St John the Baptist's Church burial ground, Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AbbottThomas Abbottfirst name on this monument1784511835id: 0126
(3 images)
Fanny Abbottdaughter of Thomas Abbott1816191835
Henry Abbottson of Thomas Abbott1818361854
Sarah Abbottwife of Thomas Abbott

2AmosWilliam Amosfirst name on this monument1816561872id: 003026107143
Jane Amoswife of William Amos1817491866

3AppletonMary Appletonfirst name on this monument181011811id: 01452622027
Marmaduke Appletonfather of Mary Appleton
Dorothy Appletonmother of Mary Appleton

4AtackJane Atackfirst name on this monument1788351823id: 0102
(3 images)
Robert Atackhusband of Jane Atack

5AtkinsonCharles Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1789371826id: 018726262151
Elizabeth Atkinsonwife of Charles Atkinson1795351830

6AtkinsonJohn Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1843241867id: 00982617419

7AtkinsonWilliam Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1775581833id: 019226267213
Hannah Atkinsonwife of William Atkinson1773741847

8AuchterlownieJohn Auchterlowniefirst name on this monument1793571850id: 00702614719
Hannah Maria Dawsondaughter of John Auchterlownie1826281854

9BainbridgeRichard Bainbridgefirst name on this monument1799321831id: 12172630518
Thomas Bainbridgefather of Richard Bainbridge

10BainbridgeThomas Bainbridgefirst name on this monument54id: 0217
(6 images)
Ann Bainbridgedaughter of Thomas Bainbridge
James Bainbridgeson of Thomas Bainbridge19
Robert Bainbridgeson of Thomas Bainbridge180971816
Thomas Bainbridgeson of Thomas Bainbridge1805201825

11BakeMargaret Bakefirst name on this monument1783671850id: 00212609816

12BakeThomas Bakefirst name on this monument1750701820id: 00222609981
Sarah Bakedaughter of Thomas Bake1792201812
John Bakeson of Thomas Bake1795221817
Susannah Bakewife of Thomas Bake1760511811

13BalmElinor Balmfirst name on this monument1785671852id: 0186262615
John Balmhusband of Elinor Balm1782871869

14BarkerMary Barkerfirst name on this monument1767811848id: 0016260933

15BarkerRichard Barkerfirst name on this monument1827441871id: 0105261813

16BarlowElizabeth Barlowfirst name on this monument1844id: 0068261456
Luke Barlowhusband of Elizabeth Barlow
William Gallaway

17BarrRachael Barrfirst name on this monument1779751854id: 019626271172
Edward Barrhusband of Rachael Barr1794751869
Jane Dilcockniece of Rachael Barr1811731884

18BeasleyKate Ellen Beasleyfirst name on this monument186821870id: 0027261044
Thomas Beasleyfather of Kate Ellen Beasley
Catharine Beasleymother of Kate Ellen Beasley

19BensonJohn Bensonfirst name on this monument1794791873id: 00282610541
Eliza Bensonwife of John Benson1809721881

20BentleySamuel Bentleyfirst name on this monument1841251866id: 011326189452
Henry Bentleyfather of Samuel Bentley1807801887
Julia Bentleymother of Samuel Bentley1808651873
George Postlethwaite Bentley
Mary Ann Bentleyson of Samuel Bentley183221834
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21BerryElizabeth Berryfirst name on this monument1824521876id: 003726114162
Richard Berryfather of Elizabeth Berry
Mary Berrymother of Elizabeth Berry

22BlandAnn Blandfirst name on this monument1829181847id: 0056261336
George Blandbrother of Ann Bland1838
Elizabeth Blandsister of Ann Bland183671843

23BowesMary Bowesfirst name on this monument1783741857id: 0210
(2 images)

24BradberryCharles Bradberryfirst name on this monument1802551857id: 0061261385

25BradberryCharles Bradberryfirst name on this monument1802551857id: 0097261733

26BradfieldJohn Bradfieldfirst name on this monument1770401810id: 00392611621

27BradleyWilliam Bradleyfirst name on this monument1783841867id: 0067261445

28BramleyElizabeth Bramleyfirst name on this monument1840281868id: 01802625521
Henry Bramleyhusband of Elizabeth Bramley

29BrewertonHellen Brewertonfirst name on this monument1754641818id: 0215262905
John Brewertonhusband of Hellen Brewerton1755901845

30BurgessAnn Burgessfirst name on this monument1811681879id: 0062261395
Margaret Walkersister of Ann Burgess

31BurnistonJohn Burnistonfirst name on this monument1757821839id: 0057
(4 images)
Margaret Burnistondaughter-in-law of John Burniston1784751859
Margaret Burnistongrand daughter of John Burniston1855
Elizabeth Ellwoodgrand daughter of John Burniston1813571870
Richard Ellwoodgrand son-in-law of John Burniston
Stephen Burnistonson of John Burniston1788781866

32BushellThomas Bushellfirst name on this monument1783271810id: 0086
(2 images)

33ButlerMargaret Butlerfirst name on this monument1810561866id: 015426229132
John Butlerhusband of Margaret Butler1815581873

34CalvertJane Calvertfirst name on this monument1807211828id: 017926254121
John Hastings Suttonfather of Jane Calvert1783731856
Hannah Hastings Suttonmother of Jane Calvert1783661849

35CameronDaniel Cameronfirst name on this monument1806341840id: 0168262436
Catherine Cameronwife of Daniel Cameron1807371844

36CaseyMary Ann Caseyfirst name on this monument1820481868id: 0172262478

37CattonMary Cattonfirst name on this monument1844221866id: 01592623481

38CawoodHenry Cawoodfirst name on this monument1804191823id: 01952627021
Benjamin Cawoodfather of Henry Cawood
Hannah Cawoodmother of Henry Cawood
Ann Cawoodsister of Henry Cawood1803231826

39ChapmanChristopher Chapmanfirst name on this monument1792321824id: 0101261779
Alexander Tindall1750731823

40CheapAndrew Cheapfirst name on this monument1781761857id: 0119
(3 images)
Maria Ann Stevensniece of Andrew Cheap1802731875

41CheapEliza Cheapfirst name on this monument1777681845id: 211926307122
Andrew Cheaphusband of Eliza Cheap

42ChippindaleJames Chippindalefirst name on this monumentid: 021826293151
Thomas Chippindalefather of James Chippindale
Rosamond Chippindalemother of James Chippindale

43ClaphamIsabella Claphamfirst name on this monument1770961866id: 001126090152

44ClaytonWilliam Claytonfirst name on this monument1761661827id: 01782625342
Eliza Claytondaughter of William Clayton1813201833
Ann Claytonwife of William Clayton1778571835

45ClemishawGeorge Clemishawfirst name on this monument1847251872id: 00382611519
William Clemishawfather of George Clemishaw
Ann Clemishawmother of George Clemishaw
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46CockerWilliam Cockerfirst name on this monument1800711871id: 0149262247

47CollinsCatherine Collinsfirst name on this monument1816id: 0079
(2 images)
James Collinshusband of Catherine Collins1820

48CollinsEleanor Collinsfirst name on this monument1737751812id: 0076
(3 images)
Thomas Collinsfather of Eleanor Collins
Elizabeth Collinssister of Eleanor Collins77

49CollinsJames Collinsfirst name on this monument1669541723id: 0080
(5 images)
Ann Shatwelldaughter of James Collins
Richard Collinsson of James Collins
Mary Collinswife of James Collins1679441723

50CollinsThomas Collinsfirst name on this monument1630751705id: 0075
(3 images)
Thomas Collins Clark1707811788

51CooperFrancis Cooperfirst name on this monument1772541826id: 0135
(3 images)
George Cooper1802
William Cooperson of Francis Cooper1812171829
Josephine Cooperwife of Francis Cooper1775561831

52CorkerSamuel Corkerfirst name on this monument1803671870id: 0046261233
Jane Corkerwife of Samuel Corker1807641871

53CrakeWilliam Crakefirst name on this monument1777301807id: 0074
(2 images)
Ann Crakewife of William Crake1780381818

54CritchardsonMary Critchardsonfirst name on this monument1816471863id: 0181262563

55CroftElizabeth Croftfirst name on this monument1738691807id: 02092628451
John Crofthusband of Elizabeth Croft
Eliza Croft1804191823
Matthew Croft

56CroftMary Ann Croftfirst name on this monument1797701867id: 003326110161
John Crofthusband of Mary Ann Croft

57CrowtherHenrietta Maria Crowtherfirst name on this monument67id: 01462622161
James Crowtherhusband of Henrietta Maria Crowther

58CurryBella Curryfirst name on this monument1815101825id: 015526230132
Matthew Curryfather of Bella Curry
Mary Currymother of Bella Curry
Mary Currysister of Bella Curry

59DalbyDorothy Dalbyfirst name on this monument1830id: 0204262791
William Dalby1774481822
Peter Dalbywife of Dorothy Dalby1758771835

60DaleEdith Dalefirst name on this monument1778571835id: 0226263014
William Dalehusband of Edith Dale1768781846

61DaltonHannah Daltonfirst name on this monument1779611840id: 00892616546
Henry Daltonhusband of Hannah Dalton1774731847
John Lacelles Gibson1865
Laura Isabel Gibson187011871
Mary Ann Gibson
Thomas Francis Gibson

62DawsonRobert Dawsonfirst name on this monument1781771858id: 0112261881
Mary Dawsonwife of Robert Dawson1771841855

63DearloveJohn Dearlovefirst name on this monument180911810id: 0035261128
Robert Dearlovefather of John Dearlove
Eleanor Dearlovemother of John Dearlove

64DearloveRalph Dearlovefirst name on this monument1791261817id: 01002617611

65DickinsonHannah Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1797221819id: 0213
(4 images)
Charles Dickinsonbrother of Hannah Dickinson
Thomas Dickinsonfather of Hannah Dickinson
Mary Dickinsonmother of Hannah Dickinson1774501824
Ann Ellen Dickinson1830
Ellen Dickinson
Thomas Dickinson
Mary Dickinsonson of Hannah Dickinson
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66DickinsonMary Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1832421874id: 0162262372
Robert Dickinsonhusband of Mary Dickinson1823591882

67DitchJoseph Ditchfirst name on this monument1766871853id: 0122
(2 images)
Elizabeth Ditchwife of Joseph Ditch1760731833

68DodsonHannah Dodsonfirst name on this monument1763421805id: 019126266222
Daniel Dodsonhusband of Hannah Dodson1764721836

69DodsworthMary Ann Dodsworthfirst name on this monument1833351868id: 00242610128
John Dodsworthfather of Mary Ann Dodsworth
Ann Dodsworthmother of Mary Ann Dodsworth

70DrenhamDavid Drenhamfirst name on this monument1785631848id: 02212629642
Jess Drenham
Sweeting Drenham
David Drenhamson of David Drenham1806221828
Elizabeth Drenhamwife of David Drenham1780801860

71DriffieldWilliam Driffieldfirst name on this monument1828561884id: 0065
(3 images)
Catherine Sarah Driffielddaughter-in-law of William Driffield1875791954
Thomas Henry Driffieldson of William Driffield1875831958
Aleida Margaretha Driffieldwife of William Driffield1855841939

72DriverFrederick Driverfirst name on this monumentid: 0094
(2 images)
Charles Driverfather of Frederick Driver
Thomas Dodsworthfather-in-law of Frederick Driver
Hannah Drivermother of Frederick Driver

73DundasElizabeth Dundasfirst name on this monument1765551820id: 0058
(2 images)
James Dundashusband of Elizabeth Dundas

74EdmondsonChristopher Edmondsonfirst name on this monument1783591842id: 02112628628
John Edmondsonson of Christopher Edmondson1794211815

75ElardWilliam Elardfirst name on this monumentid: 0134262098

76EllisonWilliam Ellisonfirst name on this monument1764681832id: 01702624512
Richard Simpsonnephew of William Ellison

77FailJane Failfirst name on this monument1799731872id: 01642623917
M. A. Armstrongemployer of Jane Fail

78FallisJohn Fallisfirst name on this monument1794761870id: 00422611981
Elizabeth Falliswife of John Fallis1796771873

79FallisWilliam Fallisfirst name on this monument1817401857id: 01042618082

80FarnhillRobert Farnhillfirst name on this monument1743641807id: 0144262193
Mary Farnhilldaughter of Robert Farnhill1774181792
Catherine Farnhillwife of Robert Farnhill1740571797

81FawcettSimon Fawcettfirst name on this monument1762671829id: 02122628741
Margaret Fawcettwife of Simon Fawcett1767751842

82FinkleAnn Finklefirst name on this monument1771601831id: 01672624231
George Finklehusband of Ann Finkle1767691836

83FletcherGeorge Fletcherfirst name on this monumentid: 0183
(2 images)
Ann Fletcherwife of George Fletcher1800541854
Mary Fletcherwife of George Fletcher1804331837

84FothergillAnn Fothergillfirst name on this monument1780621842id: 0120
(4 images)
Mary Ackroydniece of Ann Fothergill1813421855
Sarah Fothergillsister of Ann Fothergill1781771858

85FrithThomas Frithfirst name on this monument1814id: 0133262085

86FryerJames Wood Fryerfirst name on this monument180461810id: 0194262693
Charles Fryerbrother of James Wood Fryer1812131825
William Fryerfather of James Wood Fryer1769621831
Dorothy Fryermother of James Wood Fryer
Jane Fryersister of James Wood Fryer
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87GallowayMary Gallowayfirst name on this monument1798741872id: 0160262351

88GarthAnn Garthfirst name on this monument56id: 0184262599
Hannah Garthdaughter of Ann Garth1815261841
John Garthhusband of Ann Garth1778701848

89GassJane Gassfirst name on this monument1812id: 0148
(3 images)
William Gassbrother of Jane Gass1793221815
David Gassfather of Jane Gass
Jane Gassmother of Jane Gass

90GeorgeAnna Georgefirst name on this monument1796811877id: 0227263026

91GibsonMartin Gibsonfirst name on this monument1771201791id: 0214
(5 images)
Martin Gibsonfather of Martin Gibson1741661807
Jane Gibsonmother of Martin Gibson1743661809
William Gibsonson of Martin Gibson1777581835

92GibsonRichard Gibsonfirst name on this monument1797621859id: 0222
(4 images)
William Garlickfather-in-law of Richard Gibson1772891861
Sarah Garlickmother-in-law of Richard Gibson1782551837
Margaret Gibsonwife of Richard Gibson1811571868

93GillRobert Newton Gillfirst name on this monument1845281873id: 0118
(3 images)
Gillson of Robert Newton Gill1872

94GottSarah Gottfirst name on this monument1815491864id: 01032617912
John Gotthusband of Sarah Gott1820551875

95GreenHelen Greenfirst name on this monument1658751733id: 00722614913
Samuel Greenhusband of Helen Green1744

96GreenwoodEmma Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1851221873id: 01532622821
Thomas Greenwoodfather of Emma Greenwood
Sclena Greenwoodmother of Emma Greenwood

97GreenwoodHannah Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1786411827id: 0125262018
John Greenwoodhusband of Hannah Greenwood1785641849
William Greenwoodson of Hannah Greenwood1820

98GregsonFrances Gregsonfirst name on this monument1801651866id: 0117
(2 images)
Thomas Gregsonhusband of Frances Gregson1811651876

99HaigThomas Haigfirst name on this monument1639id: 0124
(2 images)

100HarrisonRachel Harrisonfirst name on this monument1803541857id: 0185262601

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John the Baptist's Church burial ground, Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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