Pere Lachaise (Pt1) Cemetery, Paris, France

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1AlkanRosette Alkan1820id: PPLCahenMont3297461102
Robert Blond1938271965
Lise Blum1900 d 197? - Wife of Edgar Blum
Célina Cahen1826901916 Wife of Mayer Cahen
Henry Cahen1846711917
Marie Cahen1852891941 Wife of Henry Cahen
Mayer Cahen1824891913 Born in Ennery
Ernest Emerique1867811948
Marthe Emerique1875571932 Wife of Ernest Emerique
Leopold Mantoux1824841908 Born in Nancy
Rosine Mantoux1830801910 Wife of Leopold Mantoux
Hélène Rossano1901921993

2BeclardPierre Auguste Beclard1735901825no image3297881084Pierre-Augustin Beclard was professor of anatomy and chief surgeon at the Pitié Hospital in Paris. He is credited with introducing new amputative and surgical practices. His biography can be found on the following link:
Jacqueline Beclard1908811989
Jules Beclard1847621909
Marguerite d'Harcourt1884801964 Wife of Raoul d'Harcourt
Raoul d'Harcourt1879911970
Simone Dalimmier1904962000
Jules Auguste Beclard1817701887 Jules-Auguste Beclard was professor of physiology at the Paris Medical faculty; and author of a classic work pn human physiology. His biography can be found on the following link:

3BomselLéon Bomsel1864271891id: PPLBomsel3297451092
(widow) Bomsel1872901962 Wife of Edouard Bomsel
Arthur Salomon Bomsel1863551918
Clemence Bomsel1843831926
Edouard Bomsel1860781938
(widow) Levy1858871945 Wife of Moïse Levy

4BoullayFelix Polydore Boullay1807281835id: PPLBoullay3297671100
Pierre Edouard Adrien182841832
Marie Jeanne Boullay1765751840
Pierre Eugene Boullay1803441847
Pierre François Guillaume Boullay1777921869

5ChevalierPierre Paul Antoine Chevalier1775641839id: PPLChevPet3297741323
Edme Adelaïde Chevalier1783671850
Marie Edme Genevieve Chevalier1816581874
Sophie Adelaïde Fournier1805801885
(widow) Petron1774681842
Auguste Théophile Petron1806501856
Pierre Petron1771601831
Louis Alexandre Petron-Chevalier1808651873
Paul Alexandre Thomas Petron-Chevalier183921841

6CoulsonJohn Coulson1787721859no image3297371101Born in Dublin
Elizabeth Strean Coulson1808721880 Concert pianist. Left £13000 to the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin.
Anne Coulson1843

7de Chabrol-ChaméaneGaspard Claude François de Chabrol-Chaméane1740761816id: PPLChabCham3297751091Royalist member of the 'Etats Généraux' at the start of the Revolution; rewarded for his loyalty by King Louis XVIII at the restoration.
Marie-laure de Brimont1808561864 Wife of Vicomte Arthur de Brimont
Anne de Chabrol-Chaméane1832
François Ernest de Chabrol-Chaméane1802871889
François Gaspard de Chabrol-Chaméane1821701891
Marie de Chabrol-Chaméane184341847
Antoine Joseph de Chabrol-Chaméane1770891859 Gentleman of the Bedchamber to King Charles X

8de RossiAnge Pascal de Rossi1787571844id: PPLDeRossi3297531119Rossi was Corsican by birth; and may have been related to the Bonapartes. His military career was developed under the protection of Jérôme Bonaparte; who was appointed king of Westphalia by his brother Napoléon. Rossi served principally in Westphalia. His sister married the Prince of Salm-Salm.
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9de Salm-DyckConstance Marie de Salm-Dyck1767781845id: PPLConSalDyck3297781086Constance de Théis was a noted poet and society hostess. After divorcing her first husband; in 1803 she married the Comte de Salm-Dyck; who was raised to the rank of Prince by the King of Prussia in 1816. From 1809 she was the host of a renowned literary and artistic salon at her mansion in Paris.

10de SlizienConstance de Slizien1841id: PPLDeSlizien3297611086Polish aristocrat

11DuchauffourMarie Ernestine Duchauffour1808421850id: PPLDuchComb3297731093
Elie Amable Combe1788811869
Alexandre Alfred Duchauffour1805671872
Théodose Dieudonnée Combe1790771867 Wife of Elie Combe
Dieudonné Alfred Ernest Duchauffour1856221878 Died in Rio de Janiero
Louis Emile Duchauffour1830511881
Levillain1848771925 Wife of Léon Levillain
Yvonne Levillain1967 Wife of Fernand Levillain

12DuquesneP A Flore Duquesne1806611867id: PPLBrabant13297701079
François Brabant1770811851 Born in Valenciennes
Théophile Duquesne1824321856 Born in Valenciennes
F C J Brabant1780711851

13DuretFrancisque Joseph Duret1804611865id: PPLDuretCot13297811099Sculptor; son of the sculptor Francis-Joseph Duret
Cécile Clementine Duret1817771894
Gabriel Jean Guy Patin1880
Marie Gabrielle Patin1855251880
Pierre Auguste Cot1837481885 Artist

14FouldBerr Léon Fould1767881855no image32974410901
Violette Fould1801191820
Adèle Fould1809301839 Born in Bamberg. Wife of Louis Fould
Helena Fould1799921891 Wife of Benoit Fould. Born in Cologne
Benoit Fould1792661858
Louis Fould1794641858
Charlotte Fould1766521818 Born in Bamberg

15GuetAnna Ernestine Laetitia Guet1831441875id: PPLGuet1
(2 images)
Georges Gaston Gabriel Guet1866701936 Government architect
Jean Paul Georges Guet1896801976
Marie Marguerite Guet1875871962
Paul Emile Guet1830731903
Raymond Georges Henri Guet1897471944 Naval administrator. Member of the French Resistance in World War Two in the Descamps cell in Northern France. Guet was deported and died in captivity with the other members of the cell. The leader; Descamps; was beheaded by the Nazis.
Jean Pilloy1974
Paule Marie Pilloy1901911992
Charles Ernest Valentin1881
François Constant Valentin

16GuilleminotArmand Charles Guilleminot1774661840id: PPLGuilleminot13297851090Joined the army in 1790; and was noticed by Napoléon at the battle of Medino del Seco in 1808 when he was promoted to Brigade General; and then full General in 1813. He served widely in Napoléon's European campaigns; and in 1815 was chief of staff to Napoléon's Minister of War during 'the Hundred Days'. He continued in high command after the Restoration; and was French ambassador to Constantinople. He is mentioned by Victor Hugo in 'Les Misérables'.
Augustine Hortense Humann1849 Wife of Jules Emile Humann; Finance Minister 1832-1837; who is buried in a separate family grave in the same cemetery.
Aimée Adrienne Guilleminot1777801857 Daughter of Baron Jean Louis Joseph de Fernig. Her brother was also a general close to Napoléon and his circle.

17HahnemannSamuel Hahnemann1755881843id: PPLHahnemann32978210861Born and educated in Germany where he qualified as a doctor; Hahnemann is recognsied as the inventor of homeopathy.

18HerauxJean Baptiste Heraux1761851846id: PPLHeraux3297511081
Victoire Heraux1775841859

19HussonPierre Arsène Denis Husson1767761843id: PPLPHusson3297771087Husson was the second husband of the noted French artist Jeanne Elisabeth Chaudet née Gabiou (1767-1832). He was born in Arras; and was a cousin of the architect Théodore Brongniart; also buried in this cemetery. He was also the archivist to the king. He donated many of his wife's works to his native town.

20IcardJacques Icard1778681846no image3297551086
M J Henriette Icard1784781862

21KiefferJean Daniel Kieffer1767661833id: PPLKieffer3297691093Kieffer began his career as an interpreter for the revolutionary committees; and was attached to the French Embassy in Constantinople in 1796; where he was imprisoned during Napoleon's invasion of Egypt. From 1818-1829 he was interpreter for oriental languages for king Louis XVIII. He was also Vice-President of the Asiatic Society; and author of a Franco-Turkish dictionary. He was a leading French Protestant Revivalist.

22LabatJean Labat1766601826id: PPLJLabat3297631107Merchant; born in Bordeaux

23LacosteJean Baptiste Lacoste1792461838id: PPLLacosteMat3297581104
Jeanne Antoinette Zoé Mathieu1820831903 Wife of Auguste Mathieu
Josephine Mechtilde Lacoste1797811878
Albert Mathieu1846541900
Jeanne J Marie Paule Mathieu1853681921 Wife of Albert Mathieu
Maxime Mathieu1856241880
Auguste Mathieu1814641878 Member of the Assemblée Nationale for the Corréze
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24LahureLouis Auguste Lahure1775771852id: PPLLahure13297571087Municipal councillor for Paris
Felix Alexis Lahure1888841972
Marie Fortune Lahure1817261843 Wife of Charles Auguste Lahure
Marie Anne Etiennette Lahure1782781860

25LaneLouisa Emma Lane1827201847id: PPLLouLane3297381072

26LégerLouis Léger1774861860id: PPLLegGourd3297801077
Marie Palmyre de Gourdon1810891899
Adolphe de Gourdon1796761872 Comander of Rochefort in 1827; and later commander of the French Algerian fleet in 1855.

27LevyHector Levy1848591907id: PPLLeoMich3297411093
Monique 1918761994
René Hayem1874701944
Alice Levy1874361910
Raoul Levy1880851965
Berthe Michel1865531918
Léonce Michel1856751931

28LotAnne Mathilde Antoinette Jeanne Lot185971866id: PPLLot3297681084
Delphine Jeanne Mathilde Lot186961875
François Joseph Raymond Lot187491883
Gabriel Lot1858911949
Henriette Mathilde Jeanne Marguerite Lot1867 age 5 months
Mathilde Lot1838851923 Wife of Alfred Lot
Thomas Alfred Lot1828821910

29MarronPaul-henri Marron1754781832id: PPLMarron13297711083Born in Leyden in Holland to a French Hugenot family; Marron was the Protestant Chaplain to the Dutch Embassy in Paris from 1782. From 1791 until his death in 1832; he was the pastor of the first state-approved Protestant church in Paris; and then of the Oratoire du Louvre; still the most important French Protestant church. He was arrested twice during the revolution for clandestine baptisms and marriages; and imprisoned once.

30MartinJean Baptiste Martin1771841855id: PPLJBMartin3297641085Battalion chief of the 22nd Foot Regiment in Napoleéon's Grand Army.
Anne Marie Raphaële Martin1782931875

31Massieu de ClervalEugène Massieu de Clerval1780581838id: PPLEugMassieu3297831070Son of Samuel Massieu de Clerval of Le Havre; arms dealer and brother of Rear-Admiral Auguste Massieu de Clerval also buried in a separate grave in the same cemetery. Eugene was a cousin of the Mallet banking family buried in this cemetery; and his family belonged to the same French Protestant social circle.
Jeanne Adèle Martin d'André1791871878 Born in Geneva; when her father fled the revolution. Daughter of Claude Martin; Censor of the Bank of France 1810-1825. Her brothers were also bankers in Paris and St Petersburg.

32MayerPierre Gaston Mayer1884301914id: PPLLyonCaen3297401123Lawyer. Killed in action; World War One
Arnaud Lyon-Caen1930812011
Claude G Lyon-Caen1909341943 Wife of François Lyon-Caen
Dominique Lyon-Caen1932421974
François Lyon-Caen1905391944 Lawyer. Died in deportation.
Anna Mayer1858651923 Wife of Gaston Mayer
Gaston Mayer1849711920 Lawyer

33MeyerStéphanie Meyer1818681886id: PPLCahenMey3297501093Wife of Alix Meyer
Anna Cahen1832691901 Wife of Nathan Cahen
Georges Alix Cahen1875181893
Nathan Cahen1836731909
Josephine Fribourg1832621894 Wife of Isidore Fribourg
(widow) Meyer1859711930 Wife of Paul Meyer
Armand Meyer1851361887
Paul Meyer1857601917

34MilosavijevicMiodrag Milosavijevic1917832000id: PPLMilosav3297591092Commander of the Royal Guard and the palace police for King Peter II of Serbia. Died in exile in Paris.

35MoutonRenée Mouton1883281911id: PPLMouton13297721099Wife of Felix Mouton
Felix Mouton1876921968
Henriette Mouton1848711919 Wife of J.Mouton
Madeleine Mouton1906942000 Wife of Pierre Mouton
Maria Mouton1921731994 Wife of Roger Mouton
Pierre Mouton1903521955
Yolande Mouton1883951978 Wife of Felix Mouton
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36PapillonJeanne Bibiane Papillon1816id: PPLPapillon3297491101
Etienne Papillon1819
Adelaïde Bibiane Julie Caroline Audebrand1851
Marie Audebrand1891
Philibert Audebrand1906
Anna Caroline Jeanne Julien1837
Angelique Bibiane Legros1857
Léon Etienne Eugene Legros1835
Pierre Legros1875

37PeltierPierre Adolphe Peltier1820571877id: PPLPierrePeltier32976611011Battalion chief; Army Engineers
Adelaide Emelie Henriette Lefebure1793671860
Suzanne de Tanlay1905962001
Alice Grand1878981976
Edward Paillet1889511940
Barbe Céline Peltier1823781901

38PetietAnne Françoise Guillemette Petiet1761691830id: PPLPetiet3297841101Wife of Claude-Louis Petiet; Minister of War 1796-1797; briefly arrested before being appointed a member of the State Council and general intendant of Napoléon's army and a member of the Senate in 1806. Claude Petiet was buried in the Panthéon on the personal order of Napoléon.
Isidore Eugenie de Colbert1788811869 Wife of General Alphonse de Colbert-Chabanais; a distinguished Napoleonic general who rallied to the emperor in 1815 when he was supposed to halt his progress. He continued in high army command after the Restoration.
Pierre François Alexandre Claude Petiet1782531835 Held several high offical posts under Napoléon; and after the Restoration was appointed Director of Army Supplies.

39PetitAbigail Delphine Petit1823321855id: PPLPissarro3297871096
Joseph Isaacson1857
Camille Pissarro1830731903 The Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painter Pisarro of Portugese jewish descent is considered the father figure of Impressionism and Post-impressionism. He lived and worked in South London for several years following the Franco-Prussian War in 1871. He married his mother's maid; and his wife is also buried in this family grave. His full biography and family background can be found on the followng link:
Frédéric Abraham Gabriel Pissarro1802631865
Joseph Gabriel Pissarro1787711858
Julie Pissarro1838881926
Paulémile Pissarro1884881972
Rachel Pissarro1795941889 Wife of Frédéric Pissarro

40PicardLouis André Henri Picard1780651845id: PPLPicard3297891078Merchant and banker
Maurice Eugene André Ernest Picard1864281892
Eugene Arthur Picard1825731898 Lawyer; newspaper editor; and member of the French parliament from 1876-1885. His biography in French can be found on the following link:
Louis Joseph Ernest Picard1821561877 Ernest Picard was a lawyer; newspaper editor (with his brother) and Left-wing politician who wqs finance then interior minister from 1870-1871. He later became ambassador in Brussels before becoming a life senator in the French Parliament. His biography can be found on the following link:
Louise Galathée Picard1802761878 Born in Point-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe. Further details in French concerning the Picard family can be found on the following link:

41PidoJacques Pido1775481823id: PPLPidoPer13297561094Uncle; born in Villette in Piedmont
Joseph Dominique Bozzi1850211871 Born in Villette in Piedmont
Jean Baptiste Peretti1796551851 Born in Finero in Piedmont
L? Peretti1800451845
Paule Marie Peretti1829951924 Born in Villette in Piedmont
Jacques Pido1826181844 Nephew; born in Villette in Piedmont
Jean Antoine Pido1776761852 Uncle; born in Villette in Piedmont
Marguerite Pido1778481826

42RoguinCatherine Sophie Josephine Roguin1771741845id: PPLRoguin3297541109Husband of Marc Roguin (paymaster general of Napoléon's army; and then the navy); and daughter of Felix Defosse.
Caroline de la Martinière1821361857 Wife of Rubens Mignot de la Martinière
Jean Baptiste André Firino1779891868 Paymaster for Napoléon's armies
Sophie Caroline Firino1795701865
Thérèse Charlotte Fanny Fortier1799491848 Wife of Felix Nicolas Fortier

43RosenstielHenri Charles Rosenstiel1751741825id: PPLRosenstiel3297651091Publicist at the Foreign Ministry
Louise Dorothée Rosenstiel1752821834

44RozierE Rozier1842id: PPLRozier3297521095
Catherine Georgenthum1825791904
J Joly1868
J F Joly1867
Marie Héloïse Joly1885
J Rougier1862
(widow) Rozier1849
(widow) Rozier1836681904
Achille Etienne Rozier1827691896
E Rozier1874
J B Rozier1873
M Rozier1884
Pierre Emile Rozier1833861919
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45SaffersJean Emile Saffers1830541884id: PPLSaffers13297601090
Elisabeth Virginie Philippine Saffers1804771881
Eugenie Saffers1852711923 Wife of Charles Saffers
Jeanne Elisa Virginie Saffers1835261861

46SandifordWilliam Thomas Sandiford1763571820no image3297391092Youngest son of Rev.Rowland Sandiford; Vicar of Christ Church Newgate St London. Formerly attached to the Bombay garrison where he was Persian interpreter to the governor; Gen.Abercromby.
Andrew Sandiford Ramsey1790471837 From Leamington; Warwickshire in England
Mary Sandiford1764701834

47SaussinePierre Hippolyte Léon Saussine1835801915id: PPLSaussine3297621079
E Saussine1812781890
J F Saussine1773741847
Marguerite Saussine1770751845
Pierre Saussine1761811842
Pierre Hippolyte Saussine1800641864

48SchwabSimon Schwab1808421850id: PPLSchwab3297421099
Eva Allmayer1845751920
Georges Schwab1876911967
Marguertie Schwab1888841972 Wife of Georges Schwab
Moïse Schwab1839791918
Raymond Schwab188211883
Nanette Schwab1810781888

49SegondGenvieve Françoise Esther Segond1805201825id: PPLRobillard3297471122
Marie Moreaux1773871860
Jeanne Rose Genevieve Nivet1786551841
Marie Anne Victoire Petit1760781838
Augustin Robillard1784661850
Augustin Henry Robillard184281850
Casimir Albert Robillard1839601899
Casimir Théodore Robillard1786751861
Eulalie Clothilde Robillard1844141858
Henry Augustin Robillard1830111841
Jacques Casimir Robillard1755721827
Marie Antoinette Robillard1910321942
Rose Robillard1808871895 Wife of Augustin Robillard

50SingerAdèle Singer1827id: PPLSinger3297431084
David Singer1846

51StoneJohn Hurford Stone1763551818id: PPLHurStone32978610951Hurford Stone was a British Radical publisher and reformer. He was a member of the British Revolution Society; and moved to France in April 1792. His biography can be found on the following link:

52ThibonLouis Charles Thibon1761761837id: PPLThibon3297761129Member of the Board of Governors of the Bank of France from 1801; Thibon was a Deputy Governor of the Bank from 1806-1833 but was passed over by Napoléon who preferred another candidate for the position of Senior Deputy Governor. In March 1814 he received the Tsar of Russia; then occupying Paris; who guaranteed the safety of the Bank. His daughter Louise Anne married Baron Pierre de Cambacères; the great-nephew of the former Second Consul; Jean-Jacques de Cambacères.
Louise Jeanne Despagne de Chateaubourg1793301823 Her husband was Baron Anne Léonard Camille Basset de Châteaubourg; who served the first Napoléonic régime as prefect and member of several government departments. Her son became the Master of Ceremonies to Napoléon III; beside his uncle; Baron Pierre de Cambacères
Louise Lucie Thibon1826 2nd wife of Baron Thibon; married in 1792; from a wealthy family connected to the Bank of France.

53WormserGeorges Wormser1888901978id: PPLGeoWormser13297481099Georges Wormser was the last director of the private office of Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau. He later became Clemenceau's biographer. He was also president of the Central Jewish Consistory.
Nadine de Karangat1924832007 Wife of Jean de Karangat
Alcide Beleys1887271914 Killed in action at Carnoy on the Somme; fighting with the 69th Infantry Regt.
Marguerite Beleys1856881944
André Maurice Marcel Zivy1879391918 Captain in the 121st Artillery Regt; killed in action at Souain. Cited for bravery in despatches.
Gabriel Zivy1844361880
André Wormser1926822008 André Wormser was a leading member of the Jewish community; taking over many of his father's rôles. He co-founded Wormser Brothers bank in 1958.
Lucie Wormser1888901978

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