Scartho Road (21-24 29-32 37-40 45-48 53-56 61-64 69-72) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

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1AbbottEthel Abbottfirst name on this monument1884461930id: 2363535521083
John James Abbotthusband of Ethel Abbott1880811961

2AbbottThomas Abbottfirst name on this monument1874391913id: 43533211077

3AbbottWilliam Henry Abbottfirst name on this monument190511906id: 3453536611101age 10 months
Arthur Albert Abbottbrother of William Henry Abbott190661912 age 5 1/2
John James Abbottfather of William Henry Abbott
Ethel Abbottmother of William Henry Abbott

4AblardEliza Ablardfirst name on this monument1842541896id: 5173538281085
Joseph Stother Ablardhusband of Eliza Ablard1842571899

5AllenAlice Ann Allenfirst name on this monument1825871912id: 16335347910811
George Allenhusband of Alice Ann Allen1823901913

6AllenSilas Allenfirst name on this monument1870441914id: 30635362210892
Albert Edward Allenson of Silas Allen1898461944 Interred in Iceland
Ann Maria Allenwife of Silas Allen1870771947

7AllenbyJohn Allenbyfirst name on this monument1873421915id: 3403536561075
Lucy Allenbywife of John Allenby1877791956

8AllingtonHannah Maria Allingtonfirst name on this monument1850571907id: 723533881087
Clifford Septimus Pettman190341907 age 3 years 4 months - Son of J W and M A Pettman
J W Pettman
M A Pettman

9AllingtonRobert Allingtonfirst name on this monument1849751924id: 2593535751091
Hannah Allingtonwife of Robert Allington1861791940

10AlwardFlorence Kate Alwardfirst name on this monument1875301905id: 3353536511068

11AndersonBetsy Ann Andersonfirst name on this monument1864451909id: 2783535941081
Charles William Coxbrother-in-law of Betsy Ann Anderson
Charles Andersonfather of Betsy Ann Anderson
Sarah Andersonmother of Betsy Ann Anderson
Emily Sarah Coxsister of Betsy Ann Anderson

12AndersonThomas John Andersonfirst name on this monument1855531908id: 2303535461069Very worn-age from burial records.

13AndrewsCaroline Andrewsfirst name on this monument1821721893id: 5953539031071

14AnfieldEmma Anfieldfirst name on this monument1863591922id: 2553535711075
Thomas Richard Anfieldhusband of Emma Anfield1861771938
Ada Marie Anfield1899361935

15AnguishGeorge B Anguishfirst name on this monument1873221895id: 4913538031073

16AnsonTom Smith Ansonfirst name on this monument1911id: 37935369410873
Emily Newstead Anson1924 Wife of Tom Smith Anson

17ApplebyEmma Agusta Applebyfirst name on this monument1851561907id: 413533571081
Edward Applebyhusband of Emma Agusta Appleby1844781922

18AshbridgeBenjamin Ashbridgefirst name on this monument1842701912id: 39335370810771
Eliza Ashbridgewife of Benjamin Ashbridge1843791922

19AslingMary Aslingfirst name on this monumentid: 1473534631074
William Aslingwife of Mary Asling

20AtkinJoseph Dales Atkinfirst name on this monument1859501909id: 543533701075

21AtkinsSarah Atkinsfirst name on this monument1868411909id: 103533271070

22AtkinsonAlice Wood Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1871211892id: 6323539391088
Frederick Atkinsonfather of Alice Wood Atkinson
Betsey Atkinsonmother of Alice Wood Atkinson

23AtkinsonLily Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1896221918id: 5843538931085
A H Atkinsonfather of Lily Atkinson
N Atkinsonmother of Lily Atkinson
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24BaconHenry Baconfirst name on this monument1920id: 3313536471075
Mary Ann Baconwife of Henry Bacon1937

25BaconThomas Baconfirst name on this monument1853601913id: 11435343010892
Elizabeth Baconwife of Thomas Bacon1858671925

26BakerJane Grieves Bakerfirst name on this monument1881281909id: 1053534211084

27BakerJohn Edward Bakerfirst name on this monument191021912id: 863534021067age 2 years 6 months
Edward Bakerfather of John Edward Baker
Maria Bakermother of John Edward Baker

28BakerWilliam Walter James Bakerfirst name on this monument1894241918id: 28535360110771
Edward Bakerfather of William Walter James Baker
Maria Amelia Bakermother of William Walter James Baker

29BallAnnie Ballfirst name on this monument1882311913id: 123533291089
James Hardy Ballhusband of Annie Ball

30BarberMarion Barberfirst name on this monumentid: 213533381068

31BarkerAnn Barkerfirst name on this monument1860531913id: 1653534811068
William Barkerhusband of Ann Barker

32BarkerEliza Barkerfirst name on this monument1832601892id: 5713538801070
Henry Richard Barkerhusband of Eliza Barker1829841913

33BarkerWilliam Barkerfirst name on this monument1834621896id: 5023538131070

34BarnesFrank Thomas Barnesfirst name on this monument1864761940id: 2513535671115
Alice Mabel Barnes1869901959
Florence Mabel Barnes1901451946
Frank Gordon Barnes1899171916 Killed in action

35BartonAnn Bartonfirst name on this monument1828611889id: 5563538661073Badly worn stone
C E Bartonhusband of Ann Barton

36BarwoodThomas Frank Barwoodfirst name on this monument1884281912id: 1443534601069
Emily Beatrice Barwoodwife of Thomas Frank Barwood

37BassettFrances D Bassettfirst name on this monument190471911id: 1203534361075

38BatemanHelen Batemanfirst name on this monument1876301906id: 3423536581109
Kitty Batemandaughter of Helen Bateman1897251922
Angus Batemanhusband of Helen Bateman

39BeacockMartha Sophia Beacockfirst name on this monument1849481897id: 5803538891070
Alfred Beacockhusband of Martha Sophia Beacock1851681919

40BeacockWilliam Vertican Beacockfirst name on this monument1887231910id: 4013537161073
Alfred Beacockfather of William Vertican Beacock

41BeasleyT W Beasleyfirst name on this monument1842721914id: 1483534641078
Elizabeth E Beasleywife of T W Beasley1845761921

42BeckworthMary Beckworthfirst name on this monument1840711911id: 383533541075
James Beckworthhusband of Mary Beckworth

43BeelSylvia Daisy Beelfirst name on this monument190501905id: 3953537101084age 6 months
Harold Bartholemew Beelbrother of Sylvia Daisy Beel190361909
John Beelfather of Sylvia Daisy Beel
Georgina Beelmother of Sylvia Daisy Beel

44BeelsJohn Beelsfirst name on this monument1833571890id: 62135392810891
Caroline Beelswife of John Beels1836701906

45BeldingElizabeth Ann Beldingfirst name on this monument1860461906id: 163533331075
John W Beldinghusband of Elizabeth Ann Belding1858621920

46BellAlice Bellfirst name on this monument1866741940id: 5343538451071
Fanny Belldaughter of Alice Bell1894461940
Fred Bellhusband of Alice Bell1861851946
Ann Elizabeth Bell1892831975
Fred Bellson of Alice Bell1904121916
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47BellJames William Bellfirst name on this monument1884211905id: 3553536711076

48BellJohn Bellfirst name on this monument1921912012id: 5443538541081
Elizabeth Belldaughter of John Bell
John Bellfather of John Bell1890751965
Eliza Bellmother of John Bell1884471931
Mavis Bellwife of John Bell

49BellSarah Jane Bellfirst name on this monument1866511917id: 4003537151111
Albert Bellhusband of Sarah Jane Bell

50BelsomAnn Belsomfirst name on this monument1836601896id: 5093538201073
James Thomas Belsomhusband of Ann Belsom1843651908

51BeltMary Beltfirst name on this monument1849631912id: 2933536091075
Alice Wilsonsister of Mary Belt1848631911

52BenhamJane Benhamfirst name on this monument1831821913id: 2843536001090
Samuel Starling Warnerson of Jane Benham1859771936

53BensonClara Agnes Bensonfirst name on this monument1869701939id: 4353537501094
A Benson
Constance Edna Benson189951904 Daughter of J and A Benson
J Benson

54BerkemanHenry Berkemanfirst name on this monument1832641896id: 4963538071070
Rebecca Berkemanwife of Henry Berkeman1833801913

55BettsIsaiah Bettsfirst name on this monument1842661908id: 38335369810821
Susannah Bettswife of Isaiah Betts1843871930

56BinghamArthur Binghamfirst name on this monument191001910id: 4503537651099age 12 weeks
Albert Binghambrother of Arthur Bingham1905111916
G Binghamfather of Arthur Bingham
E Binghammother of Arthur Bingham

57BinghamMatthew Binghamfirst name on this monument1836731909id: 1873535031094
Matthew Charles Bingham1863661929
H E Plumtree Husband of Ruth
Ruth Plumtree1859651924

58BirdSydney Birdfirst name on this monument1875161891id: 55735386710672who meet with his death under most sad circumstances”

59BlackbournAnn Blackbournfirst name on this monument1821721893id: 5723538811076
Mary Blackbourndaughter-in-law of Ann Blackbourn
Henry Blackbournhusband of Ann Blackbourn1816671883
Charles Blackbournson of Ann Blackbourn1864411905

60BlanchflowerMary Elizabeth Blanchflowerfirst name on this monument1845691914id: 1493534651079
Benjamin H Blanchflowerhusband of Mary Elizabeth Blanchflower

61BlowMary Blowfirst name on this monument1853611914id: 1103534261071
William Blowhusband of Mary Blow1855751930

62BloyceJames Bloycefirst name on this monumentid: 3913537061071
Emma Susannah Bloyce

63BocockLuther Bocockfirst name on this monument1868371905id: 34335365910773
John Bocockfather of Luther Bocock
Susannah Hobson Pickeringmother of Luther Bocock1834851919

64BodsworthThomas Bodsworthfirst name on this monument1825781903id: 57835388710781
Elizabeth Bodsworthwife of Thomas Bodsworth1840691909

65BoltonEmma Boltonfirst name on this monument1854591913id: 1433534591069
William Boltonhusband of Emma Bolton
William Boltonson-in-law of Emma Bolton1881321913

66BonnettMartha Bonnettfirst name on this monument1844541898id: 5083538191068died on the Great Central Railway at Barnetby 17 October 1898
John Bonnetthusband of Martha Bonnett
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67BraceWilliam Henry Bracefirst name on this monument192511926id: 1363534521075
William A Bracefather of William Henry Brace1884671951
Kate Bracemother of William Henry Brace

68BrackenburyHariet Brackenburyfirst name on this monument1816751891id: 5463538561081

69BradfordElizabeth Bradfordfirst name on this monument1844681912id: 33435365010781
Job Bradfordhusband of Elizabeth Bradford1846771923

70BrahamHannah F Brahamfirst name on this monumentid: 4393537541083
Polly Surfleet

71BriggsGertrude Briggsfirst name on this monument1899121911id: 3613536771073
J R Briggsfather of Gertrude Briggs
E Briggsmother of Gertrude Briggs

72BrittonRichard Elijah Brittonfirst name on this monument1874491923id: 2623535781077
Minnie Isabel Phillipsson-in-law of Richard Elijah Britton1932
Helena Alberta Brittonwife of Richard Elijah Britton1872791951

73BrocklesbyJohn William Brocklesbyfirst name on this monument1861481909id: 4693537811088
William Thomas Brocklesby1884431927
Catherine Brocklesbywife of John William Brocklesby

74BromfiledPercy George Bromfiledfirst name on this monument1911id: 3323536481070cross broken in several pieces

75BromleyMary Bromleyfirst name on this monument1842631905id: 2683535841074Face badly eroded.Forename from burial records
John Bromleyhusband of Mary Bromley1842741916

76BrookbankWilliam Alfred Brookbankfirst name on this monument1890271917id: 10135341710901Killed in action
Albert Edward Dean190921911
Eliza Dean Mother of Albert Edward
Willie Brookbankson of William Alfred Brookbank191711918 age 17 months
Eliza Brookbankwife of William Alfred Brookbank

77BrooksHenry Emerson Brooksfirst name on this monument1837731910id: 32235363810711

78BrothwellAda Mary Brothwellfirst name on this monument1876131889id: 58235389110781
William Brothwellfather of Ada Mary Brothwell
Annie Brothwellmother of Ada Mary Brothwell

79BrownArthur James Brownfirst name on this monument1885311916id: 31835363410731Killed in action
Edith Gertrude Browndaughter of Arthur James Brown191001910 age 1 month

80BrownElizabeth Louisa Brownfirst name on this monument1876521928id: 4803537921070
James Maybrother of Elizabeth Louisa Brown1887161903
Christopher Brownhusband of Elizabeth Louisa Brown1876311907 lost at sea off S.S.Rowena

81BrownJoseph Major Brownfirst name on this monument1844521896id: 5363538471075
Sarah Brownwife of Joseph Major Brown1846641910

82BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monumentid: 6123539191078
Mary Brownwife of William Brown

83BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1837751912id: 1833534991083
Betsy Brownwife of William Brown1834851919

84BrownWilliam Cartwright Brownfirst name on this monument1852381890id: 54335385310751

85BrownlowHarriet Brownlowfirst name on this monument1838761914id: 1503534661079
Charles Brownlowhusband of Harriet Brownlow

86BrumptonThomas Brumptonfirst name on this monument1844621906id: 2913536071075

87BrunyeeArthur Brunyeefirst name on this monument191111912id: 873534031072age 17 months

88BrusbyEmily Brusbyfirst name on this monument1879271906id: 27035358610673

89BryantAlfred Albert Bryantfirst name on this monument1850581908id: 19135350710781
Hannah Bryantwife of Alfred Albert Bryant1852731925

90BrydgesHarry Brydgesfirst name on this monument189971906id: 133533301074age 6 years 8 months
John Ernest Brydgesfather of Harry Brydges
Frances Brydgesmother of Harry Brydges
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91BurnettSarah Burnettfirst name on this monument1846451891id: 5943539021075

92BurrowsHannah Burrowsfirst name on this monument1832791911id: 3193536351069
George Burrowshusband of Hannah Burrows of Newton Solney Burton-on-Trent

93BurtWilliam Thomas Burtfirst name on this monument1869411910id: 3093536251071
Edith Burtwife of William Thomas Burt1884301914

94BurtonByron Burtonfirst name on this monument192621928id: 2003535161074
Sidney Burtonfather of Byron Burton
Ivy Burtonmother of Byron Burton

95BurtonIda F M Burtonfirst name on this monument191101911id: 993534151088age 2 months
Fred Burtonfather of Ida F M Burton
Ada Burtonmother of Ida F M Burton

96BushGeoffrey William Bushfirst name on this monument191101911id: 263533421074age 7 months
William Bushfather of Geoffrey William Bush
Annie Bushmother of Geoffrey William Bush

97ButlerCharles Butlerfirst name on this monument1837601897id: 51535382610741
Louisa Butlerwife of Charles Butler1837741911

98BuxtonCharlotte Buxtonfirst name on this monument1868521920id: 23535355110711
Charles Frederick Buxtonhusband of Charlotte Buxton

99BymanPercival D T Bymanfirst name on this monument1872371909id: 36535368110741
Julia Edis Byman1881811962

100CammackRichard Cammackfirst name on this monument1860781938id: 20135351710954Richard Cammock. Died 15 Aug 1938, aged 78, and his wife Charlotte Johnson Cammack. Died 2 January 1951, aged 90. And their son Harold fell in the Somme Battle. Died 1 Jul 1916, aged 20.
Harold Cammackson of Richard Cammack1896201916 Killed in action
Charlotte Johnson Cammackwife of Richard Cammack1861901951

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Scartho Road (21-24 29-32 37-40 45-48 53-56 61-64 69-72) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England.

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