Scartho Road (19-20 27-28 35-36 43-44) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

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301PhillipsonBeatrice Phillipsonfirst name on this monument1905731978id: 5503764817971

302PhillipsonFrances Hilda Phillipsonfirst name on this monument189911900id: 320376284800age 8 months
J Phillipsonfather of Frances Hilda Phillipson
A Phillipsonmother of Frances Hilda Phillipson

303PhillipsonJennie Phillipsonfirst name on this monument1893471940id: 56376085796
Reg Phillipsonhusband of Jennie Phillipson

304PickerdenFrank Pickerdenfirst name on this monument190001900id: 3363763007972age 4 weeks
Thomas Pickerdenfather of Frank Pickerden
Christiania Pickerdenmother of Frank Pickerden
Alice Pickerden190111902 age 15 months

305PickeringGeorge Pickeringfirst name on this monument1844551899id: 365376327796
Mary Ann Pickeringwife of George Pickering1841761917

306PidgenEthel Alvina Pidgenfirst name on this monument1907181925id: 60376089805Other details from burial records.
Jasper Pidgenbrother of Ethel Alvina Pidgen not shown on image
Charles Frederick Collins1909151924 Other details from burial records.
Iris Pidgensister of Ethel Alvina Pidgen not shown on image

307PileFred Pilefirst name on this monumentid: 67
(2 images)

308PlaskittEdna Plaskittfirst name on this monument1925832008id: 504376437795

309PlumbleyRonald Plumbleyfirst name on this monumentid: 57376086797

310PrattenTom Prattenfirst name on this monument1837791916id: 251376234802not shown on image
Mary J Pratten1861741935 Year from burial records.

311PrestonAlfred Prestonfirst name on this monument1880651945id: 119376131808
Arthur Prestonson of Alfred Preston1917271944 Killed in action

312PrikeJohn Prikefirst name on this monument1891251916id: 5383764707991Killed in action-August 8th
Henry Green Father of Florrie
Sarah Green Mother of Florrie
John Ypres Prikeson of John Prike191601916 age 4 months - Died 30th July
Florrie Greensister-in-law of John Prike1899171916 Died 31st July
Sarah Prikewife of John Prike1894241918

313PulfreyMary Ellen Pulfreyfirst name on this monument1883551938id: 477
(2 images)
Harold Pulfreyhusband of Mary Ellen Pulfrey1884641948

314RabyHolmes Rabyfirst name on this monument1849501899id: 378376340803

315RainthorpeJoseph Rainthorpefirst name on this monument1879211900id: 328376292796
Mabel Rainthorpe187711878 age 9 months

316RandsEliza Randsfirst name on this monument1855621917id: 3993763568041

317RasmussenWillie Rasmussenfirst name on this monument189911900id: 338376302802

318RavenscroftCatherine Corlena Ravenscroftfirst name on this monumentid: 411376368803
Alan Gordon Ravenscroft

319RawsonGeorge William Rawsonfirst name on this monument1866501916id: 4983764327961

320RaynerAnn Raynerfirst name on this monument1892131905id: 384376344800
J Raynerfather of Ann Rayner
E Raynermother of Ann Rayner
Florence Rayner189801898 age 9 weeks

321RedgriftWilliam Redgriftfirst name on this monument1861741935id: 2203762108021
Ada Harriet Redgriftwife of William Redgrift

322RedmanEvelyn Redmanfirst name on this monument191281920id: 123376135795

323ReedNora Winifred Reedfirst name on this monument1915681983id: 544376475802
George Harry Reed1913791992

324ReynoldsJohn William Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1853751928id: 202
(4 images)
Harry Turnbull1887731960
John Turnbull1869831952
Sarah Turnbull1878871965
Ann Reynoldswife of John William Reynolds1856731929
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325RhoadesThomas Rhoadesfirst name on this monument1853471900id: 344
(2 images)
Ann Rhoadeswife of Thomas Rhoades1856871943

326RichmanJack Richmanfirst name on this monument1890551945id: 88376112802
Mary Miller Richmanwife of Jack Richman1896791975

327RispinHerbert Rispinfirst name on this monument1884551939id: 139376149795
Harriet Agnes Rispinwife of Herbert Rispin1885781963

328RoachJohn Charles Peck Roachfirst name on this monument1904821986id: 528376460798
Iley Roachwife of John Charles Peck Roach2000

329RobinsonAlice Robinsonfirst name on this monument1836641900id: 333376297801
John Robinsonhusband of Alice Robinson
Robert Bardsely Robinsonson of Alice Robinson1864431907

330RobinsonSamuel Leary Robinsonfirst name on this monument190401904id: 351376313796age 7 weeks
John Robinsonfather of Samuel Leary Robinson
Elizabeth Robinsonmother of Samuel Leary Robinson

331RookHenry Arthur Rookfirst name on this monument189821900id: 334376298796age 14 months
Henry Rookfather of Henry Arthur Rook
Harriet Rookmother of Henry Arthur Rook

332RouseJack Rousefirst name on this monument1895601955id: 267376247801Age from burial records

333RouseMary Ellen Rousefirst name on this monument1912731985id: 523376455799
Albert Edward Rousehusband of Mary Ellen Rouse1906811987
Frederick Arthur David Rouseson of Mary Ellen Rouse1936702006

334RouseSimon Michael Rousefirst name on this monument1991id: 268376248797age 10 days

335SandersonBetsy Sandersonfirst name on this monument1824701894id: 308376276798
Thomas Sandersonhusband of Betsy Sanderson1820871907
Herbert Charles Sandersonson of Betsy Sanderson1867591926

336SandersonHarriet Amelia Sandersonfirst name on this monument1870461916id: 246376229797
George R Sandersonhusband of Harriet Amelia Sanderson

337SargentJohn Sargentfirst name on this monument1857561913id: 2933762667961
Eliza Selina Sargentwife of John Sargent1857701927

338ScarrSusan Scarrfirst name on this monument1837791916id: 4343763857964
Samuel Scarrhusband of Susan Scarr

339SchwarzAlfred Schwarzfirst name on this monument1901341935id: 256376239798

340ScrimshawCatherine Scrimshawfirst name on this monument1953371990id: 503376436798
George Alexander Scrimshaw2001 baby

341SharpeLily Booth Sharpefirst name on this monument189261898id: 371376333796

342SharpeThomas William Sharpefirst name on this monument1882521934id: 36376071797
Hannah Sharpewife of Thomas William Sharpe

343SheardWendy Sheardfirst name on this monument1938511989id: 511376443797

344ShieldsAmberzine Shieldsfirst name on this monument1911791990id: 5053764388021
Eric Shieldshusband of Amberzine Shields1992
Eric Hardy1932692001

345SimpsonFred Simpsonfirst name on this monument1862771939id: 408376365796
Alice Mary Simpsonwife of Fred Simpson1865861951

346SimpsonJack Simpsonfirst name on this monument1900id: 331376295807age 5 months - Other details from burial records.
F Simpsonfather of Jack Simpson
A Simpsonmother of Jack Simpson

347SissonRobert Sissonfirst name on this monument1858761934id: 99
(2 images)
376118800Age from burial records
Ann Sissonwife of Robert Sisson1855821937 Age from burial records

348SkudderAda Skudderfirst name on this monument1866511917id: 5373764698002died 25 June 1917
Nellie Skudderdaughter of Ada Skudder
William E Skudderhusband of Ada Skudder1863541917 lost at sea 26 June 1917
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349SmalleyGeorge Matthew Smalleyfirst name on this monument1871281899id: 3943763537973
Edith M Smalleywife of George Matthew Smalley

350SmalleyJohn Smalleyfirst name on this monument1840861926id: 4933764297963
Esther Smalleywife of John Smalley

351SmithFlora Adelaide Smithfirst name on this monument1907771984id: 521376453795

352SmithJohn Thomas Smithfirst name on this monument1877221899id: 377376339795
Florence Smithwife of John Thomas Smith1883221905

353SmithJoseph Smithfirst name on this monument1872441916id: 249376232795
Ellen Smithwife of Joseph Smith1877731950

354SmithLeslie Gordon Smithfirst name on this monument1926641990id: 507376439797
Lily Smithwife of Leslie Gordon Smith1928671995

355SmithSarah Ann Smithfirst name on this monument1848501898id: 370376332797
Samuel Smithhusband of Sarah Ann Smith

356SmithSarah Jane Smithfirst name on this monument1856351891id: 299376272800
Robert Henry Smithhusband of Sarah Jane Smith
Elvin Boyce Husband of Harriet Isaac
Harriet Isaac1825861911

357SmithThomas Edward Smithfirst name on this monument1914741988id: 459376400796

358SmithWalter Smithfirst name on this monument1925621987id: 487376423797
Pearl Doreen Smithwife of Walter Smith1929782007

359SnellJane Matilda Snellfirst name on this monument1881361917id: 125376137795

360SowterFanny Sowterfirst name on this monument1865521917id: 247376230796
Edward Sowterhusband of Fanny Sowter1861721933

361SparlingKath Sparlingfirst name on this monument1921571978id: 26
(6 images)
Frank Bunn1917741991
Roger Mcsheen Bunn193701937 age 5 months - Other details from burial records.
Tina Bunn1924661990
Tom Bunn1884451929 Year from burial records.

362SpeedSarah M Speedfirst name on this monument1841671908id: 392376351797
Robert Speedhusband of Sarah M Speed1841921933

363SprengelHermann Emil Sprengelfirst name on this monument1913id: 2763762548024Born Libad; Russia. Died W.Africa.Not shown on image.
Alwine Susannah Meaneydaughter of Hermann Emil Sprengel1873851958 Other details from burial records.
Susie Sprengelwife of Hermann Emil Sprengel1928 not shown on image

364SquiresSarah Ann Squiresfirst name on this monument1843661909id: 287376263803
Edwin Squireshusband of Sarah Ann Squires1836751911
Harriet Kitchen1839591898 not shown on image
Ann Squiresfirst wife of husband of Sarah Ann Squires1831641895 not shown on image

365StaintonWinifred Staintonfirst name on this monument190001900id: 286376262796age 7 months

366StanlandArnold Stanlandfirst name on this monument190671913id: 323376287799
Ernest Stanlandfather of Arnold Stanland
A E Stanlandmother of Arnold Stanland

367StaplesSarah Ann Staplesfirst name on this monument1852781930id: 47376076796
Joseph Stapleswife of Sarah Ann Staples1849851934

368SteedmanThomas William Steedmanfirst name on this monument1889681957id: 472376411800
Gertrude Steedmanwife of Thomas William Steedman1885761961

369SteelGeorge F Steelfirst name on this monument1915821997id: 532376464797
Lynn Steeldaughter of George F Steel
Sandra Steeldaughter of George F Steel
Mary Steelwife of George F Steel1914841998

370StephenAlice Wormley Stephenfirst name on this monument1974id: 2603762438001
Edward Beckett1902381940 Separate stone
David T Morriss193431937 Grandson of Alfred
Alfred Wormley1870661936 Age from burial records
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371StorrElizabeth Storrfirst name on this monument1852471899id: 3633763258042
Charles Storrhusband of Elizabeth Storr1839691908 Accidentally killed

372StrudwickJames Allan Strudwickfirst name on this monument1922671989id: 510376442795

373SullivanJoseph Henry Sullivanfirst name on this monument1910751985id: 485376421795
Isabella Sullivanwife of Joseph Henry Sullivan1914841998

374SurfleetHugh Spencer Surfleetfirst name on this monument1873561929id: 1603761668021

375SwainAlfred Swainfirst name on this monument1863541917id: 540376472807
Henry Swainfather of Alfred Swain
Emma Swainmother of Alfred Swain

376SwainHerbert Swainfirst name on this monument1872461918id: 398376355800
Ada Jessie Swainwife of Herbert Swain1872531925

377SwindellsGeorge Swindellsfirst name on this monument1865761941id: 212376204797
Esther Ann Swindellswife of George Swindells1864851949

378TarttelinWilliam Tarttelinfirst name on this monument1853641917id: 5003764347962
Mildred Tarttelinwife of William Tarttelin1855761931

379TaylorAlfred Thomas Taylorfirst name on this monument1916661982id: 410376367797
Iris Mary Taylorwife of Alfred Thomas Taylor1919701989

380TaylorArthur Charles Taylorfirst name on this monument1876671943id: 55376084799Age from burial records
Catherine Esther Taylorwife of Arthur Charles Taylor1878851963 Age from burial records

381TeanbyWilliam Stapp Teanbyfirst name on this monument1851481899id: 379376341796
Harriet Coewife of William Stapp Teanby1844651909
Mary Elizabeth Teanbywife of William Stapp Teanby1851731924

382TemplemanWalter Templemanfirst name on this monument1906791985id: 4133763707961
Lilian Templemanwife of Walter Templeman1912751987

383ThirlwellJoseph Thirlwellfirst name on this monument1851661917id: 535376467796
Margaret Thirlwellwife of Joseph Thirlwell1851811932

384ThompsonJohn Robert Thompsonfirst name on this monument191341917id: 2543762377951
James Henry Gebler191621918 age 16 months

385ThornhillJohn Thornhillfirst name on this monument1834661900id: 3503763127961
Mary Ann Thornhillwife of John Thornhill1831831914

386TomlinsonJonah Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument1896491945id: 80376106796

387TrudgettFrederick Sydney Trudgettfirst name on this monument1911191930id: 234376221801from Raymond; Dorothy and Winnie'
Harry Raymond Trudgettbrother of Frederick Sydney Trudgett1913271940

388TulleySusannah Elizabeth Tulleyfirst name on this monument1878351913id: 277
(2 images)
Herbert Tulleyhusband of Susannah Elizabeth Tulley1876551931

389TurgooseRobert Turgoosefirst name on this monument1860581918id: 1743761768071
Ann Elizabeth Turgoosewife of Robert Turgoose1861971958

390TurnerJoseph Byron Turnerfirst name on this monument1864641928id: 1593761657961
Emma Maria Turnerwife of Joseph Byron Turner1865841949

391TurnerRita Turnerfirst name on this monument1904811985id: 484376420809
Albert E Turner1900891989

392TurnerWilliam Turnerfirst name on this monument1827711898id: 366376328796

393TuttyWalter Tuttyfirst name on this monument1890421932id: 1333761448032
Joseph Tuttyfather of Walter Tutty1862741936
Mary Ann Tuttymother of Walter Tutty1862761938
Mary Ann Tuttywife of Walter Tutty

394UnwinGeorge Unwinfirst name on this monument1885431928id: 77376103798
Olive Unwinwife of George Unwin

395VinerRebecca Vinerfirst name on this monument1877401917id: 429376381796
Thomas Vinerhusband of Rebecca Viner
Thomas Henry Vinerson of Rebecca Viner1900331933
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396WaiteAdeline Waitefirst name on this monument1869621931id: 161
(3 images)
Jesse Waitehusband of Adeline Waite1857841941
Evelyn Hudson Waite1912942006 Wife of James
James Harold Waite1890741964

397WalkerCharlotte Ann Macy Walkerfirst name on this monument1883471930id: 41
(5 images)
Alice Walkerdaughter-in-law of Charlotte Ann Macy Walker Wife of Frank
Samuel Walkerhusband of Charlotte Ann Macy Walker1876561932
Frank Walkerson of Charlotte Ann Macy Walker1908261934 Lost at sea

398WalkerJohn Walkerfirst name on this monument1881821963id: 38
(2 images)
376073798Age from burial records
Margaret Lydia Ellen Walkerwife of John Walker1895831978

399WaltonCharles Waltonfirst name on this monument1861561917id: 1293761418001
Susannah Waltonwife of Charles Walton

400WaltonFrances Olive Waltonfirst name on this monument1903131916id: 1173761298001
J R Waltonfather of Frances Olive Walton
H Waltonmother of Frances Olive Walton

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Scartho Road (19-20 27-28 35-36 43-44) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England.

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