Scartho Road (65-68 73-74 84-89) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

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101CookJohn William Cookfirst name on this monument1875491924id: 53610731

102CookRonald Arthur Cookfirst name on this monument1915331948id: 16811252
Albert Henry Cook1877831960
Amy Maud Rachael Cook1879771956
Joan Anita O'Dell1922641986
Lewis Edward O'Dell1912831995
Philip Edward O'Dell1948481996

103CookeJoseph William Cookefirst name on this monument1885621947id: 5021071Other details from burial records

104CordellStevenson Robert Cordellfirst name on this monument1857671924id: 146
(2 images)
1081This grave also contains the stone of Phoebe Ferrier d.1924; this has been moved from another location.
Betsy Ann Cordellwife of Stevenson Robert Cordell1853801933

105CottinghamGeorge Tom Cottinghamfirst name on this monument1885391924id: 50811021
Sydney John Cottinghamson of George Tom Cottingham1912361948
Annie Cottinghamwife of George Tom Cottingham1890791969

106CoulamJohn William Coulamfirst name on this monument1908511959id: 1651072

107CoulamRobert Ernest Coulamfirst name on this monument1906171923id: 2391076

108CoullingMary Ann Coullingfirst name on this monument1859721931id: 22910813
James David Coullinghusband of Mary Ann Coulling1852811933

109CracknellFrank Knight Cracknellfirst name on this monument1873691942id: 69711171
Harriet Amy Cracknellwife of Frank Knight Cracknell1873761949

110CreeMary Ellen Creefirst name on this monument1856671923id: 6481076
John Creehusband of Mary Ellen Cree1862691931

111CroftGeorge Croftfirst name on this monument1855681923id: 24311111
Caroline Croftwife of George Croft1856721928

112CroftSamuel Chapman Croftfirst name on this monument1873521925id: 151
(3 images)
Dorothy Maria Newsondaughter of Samuel Chapman Croft1901471948 Other details from burial records

113CrowderConstance Gwendolen Crowderfirst name on this monument1902201922id: 6581074
J F Crowderfather of Constance Gwendolen Crowder
L Crowdermother of Constance Gwendolen Crowder

114CrowsonHenry Crowsonfirst name on this monument1892621954id: 5881098
Ethel Emma Crowson1905751980

115CuertonCharles Richard Cuertonfirst name on this monument1879691948id: 4081084
Elizabeth Cuertonwife of Charles Richard Cuerton1886821968

116CurtisAlice P Curtisfirst name on this monument1895391934id: 6101083

117CurtisAnn Alice Curtisfirst name on this monument1852691921id: 2551075

118CuttingJames Cuttingfirst name on this monument1869671936id: 297
(2 images)
Louise Cuttingwife of James Cutting1871741945

119DadeRobert William Dadefirst name on this monument1886701956id: 467
(3 images)
1124from wife Charlotte; Walt; Rose; Jack and Ada
Charlotte Ann Dadewife of Robert William Dade1887781965

120DaviesHarry Daviesfirst name on this monument1881601941id: 16910881
Harry Daviesson of Harry Davies1906201926
Mary Ellinor Davieswife of Harry Davies1881901971

121DavisonIsabella Taylor Davisonfirst name on this monument1850851935id: 286
(3 images)
William Davisonhusband of Isabella Taylor Davison
William Taylor Davisonson of Isabella Taylor Davison1876731949

122DawnJohn Henry Dawnfirst name on this monument1876711947id: 7010821
Martha Dawnwife of John Henry Dawn1873821955

123DawsCharles Little Dawsfirst name on this monument1876781954id: 5771082
Christianna Dawswife of Charles Little Daws1877861963

124DeanCharles Henry Deanfirst name on this monument1878601938id: 20110992
Catherine Walker Deanwife of Charles Henry Dean1882761958
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125DewsonClara Emily Dewsonfirst name on this monument1884491933id: 6141082

126DixonJohn Dixonfirst name on this monument1861611922id: 25310701
Sarah Dixonwife of John Dixon

127DobsonFlorence Mary Dobsonfirst name on this monument1887651952id: 5711076
John H Dobsonhusband of Florence Mary Dobson1888741962

128DoddThomas Doddfirst name on this monument1864611925id: 483
(2 images)
Emma Eliza Doddwife of Thomas Dodd1863751938

129DoreCharles Benjamin Dorefirst name on this monument1863621925id: 5201075
Hannah Maria Dorewife of Charles Benjamin Dore1862791941

130DowsJohn William Dowsfirst name on this monument1866711937id: 301
(2 images)
Lawrence Patrick Dows1899541953 Other details from burial records
Jane Dowswife of John William Dows1870901960

131DowseGeorge William Dowsefirst name on this monument1875691944id: 4971072Other details from burial records

132DoyleFred Doylefirst name on this monument1921211942id: 1791078

133DraperJohn William Draperfirst name on this monument1878701948id: 7021094
Florence Emma Draperwife of John William Draper

134DriverJames Driverfirst name on this monument1877821959id: 712
(2 images)
Clara Driver1878891967

135DugardHerbert Kitchener Dugardfirst name on this monument1900311931id: 15910721Other details from burial records

136DuncanChristina Duncanfirst name on this monument1891691960id: 4571074

137DyasWalter Dyasfirst name on this monument1885531938id: 30310991
Alice Dyaswife of Walter Dyas1886821968

138EastBenjamin John Eastfirst name on this monument1880461926id: 1881092
Charlotte Eastwife of Benjamin John East1886441930

139ElgyCharles Elgyfirst name on this monument1870521922id: 2571077Stone partly buried
Jane E Elgywife of Charles Elgy

140EllisEliza Ann Ellisfirst name on this monument1851721923id: 6211073
James Quickfall Ellishusband of Eliza Ann Ellis

141EllisFrank Ellisfirst name on this monument1893291922id: 6021083
John Ellisfather of Frank Ellis
Maria Ellismother of Frank Ellis

142EllisLizzie Ellisfirst name on this monument1885381923id: 2421078
John Joseph Ellishusband of Lizzie Ellis1880741954

143EnglandHerbert Englandfirst name on this monument1894601954id: 575
(2 images)
Florence May England1895591954

144EtheringtonClara Jane Etheringtonfirst name on this monument1871651936id: 2941098
Thomas John Etherington1868681936

145EtteridgeJohn Thomas Etteridgefirst name on this monument1861611922id: 6451090
Harry James Etteridge1902591961
Susan Mary Etteridge1864811945

146EvisonCarry Evisonfirst name on this monument1888581946id: 4710843
Frank Evisonhusband of Carry Evison1890691959

147EyreHerbert Eyrefirst name on this monument1894611955id: 20310801
Susannah Eyrewife of Herbert Eyre1894911985

148FeatherstoneFreda Featherstonefirst name on this monument1922251947id: 4041073

149FennerArthur Edward Bert Fennerfirst name on this monument1884811965id: 2541071

150FenwickEileen Fenwickfirst name on this monument191671923id: 63811241
A Fenwickfather of Eileen Fenwick
M Fenwickmother of Eileen Fenwick

151FerrierPhoebe Ferrierfirst name on this monument1856681924id: 14810712This stone has been moved to the grave of Stevenson Robert Cordell

152FlintJohn Flintfirst name on this monument1908511959id: 1211077Other details from burial records
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153FlintRobert Henry Flintfirst name on this monument1903381941id: 591075
Sarah Elizabeth Flint1906761982

154FoxJoyce Maud Foxfirst name on this monument1919251944id: 6991094
Arthur Foxfather of Joyce Maud Fox1890621952
Maud Foxmother of Joyce Maud Fox1897781975

155FreemanFrederick Freemanfirst name on this monument1852711923id: 20910851
Emma Freemanwife of Frederick Freeman1859771936

156FrithHerbert Frithfirst name on this monument1859671926id: 841099
Eliza Frithwife of Herbert Frith1867631930

157FullagerPercy James Fullagerfirst name on this monument192051925id: 54510861Brother of Charles Edward Fullager
Charles Edward Fullager192231925 Brother of Percy James Fullager

158FullerAlfred Henry Fullerfirst name on this monument1879701949id: 1281089
Edith Fullerwife of Alfred Henry Fuller1878811959

159FunnellGeorge W Funnellfirst name on this monument1885611946id: 341
(2 images)
Bertha Funnellwife of George W Funnell1884631947

160GambleAlbert Edward Gamblefirst name on this monument1902331935id: 6641114
Albert Edward Gambleson of Albert Edward Gamble192931932
Laura Balchsister of Albert Edward Gamble1889491938 Not shown on image
Irene Lydia Gamblewife of Albert Edward Gamble

161GarnerCharles William Garnerfirst name on this monument1876741950id: 461102

162GibbsGertrude Gibbsfirst name on this monumentid: 1411080

163GibbsPeter Gibbsfirst name on this monument1934261960id: 1351074

164GilbertElizabeth Gilbertfirst name on this monument1860781938id: 6801070
William Gilberthusband of Elizabeth Gilbert1858851943
George Gilbertson of Elizabeth Gilbert1896211917 Killed in France

165GladwinCharles Gladwinfirst name on this monument1881451926id: 5291087
Doris Gladwindaughter of Charles Gladwin1910711981
Alice Gladwinwife of Charles Gladwin1882871969

166GoldingEdwin Joseph Goldingfirst name on this monument1864751939id: 6171098

167GoldingMary Maria Goldingfirst name on this monument1852711923id: 2441109
Emily Golding1859641923

168GollingsWilliam Gollingsfirst name on this monument1885691954id: 961081
Eric Gollingsson of William Gollings1921711992
Norman Gollingsson of William Gollings192131924
Frances Gollingswife of William Gollings1886851971

169GoodhandEdna Goodhandfirst name on this monument191781925id: 4251081Other details from burial records
Dorothy May Goodhandsister of Edna Goodhand

170GoodhandGeorge Goodhandfirst name on this monument1880691949id: 1661077Age from burial records

171GoodrichHenry Victor Goodrichfirst name on this monument1885441929id: 4181071
Lucy Louisa Saweard1898901988
Lottie Goodrichwife of Henry Victor Goodrich1887911978

172GoodwinJames Goodwinfirst name on this monument1848741922id: 2561077
Emily Goodwinwife of James Goodwin1846851931

173GordonGeorge Gordonfirst name on this monument1870791949id: 7101103
Lucy Mary Gordonwife of George Gordon1881741955

174GoringJames Julius Goringfirst name on this monument1844861930id: 37311464James Julius Goring was born in Hull, and was married to Hull born Jane Burnham in 1873, also in Hull. He was a Dock Labourer (1871), an Engine Driver (1881) and by 1901 was a Grimsby Fish Dealer (on own account).
Arthur Ball1920221942 Lost at sea (enemy action).Not shown on image
Frank Ball1919241943 Killed in action .Not shown on image
Jane Goring1853811934 Jane Goring was formerly Jane Burnham and was the wife of James Julius Goring.She was born in Hull and also married in Hull in 1873.

175GoslingSamuel Goslingfirst name on this monument1863691932id: 6181073
Annie Gosling1865741939 Not shown on image
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176GrahamRichard Grahamfirst name on this monument1850751925id: 3991069
Mary Jane Grahamwife of Richard Graham1853741927

177GreenJohn Paul Greenfirst name on this monument1865611926id: 4911069

178GreenSarah Elizabeth Greenfirst name on this monument1864601924id: 4351091
E W Green1894241918 Killed in action
Edward James Green1865591924

179GreenbeckMary Lily Greenbeckfirst name on this monument1884821966id: 1331078

180GriceFlorence Gricefirst name on this monument1884721956id: 911087

181GrimoldbyGeorge Grimoldbyfirst name on this monument1847801927id: 671072
Sarah Jane Grimoldbywife of George Grimoldby1848771925

182GutteridgeThomas Joseph Gutteridgefirst name on this monument1855691924id: 5171085
Sarah Louisa Gutteridgewife of Thomas Joseph Gutteridge1861801941

183HallMabel Hallfirst name on this monument1909441953id: 291083
Arthur Edgar Hallhusband of Mabel Hall1906661972
June Hall Daughter of Edgar
Kathleen Hall Wife of Edgar

184HallThomas Hare Hallfirst name on this monument1851741925id: 5181073

185HallamThomas Hallamfirst name on this monument1851721923id: 27311031
Alice Hallamwife of Thomas Hallam1869641933

186HallidayErnest Albert Hallidayfirst name on this monument1868561924id: 5371156Age from burial records
Rebecca Hallidaywife of Ernest Albert Halliday1872801952 Age from burial records

187HammondElizabeth Hammondfirst name on this monument1836871923id: 2101075of King's Lynn

188HampsonFreda Hampsonfirst name on this monument192401924id: 19310781age 1 day
F Hampsonfather of Freda Hampson
M Hampsonmother of Freda Hampson

189HannCaroline Hannfirst name on this monument1862671929id: 611093
George Hannhusband of Caroline Hann1915 Lost at sea

190HanslipJohn Hanslipfirst name on this monument1895401935id: 33010751
Agnes Demarias Hanslipwife of John Hanslip1899661965

191HardyDianne Hardyfirst name on this monument1950231973id: 4791078

192HarlandLouisa Harlandfirst name on this monument1864721936id: 1721106Other details from burial records
Christopher Harlandhusband of Louisa Harland1850741924 Other details from burial records

193HarmerEdith Miriam Harmerfirst name on this monument1878451923id: 2111095
Walter Thomas Harmerhusband of Edith Miriam Harmer

194HarveyIris Gladys Harveyfirst name on this monument1913671980id: 1361090
Arthur W Harveyhusband of Iris Gladys Harvey1914681982 Not shown on image

195HarvisonElsie Harvisonfirst name on this monument1897621959id: 5031068
Kathleen Pindarsister of Elsie Harvison1907781985

196HarvisonVera Harvisonfirst name on this monument1910641974id: 5011069
Colin Charles Harvisonhusband of Vera Harvison1900761976

197HeatonWilliam Heatonfirst name on this monument1874651939id: 550
(2 images)
10951Not shown on image
Edith Maria Heatonwife of William Heaton1872941966

198HeneryJanet Heneryfirst name on this monument1870561926id: 4901071
Leslie Hillson of Janet Henery

199HenfreyFlorence May Henfreyfirst name on this monument1909361945id: 605
(3 images)
Freeman Thomas Tofton1907151922

200HerrettAlbert Herrettfirst name on this monument1912391951id: 341076

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