Scartho Road (141-144 146-151) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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901PrattElizabeth Prattfirst name on this monument1894691963id: 68134844710931
James William Pratthusband of Elizabeth Pratt1891781969

902PrattJoseph W B Prattfirst name on this monument1923481971id: 5023482931086
Sarah W Prattwife of Joseph W B Pratt1924832007

903PreciousEvelyn Preciousfirst name on this monument1906651971id: 5003482911083

904PreciousTrevor R Preciousfirst name on this monument1944251969id: 953478861075
Nigel Preciousson of Trevor R Precious
Kathleen Preciouswife of Trevor R Precious

905PressHans Pressfirst name on this monument1923641987id: 1283479191067
Doreen Presswife of Hans Press1934301964

906PrestonE W Prestonfirst name on this monument1971id: 8063485671067Inscription reads:Mr and Mrs E.W. PRESTON reunited October 1971

907PriestmanLily Priestmanfirst name on this monument1886841970id: 59034837310913

908PrikeJohn Prikefirst name on this monument1892661958id: 10543488121073

909ProctorEdward Proctorfirst name on this monument1914441958id: 10663488241083

910ProctorFred Proctorfirst name on this monument1883751958id: 10523488101067

911PughWalter Pughfirst name on this monument1879851964id: 5753483611078

912PullenSidney Pullenfirst name on this monument1907491956id: 105934881711031late R.S.M. 2nd Batt. E.Yorks Regt
Harold Pullenbrother of Sidney Pullen
Ron Pullenbrother of Sidney Pullen
Ivy Pullensister of Sidney Pullen

913RadleyJohn Radleyfirst name on this monument1894771971id: 5423483321116

914RalphMargaret Joan Ralphfirst name on this monumentid: 2473480381079Also Diane d.1963 aged 5 1/2 weeks

915RamsdenHenry Ramsdenfirst name on this monument1895731968id: 59834838010791
Emily Mary Ramsdenwife of Henry Ramsden1897741971

916RamsdenRichard Ramsdenfirst name on this monument1971id: 3103481011072

917RamsdenWilliam Henry Ramsdenfirst name on this monument1898681966id: 117034892610702
Charlotte Ramsdenwife of William Henry Ramsden1906751981

918RandsArrand Randsfirst name on this monument1964id: 3023480931075
Rose Rands1974

919RaperFrank Raperfirst name on this monument1899641963id: 6463484191073
Mary Ann Rapermother of Frank Raper1902771979

920RawlinsonTom Rawlinsonfirst name on this monument1905641969id: 963478871072
Ivy Rawlinsonwife of Tom Rawlinson

921RaworthWalter Raworthfirst name on this monument1904641968id: 2223480131075
Eric James Fox1928661994
Ethel Alice Raworthwife of Walter Raworth1909881997

922RaynardJohn Raynardfirst name on this monument1897711968id: 16234795310692

923RaynerGeorge William Raynerfirst name on this monument1895681963id: 57734836310761
Gwendoline Brooks1948522000
Roy Brooks Husband of Gwendoline

924RaynhamHenry William Raynhamfirst name on this monument1906541960id: 9523487101069

925RaynhamHenry William Raynhamfirst name on this monument1906541960id: 9523496381070

926RaynhamThora Eileen Raynhamfirst name on this monument1911481959id: 9523487091068

927ReaGladys Reafirst name on this monument1908561964id: 53234832210861
Alexander Reahusband of Gladys Rea1903731976

928ReayRonald David Reayfirst name on this monument1920441964id: 1253479161073
Gladys Violet Reaywife of Ronald David Reay1922832005

929ReddingJoan Reddingfirst name on this monument1919431962id: 74934851110942
Ernest Edward Reddinghusband of Joan Redding1916581974

930RedfordErnest Redfordfirst name on this monument1883781961id: 10833488411070
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931ReesRonald Reesfirst name on this monument1888741962id: 7513485131093
Alma Reesdaughter-in-law of Ronald Rees1913721985
Ronald Reesson of Ronald Rees1913671980
Beatrice Gertrude Reeswife of Ronald Rees1889771966

932ReeveHenry Wilfred Reevefirst name on this monument1904621966id: 4783482691074Forenames from earlier stone records.
Gladys Reevewife of Henry Wilfred Reeve1912811993

933RendallMargaret M Rendallfirst name on this monument1911491960id: 8633486231081

934RenshawWilliam Renshawfirst name on this monument1893681961id: 8613486211081

935RevellTom Revellfirst name on this monument1957id: 90134865810701

936RevillBeth Revillfirst name on this monument1915781993id: 12803490181076
George Revill1911851996

937RevillIan Craigen Revillfirst name on this monument1941261967id: 11983489521074

938ReynoldsWilliam Henry Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1891801971id: 793478701078
Edith May Reynoldswife of William Henry Reynolds1906841990

939RhodesMargaret Ann Rhodesfirst name on this monument1896651961id: 72634849010741

940RichardsonCharles William Richardsonfirst name on this monument1911601971id: 2003479911070
Edith Richardsonwife of Charles William Richardson1912711983

941RickettsMary Elizabeth Rickettsfirst name on this monument1896611957id: 8003485611067

942RiggallAlfred Riggallfirst name on this monument1883781961id: 9673487251069

943RileyArthur Rileyfirst name on this monument1897661963id: 5403483301101
Mary Ann Rileywife of Arthur Riley1897661963

944RileyFlorence Emily Rileyfirst name on this monument1965id: 1883479791069
James Reginald Riley1986

945RobertsJohn Henry Robertsfirst name on this monument1905601965id: 34463490691068
Syvia Cowie1933661999
Polly Mary Jane Robertswife of John Henry Roberts1903891992

946RobertsSidney Charles Robertsfirst name on this monument1904671971id: 3133481041077
David Robertsson of Sidney Charles Roberts
Jack Robertsson of Sidney Charles Roberts
Sidney Robertsson of Sidney Charles Roberts

947RobertsonAda Katherine Robertsonfirst name on this monument1922401962id: 6893484541084
Donald George Robertsonhusband of Ada Katherine Robertson1921701991

948RobinsonAllen Robinsonfirst name on this monument1938211959id: 95134870810681

949RobinsonEthel Robinsonfirst name on this monument1911541965id: 5283483181074
William Robinsonhusband of Ethel Robinson1910801990

950RobinsonGertrude Miriam Robinsonfirst name on this monument1904621966id: 48234827310772
Ken Robinsonson of Gertrude Miriam Robinson

951RobinsonJoseph Henry Robinsonfirst name on this monument1904581962id: 92734868410701
Jennie Robinsonwife of Joseph Henry Robinson1902811983

952RobinsonMinnie Robinsonfirst name on this monument1891781969id: 3203481111097
Albert Sidney Robinsonhusband of Minnie Robinson1888811969

953RobinsonRonald Robinsonfirst name on this monument1913571970id: 1493479401073

954RobinsonThomas William Robinsonfirst name on this monument1885721957id: 102234878010681
Gladys Lucy Robinsonwife of Thomas William Robinson1894821976

955RoffeeHarold Roffeefirst name on this monument1887711958id: 9063486631074
Alice M Roffeewife of Harold Roffee1892831975

956RogersFred Rogersfirst name on this monument1963id: 4513482421067

957RogersMinnie Elizabeth Rogersfirst name on this monument1960id: 104934880710671Minnie Elizabeth Rogers nee Gibbons, born 14 JUL 1898 in Poplar, London, England. Married Henry Rogers (born 30 Jun 1898) in 1929 in Poplar, London. No known children.

958RolfeElizabeth Rolfefirst name on this monument1876851961id: 10133487711083

959RootsAlice Maud Rootsfirst name on this monument1962id: 10803488381068

960RowbothamReginald Rowbothamfirst name on this monument1905651970id: 5493483371084
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961RuddFanny Elizabeth Ruddfirst name on this monument1896731969id: 5143483051089

962RushbyFred Rushbyfirst name on this monument1887711958id: 109734885510752
Alice May Rushbywife of Fred Rushby1890851975

963RushbyGeorge Richard Rushbyfirst name on this monument1894771971id: 62234840110991
Peggy Doredaughter of George Richard Rushby1924872011
Isobel Rushbywife of George Richard Rushby1984

964RushbyMargaret Rushbyfirst name on this monument1878781956id: 7623485231077
Francis James Rushby1873901963

965RushbyRobert Rushbyfirst name on this monument1884731957id: 7373485001083
Edith Emily Rushbywife of Robert Rushby1893931986

966RussellFlorence Russellfirst name on this monument1901591960id: 107034882810712
John William Russell1903611964

967RussellMarie Ellen Russellfirst name on this monument1906641970id: 863478771069
Charles William Russell1906711977

968RyanIvy Ryanfirst name on this monument1890791969id: 5933483761077
Ivy Elizabeth Starkdaughter of Ivy Ryan1916771993 Assume daughter.Numerals not clear
Alfred Ryanhusband of Ivy Ryan1891821973
Joseph Richard Starkson-in-law of Ivy Ryan1911641975 Numerals not clear

969SadlerRobert B Sadlerfirst name on this monument1878801958id: 97634873410912
Lena Sadlerwife of Robert B Sadler1885781963

970SaltGeorge Hetta Saltfirst name on this monument1893671960id: 79434855510863
Robert Edward Salthusband of George Hetta Salt1890731963

971SampsonLeonard Sampsonfirst name on this monument1902611963id: 3523481431068
Annie Sampson1905721977

972SampsonLucy Sampsonfirst name on this monument1896901986id: 803478711080
James Sampsonhusband of Lucy Sampson1896741970

973SamsonGeorge William Samsonfirst name on this monument1885841969id: 1553479461079
Rosa Samsonwife of George William Samson1892861978

974SandersGeorge Thomas Sandersfirst name on this monument1887741961id: 9213486781069
Lily Sanderswife of George Thomas Sanders1887771964

975SandersonHarry Sandersonfirst name on this monument1902641966id: 1773479681079
Rose Alexandra Sandersonwife of Harry Sanderson1901661967

976SandfieldElizabeth Sandfieldfirst name on this monument1890791969id: 5563483441078
Frank Sandfieldhusband of Elizabeth Sandfield

977SanigarMaisie Sanigarfirst name on this monument1931331964id: 12734791810671
Henry Sanigarhusband of Maisie Sanigar
Michael Sanigarson of Maisie Sanigar
Steven Sanigarson of Maisie Sanigar

978SarbuttMaude Sarbuttfirst name on this monument1899681967id: 4703482611077

979SaxtonAlbert V Saxtonfirst name on this monument1891661957id: 94234869910721
Alice G Saxton1892771969

980ScaifeAlbert W Scaifefirst name on this monument1886801966id: 1753479661074
Elizabeth Scaifewife of Albert W Scaife1894891983

981ScalesMargaret Rose Scalesfirst name on this monument1962id: 7213484851079
William Scalesson of Margaret Rose Scales1973

982ScrimshawRoland Jack Scrimshawfirst name on this monument1920431963id: 3503481411071

983ScuffhamLucy Ann Scuffhamfirst name on this monument1876821958id: 8393485991075

984SeagerPhyllis Seagerfirst name on this monument1917571974id: 34053490331070
Herbert Seagerhusband of Phyllis Seager1926731999

985SeatonFrank Seatonfirst name on this monument1877841961id: 10023487601072

986SedmanFlorence Sedmanfirst name on this monument1967id: 66334843110741
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987SedmanWilliam Harold Sedmanfirst name on this monument1899651964id: 12934792010681
Lily Sedmanwife of William Harold Sedman1903901993

988SeedDorothy Seedfirst name on this monument1913461959id: 7393485021074

989SelbyNellie Selbyfirst name on this monument1897701967id: 4723482631074
Robert Allan Selbyhusband of Nellie Selby1893761969

990SelfWilliam G Selffirst name on this monument1897711968id: 16734795810711
Maggie K Self1893761969

991SellarsJoseph Charles Sellarsfirst name on this monument1916461962id: 10443488021072
Rose Ellen Sellarswife of Joseph Charles Sellars1921862007

992ShanksterIvy Annie Shanksterfirst name on this monument1900771977id: 116134891710681

993SharlotteArnold Sharlottefirst name on this monument1911551966id: 17834796910721
Mary Ellen Sharlottewife of Arnold Sharlotte1913621975

994SharpeAnthony Sharpefirst name on this monument1940191959id: 80734856811051
Janice Maria Sharpedaughter of Anthony Sharpe
Rebecca Sharpesister of Anthony Sharpe

995SharpeMabel Sharpefirst name on this monument1892781970id: 341534904311246
Percy Sharpehusband of Mabel Sharpe1882901972

996SharpeOlga May Sharpefirst name on this monument1908591967id: 11693489251070

997ShawCharlotte Ann Shawfirst name on this monument1887801967id: 2253480161081
Joseph Marron Shawhusband of Charlotte Ann Shaw1886821968

998ShawDavid Patrick Shawfirst name on this monument1919741993id: 11513489071075
Kye Steven Pagegrand son of David Patrick Shaw1981131994 Age uncertain-could be 10

999ShawGladys Shawfirst name on this monument1905631968id: 3263481171070
William Shawhusband of Gladys Shaw1906861992

1000ShearerElizabeth Shearerfirst name on this monument1912591971id: 23477941068
Frederick Shearer1908661974

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Scartho Road (141-144 146-151) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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