Section B Cemetery, Altofts, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AkersPaul Akersfirst name on this monument1956331989id: 1443813791066

2ArmstrongLily Armstrongfirst name on this monument1918801998id: 22938146410681

3AtkinsonPauline Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1938571995id: 1923814261067

4AusterfieldHugh Michael Austerfieldfirst name on this monument1931661997id: 2173814511067

5BainesBarry Bainesfirst name on this monument1938521990id: 1433813781069

6BainesElsie May Bainesfirst name on this monument1903901993id: 18038141510711

7BainesWilfred Bainesfirst name on this monument1898811979id: 1383813731069
Ellen Baineswife of Wilfred Baines1903861989

8BattyWilliam Battyfirst name on this monument1927671994id: 2023814361067
Winnie Battywife of William Batty1929712000

9BennettGeorge Bennettfirst name on this monument1926731999id: 2373814721065

10BennettGeorge Frederick Bennettfirst name on this monument1917761993id: 1733814081065
Irene Bennettwife of George Frederick Bennett1919832002

11BloomerMuriel Bloomerfirst name on this monument1905901995id: 1883814231069
Dorothy Bloomerdaughter of Muriel Bloomer1926772003
Harry Bloomerhusband of Muriel Bloomer

12BoothDennis Boothfirst name on this monument1930671997id: 2133814471070

13BroughHilda Broughfirst name on this monument1919731992id: 1683814031066
William Broughhusband of Hilda Brough1917872004

14BuxtonFrederick Arthur Buxtonfirst name on this monument1930691999id: 2353814701065

15CarswellChristine Carswellfirst name on this monument1947521999id: 2383814731068

16CarswellOlive Carswellfirst name on this monument2001id: 2463814801068
Kenneth Carswellhusband of Olive Carswell2010

17ChapmanWilfred Chapmanfirst name on this monument1918711989id: 1423813771077
Frances Chapmanwife of Wilfred Chapman1920922012

18CobbFrederick Jabez Cobbfirst name on this monument1927701997id: 2203814551078

19CooperDoreen Cooperfirst name on this monument1933571990id: 1583813931066

20CopleyCharles Copleyfirst name on this monument1923681991id: 1523813871068
Sarah Copleysister of Charles Copley

21CosgroveJoyce Cosgrovefirst name on this monument1926721998id: 22638146110701

22CouplandGeorge Couplandfirst name on this monument1940602000id: 2433814781073
Eileen Couplandwife of George Coupland

23CresswellWilliam Cresswellfirst name on this monument1942531995id: 1873814221065

24CrossleyRobert Crossleyfirst name on this monument1918751993id: 1793814141065
Maria Crossleywife of Robert Crossley1919751994

25CudmoreArthur Cudmorefirst name on this monument1927641991id: 1633813981069

26DavisRenee Davisfirst name on this monument1932682000id: 23338146810671
Walter Davishusband of Renee Davis1925872012

27DraycottBenjamin Draycottfirst name on this monument1927721999id: 2423814771065

28EllisonSheila Ellisonfirst name on this monument1936551991id: 15138138610851
Derek Stanley Ellisonhusband of Sheila Ellison1930752005

29FeeneyElizabeth Feeneyfirst name on this monument1940491989id: 1413813761066

30FletcherGeorge A Fletcherfirst name on this monument1914771991id: 1623813971068

31GarfittDoreen Garfittfirst name on this monument1937561993id: 1743814091066

32GilmartinMary Vera Gilmartinfirst name on this monument1919731992id: 1693814041066
Charles Henry Gilmartinhusband of Mary Vera Gilmartin1917781995

33GoodallJack Goodallfirst name on this monument1925691994id: 1823814171070
Heather Goodalldaughter of Jack Goodall
Jillian Goodalldaughter of Jack Goodall
Austin Goodallson of Jack Goodall
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34GraceClarence Gracefirst name on this monument1923691992id: 1813814161066

35GrindleErick Grindlefirst name on this monument1926762002id: 24738148110671

36GroganJohn Alwyn Groganfirst name on this monument1922731995id: 18938142410691

37HarpinLeslie Harpinfirst name on this monument1931591990id: 1593813941067Funeral Director

38HarrisDoris Harrisfirst name on this monument1935631998id: 2283814631066

39HarrisonStephen Leslie Harrisonfirst name on this monument1921681989id: 1373813721069
Martyn Harrisonson of Stephen Leslie Harrison1951171968
Dorothy Harrisonwife of Stephen Leslie Harrison1929722001

40HeardSusan Heardfirst name on this monument1948501998id: 2253814601067
John Heardhusband of Susan Heard1930732003

41HeaslipCatherine Heaslipfirst name on this monument1940501990id: 1563813911069

42HeywardFred James Heywardfirst name on this monument1926631989id: 1393813741079

43HilditchHerbert Hilditchfirst name on this monument1913781991id: 1483813831073
Ida Mary Hilditchwife of Herbert Hilditch1921862007

44HodginsonAlfred Hodginsonfirst name on this monument1917801997id: 2213814561065
Lily Hodginsonwife of Alfred Hodginson1919872006

45HodgkinsEric J W Hodgkinsfirst name on this monument1920771997id: 2153814491065
Mary Ann Hodgkinswife of Eric J W Hodgkins1921852006

46HodgkinsRex Harry Hodgkinsfirst name on this monument1922792001id: 1603813951065
Blanche Hodgkinswife of Rex Harry Hodgkins1930722002

47HollingsMaureen Hollingsfirst name on this monument1937621999id: 2363814711067
Roy Hollingshusband of Maureen Hollings

48HopsonEvelyn Hopsonfirst name on this monument1915781993id: 17238140710671
Thomas Hopsonhusband of Evelyn Hopson1916952011

49HurleyGeorge Albert Hurleyfirst name on this monument1925681993id: 1773814121069
Audrey Hurleywife of George Albert Hurley1936712007

50HuttonJoan Eileen Mary Huttonfirst name on this monument1919721991id: 1643813991068
John Huttonhusband of Joan Eileen Mary Hutton1916831999

51JohnsonHarry Johnsonfirst name on this monument1909811990id: 1553813901066
Elsie White Johnsonwife of Harry Johnson1918751993

52JonesAlice Jonesfirst name on this monument1908982006id: 2183814531065

53JonesJemima Jonesfirst name on this monument1909811990id: 1453813801068

54JonesWilliam James Jonesfirst name on this monument1907901997id: 2183814521065

55JuddMarjorie Juddfirst name on this monument1909901999id: 2393814741076
Elaine Judddaughter of Marjorie Judd
Vera Judddaughter of Marjorie Judd
Harry Juddson of Marjorie Judd

56KempElizabeth Kempfirst name on this monument1925762001id: 2483814821069
John Bernard Kemphusband of Elizabeth Kemp1928732001

57KempJohn William Kempfirst name on this monument1912821994id: 1863814211065
Evelyn Kempwife of John William Kemp1913922005

58KnillClaude Steven Knillfirst name on this monument1913872000id: 2323814671072
Lilian Knillwife of Claude Steven Knill1906942000

59KnowlesAgnes Annie Knowlesfirst name on this monument2012-161996id: 20838144210691

60LalleyMichael Antony Lalleyfirst name on this monument1952391991id: 15038138510661

61LawrenceWillie Lawrencefirst name on this monument1930641994id: 18338141810651
Keith Lawrenceson of Willie Lawrence
Melvin Lawrenceson of Willie Lawrence
Neil Lawrenceson of Willie Lawrence

62LeeFred Leefirst name on this monument1921731994id: 1843814191065

63LimbJack Limbfirst name on this monument1924711995id: 2063814401065
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64LindleyOlive Rose Lindleyfirst name on this monument2000id: 2313814661077age 15 days

65LoweRaymond Barrie Lowefirst name on this monument1935571992id: 17038140510671

66LoweWilfred Lowefirst name on this monument1921701991id: 14938138410721
Constance Lowewife of Wilfred Lowe1925731998

67MadoxJane Madoxfirst name on this monument1926812007id: 2233814581065

68MatthewsWalter Matthewsfirst name on this monument1917781995id: 1983814321069
Margaret Mary Matthewswife of Walter Matthews1923792002

69McLoughlinMary McLoughlinfirst name on this monument1922711993id: 1763814111066
Jim McLoughlinhusband of Mary McLoughlin1919872006

70MegsonMary Elizabeth Megsonfirst name on this monument1908831991id: 1473813821069
Thomas Megsonhusband of Mary Elizabeth Megson1905871992

71MilnerConstance Elsie Milnerfirst name on this monument1931641995id: 1973814311072
Roy Milnerhusband of Constance Elsie Milner1932732005

72MoneyHazel Joan Moneyfirst name on this monument1925802005id: 2053814391067
Leslie Moneyhusband of Hazel Joan Money

73MortonStephen Barry Mortonfirst name on this monument1940561996id: 21238144610671

74O'ShaughnessyDenis O'Shaughnessyfirst name on this monument1943521995id: 1933814271067

75ParkinsonIrma Consiglia Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1933651998id: 2273814621068
Derrick Parkinsonhusband of Irma Consiglia Parkinson1930712001

76ParkinsonKenneth Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1923721995id: 1993814331066
Marian Parkinsonwife of Kenneth Parkinson1923842007

77PearceBarry Pearcefirst name on this monument1941561997id: 2193814541066

78PoxonCyril Poxonfirst name on this monument1928641992id: 1673814021066

79PritchardHazel Pritchardfirst name on this monument1937561993id: 1753814101065

80PughIvy Pughfirst name on this monument1909831992id: 2093814431065
Joseph Pughhusband of Ivy Pugh1906901996

81RobinsonTom Robinsonfirst name on this monument1916791995id: 190
(2 images)
Ivy Robinsonwife of Tom Robinson1919832002

82RowleyJames Rowleyfirst name on this monument1913861999id: 24138147610692
Beryl Rowleydaughter of James Rowley
Edith Ann Rowleywife of James Rowley1910922002

83SchofieldFrank Schofieldfirst name on this monument1932812013id: 2453814791071
Edna Schofieldwife of Frank Schofield1932812013

84SellarsJack Sellarsfirst name on this monument1926671993id: 17838141310651
Jean Sellarswife of Jack Sellars1932661998

85SimpsonEdwin Simpsonfirst name on this monument1897941991id: 15338138810662
Elsie Elizabeth Simpsonwife of Edwin Simpson1897961993

86SimpsonHubert Edwin Simpsonfirst name on this monument1927681995id: 20738144110652
Ruth Honora Simpsonwife of Hubert Edwin Simpson1934762010

87SlackChantelle Marie Slackfirst name on this monument1990id: 1543813891070age 2 months

88SlackVera Slackfirst name on this monument1928691997id: 2163814501065
Pauline Slackdaughter of Vera Slack
Susan Slackdaughter of Vera Slack
Olive Slacksister of Vera Slack

89SlackWilliam Slackfirst name on this monument1920791999id: 2303814651065

90SmithLillian Smithfirst name on this monument1922671989id: 1363813711065
Jack Smithhusband of Lillian Smith1916791995

91SnellFred Snellfirst name on this monument1913801993id: 2033814371081
Albert Bennett1949351984
Ernest Riches1951532004
Doris Snellwife of Fred Snell1916882004
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92TaylorClifford Edgar Taylorfirst name on this monument1994id: 2043814381067

93ThompsonHarold Thompsonfirst name on this monument1937551992id: 16538140010712

94ThompsonThelma Thompsonfirst name on this monument1934621996id: 2223814571068
James Thompsonhusband of Thelma Thompson1933792012

95TimminsRonald Timminsfirst name on this monument1924711995id: 1953814291077
Doreen Pellsister of Ronald Timmins

96ToddingtonErnest Toddingtonfirst name on this monument1914751989id: 1403813751065
Hilda Mary Toddingtonwife of Ernest Toddington1915831998

97TrollAlfred Trollfirst name on this monument1908841992id: 1663814011066
Mary Elizabeth Trollwife of Alfred Troll1910912001

98TurnerMargurite Turnerfirst name on this monument1915801995id: 1933814281068
William Turnerhusband of Margurite Turner1923882011
Robert Young1944672011

99TurnerNorma Jean Turnerfirst name on this monument1937571994id: 1853814201065
George Turnerhusband of Norma Jean Turner1931722003

100WaiteDennis Waitefirst name on this monument1928711999id: 2343814691068
Barbara Waitewife of Dennis Waite1933692002

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Section B Cemetery, Altofts, Yorkshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is WF6 2PQ - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

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