St Peter's Church burial ground, Osmotherley, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AlderRichard Alderfirst name on this monument1834691903id: 2873449741074

2AldersonThomas Aldersonfirst name on this monument1704771781id: 323
(4 images)
Sarah Aldersonwife of Thomas Alderson1715771792

3AppletonAnne Appletonfirst name on this monument1835431878id: 373448121081
Richard Appletonhusband of Anne Appleton of Walk Mill Osmotherly

4BakerThomas Bakerfirst name on this monument1820581878id: 293448041067
Margaret Bakerwife of Thomas Baker1828561884

5BeecroftH Beecroftfirst name on this monumentid: 1334478310671914 - 1919 Roll of Honour

6BeethamJohn Beethamfirst name on this monument1801721873id: 453448191066of West Harsley
Mary Beethamwife of John Beetham1804771881

7BellwoodJohn Bellwoodfirst name on this monument1744631807id: 3034480510793
Elizabeth Bellwooddaughter of John Bellwood1776811857
John Bellwoodson of John Bellwood1799561855
Robert Bellwoodson of John Bellwood1777821859
Sarah Bellwoodwife of John Bellwood1767831850

8BirdMary Birdfirst name on this monument1800571857id: 2913449771066

9BlandHannah Blandfirst name on this monument183971846id: 1013448621068
Harry Blandbrother of Hannah Bland13
Mark Blandfather of Hannah Bland
Hannah Blandmother of Hannah Bland

10BlandJohn Blandfirst name on this monument1795631858id: 1783449001065
George Blandson of John Bland1825291854
Sarah Blandwife of John Bland1793821875

11BoanasRalph Boanasfirst name on this monument1779501829id: 23434493610751died at Sierra Leone; Africa
Ann Boanas
John Boanas
Joseph Boanas year and age not clear

12BourneAlfred Bournefirst name on this monument1863371900id: 250
(2 images)

13BovilleJane Bovillefirst name on this monument1899id: 274
(2 images)
3449651070age not clear
Matthew Bovillehusband of Jane Boville

14BovilleMary Bovillefirst name on this monument185321855id: 277
(2 images)
Matthew Bovillefather of Mary Boville1800791879
Sarah Bovillemother of Mary Boville1815431858

15BovilleMatthew Bovillefirst name on this monumentid: 102
(2 images)
3448631072year and age not clear

16BovilleMatthew Bovillefirst name on this monument1801771878id: 113447761068
Sarah Bovillefirst wife of Matthew Boville1815431858
Jane Bovillesecond wife of Matthew Boville1819801899

17BovilleWilliam Bovillefirst name on this monument1845561901id: 252
(2 images)
Jane Bovillewife of William Boville1843521895

18BradleyJane Bradleyfirst name on this monument1722571779id: 1283448751073
John Bradleyhusband of Jane Bradley1730911821 age not clear 91?

19BrownCamilla Brownfirst name on this monument1790801870id: 1743448961065
James Brownhusband of Camilla Brown

20BrownJames Brownfirst name on this monument1771671838id: 1733448951073curate of the parish for 21 years then vicar for 10 years

21BulmerHenry Bulmerfirst name on this monumentid: 833448501084Year and age eroded away

22BulmerJane Bulmerfirst name on this monument1849id: 853448511075Age eroded away

23BulmerJohn Bulmerfirst name on this monument1788701858id: 23634493810801
Elizabeth Bulmerwife of John Bulmer1788671855

24BulmerJohn Bulmerfirst name on this monument1828341862id: 207
(2 images)
3449181079year 1862? age 34? Not clear
Mary Bulmer1849301879 age not clear 30?
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25BulmerRobert Bulmerfirst name on this monument1762471809id: 23934494110771
Mary Bulmerwife of Robert Bulmer1775821857

26BulmerRobert Bulmerfirst name on this monument1811221833id: 24034494210941
James Bulmerbrother of Robert Bulmer1832381870 died at Middlesbrough
John Bulmerbrother of Robert Bulmer1813341847
John Bulmerfather of Robert Bulmer
Elizabeth Bulmermother of Robert Bulmer

27BulmerWilliam Bulmerfirst name on this monument1816551871id: 23834494010681

28BurdonMargaret Burdonfirst name on this monument1740701810id: 703448411065
Thomas Burdonhusband of Margaret Burdon1746681814

29BurdonThomas Burdonfirst name on this monument51id: 803448471065Year eroded away

30BurgessWilliam Clere Burgessfirst name on this monument1803371840id: 15
(2 images)
Charlotte Burgessdaughter of William Clere Burgess183821840
Saliza Burgessdaughter of William Clere Burgess1830101840
Susan Burgessdaughter of William Clere Burgess183461840
William Clere Burgessson of William Clere Burgess183641840

31BusbySamuel Busbyfirst name on this monument1739571796id: 149
(2 images)
3448821067year not clear 1796?

32ChapmanMary Rachel Chapmanfirst name on this monument185711858id: 1273448741071
David Chapmanfather of Mary Rachel Chapman1817561873 of Ellerbeck
Elizabeth Chapmanmother of Mary Rachel Chapman

33ChiltonH Chiltonfirst name on this monumentid: 1334478410681914 - 1919 Roll of Honour

34ChristonMary Christonfirst name on this monument1827421869id: 18634490310761
Jane Christondaughter of Mary Christon185521857
Mary Christondaughter of Mary Christon185231855
John Christonhusband of Mary Christon
Henry Christonson of Mary Christon1857
James Christonson of Mary Christon186271869

35ChristonR Christonfirst name on this monumentid: 1334478510671914 - 1919 Roll of Honour

36ClaridgeHarriet Jane Claridgefirst name on this monumentid: 434477210832
Richard William Christopher Peirsefather of Harriet Jane Claridge Of Thimbley Hall and Hutton Bonville
Henry John Claridgehusband of Harriet Jane Claridge

37ClarkAnnie Clarkfirst name on this monument1858191877id: 2103449201065
James Clarkfather of Annie Clark of Green Hill
Esther Clarkmother of Annie Clark
Helen Clarksister of Annie Clark died in Infancy

38ClarkJames Clarkfirst name on this monument1819611880id: 2043449161065
Esther Clarkwife of James Clark1831691900

39ClarkJames Clarkfirst name on this monument1779711850id: 2093449191065
Mary Clarkdaughter of James Clark1836151851

40ClarkRichard Clarkfirst name on this monument1786741860id: 2113449211068
Esther Clarkdaughter-in-law of Richard Clark
Richard Clarkgrand son of Richard Clark1861 Son of Richard and Esther
James Clarkson of Richard Clark of Green Hill
Mary Clarkwife of Richard Clark1785841869

41CloseEdwin Closefirst name on this monument187091879id: 503448231066
John Closefather of Edwin Close of Thimbleby
Rebecca Closemother of Edwin Close1833661899

42CloughAnn Cloughfirst name on this monument183251837id: 2883449751069
William Cloughhusband of Ann Clough

43CoatesElizabeth Coatesfirst name on this monument1832id: 221
(2 images)
34492810693Age hidden below ground level
John Coatesfather of Elizabeth Coates
Eleanor Coatesmother of Elizabeth Coates
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44CoatesGeorge Coatesfirst name on this monument1779621841id: 22334492910651

45CoatesMary Coatesfirst name on this monument1813411854id: 2243449301065
David Coateshusband of Mary Coates
Fanny Papesister of Mary Coates1821341855

46CornforthA Cornforthfirst name on this monumentid: 1334478610671914 - 1919 Roll of Honour

47CornforthJohn Cornforthfirst name on this monument1824641888id: 30034498210712
Hannah Cornforthwife of John Cornforth1830831913

48CornforthMary Cornforthfirst name on this monument1767761843id: 2843449711068
John Normanbrother of Mary Cornforth of Ellerbeck
Joseph Cornforthhusband of Mary Cornforth of Chapel Ash; Wolverhampton; Staffordshire

49CoulsonAnn Coulsonfirst name on this monument181661822id: 6434483510711
Joseph Coulsonbrother of Ann Coulson182131824
William Coulsonbrother of Ann Coulson1832201852
Joseph Coulsonfather of Ann Coulson
Jane Coulsonmother of Ann Coulson
Ann Coulsonsister of Ann Coulson1824

50CoulsonJoseph Coulsonfirst name on this monument1786781864id: 6334483410651
Jane Coulsonwife of Joseph Coulson1788761864

51CowperJoseph Cowperfirst name on this monument1793721865id: 201
(2 images)
Elizabeth Jane Cowperwife of Joseph Cowper1790831873

52CowperWilliam Cowperfirst name on this monument1792631855id: 202
(2 images)
Mary Cowperwife of William Cowper1796591855

53CowtonJohn Cowtonfirst name on this monument1764571821id: 2703449621066Farmer
Elizabeth Cowtonwife of John Cowton1760641824

54CowtonThomas Cowtonfirst name on this monument1803621865id: 2713449631065
Mary Cowtonwife of Thomas Cowton1804831887 died at Northallerton

55CrothW Crothfirst name on this monumentid: 13344778106711939 - 1945 Roll of Honour

56DennisAnn Dennisfirst name on this monument181961825id: 8234484910721
Bartholomew Dennisfather of Ann Dennis
Jane Dennismother of Ann Dennis
Esther Dennissister of Ann Dennis1853 age eroded away
Jane Dennissister of Ann Dennis182871835

57DennisRobert Dennisfirst name on this monument1832111843id: 17634489810661
Thomas Dennisfather of Robert Dennis
Mary Dennismother of Robert Dennis

58DennisonElizabeth Dennisonfirst name on this monument1846id: 903448551068Age eroded away
Elizabeth Dennisonmother of Elizabeth Dennison

59DennissBartholomew Dennissfirst name on this monument1804781882id: 8134484810671extra s in Denniss is on stone
Jane Dennisswife of Bartholomew Denniss1800821882

60DibbleThomas Stephen Dibblefirst name on this monument1812561868id: 10034486110691
Hannah Alice Dibbledaughter of Thomas Stephen Dibble1849561905
Alfred William Dibbleson of Thomas Stephen Dibble1842451887 Eldest son; died in Chicago USA
Sarah Dibblewife of Thomas Stephen Dibble1822811903

61DibbleWilliam Dibblefirst name on this monument1755761831id: 9634485810771
John Dibbleson of William Dibble1785461831 died in the United States of America
William Dibbleson of William Dibble1794231817
Ann Dibblewife of William Dibble1856 age eroded away

62DobsonWilliam Dobsonfirst name on this monument1779501829id: 2633449571065
Ursula Dobsonwife of William Dobson1780651845

63DobsonWilliam Dobsonfirst name on this monument1814661880id: 2643449581065
Jessie Dobsongrand daughter of William Dobson died in Infancy
Mary Dobsonwife of William Dobson1824611885
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64DoddsEsther Doddsfirst name on this monument1759761835id: 2863449731074

65DuckAnn Duckfirst name on this monument1788241812id: 24334494510691
Robert Kingfather of Ann Duck
Thomas Duckhusband of Ann Duck
Ann Kingmother of Ann Duck

66DuckGeorge Duckfirst name on this monument1747491796id: 24434494610764
Ann Stellingdaughter of George Duck42 age not clear 18??
Dolley Wrightdaughter of George Duck1795591854
Christopher Stellingson-in-law of George Duck
Thomas Wrightson-in-law of George Duck
Mary Duckwife of George Duck1775801855

67DuckRobert Duckfirst name on this monument1810id: 24234494410711died in Infancy
George Duckbrother of Robert Duck1811 died in Infancy
Thomas Duckbrother of Robert Duck1812 age not clear
Thomas Duckfather of Robert Duck
Ann Duckmother of Robert Duck

68DuckThomas Duckfirst name on this monument1714941808id: 23734493910715
Thomas Hallgrand son of Thomas Duck1763391802
Hannah Duckwife of Thomas Duck1795 age eroded away

69FallWilliam Fallfirst name on this monument185011851id: 184
(2 images)
William Fallfather of William Fall
Isabella Fallmother of William Fall1823591882

70FawcettThomas Fawcettfirst name on this monument1720771797id: 13334487610722wifes details not clear

71FinklellJoseph Finklellfirst name on this monument1790651855id: 2453449471066

72FlintoffAnn Flintofffirst name on this monument1767741841id: 1693448921066
John Flintoffgrand son of Ann Flintoff1820301850
William Flintoffwife of Ann Flintoff1768821850

73FlintoffJohn Flintofffirst name on this monument1806861892id: 163
(2 images)
Mary Flintoffwife of John Flintoff1819731892

74FogginJames Fogginfirst name on this monument1723721795id: 29634497910725
Elizabeth Foggindaughter of James Foggin1767441811
Eleanor Fogginwife of James Foggin

75FordWilliam Fordfirst name on this monumentid: 138
(2 images)
3448781065details hidden below ground
Henry Jones Fordfather of William Ford

76FowlerThomison Fowlerfirst name on this monument1776401816id: 2463449481067
Isabella Finklelldaughter of Thomison Fowler
Charles Finklellgrand son of Thomison Fowler183821840
Cuthbert Fowlerhusband of Thomison Fowler1781661847
John Finklellson-in-law of Thomison Fowler

77FoxtonParthenia Foxtonfirst name on this monument1819301849id: 873448531068
Ellen Foxtondaughter of Parthenia Foxton died in Infancy
Helen Foxtondaughter of Parthenia Foxton1846
John Foxtonhusband of Parthenia Foxton

78GarbuttElizabeth Garbuttfirst name on this monument1776id: 155
(2 images)
34488510671age not clear
John Garbutt57 year not clear

79GarbuttJohn Garbuttfirst name on this monument1780701850id: 18834490510672

80GarbuttRoger Garbuttfirst name on this monument1737621799id: 26234495610652
Mary Garbuttwife of Roger Garbutt1796 age not clear

81GibsonElizabeth Fanny Gibsonfirst name on this monument1856201876id: 2663449591066
Arthur Gibsonhusband of Elizabeth Fanny Gibson

82GreggR Greggfirst name on this monumentid: 1334478110691914 - 1919 Roll of Honour
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83GrenwoodWilliam Grenwoodfirst name on this monumentid: 160
(2 images)
3448871068year and age not clear
Ellin Grenwoodwife of William Grenwood year and age eroded away

84HallElizabeth Hallfirst name on this monument1810721882id: 3023449841065
George Hallhusband of Elizabeth Hall1829681897

85HallJames Hallfirst name on this monument1820811901id: 292
(2 images)

86HallJohn Hallfirst name on this monument1788781866id: 165
(2 images)
Margaret Halldaughter-in-law of John Hall
Mary Hallgrand daughter of John Hall1833161849
Thomas Hallson of John Hall
Jane Hallwife of John Hall1793741867

87HardbottleMary Hardbottlefirst name on this monument179981807id: 2413449431071
Jonathan Hardbottlefather of Mary Hardbottle
Raohell Hardbottlemother of Mary Hardbottle
Hannah Hardbottlesister of Mary Hardbottle180581813

88HarrisonJohn Harrisonfirst name on this monument1875id: 226
(3 images)
3449321066Stone badly eroded rest of names not clear

89HaynesRobert Haynesfirst name on this monumentid: 179
(5 images)
3449011073no year given
Elizabeth Haynes90 no year given
Robert Haynes78 no year given
William Haynes58 no year given

90HolmesWilliam Holmesfirst name on this monument1834id: 753448451069rest of details below ground level

91HuntonJohn Huntonfirst name on this monument1761821843id: 663448371067
Mary Huntonwife of John Hunton1766771843

92HuntonMartha Huntonfirst name on this monument1765181783id: 10634486510702
John Huntonfather of Martha Hunton
Martha Huntonmother of Martha Hunton

93HuntonMary Huntonfirst name on this monument1738751813id: 7134484210682
William Huntonhusband of Mary Hunton1726851811
Thomas Huntonson of Mary Hunton of Carlisle had the stone erected

94HutchinsonFred Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument187151876id: 2323449341072
John Harrison Hutchinsonbrother of Fred Hutchinson187461880
William Hutchinsonbrother of Fred Hutchinson187511876
Edward Hutchinsonfather of Fred Hutchinson
Jane Hutchinsonmother of Fred Hutchinson

95HutchinsonJ Hutchinsonfirst name on this monumentid: 1334478710661914 - 1919 Roll of Honour

96IansonRobert Iansonfirst name on this monument1783621845id: 19934491310681
Elizabeth Iansonwife of Robert Ianson1780651845

97JeffersonEdgar Jeffersonfirst name on this monumentid: 278
(2 images)
3449671069year and age not clear
Cornelious Jeffersonfather of Edgar Jefferson

98JenisonCharles Jenisonfirst name on this monument1779311810id: 2573449541066
William Jenisonfather of Charles Jenison1737861823
Catharine Jenisonmother of Charles Jenison year and age hidden below ground

99JonesLenitia Jonesfirst name on this monumentid: 260
(3 images)
3449551074dates missing stone broken
Henry Joneshusband of Lenitia Jones1818741892

100KayElizabeth Kayfirst name on this monument1750351785id: 14834488110701
Elizabeth Kaydaughter of Elizabeth Kay178161787
John Kayhusband of Elizabeth Kay

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Peter's Church burial ground, Osmotherley, Yorkshire, England.

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