Scartho Road (21-24 29-32 37-40 45-48 53-56 61-64 69-72) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

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401MoyersMay Moyersfirst name on this monument1889821971id: 6513539571071
John George Perrinson of May Moyers1910771987

402MumbyAlfred Henry Mumbyfirst name on this monument189341897id: 6033539101071
Charles R Mumbyfather of Alfred Henry Mumby
Hannah M Mumbymother of Alfred Henry Mumby

403MuntonWilliam Muntonfirst name on this monumentid: 4063537211079
Mary Munton

404MurphyRichard Murphyfirst name on this monument1869791948id: 3133536291072
Fred Richard Murphy190581913
Hetty Murphywife of Richard Murphy1873541927

405NaylorCamilla Naylorfirst name on this monument1827791906id: 6235337810701

406NeedhamCharlotte Needhamfirst name on this monument1819781897id: 56435387410851Mother of Martha Hool.
Henry Hool1854781932
Martha Hool1855871942 Wife of Henry

407NeedhamWilliam Needhamfirst name on this monument1829821911id: 22635354211011
Thomas Needhamson of William Needham1863451908
Maria Needhamwife of William Needham1833781911

408NeedhamWillie Needhamfirst name on this monument1868601928id: 23935355510751

409NeilandsEuphemia Finley Neilandsfirst name on this monument190661912id: 3253536411075
Elizabeth Condy Lindsay Neilands1901351936

410NewmanCharles James Newmanfirst name on this monument1843611904id: 59935390711012
Ann Newmanwife of Charles James Newman1846791925

411NicholsonAlice Jackman Nicholsonfirst name on this monument189871905id: 4333537481094
Wilfred Nicholsonbrother of Alice Jackman Nicholson1904 Infant
J G Nicholsonfather of Alice Jackman Nicholson
M A Nicholsonmother of Alice Jackman Nicholson

412NobleGeorge Noblefirst name on this monument1848661914id: 55035386010731
Sarah Noblewife of George Noble

413NortonJohn Nortonfirst name on this monument1887241911id: 3503536661070
S H Nortonfather of John Norton
S A Nortonmother of John Norton

414NundyAnnie Maria Nundyfirst name on this monument1847571904id: 4203537351072
Edmund Nundyhusband of Annie Maria Nundy1842631905

415OglesbyGeorge H Oglesbyfirst name on this monument1909331942id: 2093535251074

416OglesbyHarry Oglesbyfirst name on this monument1878601938id: 2113535271081
Reginald Oglesbyson of Harry Oglesby1903251928
Olive Oglesbywife of Harry Oglesby1883811964

417OliverJames Arthur Oliverfirst name on this monument1871191890id: 5513538611067
J W Oliverfather of James Arthur Oliver
M P Olivermother of James Arthur Oliver

418OnnAlfred Onnfirst name on this monument1856611917id: 64535395210811
Naomi Onnwife of Alfred Onn1868611929

419OveryWilliam Overyfirst name on this monumentid: 1513534671072
Clara Overywife of William Overy

420OwenEdwin Owenfirst name on this monument1840691909id: 45735377110681

421PaceyFrancis Paceyfirst name on this monument1820911911id: 4163537311076

422PageEdward Pagefirst name on this monument1851421893id: 6413539481121
Alice Maud Pagedaughter of Edward Page187951884
Anna Pagewife of Edward Page1861521913

423ParkerEmma Parkerfirst name on this monument1839521891id: 6343539411084
William Parkerhusband of Emma Parker
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424ParkerGeorge Parkerfirst name on this monument1822821904id: 28835360410881
Nellie Greenacregrand daughter of George Parker1892251917 Killed at Melton Ross
Walter Bradleyson-in-law of George Parker1864661930
Eliza Parkerwife of George Parker1822451867

425ParkerJane Staton Parkerfirst name on this monument1858681926id: 57635388510781
Millicent Bryan Parkerdaughter of Jane Staton Parker1879111890

426ParkerMargaret Parkerfirst name on this monument1833691902id: 49035380210681
Joseph Parkerhusband of Margaret Parker

427ParkerSusannah Parkerfirst name on this monument1829681897id: 60435391110671
William Parkerhusband of Susannah Parker1830711901

428ParkinMary Elizabeth Parkinfirst name on this monument1848621910id: 4743537861077
James Parkinhusband of Mary Elizabeth Parkin1842881930

429PatchettMary Ann Patchettfirst name on this monument1858851943id: 4263537411068
Kate Patchett1869751944

430PearsonCharlotte Pearsonfirst name on this monument1867441911id: 1803534961087
Joseph Edward Pearsonhusband of Charlotte Pearson

431PeggSusan Peggfirst name on this monument1838731911id: 4133537281087
David Pegghusband of Susan Pegg

432PerrittEmma Perrittfirst name on this monument191021912id: 173533341070age 14 months
C Perrittfather of Emma Perritt
R Perrittmother of Emma Perritt

433PetersonWilliam Petersonfirst name on this monument1866461912id: 1953535111079
Thomas William Petersonson of William Peterson1897111908
Kate Petersonwife of William Peterson

434PetherickAgnes Petherickfirst name on this monument1852381890id: 61735392410702

435PhillipsFrank Phillipsfirst name on this monument189981907id: 1743534901072
R Phillipsfather of Frank Phillips
L Phillipsmother of Frank Phillips

436PhillipsJames Phillipsfirst name on this monument1840731913id: 2793535951071
Martha Maria Phillipsdaughter of James Phillips1914 Not shown on image
Martha A Phillips1841721913

437PhippsSydney Richard Phippsfirst name on this monument1860531913id: 1123534281075

438PickNorman Credland Pickfirst name on this monument1902291931id: 60535391210842
E Wilford Pick1874851959
Minnie Pick1873771950

439PickardWilliam Pickardfirst name on this monument1822691891id: 56235387210881

440PicksleyAlfred Picksleyfirst name on this monument1855571912id: 1253534411073
Annie Margaret Picksleywife of Alfred Picksley1859571916

441PinchbeckHannah Pinchbeckfirst name on this monument1866601926id: 2543535701084
Charles Pinchbeckhusband of Hannah Pinchbeck1862711933

442PinchbeckHannah R Pinchbeckfirst name on this monument1877691946id: 2503535661088
Alfred Pinchbeckhusband of Hannah R Pinchbeck1871781949

443PinderJohn Massam Pinderfirst name on this monument1844531897id: 5323538431078

444PittsFred Pittsfirst name on this monument1848641912id: 16235347811071
Anne Pittswife of Fred Pitts1850791929

445PlaskittGeorge Plaskittfirst name on this monument1834761910id: 3803536951079

446PlaskittWilliam Albert Plaskittfirst name on this monument1875341909id: 2293535451073
William Allison Plaskittfather of William Albert Plaskitt
Edna Plaskittmother of William Albert Plaskitt

447PlaskittWilliam Allison Plaskittfirst name on this monument1842651907id: 1993535151067
Edna Plaskittwife of William Allison Plaskitt1843881931
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448PogsonEllen Pogsonfirst name on this monument1856701926id: 2373535531081
Joseph Pogsonhusband of Ellen Pogson1850871937

449PogsonJoseph William Pogsonfirst name on this monument1881301911id: 2753535911070
Gertrude B Pogsonwife of Joseph William Pogson

450PollingtonRichard Hedley Pollingtonfirst name on this monument1888481936id: 1135332810711
Emily Pollingtonwife of Richard Hedley Pollington1887651952

451PownellBetsy Pownellfirst name on this monument1871311902id: 1793534951072
Thomas Ralph Pownellhusband of Betsy Pownell1867451912

452PreciousAlbert Preciousfirst name on this monumentid: 573533731080

453PriorJacob Priorfirst name on this monument1834571891id: 63735394410771
Elizabeth Prior1843771920

454ProcterMary Procterfirst name on this monument1862491911id: 31135362710991
Annie Procterdaughter of Mary Procter1881671948
Frederick Thomas Procterhusband of Mary Procter1857821939
Thomas Procterson of Mary Procter1887271914 lost on H.M.S. Aboukir

455ProcterWilliam Procterfirst name on this monument1839681907id: 233533401114
Phyliss Drewerydaughter of William Procter190261908 age 5 years 8 months
C Dreweryfather of William Procter
George William Proctergrand son of William Procter191311914 age 6 months
B S Drewerymother of William Procter
Fred Dreweryson of William Procter190611907 age 3 months
Leonard Dreweryson of William Procter190611907 age 3 months
Roland Dreweryson of William Procter190421906 age 1 year 11 months
Eliza Procterwife of William Procter1843711914

456PurdonHannah Agars Purdonfirst name on this monument1851861937id: 1883535041072
Ann Elizabeth Purdon1859891948

457PurdonJames William Purdonfirst name on this monument1850621912id: 1863535021093
Sarah Jane Purdondaughter of James William Purdon1856731929
William Purdonfather of James William Purdon
Sarah Ann Purdonmother of James William Purdon

458PurdonSarah Ann Purdonfirst name on this monument1819891908id: 1903535061073
William Purdonhusband of Sarah Ann Purdon1824911915

459QuashE(lizabeth) A(nn) Quashfirst name on this monument1857521909id: 4863537981077

460RackFlorrie Rackfirst name on this monument1890241914id: 3823536971095
Thomas Rackfather of Florrie Rack
Betsy Rackmother of Florrie Rack

461RackSidney Rackfirst name on this monument190311904id: 3843536991096age 19 months
Betsy Amelia Rack1898121910

462RackThomas Rackfirst name on this monument1851801931id: 3713536871092
Betsy Rackwife of Thomas Rack1858781936

463RainthorpeHenry Rainthorpefirst name on this monument1848591907id: 1293534451079
Fanny Rainthorpewife of Henry Rainthorpe1850811931

464RaithbyJohn Raithbyfirst name on this monument1837561893id: 58835389710741
Rose Raithby1840721912

465RanshawJohn Thomas Ranshawfirst name on this monument1850551905id: 3563536721071
Mary Ann Ranshawwife of John Thomas Ranshaw1849751924

466RaperDorothy Ruth Raperfirst name on this monument1891341925id: 21035352610751nee Dorothy Ruth Proudman, loving sister of William Wilfred Proudman
John Raperhusband of Dorothy Ruth Raper
Amelia Rapermother-in-law of Dorothy Ruth Raper1868631931

467RattanJoseph Rattanfirst name on this monument1878311909id: 3493536651083
Samuel Rattanfather of Joseph Rattan
Mary Rattanmother of Joseph Rattan
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468RawlinsonWilliam Rawlinsonfirst name on this monument1907201927id: 21935353510861
William Rawlinsonfather of William Rawlinson1880851965
Florence Rawlinsonmother of William Rawlinson1882671949
George Rawlinson1891691960

469ReadKate Charles Readfirst name on this monument1867441911id: 1813534971072

470ReaderGertrude Readerfirst name on this monument1881481929id: 223533391071
Arthur Readerhusband of Gertrude Reader

471ReynoldsHarriet Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1841561897id: 5233538341078
Edward Reynoldshusband of Harriet Reynolds1841771918

472RichmanAlfred Richmanfirst name on this monument1868231891id: 63635394310691
Mary Jane Gairmother of Alfred Richman1840551895

473RichmondAnnie Richmondfirst name on this monument1859551914id: 12735344310801
Arthur Richmondhusband of Annie Richmond

474RiggallFlorrie Riggallfirst name on this monument1896251921id: 1413534571082
Charles Riggallbrother of Florrie Riggall1889211910
Joseph Riggallfather of Florrie Riggall
Eliza Riggallmother of Florrie Riggall

475RiggallH Riggallfirst name on this monument1883351918id: 1983535141068Military gravestone

476RiggallThomas Edward Riggallfirst name on this monument1879281907id: 1723534881074
Annie Maria Riggallwife of Thomas Edward Riggall

477RileyEmma Rileyfirst name on this monument1872461918id: 2613535771069
Harry Rileyhusband of Emma Riley1869521921

478RisingThomas Isaac Risingfirst name on this monument1883711954id: 235331910711
Thomas R Risingson of Thomas Isaac Rising1909691978 Not shown on image
Agnes Gerrude Risingwife of Thomas Isaac Rising1886881974

479RobbinsArthur Alfred Robbinsfirst name on this monument1858461904id: 35435367010851
Laura L Counte1900621962
Raphael Counte1893881981
Sarah Ann Parker1871651936
Phyllis Ella Pearson1921862007

480RobertsFrederick Robertsfirst name on this monument1872221894id: 5983539061068who on 8 December 1893 fell from his engine and got his legs crushed and died from the effects 9 January 1894
John Robertsfather of Frederick Roberts
Margaret Robertsmother of Frederick Roberts1840601900

481RobertsMoses Robertsfirst name on this monument1901id: 1523534681075
Norah Tomlinsongrand daughter of Moses Roberts1911241935
Annie Eliza Robertswife of Moses Roberts1908

482RobinsonAsenath Robinsonfirst name on this monument1832611893id: 57035387910671
Edwin Robinsonhusband of Asenath Robinson1832651897

483RobinsonEdward Robinsonfirst name on this monument1847451892id: 6283539351092
John Edward Robinsonson of Edward Robinson1885311916 died of wounds received in action
Eliza Ann Robinsonwife of Edward Robinson1857371894

484RobinsonElizabeth Robinsonfirst name on this monument1853801933id: 15435347010672
Christopher Robinsonhusband of Elizabeth Robinson1853541907

485RobinsonFlorence Robinsonfirst name on this monument1889171906id: 3363536521072age 16 1/2
T D Robinsonfather of Florence Robinson
M A Robinsonmother of Florence Robinson

486RobinsonGeorge Robinsonfirst name on this monument1881251906id: 3293536451077
John Martin Allison1885491934
Frances Ellen Robinsonwife of George Robinson

487RobinsonJames Robinsonfirst name on this monument1874331907id: 46835378010701
Phyllis Robinsondaughter of James Robinson190221904 age 21 months
James Robinsonfather of James Robinson
Thirza Robinsonmother of James Robinson
Betsy Robinsonwife of James Robinson
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488RoeElsie Roefirst name on this monument1861491910id: 4623537751092
George Amos Roehusband of Elsie Roe

489Rose-RichardsonFred Rose-Richardsonfirst name on this monument1886251911id: 3533536691072
Tom Rose-Richardson1878681946

490Rose-RichardsonFrederick Rose-Richardsonfirst name on this monument1850631913id: 1643534801069
Sarah Ann Rose-Richardsonwife of Frederick Rose-Richardson1854771931

491RouseHenry James Rousefirst name on this monument1878601938id: 7435339011081
Lionel Leslie Rouseson of Henry James Rouse1911181929 Born July-September 1911, Milton, Kent, England.
Edith Beatrice Rousewife of Henry James Rouse1884781962 Born 5 April 1883 (1939 Register) OR 1884 (GRO Index), Milton, Kent, England. Married Henry James Rouse 1903, Milton Registration District, Kent, England.

492RouthJoyce Routhfirst name on this monument1920211941id: 903534061102
Hubert Willie Routhfather of Joyce Routh1894781972
Ethel Routhmother of Joyce Routh
Annie M Barratt1908541962
Ernest Barratt Husband of Annie M

493RowbothamR Rowbothamfirst name on this monument1917id: 1243534401076Military gravestone

494RoweFrederick Thomas Rowefirst name on this monument190931912id: 693533851091age 2 years 11 months
Walter Charles George Rowebrother of Frederick Thomas Rowe191021912 age 2 years 6 months - Surname and relationship uncertain-not stated.
Frederick Rowefather of Frederick Thomas Rowe
Ann Marion Rowemother of Frederick Thomas Rowe
Annie Marjorie May Rowesister of Frederick Thomas Rowe191341917
Rose Marion Rowesister of Frederick Thomas Rowe190431907 age 2 years 2 months

495RowellRobert Rowellfirst name on this monument1823671890id: 60835391510861
Eliza Rowellwife of Robert Rowell1824821906

496RowsonCharles Rowsonfirst name on this monument1937id: 20535352110721
Kenneth Rowsonson of Charles Rowson1922211943 Killed in action
Harriet Rowsonwife of Charles Rowson1955

497RushbyDoris Rushbyfirst name on this monument1905231928id: 5633538731070

498RussellJane Ann Russellfirst name on this monument1901461947id: 333533491073
Harry Russell1901771978

499SandersBlott Sandersfirst name on this monument1859541913id: 7735339310892
John Henry Sanders Not shown on image, john Henry sanders is also son of Blott sanders he died in 1938
Walter Sandersson of Blott Sanders1893231916
Elizabeth Sanderswife of Blott Sanders1862731935

500SandersGorman Sandersfirst name on this monument190821910id: 29935361510951age 1 year 7 months
Sidney Sandersfather of Gorman Sanders
Agnes Sandersmother of Gorman Sanders

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