St Albans' Church burial ground, Windy Nook, Durham, England

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101KayJohn Kay1879551934id: 56003830281110Accidently killed at Shop Pit Ravensworth
Alice Hymers Kay1887711958

102LammasJames Lammas1791591850id: 559038302110982Surgeon
Jane Lammas1796741870

103LawsonGeorge Lawson1823681891id: 556738299812243
Isabella Law1859221881
Jane Lawson185911860
Catherine Reed1852321884
Margaret Thompson1864361900
Mary Lawson
George Lawson1856
John Lawson Died in Infancy
Philip Lawson186321865
Philip Lawson1911 age not clear
Dorothy Lawson1825751900

104LennoxDavid Lennox1827631890id: 56613830831129
Ellen Lennox1854
Mary Jane Lennox185251857
Mary Lennox1822711893

105LewisJ Lewis1917id: 5578383009108627/411 L; CPL Tyneside Irish N.F.

106LiddleHannah Liddle1895481943id: 57523831621079
Thomas Liddle1890731963

107LoganJohn Logan1850731923id: 57293831431082
Robert Beverly Logan1881651946
Margaret Ann Logan1850801930 died at Wigan and buried here

108LowesJoseph Cleugh Lowes1877471924id: 56443830671101
Evelyn Parkin1905651970
John George Lowes190431907
Mary Agnes Lowes1874721946

109MawJoseph Maw1836781914id: 56413830641074
Ursula Maw1850691919

110McCleanEmily McClean1863631926id: 56173830411101
George McClean1864781942 Vicar of the Parish
Maggie McClean year and age eroded away not clear

111McElroyDennis McElroyid: 57673831771091
Joseph McElroy1862 age not clear stone eroded
Patrick McElroy186071867
Catherine McElroy1831321863

112McKieJoseph McKie1835431878id: 570138311711461
Barbara Jessie McKie187621878
Jane Ann Mills1870271897
Jane McKie1737761813

113MelvilleMary Jane Melville1858391897id: 57283831421116
Mary Melville188611887
James Robson Melville
James Melville1889131902
James Robson Melville187911880
Robert Melville188011881
William Melville1886241910

114MoonEdgar Moon1869441913id: 557638300710811
Eleanor Moon1868491917
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115MorrisWilliam Morris1838331871id: 55823830131088died at Jarrow
William Morris1867631930
Margaret Morris1841561897

116MorrisonLuke Morrison1850451895id: 56803830981091
Dorothy Ann Morrison1882461928
Ann Morrison1847771924

117MorrisonLuke Morrison1904111915id: 56013830291077
William Morrison1910201930
John Morrison1880801960
Esther Morrison1879761955

118MurdochPercy Murdoch1892211913id: 57593831691097Accidently killed
Alexander Murdoch
Elizabeth Murdoch
Norah Murdoch190061906

119MurrayJohn Murray1834711905id: 57353831471090
Lucretia Murray1863751938
Emma Murray died in Infancy
John Murray died in Infancy
George H Murray1862821944
John Murray1860371897 died at Ciridih; East India
Martha Douglas Murray1835641899

120NeaveSarah Hannah Neave186811869id: 56203830441074
Samuel Neave1884 age obscured
Sarah Neave1844341878
Sarah Elizabeth Neave1877

121NewsomeAnnie Elizabeth Newsome1863511914id: 557238300310781
Isaac Newsome1862751937
Sam Newsome1897211918 Killed in action in France

122OstleIsabella Jane Ostle1876131889id: 575338316310884
Richard Ostle
Thomas William Davidson Ostle188481892
Robert Ostle1850531903
Jemima Ostle1855811936
Jane Ostle1881401921
Martha Holmes Davidson Ostle1879151894

123OxberryErnest J Oxberry1878591937id: 569238310910841
Mary Jane Oxberry1881611942

124OxberryJohn Oxberry1822711893id: 5693
(2 images)
Olive Wearmouth Oxberry1904591963

125OxberryJohn Oxberry1856741930id: 569538311110861
Mary Jane Oxberry1863761939

126OxberryThomas Oxberryid: 56083830331079year and age obscured
Mary Oxberry189051895
Thomas Oxberry1886611947
Margaret Oxberry1865811946

127Parker WhiteJames Parker White1872151887id: 572738314110841
James Parker White
Frances Parker White1845701915

128PattersonJohn Patterson1818721890id: 57603831701094
Isabella Patterson died in Infancy
Jane Jobling1786741860
Isabella Jobling186821870
Isabella Patterson70 year not clear
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129PattersonJohn Patterson1834641898id: 571938313311352
Annabella Patterson186821870 interred at Sheriff Hill
Christianna Patterson186731870 interred at Sheriff Hill
Christianna A Patterson187111872
Susan Patterson1875 interred at Eighton banks
Margaret Summerside1861231884 interred at Sheriff Hill
Armstrong Dance189441898
Armstrong Dance188511886
Jane Patterson1803831886
Daniel Patterson1859401899
John Patterson187221874
Joseph Patterson186641870 interred at Sheriff Hill
Thomas Patterson186281870 interred at Sheriff Hill
Mary Patterson1835561891

130PattisonFlorence Pattison1904261930id: 565538307711811
John Arthur Pattison

131PattisonJames Pattison1807581865id: 556338299411271
Hannah Wheatley Pattison187211873
Robert Pattison187031873
Richard Pattison1839611900
Hannah Pattison1806541860

132PattisonJoseph Pattison1813651878id: 56633830851122
Mary Ann Lightfoot1842791921 Wife of Thomas
Joseph Pattison1866371903
William Pattison1878221900
Thomas Lightfoot1833481881
Ann Pattison1815651880

133PeggsElizabeth Peggs1880431923id: 56263830501077
Walter R Peggs

134PerfectAda Perfect1897641961id: 56313830541072
George Perfect

135PhillipsonElizabeth Phillipson1908511959id: 568938310610961
George Robert Phillipson64 Year obscured

136PlaceAnthony Place1869491918id: 55743830051083
Ann Place1915
Mary Eleanor Smith1918 age not clear
Joseph Place1899231922
Matthew Place190831911
Thomas Smith
Ada Place1872831955

137PottsJospeh Potts1872351907id: 557738300811171Accidently killed
William Potts1839501889
Dorothy Potts1842711913

138PowellSarah Elizabeth Powell1874111885id: 57743831831081
George D Powell
Jane Powell

139RaynerPriscilla Rayner1901id: 559638302510851

140RickerbyElizabeth Rickerby1881521933id: 56153830391106For 8 years District Nurse in the Parish of Heworth
John Rickerby

141RickerbySarah Rickerby1851711922id: 574238315311341
Skelton Rickerby
Robert Skelton Rickerby1890251915
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142RidelyWilliam Ridelyid: 568838310511091
Margaret Harkis1859491908
Elizabeth Rossoh Ridley188071887
Cecil Ridley189611897
Mark Ridley187961885
E M Ridley

143RileyStephen Riley1910271937id: 55623829931080
Elizabeth Riley1864841948
James Edward Riley1873701943

144RitsonRichard Ritson1944id: 57513831611076stone broken in two

145RobinsonDorothy Robinson1877281905id: 57493831591098
Joseph Robinson1905
Mary Adeline Robinson190241906
Archibald Robinson

146RobinsonG Robinson1873id: 56843831011076
R Simpson1873

147RobinsonJoseph Robinson1863791942id: 570038311610811
Susannah Robinson1908111919
Elizabeth Russel Robinson1868861954

148RobinsonSarah Ann Robinson1885471932id: 57583831681086
Cuthbert Robinson1885751960

149RobsonAndrew Robson1872761948id: 558638301710901
Annie Robson1904441948
Eleanor Robson1890541944
Ruth Robson80 Year eroded away

150RobsonThomas Robson1818721890id: 573038314411282
Elizabeth Ann Robson1848641912 Wife of Roger
Jane Robson1846831929 Wife of Robert
Robert Robson1844671911
Roger Robson1843831926
Maria Robson1819741893

151RossEdward Ross1888181906id: 566038308210851
John Gray
William Ross
Mary Isabella Ross1870451915
Mary Gray1891631954

152RoweAnnie Rowe1848411889id: 572138313511011
Mary Rowe1881341915
John Rowe
John William Rowe1882

153RuddickJoseph B Ruddickid: 56373830601159
Frederick Ruddick189651901
Robert Ruddick1880191899 Eldest son
Jane E Ruddick

154RutterAgnes Sarah Rutter1857511908id: 573438314611312
Matthew Rutter1863631926
T Barnett1916 Private. Killed in action
Jane Rutter 2nd wife ??

155SeymourLewis Seymour1917201937id: 55593829901084
Thomas Jobling Seymour1891591950

156SibbaldCharles Sibbaldid: 558038301111051of High Heworth
Sarah Ann Sibbald1875
Agnes Sibbald
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157SimpsonCharles Simpson1859541913id: 57393831501072
Isabella Simpson1860451905 name of son eroded away died in 1889 aged 10 years

158SimpsonJohn Simpson1831601891id: 565938308110781
Joseph Simpson year and age not clear stone eroded
Matthew Simpson1870201890
Anne Simpson year and age not clear stone eroded

159SimpsonMatthew Simpson1786641850id: 566938309111001
Ann Simpson1902 age not clear stone eroded
Thomas Simpson
Mary Ann Simpson1806901896

160SmithJanet Cameron Smith1875281903id: 57573831671075
George Smith1873321905
Thomas Smith1902

161SmithJoseph Smith1856701926id: 57713831801074photo blurred

162SouthernGladys Southern191981927id: 56233830471072

163SouthernJohn Wilkinson Southern1916id: 561138303610851age not clear
Catherine Southern1852231875
William Lambert Southern detail eroded away
Jane Southern1908 age not clear

164SpeddingDavid Spedding1826611887id: 56623830841158
Isabella Spedding
Charles Percival Spedding186591874
George Spedding1855351890
John Spedding1860101870
John Thomas Spedding1857221879 Drowned at Goole
Mary Spedding1826591885

165SpeddingWilliam George Spedding1851771928id: 573638314811131
Elizabeth Spedding83 year not clear 19?7

166StephensonBenjamin Stephenson1826681894id: 57243831381099
Elizabeth Ann Christmas1868521920
Elizabeth Stephenson1855781933
Benjamin Christmas188421886
John Stephenson1849781927 Eldest son
Charles Christmas1871601931
Sarah Stephenson1823701893

167StephensonJohn Stephenson1859631922id: 55813830121073
Mary Jane Stephenson

168StephensonJoshua Stephenson1882id: 57223831361098no age given
Joshua Steel Dickenson of Northumberland
Mary Ann Stephenson1825771902

169StephensonPhilip Stephenson1813761889id: 565838308011221
Margaret Stephenson186141865
Ann Swarler Details eroded away
Mary Ann Stephenson1890361926
Philip Stephenson
Joshua Swarler1854611915
Margaret Stephenson1822431865

170StobbartCharlotte Ann Stobbart1898921990id: 56183830421112
Eileen Scott
Thomas Scott

171StoddartJane Stoddart1845701915id: 56283830521089
Thomas Stoddart1844731917
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172StokoeElizabeth Stokoe1812591871id: 567038309211702
Christiana Stokoe1854391893
Ann Elizabeth Stokoe1878 daughter of Edward and Christiana
Sydney Robert Stokoe1886211907 Private Son of Edward and Christiana
James Stokoe1812771889
Edward Stokoe died in Infancy
Edward Stokoe1863481911

173StoreyJohn Storeyid: 57413831521074
James Storey1893331926
Isabella Storey

174StoreyMargaret Storeyid: 56713830931134
George Hall1839341873
John Summersides1840281868
George Hall1800531853
Eleanor Hall1802691871
Anne Summersides186741871
Ellen Summersides

175SummersMatthew Summers1915281943id: 57023831181108
James Lyell1914821996
Margaret A Lyell1920741994
Dora Summers1884731957

176SummersidesAnna Summersides1889231912id: 557138300210781
John Semley the late
William Summersides
Elizabeth Semley

177SurgeonMary Surgeon1808671875id: 569738311311122
Elizabeth Jane Williamson187321875
Jospeh Surgeon1824781902
Elizabeth Robson1807661873

178TaitJohn Tait1823521875id: 56983831141085
Frances Tait1838691907

179TaylorElizabeth Taylor1813761889id: 56663830881117
Margery Taylor
Nicholas Taylor1864101874 Accidentally killed
Nicholas Taylor1810441854 interred at Cornhill Northumberland
George Spence had the stone erected
William Taylor

180TaylorJane Taylor1806771883id: 56383830611077
John Taylor1805801885

181TaylorMargery Taylor1841651906id: 56463830691088text faint on stone
Mary Elizabeth Taylor
Thomas Taylor1869631932
William Taylor1841731914

182TeasdaleMatthew Teasdaleid: 556438299512211
Joseph Teasdale1863741937
Margaret Jane Burn1948 age obscured
Eleanor Teasdale1872131885
Hannah Wheatley Teasdale186241866
Hannah Teasdale1787851872
John Richard1871611932
Matthew Teasdale1874 Died in Infancy
James Wilson1867
William Edward Burn1945 age obscured
Eleanor Teasdale
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183ThompsonT Thompson1890261916id: 556138299210763/8824 Private Durham Light Infantry

184ThompsonWilliam Thompson64id: 57763831851081stone eroded year not clear
Mary Jane Thompson1844241868
William Thompson1855221877
Mary Thompson1813631876

185Tiplady Tiplady1845761921id: 572538313910951In Loving memory of PHILIP, beloved husband of MARY TIPLADY who died June 14th 1921 aged 76 years
Mary Tiplady73 Mary TIPLADY died in 1925

186TomkinsonBeatrice Elizabeth Tomkinson1908141922id: 55923830231107
Richard Jones Tomkinson1925 no age given
Eunice Elizabeth Tomkinson1925 no age given

187TurnbullJ J Turnbull1918id: 56793830971074190892 Corporal Royal Engineers

188TurnerMargaret Alice Turner1881711952id: 559138302210671
Margaret Alice Turner1913601973
Samuel Turner1874831957

189WardNicholas Laverick Ward1878431921id: 56273830511110who met with fatal accident
M J Ward

190WardleAnn Wardle1835631898id: 571738313110943
John Wardle1825651890
Robert Wardle6 year not clear stone eroded
Robert Wardle29 year not clear stone eroded

191WardleMary Ann Wardleid: 56903831071076Husbands name eroded away
Mary Ann Gray1865591924
Thomas Gray1858571915

192WaughAudrey Mae Waugh1930752005id: 57663831761102
John George Waugh1925631988
Robert Waugh1927611988

193WhiteC F White1912351947id: 565238307510737936532 Private Pioneer Corps

194WilkinsonEnid Wilkinson4id: 56303830531103Year not clear
George Wilkinson
Sarah A Wilkinson

195WilsonJ W Wilson1911281939id: 564038306310701472450 Gunner Royal Artillery

196WilsonMary L Wilson1880571937id: 56333830561090photo blurred
Richard D Wilson1881831964

197WiseHenry George Wise1873161889id: 56163830401132
Isabella Wise
Thomas Wise1848541902
Eliza Jane Wise1850741924
Edward William Wise1865561921
Herbert Walter Wise Died in Infancy
Ethel May Wise1882171899 only daughter

198WrightGeorge Wright1922241946id: 5747
(2 images)
Thomas Wright
Ann Wright

199WrightsonWilliam Wrightson1851501901id: 56343830571093
Elizabeth Middleton1879331912
Lillian Wrightson Died in Infancy
Ernest Middleton
Sarah Wrightson1856711927

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