and Eliza
Benjamin Clarefather of Thomas Henry Clare
Eliza Claremother of Thomas Henry Clare1845471892 w of Benjamin
Eliza Jane Claresister of Thomas Henry Clare1878201898 d of Benjamin and Eliza

107ClarkeAlexander James Ferrier Clarkefirst name on this monument18681021970id: 103383298814

108ClarkeHelen Clarkefirst name on this monument1819261845id: 528383719797d of Richard
Richard Clarkefather of Helen Clarke

109ClaytonFrank Claytonfirst name on this monument1921832004id: 829384021796h of Joyce
Edith Joyce Claytonsister of Frank Clayton1930792009 sister of Frank
Joyce Claytonwife of Frank Clayton

110ClaytonHarry Claytonfirst name on this monument1870871957id: 592383783797
Sarah Claytonwife of Harry Clayton77 w of Harry

111CleworthBertha Cleworthfirst name on this monumentid: 827384019795

112CleworthDerek Cleworthfirst name on this monument48id: 847384039795

113CloverRichard Taylor Cloverfirst name on this monument1858151873id: 189383384799
Charles Clover1829651894
Mary W Clover1840631903 w of Charles

114ColleyGeorge Colleyfirst name on this monument1880771957id: 647383838799
Sarah Alice Colleywife of George Colley1903821985 w of George

115CollierJoe Collierfirst name on this monumentid: 838384030798
Edna Collier2001

116CollingeMatthew Collingefirst name on this monument186451869id: 574383765805s of James and Maria
James Collingefather of Matthew Collinge1830601890
Maria Collingemother of Matthew Collinge1826721898 w of James
Harriet Ann Collingesister of Matthew Collinge186451869 d of James and Maria
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117CollinsJames Collinsfirst name on this monument1779711850id: 571383762804
James Collinsgrand son of James Collins187511876 age 10m - gs of James and Mgt
Albert Partington188311884 age 11m - s of Richard and Sarah
Emily Partington188201882 age 10m - d of Richard and Sarah
Richard Partington
Sarah Partington
Margaret Collinswife of James Collins1813721885 w of James

118CookeJoseph Cookefirst name on this monument1826431869id: 108383303808
Ada Mary Cookedaughter of Joseph Cooke186201862 age 7w - d of Joseph and Mary
Florence Cookedaughter of Joseph Cooke186721869 age 1y 9m - d of Joseph and Mary
Mary Cookewife of Joseph Cooke1827731900 relict of Joseph

119CookeJoseph Cookefirst name on this monument1826431869no image383288807
Ada Mary Cookedaughter of Joseph Cooke186201862 age 1w - d of Joseph and Mary
Florence Cookedaughter of Joseph Cooke186811869 d of Joseph and Mary
Mary Cookewife of Joseph Cooke1827731900 relict of Joseph

120CookeRobert Cookefirst name on this monument21id: 132383327809s of Benjamin and Alice
Benjamin Cookefather of Robert Cooke
Alice Cookemother of Robert Cooke

121CookeWilliam Cookefirst name on this monument1810451855id: 286383478798
Elizabeth Atkin1858461904 d of Joseph and Jane
Marion Blease189601896 age 2m
Emma Cooke187511876 d of Joseph and Jane
Jane Cooke
Jonathan Cooke1867471914 s of Joseph and Jane and H of jane
Joseph Cooke

122CoopeGideon Coopefirst name on this monument2id: 6353838267991age 2y 7m - s of Samuel and Ellen
Samuel Coopefather of Gideon Coope
Ellen Coopemother of Gideon Coope

123CoopeGideon Coopefirst name on this monument1800601860id: 6363838277994
Sarah Coopedaughter-in-law of Gideon Coope
Lucy Ann Coopegrand daughter of Gideon Coope185321855 age 1y 10m - d of George and Sarah and gd of Gideon
Elizabeth Coope Eatock1865131878 d of Thomas and Martha
Martha Eatock
Thomas Eatock
Mary Hannah Pennington1856141870
Edwin Coopeson of Gideon Coope186651871 s of Gideon and Sarah
George Coopeson of Gideon Coope
Joshua Coopeson of Gideon Coope1841161857 s of Gideon and Sarah
Sarah Coopewife of Gideon Coope1803701873

124CoopeJohn Coope Coopefirst name on this monument1861361897id: 6123838038032
Alice Coope
Gilbert Coopeson of John Coope Coope189941903 s of John Coope and Caroline
Dora Dawsonson-in-law of John Coope Coope1877651942 sis of Caroline
Caroline Coopewife of John Coope Coope1861361897 w of John

125CoopeMary Coopefirst name on this monument1826651891id: 6413838327981w of George
George Coopehusband of Mary Coope

126CoopeSamuel Coopefirst name on this monument1826691895no image3832347971
Eliza Coope1864601924
Gideon Coopeson of Samuel Coope185021852 age 2y 7m - s of Samuel and Ellen
John Coopeson of Samuel Coope1858231881 s of Samuel and Ellen
Ellen Coopewife of Samuel Coope1827711898 w of Samuel
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127CoopeWilliam Coopefirst name on this monument1828621890no image383233797
Lucy Emmeline Coopedaughter of William Coope1874461920 d of William and Elizabeth
Minnie Ashworth Coopedaughter of William Coope1872741946 d of William and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Coopewife of William Coope1832601892 w of William

128CooperMargaret Ellen Cooperfirst name on this monument1901561957id: 695383886802w of John Alfred
John Alfred Cooperhusband of Margaret Ellen Cooper
Betty Eichinger1931802011 w of Hubert
Hubert Eichinger

129CordinEdith Cordinfirst name on this monument1896701966id: 689383880804

130CorfieldWilliam Corfieldfirst name on this monument1814781892no image383273800
Elizabeth Corfielddaughter of William Corfield1839851924 d of Wm and Alice
Richard Corfieldson of William Corfield184421846 s of Wm and Alice
William Corfieldson of William Corfield184571852 s of Wm and Alice
Alice Corfieldwife of William Corfield1813611874 w of William

131CorrieNellie Corriefirst name on this monument1905771982id: 881384073797w of John
John Corriehusband of Nellie Corrie1907851992

132CortonAlice Cortonfirst name on this monument1839371876no image383243802

133CoupeJohn Coupefirst name on this monument1822661888no image383198797
Annie Eliza Coupedaughter of John Coupe1858561914 dof John
Betsy Coupedaughter of John Coupe1860711931 dof John
Mary Coupewife of John Coupe1816481864 w of John

134CoupeThomas Coupefirst name on this monument1820861906id: 337383529798
Eliza Coupedaughter of Thomas Coupe185611857 d of Thomas and mgt
Mary Jane Coupe1839721911
Joseph Coupeson of Thomas Coupe186511866 age 11m - s of Thomas and Mgt
Margaret Coupewife of Thomas Coupe1822561878 w of Thomas

135CowshillWilliam Cowshillfirst name on this monument1806411847id: 138383333800
Ann Cowshill1801821883 w of Nathan
Betty Cowshill
James Cowshill
Nathan Cowshill1802791881 brother of James
William Cowshill1830171847 s of James and Betty

136CraneMatthew Cranefirst name on this monument1838391877id: 510383701801
Annie Bloordaughter of Matthew Crane
John Bloorgrand son of Matthew Crane1899621961 gs of Matthew and s of Annie Bloor

137CritchleyJohn Critchleyfirst name on this monument1905691974id: 740383932798h of Doris
Muriel C Critchleymother-in-law of John Critchley18841041988 mother of Doris
Doris Critchleywife of John Critchley1909651974

138CromptonBetty Cromptonfirst name on this monument1897-641833no image383210797w of John
John Cromptonhusband of Betty Crompton
Mary Ann Liptrot1877-121865

139CromptonEdith Cromptonfirst name on this monument1924661990id: 802383994800
Harry Crompton1923772000

140CromptonHenry Cromptonfirst name on this monument1824661890no image383283797
Edward Crompton1824711895
Mary Crompton185301853 age 6m
Sarah Crompton1827731900 w of Edward
Thomas Cromptonson of Henry Crompton185101851 age 3m 4d - s of Henry and Jane
Jane Cromptonwife of Henry Crompton1815641879 w of Henry

141CromptonJohn Cromptonfirst name on this monument1807661873id: 581383772796
Mary Cromptonwife of John Crompton1812841896 w of John
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142CromptonJohn Cromptonfirst name on this monument1828651893no image383245798h of Betty
Betsy Cromptonwife of John Crompton1837731910 w of John

143CromptonMajor Cromptonfirst name on this monument1825361861id: 2263834208071
Alice Marsh1847681915
William Marsh1847681915 h of Alice
William Marsh1875241899
Ernest Wilkinson1898201918 s of Wm and Mary Ann
Mary Ann Wilkinson1868231891 w of Wm
William Wilkinson

144CromptonMary Cromptonfirst name on this monument1823721895id: 330383522800
Jonathan Pickup
Mary Pickup
Mary Alice Pickup185441858 d of Jonathan and Mary

145CromptonMary Cromptonfirst name on this monument1830441874id: 191383386800w of Thomas
Mary Alice Cromptondaughter of Mary Crompton186991878 d of Thomas and Mary
Thomas Cromptonhusband of Mary Crompton1830741904 h of Selina
Edwin Cromptonson of Mary Crompton1857151872 s of Thomas and Mary
Selina Cromptonsecond wife of husband of Mary Crompton1835631898 w of Thomas

146CromptonPeter Cromptonfirst name on this monument1933501983id: 791383983797h of Nora
Nora Cromptonwife of Peter Crompton

147CromptonRobert Cromptonfirst name on this monument1837641901id: 352383544797
Joseph Cromptonson of Robert Crompton185631859 age 2y5m - s of Rbt and Alice
William Cromptonson of Robert Crompton185801858 age 7m - s of Rbt and Alice
Alice Cromptonwife of Robert Crompton1838701908 w of Robert

148CromptonThomas Cromptonfirst name on this monument1784791863id: 319383511800
Alice Cromptondaughter of Thomas Crompton1819671886 d of Thomas
Maria Cromptondaughter of Thomas Crompton1814731887 d of Thomas

149CromptonWilliam Cromptonfirst name on this monument1798631861no image383212801
Ann Cromptondaughter-in-law of William Crompton
Mary Ellen Cromptongrand daughter of William Crompton186721869 age 1y 8m - d of Wm and Ann and gd of Wm and Kitty
Ann Brabin1831551886 w of Richard
Richard Brabin
William Cromptonson of William Crompton
Kitty Cromptonwife of William Crompton1794791873 w of William

150CrookJoseph Crookfirst name on this monument1826621888id: 148383343798
Henry Crookson of Joseph Crook1855141869 s of Joseph and Elizabeth
John Thomas Crookson of Joseph Crook1847231870 s of Joseph and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Crookwife of Joseph Crook

151CrossEgerton Crossfirst name on this monument1810491859id: 356383548801
Charles Crossgrand son of Egerton Cross1874151889 gs of Egerton
James Duckworth1879581937 h of Lucy Augusta
Lucy Augusta Duckworth1880431923 w of James
Elizabeth Heywood1835741909
Ann Crosswife of Egerton Cross1808741882 w of Egerton

152CrossRuth Crossfirst name on this monument1922902012id: 9023840947971w of Arthur
Arthur Crosshusband of Ruth Cross

153CrossThomas Crossfirst name on this monument1900id: 619383810803
Alice Crossdaughter of Thomas Cross1850221872 d of Thomas and Sarah
Thomas Crossson of Thomas Cross1852181870 s of Thomas and Sarah
Sarah Crosswife of Thomas Cross1817721889 w of Thomas

154CrossleyC Crossleyfirst name on this monument1921id: 470383661797
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155CrossleyJohn Crossleyfirst name on this monument1822661888id: 243383437799
Jane Crossleydaughter of John Crossley1827191846 d of John and Mary
Alice Crossley
Isabella Crossley1832821914 w of William
John Crossley189211893 age 1y 8m - s of Joseph and Alice
Joseph Crossley
William Crossleyson of John Crossley1847191866 s of John and Mary
Mary Crossleywife of John Crossley1821321853 w of John

156CrossleyRobert Ernest Crossleyfirst name on this monument187201872id: 529383720802age 3w - s of Alfred and Alice
John William Crossleybrother of Robert Ernest Crossley1863111874 s of Alfred and Alice
Alfred Crossleyfather of Robert Ernest Crossley
Alice Crossleymother of Robert Ernest Crossley1842491891
James Henry Crossley1878-711807

157CrostonLinda Crostonfirst name on this monumentid: 8353840277951

158CubbinBessie Cubbinfirst name on this monument1890801970id: 794383986798

159CunliffeMary Cunliffefirst name on this monument1804611865no image383203797relict of Ralph
Sarah Hulmedaughter of Mary Cunliffe1836391875 d of Ralph and Mary and w of John
Martha Lomaxdaughter of Mary Cunliffe1839281867 d of Ralph and Mary and w of Simeon
Ralph Cunliffehusband of Mary Cunliffe
John Cunliffe1831791910
John Hulmeson-in-law of Mary Cunliffe
Simeon Lomaxson-in-law of Mary Cunliffe

160DagnallEmma Dagnallfirst name on this monument1851311882no image383201795w of Henry
Henry Dagnallhusband of Emma Dagnall
Sarah Dagnall1862301892 w of William T
William T Dagnall1861691930

161DarbyshireIsaac Darbyshirefirst name on this monument1801561857id: 3343835268031
Grace Baileydaughter of Isaac Darbyshire1838581896 d of Isaac and Elizabeth
Alice Darbyshiredaughter of Isaac Darbyshire1833511884 d of Isaac and Elizabeth
George Darbyshireson of Isaac Darbyshire1834351869 s of Isaac and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Darbyshirewife of Isaac Darbyshire1802751877 w of Isaac

162DarbyshireJohn Darbyshirefirst name on this monument1827541881id: 3083835007991
Jane Birtwistledaughter of John Darbyshire1862321894 d of John and Jane and w of Harry
James Darbyshireson of John Darbyshire184811849 age 7m - s of John and Jane
Joseph Darbyshireson of John Darbyshire184701847 age 7w - s of John and Jane
Harry Birtwistleson-in-law of John Darbyshire
Jane Darbyshirewife of John Darbyshire1826551881 w of John

163DavenportJames Davenportfirst name on this monument187131874id: 566383757801age 2y 10m - s of Thomas and Hannah
David Davenportbrother of James Davenport188121883 s of Thomas and Hannah
Henry Davenportbrother of James Davenport1876161892 s of Thomas and Hannah
William Davenportbrother of James Davenport188301883 age 3w - s of Thomas and Hannah
Thomas Davenportfather of James Davenport
Hannah Davenportmother of James Davenport
Alice Davenportsister of James Davenport187331876 age 3y 6m - d of Thomas and Hannah
Elizabeth Davenportsister of James Davenport1875111886 d of Thomas and Hannah

164DavenportMary Ann Davenportfirst name on this monument1848321880no image383256795w of Samuel
Martha Shepherd Davenportdaughter of Mary Ann Davenport187911880 age 13m - twin d of Mary Ann and Samuel
Samuel Davenporthusband of Mary Ann Davenport1843861929
Clara Green1876391915
Robert Shepherd Davenportson of Mary Ann Davenport1879321911 twin s of Samuel and Mary
Martha Davenportsecond wife of husband of Mary Ann Davenport1844761920
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165DaviesAlice Daviesfirst name on this monument1904741978id: 888384080816
Alfred Davies1902771979

166DaviesJames Thomas Daviesfirst name on this monument1863311894id: 667383858807
Lily Davieswife of James Thomas Davies1893761969 w of James Thomas

167DaviesJane Rosa Daviesfirst name on this monument1976322008id: 807383999798

168DaviesKia Rose Daviesfirst name on this monument2006id: 810384002796

169DaviesMartin Lee Daviesfirst name on this monument1970211991id: 774383966796
Roy Daviesfather of Martin Lee Davies
Margery Daviesmother of Martin Lee Davies
Thomas Samuel Nicholls1937581995

170DawsonEllen Dawsonfirst name on this monument1788691857id: 405383596796w of Robert
Elizabeth MacDonalddaughter of Ellen Dawson
Ellen Dawson MacDonaldgrand daughter of Ellen Dawson186241866 gd of Rbt and d of Donald and Elizabeth
Robert Dawsonhusband of Ellen Dawson1799621861
Donald MacDonaldson-in-law of Ellen Dawson

171DawsonJesse Dawsonfirst name on this monument1820591879id: 2643834568001
David Dawson187101871 age 3m
John Dawson1843431886
Martha Dawson1909 w of John
Caroline Dawsonwife of Jesse Dawson1821711892 w of Jesse

172DeardenJoseph Thomas Deardenfirst name on this monument185821860id: 413383604798age 1y8m - s of Joseph and Alice
Joseph Deardenfather of Joseph Thomas Dearden
Alice Deardenmother of Joseph Thomas Dearden

173DeardenSarah Deardenfirst name on this monument1919601979id: 8893840818031
Albert Dearden2004

174DenardMartha Jane Denardfirst name on this monument1964id: 7333839257981
David Gordon Denard1875961971
Frank Hall1898731971
Rhosa Mary Hall1976 w of Frank

175DerbyshireEric Derbyshirefirst name on this monument1930802010id: 8423840347971

176DerbyshireJames Derbyshirefirst name on this monument1902671969id: 788383980797
Herbert Derbyshireson of James Derbyshire2000 s of James and Betty
Betty Derbyshirewife of James Derbyshire82 w of James

177DeveneyChloe Louise Deveneyfirst name on this monument199531998id: 745383937800

178DewhurstBertha Dewhurstfirst name on this monument1909851994id: 7073838988021
William Dewhursthusband of Bertha Dewhurst1912831995 h of Bertha

179DewsnapHenry Dewsnapfirst name on this monument1796701866id: 485383676797
Jane Dewsnapwife of Henry Dewsnap1798751873 w of Henry

180DewsnapJohn Dewsnapfirst name on this monument1836531889id: 429383620800
Alice Dewsnapwife of John Dewsnap1823661889 w of John

181DewsnapSamuel Dewsnapfirst name on this monument1806741880id: 448383639796
Betsy Dewsnapdaughter of Samuel Dewsnap183521837 d of Samuel and Mgt
Jane Dewsnapdaughter of Samuel Dewsnap1825391864 d of Samuel and Mgt
David Dewsnapson of Samuel Dewsnap183311834 age 7m - s of Samuel and Mgt
Margaret Dewsnapwife of Samuel Dewsnap1805401845 w of Samuel

182DoodsonJames Doodsonfirst name on this monumentno image383280795

183DoodsonJames Doodsonfirst name on this monument3id: 534383725797age 3y 3m - s of Thomas and Elizabeth
Thomas Doodsonfather of James Doodson
Elizabeth Doodsonmother of James Doodson

184DorningHenry Dorningfirst name on this monument1780511831id: 144383339798
Minnie Dorninggrand daughter of Henry Dorning187121873 age 2y 5m - gd
Elizabeth Dorning
James Mellor Dorning184251847 age 4y 9m
William Dorning184521847 age 13m
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185DorningPeter Dorningfirst name on this monument1821351856id: 1763833718011
Marie Dorning188411885 age 14m - d of William Clough Dorning
William Clough Dorning
Frederick Dorningson of Peter Dorning185521857 s of Peter and Ann
Henry Dorningson of Peter Dorning1846421888 s of Peter and Ann
William Dorningson of Peter Dorning1851 s of Peter and Ann
Ann Dorningwife of Peter Dorning

186DorsettE M Dorsettfirst name on this monument2004id: 756383948795

187DoverWilliam Henry Doverfirst name on this monument1890761966id: 6523838437972
Lilly Doverwife of William Henry Dover1894851979 w of Wm Henry

188DownsThomas Downsfirst name on this monument1925641989id: 704383895801

189DriverJohn Driverfirst name on this monument1804291833id: 4813836728051
Ann Driverdaughter of John Driver182911830 age 16m - d of John and Mary
Elizabeth Driverdaughter of John Driver1831131844 age 12y 8m - d of John and Mary
Mary Driverwife of John Driver

190DriverThomas Driverfirst name on this monument1837661903id: 441383632799
Ellen Cubbin
Thomas Cubbin189001890 age 7m - s of Thomas and Ellen
Thomas Cubbin
Margaret Driverwife of Thomas Driver1834551889 w of Thomas

191DuckworthJohn Duckworthfirst name on this monument1900591959id: 649383840799
Minnie Duckworthwife of John Duckworth1900841984 w of John

192DuckworthSquire Duckworthfirst name on this monument1812881900id: 151383346802
Alice Duckworthdaughter of Squire Duckworth d of Squire and Sarah
Sarah Jane Duckworthdaughter of Squire Duckworth1750821832 d of Squire and Sarah
Sarah Duckworthwife of Squire Duckworth1831571888 w of Squire

193DuffyElizabeth Duffyfirst name on this monument1817451862id: 3913835838001w of Henry
Henry Duffyhusband of Elizabeth Duffy
Emily Jane Duffy
Henry Blackamore Duffy186201862 age 7w - s of Rbt and Emily Jane
Robert Duffy

194DugdaleJoseph Dugdalefirst name on this monument1827391866id: 130383325800
Georgiana Dugdale1874121886
Betsy Ann Lily Harper1867191886
Richard Harper1876
Ellen Dugdalewife of Joseph Dugdale1828441872 w of Joseph

195DuxburyClara Duxburyfirst name on this monument1909851994id: 684383875800

196DysonFrederick Stanley Dysonfirst name on this monument187261878id: 1603833558031s of Eli and Martha
Eli Dysonfather of Frederick Stanley Dyson
Martha Dysonmother of Frederick Stanley Dyson

197EckersleyEmmanuel Eckersleyfirst name on this monument1818431861no image383224800
Francis Alexander Glaister1818661884
Jane Glaister1825481873 w of Francis Alexander
Ann Syddall1813711884
James Syddall1809711880

198EckersleyJames Eckersleyfirst name on this monument1816701886id: 404383595797
Mary Eckersleywife of James Eckersley1828591887 w of James

199EckersleyRalph Eckersleyfirst name on this monument1857201877id: 216383411796
Henry Eckersley1824611885
Sarah Eckersley1821691890 w of Raph

200EckersleyThomas Eckersleyfirst name on this monument1847441891id: 122383317799
Mary Ann Eckersleydaughter of Thomas Eckersley187301873 age 6m - d of Thomas and Betsy
Alfred Eckersleyson of Thomas Eckersley1877751952 s of Thomas and Betsy
Joseph Eckersleyson of Thomas Eckersley1879211900 s of Thomas and Betsy
Betsy Eckersleywife of Thomas Eckersley1850851935 w of Thomas

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John the Evangelist's Church burial ground, Farnworth, Lancashire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is BL4 8AQ - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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