Lawnswood (section Y) Cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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301MurrayAustin Murrayfirst name on this monument1927681995id: DCSF21671069

302NaylorArthur Naylorfirst name on this monument1895481943id: DCSF21531072
Charles Kenneth Naylorson of Arthur Naylor1937481985
Lillian Naylorwife of Arthur Naylor1894961990

303NaylorLeslie Naylorfirst name on this monument1916111927id: DCSF229710871
George Naylorfather of Leslie Naylor1891681959
Hilda Naylormother of Leslie Naylor Date illegibl

304NaylorVictor A Naylorfirst name on this monument1920671987id: DCSF19711072
Nancy Naylorwife of Victor A Naylor

305NevilleRichard Elgie Nevillefirst name on this monument1881611942id: DCSF21131084
Emily Nevillewife of Richard Elgie Neville1878901968

306NeweyWalter John Neweyfirst name on this monument1877701947id: DCSF20821120
Annie Neweywife of Walter John Newey1876711947

307NicholsonJohn Houghton Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1874601934id: DCSF23181104
Madge Nicholsondaughter of John Houghton Nicholson1900531953
Annie Nicholsonwife of John Houghton Nicholson1876801956

308NoutchGeoffrey Noutchfirst name on this monument1930571987id: DCSF226910851
Joan Noutchwife of Geoffrey Noutch

309NutbrownEileen Mabel Nutbrownfirst name on this monument1912731985id: DCSF190110821
Thomas Edward Nutbrownhusband of Eileen Mabel Nutbrown1910861996

310O'BeneyPatrick Terence O'Beneyfirst name on this monument1985id: DCSF18671074

311O'DeaMary Ann O'Deafirst name on this monument1910771987id: DCSF196710991
John O'Deahusband of Mary Ann O'Dea1915781993

312OgdenMary Ogdenfirst name on this monument1908191927id: DCSF22791108
Ashton Ogdenbrother of Mary Ogden190571912
William Ogdenfather of Mary Ogden
Gladys Ogdenmother of Mary Ogden

313OgleyEric Ogleyfirst name on this monument1921611982id: DCSF21951072
Brenda Ogleysister of Eric Ogley1924591983

314OldhamSamuel Henry Oldhamfirst name on this monument1875631938id: DCSF23361074
Alice Oldhamwife of Samuel Henry Oldham1862831945

315OrmerodSamuel Yates Ormerodfirst name on this monument1859661925id: DCSF229010761

316OverthrowHenry Overthrowfirst name on this monument1875491924id: DCSF22911080
Clara Overthrowwife of Henry Overthrow1873651938

317ParkerAda Mary Parkerfirst name on this monument1910751985id: DCSF18951074

318ParkerFred Coulson Parkerfirst name on this monument1857631920id: DCSF23601082Of Headingley
Harry Parkerson of Fred Coulson Parker1880371917 KIA France
Fanny Parkerwife of Fred Coulson Parker1854731927

319ParkerJonathan Parkerfirst name on this monument1958231981id: DCSF18881069Died Bruggen; Germany with RAF

320PeacockFrederick Peacockfirst name on this monument1871501921id: DCSF2366
(3 images)
Alice Gifford Peacockdaughter of Frederick Peacock1893331926
Sarah Ellen Peacockwife of Frederick Peacock1870661936

321PearsonHenry Pearsonfirst name on this monument1900661966id: DCSF21681067
Hilda Mary Pearsonwife of Henry Pearson1915912006

322PearsonWalton Pearsonfirst name on this monument1895691964id: DCSF217010762
Lucy Pearsonwife of Walton Pearson1978 age 8?

323PenistonJane Renton Penistonfirst name on this monument1890521942id: DCSF21121067
Florence Penistondaughter-in-law of Jane Renton Peniston1913821995
Harry Penistonson of Jane Renton Peniston1915751990

324PettyBenjamin Pettyfirst name on this monument1852701922id: DCSF23751087
Lillie Pettywife of Benjamin Petty1856641920
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325PeverellEthel Peverellfirst name on this monument1918751993id: DCSF22321096
Jean Wraydaughter of Ethel Peverell1939732012
Mick Wrayson-in-law of Ethel Peverell

326PhylaktouChristina Phylaktoufirst name on this monument199201992id: DCSF219410809 days

327PincockWilliam Pincockfirst name on this monument1847671914id: DCSF22751070

328PlewsCharles Plewsfirst name on this monument1883921975id: DCSF23231079
Doris Plews1915852000
Maria Plews1884451929

329PlumtreeFrank Edward Plumtreefirst name on this monument1913821995id: DCSF22741066
Joan Plumtreewife of Frank Edward Plumtree1916852001

330PostoyalkoIvan Postoyalkofirst name on this monument1925591984id: DCSF19831082

331PrestageEdward Prestagefirst name on this monument1852621914id: DCSF23331079

332PrideauxElizabeth Prideauxfirst name on this monument1905771982id: DCSF20121073

333RadcliffeTommy Radcliffefirst name on this monument1934531987id: DCSF22701071
David Radcliffeson of Tommy Radcliffe
Marjorie Radcliffewife of Tommy Radcliffe

334RadicDuro George Radicfirst name on this monument1922721994id: DCSF199610961Father of Tony Radic. Father of Angela Radic. Husband of Pauline Winifred Jackson Radic

335RaggGeorge William Raggfirst name on this monument1878681946id: DCSF210010801
Ada Raggwife of George William Ragg1880701950

336RainfordMary Rainfordfirst name on this monument1899861985id: DCSF19001091
John Rainfordhusband of Mary Rainford1898891987

337RamsdenTom Ramsdenfirst name on this monument1857691926id: DCSF2373
(2 images)
Hannah Ramsden1860821942

338RanceAgnes Stella Rancefirst name on this monument1903791982id: DCSF194610881
Alfred Rancehusband of Agnes Stella Rance1900831983

339RatcliffEliza Ratclifffirst name on this monument1875721947id: DCSF21721088
Charles Ratclifffather of Eliza Ratcliff
Martha Ratcliffmother of Eliza Ratcliff
Elizabeth Ratcliff1880721952
John Dockray Ratcliff1866841950

340RaynerRose Ann Raynerfirst name on this monument1910821992id: DCSF22371098
Elma Castle Rayner1911892000

341ReederK S Reederfirst name on this monument1946id: DCSF20491087War Grave

342ReesonGertrude Reesonfirst name on this monument1888941982id: DCSF19911069
Mary Reeson1925571982

343RhodesN W Rhodesfirst name on this monument1944id: DCSF21071066War Grave

344RichtonSidney Richtonfirst name on this monument1853711924id: DCSF22921067
Rachel Harriet Richtondaughter of Sidney Richton1881841965
Sarah Lydia Richtonwife of Sidney Richton1853781931

345RiddellDorothy Riddellfirst name on this monument1944391983id: DCSF19271099
Thomas W Aspinfather of Dorothy Riddell1914691983
Ivy Aspinmother of Dorothy Riddell1911821993
Audrey Richardsonsister of Dorothy Riddell1939551994

346RiderWilliam ? Riderfirst name on this monument1855671922id: DCSF2382
(2 images)
1075Barely legible
Harrier Ellen Rider1853781931

347RidsdaleEmmeline Ridsdalefirst name on this monument1905891994id: DCSF205010781
William Ridsdalehusband of Emmeline Ridsdale1903641967
Christiana Hampshire1866811947

348RipleyK H Ripleyfirst name on this monument1945id: DCSF22951078War Grave RAF LAC

349RobinsonArthur Robinsonfirst name on this monument1876711947id: DCSF20551085
Florence Robinsonwife of Arthur Robinson1879811960
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350RobinsonCharles Robinsonfirst name on this monument1877711948id: DCSF20601068
Charles Robinsonson of Charles Robinson1913301943 Killed on active service
Jane Robinsonwife of Charles Robinson1881891970

351RobinsonJames Albert Robinsonfirst name on this monument1916691985id: DCSF18741067
Lily Robinsonwife of James Albert Robinson1914912005

352RobinsonPeter Robinsonfirst name on this monument1934491983id: DCSF19491071

353RobsonNorma Betty Robsonfirst name on this monument1922701992id: DCSF22581085
Norman Robsonhusband of Norma Betty Robson

354RobsonWilliam Ellum Robsonfirst name on this monument1907781985id: DCSF19081079
Muriel Robsonwife of William Ellum Robson1909861995

355RogersKenneth Rogersfirst name on this monument1924591983id: DCSF19241073
Joan Rogerswife of Kenneth Rogers1926681994

356RookeIrene Donnie Rookefirst name on this monument1925581983id: DCSF21901069

357RoseSarah E Rosefirst name on this monument1859621921id: DCSF23911078
Edwin H Rosehusband of Sarah E Rose1851771928
Harry Hall1883631946

358RosenthallVera Rosenthallfirst name on this monument1921651986id: DCSF22171089

359RossTony Rossfirst name on this monument1934511985id: DCSF18831076

360RutherfordAndrew Rutherfordfirst name on this monument1855651920id: DCSF23491106
Nellie Blanche Rutherforddaughter of Andrew Rutherford1886 Interred Woodhouse Cem.
Nicholas Rutherfordson of Andrew Rutherford1888291917
Hannah Mary Rutherfordwife of Andrew Rutherford1860771937

361RymerMavis Rymerfirst name on this monument1932541986id: DCSF22341077

362ScarlettHarry Scarlettfirst name on this monument1905401945id: DCSF22011084
Alice Scarlett1874751949
Kathleen Scarlettwife of Harry Scarlett1904911995

363ScholesHarry Scholesfirst name on this monument1904601964id: DCSF22531081
Katie Scholesdaughter of Harry Scholes
John Scholesson of Harry Scholes
Annie Scholeswife of Harry Scholes1899931992

364ScholesKatherine Elizabeth Scholesfirst name on this monument1841721913id: DCSF2034
(3 images)
Evelyn Mary Scholesdaughter of Katherine Elizabeth Scholes1871591930
Thomas Scholeshusband of Katherine Elizabeth Scholes1844811925
Alexander James Monahan1877821959
K L Monahan
Katherine Mary Monahan191351918
E F P Scholes
Janet Scholes1870851955

365ScholesKatie Scholesfirst name on this monument1927681995id: DCSF22541091
John Scholeshusband of Katie Scholes

366ScholfieldErnest Scholfieldfirst name on this monument1925id: DCSF23981075
Sarah Jane Scholfieldwife of Ernest Scholfield1950

367ScolesPercy Scolesfirst name on this monument1945id: DCSF21381067
Lily Scolesdaughter of Percy Scoles1908851993
Elizabeth Scoleswife of Percy Scoles1967

368SeamanEmma Seamanfirst name on this monument1877681945id: DCSF20781090
Horace Seamanhusband of Emma Seaman1879861965

369SeedJ Seedfirst name on this monument1905401945id: DCSF20161073War Grave

370SelbyElizabeth Selbyfirst name on this monument1910761986id: DCSF19311080
Arthur Edward Selbyhusband of Elizabeth Selby1915841999

371SeniorMary Elizabeth Seniorfirst name on this monument1929752004id: DCSF20961066
Ronnie Seniorhusband of Mary Elizabeth Senior1927802007
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372SeymourAlfred Clempson Seymourfirst name on this monument1939id: DCSF24051107
Mercy Seymourdaughter of Alfred Clempson Seymour1936
Mary Douglas Seymourwife of Alfred Clempson Seymour1928

373SharpJohn Gordon Sharpfirst name on this monument1917id: DCSF2347
(2 images)
Ada Elizabeth Sharpwife of John Gordon Sharp1952 Cremated Edinburgh

374ShawIvy Elizabeth Shawfirst name on this monument1892371929id: DCSF202510821
Charles Henry Banksfather of Ivy Elizabeth Shaw1856751931
Harold Coulburn Shawhusband of Ivy Elizabeth Shaw
Edith Purslove Banksmother of Ivy Elizabeth Shaw1857761933

375ShawSamuel Shawfirst name on this monument1872741946id: DCSF20731066
Samuel Shawson of Samuel Shaw1914932007
Emily Shawwife of Samuel Shaw1878861964

376ShepherdJohn Shepherdfirst name on this monument1853721925id: DCSF24041083
Ellen Shepherdwife of John Shepherd1857841941

377SicklemoreAnn Sicklemorefirst name on this monument1921id: DCSF23631071

378SilnickasVaclovas Silnickasfirst name on this monument1912731985id: DCSF19111066Born Lithuania

379SitekTadeusz Sitekfirst name on this monument1930571987id: DCSF22521103
Henrietta Sitek1935722007

380SlingerEllan Slingerfirst name on this monument1882631945id: DCSF21871076
Louis Slingerhusband of Ellan Slinger1878771955

381SlingerWalter Lund Slingerfirst name on this monument1903621965id: DCSF218610891
Lilian Slingerwife of Walter Lund Slinger1904841988

382SlingerWilliam Lucas Slingerfirst name on this monument1881701951id: DCSF218210711
Frances Adelaide Slingerwife of William Lucas Slinger1884791963

383SmalleyJoseph Smalleyfirst name on this monument1892581950id: DCSF21751147
Joseph Colin Smalleyson of Joseph Smalley1931631994
William Theodore Smalleyson of Joseph Smalley1919791998
Florence Gertrude Smalleywife of Joseph Smalley1894731967

384SmithAzriah Smithfirst name on this monument1911751986id: DCSF219710871
Serana-jayne Lever1976312007
Annita Lynette Grossett Smithwife of Azriah Smith1919822001

385SmithElizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1866541920id: DCSF20371076
Thomas Smithhusband of Elizabeth Smith
Ada Smith1872591931
Clarence Worth1913751988
Hilda Worth1888761964

386SmithEric Smithfirst name on this monument1913721985id: DCSF18871066

387SmithMary Smithfirst name on this monument1918671985id: DCSF18751075

388SmithMaud Elizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1877671944id: DCSF220810971

389SmithRichard Ernest Smithfirst name on this monument1952id: DCSF19781089
Jessie Winifred Smithwife of Richard Ernest Smith1967

390SnellingWilliam Henry Snellingfirst name on this monument1908771985id: DCSF19041076
Doris Snellingwife of William Henry Snelling1916902006

391SouthThomas H Southfirst name on this monument1876701946id: DCSF22091070
Mary Southwife of Thomas H South1875751950

392SpencerRick Spencerfirst name on this monument1907851992id: DCSF19031074

393SpetchDavid Spetchfirst name on this monument1944531997id: DCSF18921072

394SprayBetty Sprayfirst name on this monument1914521966id: DCSF2165
(2 images)
Ronald Sprayhusband of Betty Spray1916761992

395SquireJohn Gordon Squirefirst name on this monument1868761944id: DCSF21441076
Constance Mary Squiregrand daughter of John Gordon Squire1924201944
Minnie Mary Squirewife of John Gordon Squire1871811952
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396StansfieldJames Stansfieldfirst name on this monument1859611920id: DCSF237710851
James Stansfieldfather of James Stansfield Of Todmorden

397StapletonLouisa Stapletonfirst name on this monument1862681930id: DCSF23191075
Edith Stapletondaughter of Louisa Stapleton1889641953
Florence Stapletondaughter of Louisa Stapleton1896361932
George H Stapletonhusband of Louisa Stapleton1861701931

398SteadDorothy Rose Steadfirst name on this monument1903791982id: DCSF21961131
Bernard Steadhusband of Dorothy Rose Stead1903901993

399StilbornHarold Stilbornfirst name on this monument1985id: DCSF188610693
Ethel Stilbornwife of Harold Stilborn1986

400StonesGeoffrey Stonesfirst name on this monument1937471984id: DCSF18641098Died accident at work

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