Kirk of Calder (section 1)'s Church burial ground, Mid Calder, Lothian, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1Jennie first name on this monumentid: 1043065781115From Fred; No Surname Or Date

2Nora first name on this monument1871111882id: 47
(3 images)
3065361116Died At Mid Calder
Walter 1875 age 9 mths - Died At Edinburgh

3AndersonCatherine Andersonfirst name on this monument1843611904id: 25
(2 images)
William Andersonhusband of Catherine Anderson1743641807

4AntoinetteMinnie Antoinettefirst name on this monument1867231890id: 52
(2 images)

5ArmstrongWilliam Law Armstrongfirst name on this monument1831601891id: 111
(2 images)
William Lawgrand father of William Law Armstrong1748651813
Margaret Armstrongwife of William Law Armstrong1818741892

6AuldMary Alexander Auldfirst name on this monument1826691895id: 62
(4 images)
James Auld1813871900
Julian Auld1822781900 Died At Howden Park
Robert Auld1810851895 Died At Howden Park; Interred In Livingstone

7BorthwickRobert Borthwickfirst name on this monument1800611861id: 56
(2 images)
Christina Robertson Borthwickdaughter of Robert Borthwick1933
Robert Borthwickson of Robert Borthwick1904
Margaret Borthwickwife of Robert Borthwick1815831898

8BrashWilliam Brashfirst name on this monument1780801860id: 120
(2 images)
Elizabeth Brashdaughter of William Brash Died In Infancy
Janet Brashdaughter of William Brash Died In Infancy
Margaret Bryce Brashdaughter of William Brash17
Elizabeth Mortonwife of William Brash1791741865

9BurnDavid Burnfirst name on this monument1808id: 71
(2 images)

10CalbraithAlexander Calbraithfirst name on this monumentid: 35
(2 images)

11CalderRobert Calderfirst name on this monumentid: 4
(2 images)
Thomas Calderson of Robert Calder1868

12CalderwoodR Calderwoodfirst name on this monumentid: 34
(2 images)
Jean Calderwooddaughter of R Calderwood1952
Alexander Calderwoodson of R Calderwood1875
John Calderwoodson of R Calderwood1877
Robert Calderwoodson of R Calderwood1920
Jean Calderwoodwife of R Calderwood
Margaret Calderwoodsecond wife of R Calderwood1934

13CaldwellJanet Stewart Caldwellfirst name on this monument188441888id: 112
(2 images)
3065831125age 4 and 11 mths
James Caldwellfather of Janet Stewart Caldwell1840811921
Elizabeth Caldwellwife of Janet Stewart Caldwell1840871927

14ChalmersChristian Chalmersfirst name on this monument1827641891id: 143065031154
David Chalmershusband of Christian Chalmers1821751896

15ChapmanThomas Chapmanfirst name on this monument1807801887id: 44
(2 images)
Margaret Chapmandaughter of Thomas Chapman183421836
Robert Chapmanson of Thomas Chapman1840161856
Elizabeth Chapmanwife of Thomas Chapman1802741876

16CowieThomas Cowiefirst name on this monument1844651909id: 23064911180
Alex Cowiebrother of Thomas Cowie1856491905
Janet Cowiedaughter of Thomas Cowie1873711944
Alex Cowiefather of Thomas Cowie1816551871
Janet Cowiemother of Thomas Cowie1814651879
Helen Cowiewife of Thomas Cowie1846821928

17CrichtonGeorge Crichtonfirst name on this monument1800551855id: 113
(3 images)
Barbara S Browndaughter of George Crichton1844781922
Agnes Crichtondaughter of George Crichton1814611875
Jane Hogg Taitdaughter of George Crichton1853131866
Agnes G Taitdaughter-in-law of George Crichton1874441918
James Renton Taithusband of George Crichton1810671877 Wright
Catherine Crichton1784621846
William Taitson of George Crichton1841171858
Walter Brownson-in-law of George Crichton1838731911
Barbara Crichtonwife of George Crichton1764501814
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18CruickshankAlex Cruickshankfirst name on this monument1797151812id: 57
(2 images)
Alex Cruickshank1814211835
George Cruickshank1799241823 Died In Jamaica?

19CullJohn Cullfirst name on this monument1830751905id: 16
(2 images)
Elizabeth Culldaughter of John Cull1866121878
John Cullson of John Cull1857701927 Interred In New Cemetery
Jane Cullwife of John Cull1831741905

20CunninghamThomas Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1786861872id: 96
(2 images)
Thomas Cunninghamson of Thomas Cunningham1812661878
Elisabeth Cunninghamwife of Thomas Cunningham1782831865

21DouglasJames Douglasfirst name on this monument1820851905id: 99
(2 images)
Jane Millar Douglasdaughter of James Douglas1847371884
Hugh Douglas1856541910 Plasterer
Walter Douglas Interred In New Cemetery
Thomas Douglasson of James Douglas1848321880 Mason
Mary Douglaswife of James Douglas1821891910

22DuncanAlexander Duncanfirst name on this monumentid: 69
(9 images)
Christian Duncandaughter of Alexander Duncan1816321848
Mary Duncan1828321860 Mary was perhaps the first spouse of Rev Andrew Duncan
Andrew Duncanson of Alexander Duncan1820741894 Son of Dr. Duncan
Elisabeth Duncanwife of Alexander Duncan1783721855

23FairieGeorge Fairiefirst name on this monument1842441886id: 41
(2 images)
Thomas Fairieson of George Fairie age 1 mth

24FindlayElizabeth Findlayfirst name on this monument1801641865id: 6
(2 images)

25FlemingAlex Flemingfirst name on this monument1784721856id: 72
(3 images)
Robert Flemingmonument owner of Alex Fleming

26ForrestJanet Forrestfirst name on this monument1864371901id: 63
(4 images)
Adam Forresthusband of Janet Forrest1924601984
James Forrestson of Janet Forrest21 Interred In Livinsgtone
Richard Forrestson of Janet Forrest1897181915 Killed In Action 2/5/1915 Member of 1st Gordon Highlanders

27ForrestJohn Forrestfirst name on this monument1811661877id: 123
(4 images)
Adam Forrestfather of John Forrest1774661840
Richard Forrestfather of John Forrest1767811848
Jane Forrestmother of John Forrest1781771858
Janet Forrestmother of John Forrest1765761841
James Forrest1822561878
Jean Forrest1813651878
Jemima Forrest186861874
Agnes Forrestson of John Forrest1801411842
Agnes Forrestson of John Forrest1808231831
Elisabeth Forrestson of John Forrest1797411838
Marion Forrestson of John Forrest1798521850

28FraserElizabeth Fraserfirst name on this monument1811751886id: 21
(2 images)
3065101135Died At Mid Calder
David Fraser1883111894 age 11?
William Fraserson of Elizabeth Fraser1851261877

29FraserThomas Fraserfirst name on this monument1732881820id: 55
(3 images)
3065441113Surgeon In Mid Calder

30GeddesJames Geddesfirst name on this monument1868171885id: 45
(2 images)
3065341117Died At Calder House Gardens

31GrahamSteven Grahamfirst name on this monumentid: 7030655911153
Christian Grahamdaughter of Steven Graham
Janet Graham
Jean Graham1851
Edward Grahamson of Steven Graham
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32GrayJohn Grayfirst name on this monument1880id: 54
(2 images)
Eliza Gray
Helen Haugh Gray
Jane Graywife of John Gray1911

33HennanGeorge Hennanfirst name on this monument1788711859id: 5
(2 images)
Jane Anne Hennandaughter of George Hennan1860 Interred At Kirknewton
George Hennanson of George Hennan1861471908
Robert Andrew Hennanson of George Hennan1860361896 Died At Wellington; New Zealand
Frances Kinross Hennanwife of George Hennan1829821911

34HislopMargaret Hislopfirst name on this monument1848221870id: 46
(3 images)
30653512081Daughter of James and Barbara Hislop
Barbara Jane Hislop1858311889 Daughter of James Hislop and Barbara Waugh Hislop
Barbara Waugh Hislop1819731892 Wife of James Hislop.
Elizabeth Hislop1844661910 Daughter of James and Barbara Hislop.
James Hislop1816721888 Parochial Schoolmaster of Mid Calder. Husband of Barbara Waugh Hislop.
William Hislop1850601910 Son of James and Barbara Hislop.

35HodgsonIsabella Hodgsonfirst name on this monumentid: 64
(2 images)
William Lind Hodgsonhusband of Isabella Hodgson1838811919
John Hodgson1786831869
Margaret Reid1836611897 Died At Edinburgh
John Hodgsonson of Isabella Hodgson1839131852

36HorsburghMargaret Horsburghfirst name on this monument1868521920id: 59
(2 images)

37HunterJohn Hunterfirst name on this monumentid: 121
(2 images)
Robert Hunterson of John Hunter182521827

38HunterThomas Hunterfirst name on this monument1815781893id: 13
(2 images)
Isabella Hunterdaughter of Thomas Hunter1840481888
Jeanie Hunterdaughter of Thomas Hunter1855401895
David Hunterson of Thomas Hunter1858501908
John Hunterson of Thomas Hunter1853491902
Jane Hunterwife of Thomas Hunter1819701889

39IlstonJessie Tod Ilstonfirst name on this monument1897id: 39
(2 images)
Alexander Ilstonbrother of Jessie Tod Ilston13
William Tod Ilstonbrother of Jessie Tod Ilston5
Bruce Riddell200302003 May Be Brother Or Other Relation To Mother of Named Children
Mary Emma Warden Ilstonsister of Jessie Tod Ilston age 7 mths

40IrvineElizabeth Irvinefirst name on this monument1819681887id: 273065161126
Mary Irvinedaughter of Elizabeth Irvine

41JohnstonJanet Johnstonfirst name on this monumentid: 93
(2 images)
Helen Crawford
Abram Johnston
Agnes Johnston
Helen S Johnston1851
Jane Johnston
Mary Johnston
Robert Johnston
William Johnston

42JohnstonWilliam Johnstonfirst name on this monument1739821821id: 58
(3 images)
3065471115Baker In Mid Calder
James Johnstonson of William Johnston179041794
Margaret Johnstonwife of William Johnston1752771829

43KerrWilliam Kerrfirst name on this monument1825451870id: 60
(5 images)
Elizabeth Rae Clerksondaughter of William Kerr1853921945 age 92? - Died At Edinburgh
James Gray Kerrson of William Kerr1858121870
John Graham Kerrson of William Kerr20 Died At Illieston (there Is Another Person Named Below This Individual But All We Can See Is The Name Janet)
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44KippenWilliam Kippenfirst name on this monument1821id: 110
(6 images)
Andrew Kippenbrother of William Kippen1859
Bethina? Kippendaughter of William Kippen44
Elizabeth Kippendaughter of William Kippen1835781913 2 Lengths And 3 Breadths
Isabella Kippendaughter of William Kippen1774521826
Alexander Kippen1881
Elizabeth Kippen1853
Janet Kippen1806401846
Lilias Scott Kippen
Andrew Kippenson of William Kippen1824281852
David Kippenson of William Kippen1808
Fortunatus Kippenson of William Kippen1828351863
Fortunatus Kippenson of William Kippen1808181826
William Kippenson of William Kippen1797451842
William Kippenson of William Kippen1814241838
James Bamsyson-in-law of William Kippen1783371820
Elizabeth Kippenwife of William Kippen1768561824

45KirkpatrickWilliam James Kirkpatrickfirst name on this monument187851883id: 43
(3 images)
3065321109age 5 yrs 4 mths

46LawJohn Lawfirst name on this monument1799881887id: 12
(2 images)
Eliza Lawdaughter of John Law1861481909
Janet Lawdaughter of John Law69
Robert Lawson of John Law1855101865
Elizabeth Lawwife of John Law1804661870

47LawrieJohn Lawriefirst name on this monumentid: 61
(3 images)
Christopher Lawriebrother of John Lawrie1833221855
James Lawriebrother of John Lawrie Civil Engineer
Robert Lawriebrother of John Lawrie1860
James Lawriefather of John Lawrie1745651810
Janet Lawriemother of John Lawrie1782791861

48LewisAlexander Lewisfirst name on this monumentid: 36
(2 images)
Margaret Lewisdaughter of Alexander Lewis1876
Agnes Lewismonument owner of Alexander Lewis
David Lewisson of Alexander Lewis1978

49LiddleMargaret Liddlefirst name on this monument1843721915id: 263065151162
William Liddlehusband of Margaret Liddle1847681915

50LindsayRobert Lindsayfirst name on this monument1840841924id: 17
(2 images)
30650611241b. Cambusnethan. Son of Robert Corbett Allan Lindsay and Margaret Hamilton.
Meg Lindsaydaughter of Robert Lindsay1881851966 Margaret Alexander Hamilton Lindsay b 30 Oct. 1880 Mid Calder
Minnie Lindsaydaughter of Robert Lindsay1884731957 b.29 Dec 1885 Mid Calder
Alexander C Lindsayson of Robert Lindsay187811879 age 17 months
Margaret L Lindsaywife of Robert Lindsay1772851857

51McGillJanet McGillfirst name on this monument20id: 97
(3 images)
Janet McGillmother of Janet McGill54

52McGregorHelen Mcgill McGregorfirst name on this monument1836861922id: 117
(2 images)
Charles McGregorhusband of Helen Mcgill McGregor1849761925
Charles McGregorson of Helen Mcgill McGregor187731880

53McLaganElizabeth Ann McLaganfirst name on this monument1882id: 10830657911482Elizabeth Ann Taylor b. Hunslet 1846 d. 1882 Kirkliston, Midlothian aged 36 m. 1867 Leeds to John Henry Taylor (1st marriage)- 3 children John Henry Taylor b. 1842 Huddersfield d. 1 Aug 1871 (29 yrs) m. 1876 St. James’s London Peter McLagan b. 1823 Demerara, British Guyana d. 1900 Marylebone, London
Beatrice Eleanor McLagandaughter of Elizabeth Ann McLagan1822351857 I think there is some error here. To start with, Elizabeth Ann can't have given birth before she was born. I think this is her daughter from her first marriage: Beatrice Eleanor Taylor b. 1868 Huddersfield d. 1897 Windsor m. 1889 London Edward Alston Pierrepont Brook b. 1858 Greenhaye, Cheshire d. 1942 Conway I think these dates must be mistranscribed.
Peter McLaganhusband of Elizabeth Ann McLagan1893 Peter McLagan b. 1823 Demerara, British Guyana d. 1900 Marylebone, London
George Henry Percy Taylor1770891859 Again, some mistranscription here. George Henry Percy Taylor was born in 1870 in Huddersfield, son of Elizabeth Ann Taylor, prior to her second marriage to Peter McLagan b. 1870 - d. 1959

54MillarJohn Sandilands Millarfirst name on this monument1783801863id: 88
(2 images)
James Millarson of John Sandilands Millar Died In Infancy
Walter Millarson of John Sandilands Millar Died In Infancy
Janet Millarwife of John Sandilands Millar1820851905
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55MitchellJames Mitchellfirst name on this monument1792511843id: 116
(2 images)
30658811261monument erected 1847

56MuirJohn Muirfirst name on this monument1788781866id: 80
(2 images)
Robert Muirfather of John Muir1760451805
Elizabeth Muirmother of John Muir1760681828 Died At Newhouse
Agnes Muirwife of John Muir1792701862

57MuirheadJohn Muirheadfirst name on this monumentid: 122
(5 images)
William Muirheadbrother of John Muirhead1807161823
Henry Birketbrother-in-law of John Muirhead1818401858
Thomas Muirheadfather of John Muirhead1776711847
Janet Muirheadmother of John Muirhead1843

58NairnHugh Nairnfirst name on this monument1848781926id: 86
(3 images)
Isabella Nairndaughter of Hugh Nairn1874741948
Janet Nairndaughter of Hugh Nairn1865241889
Jean Nairndaughter of Hugh Nairn1968
Mary Nairndaughter of Hugh Nairn1957
James Nairnson of Hugh Nairn1891371928
Isabella Nairnwife of Hugh Nairn1850711921

59OgilvieAgnes Ogilviefirst name on this monument1815561871id: 33
(2 images)
3065221118Died At Mid Calder
David Ogilviehusband of Agnes Ogilvie1803771880 Died At Cumnock

60ParisAnn Parisfirst name on this monumentid: 40
(2 images)
30652911521This Image; Only Surnames Can Be Made Out. No Other Nformation Is Avalable
Walter Parishusband of Ann Paris This Image; Only Surnames Can Be Made Out. No Other Nformation Is Avalable

61ParisElizabeth Parisfirst name on this monument1828671895id: 193065081126Died At Dresselrigg
James Parishusband of Elizabeth Paris1829701899 Died At Dresselrigg

62ParisWilliam Parisfirst name on this monument1805791884id: 22
(2 images)
30651111161Died At Bellsquarry

63PenderJessie Penderfirst name on this monument1848541902no image3065001091
David Penderhusband of Jessie Pender1840421882
John Penderson of Jessie Pender1877 age 8 mths

64PennyJohn Pennyfirst name on this monument1741561797id: 114B3065861113Merchant
Elizabeth Pennydaughter of John Penny1848
Mary Pennydaughter of John Penny1853 Also In Memory of 3 Other Children Who Died In Infancy
Margaret Pennywife of John Penny1726951821

65PennyWilliam Pennyfirst name on this monument1788791867id: 114
(3 images)
John Pennybrother of William Penny1783851868

66ReidJane Reidfirst name on this monument1840631903id: 1530650411291
Christina McFaydendaughter of Jane Reid1879221901
Jane Millerdaughter of Jane Reid1877271904
Ellen Reiddaughter of Jane Reid187371880
James Reidhusband of Jane Reid1731721803

67RennieElizabeth Renniefirst name on this monument1855id: 663065551114

68RobertsonAdam Robertsonfirst name on this monument1889id: 8
(2 images)
3064971121Paper Manufacturer

69RobertsonAdam Robertsonfirst name on this monument1737741811id: 9
(2 images)
3064981134Paper Mill; Mid Calder
Helen Robertsondaughter-in-law of Adam Robertson1785831868
William Robertsonson of Adam Robertson1769721841
Christian Robertsonwife of Adam Robertson1744591803

70SandilandsFrancis Robert Sandilandsfirst name on this monument1887id: 42
(3 images)
Alison Margaret Sandilandsniece of Francis Robert Sandilands1971

71SmillieJames Smilliefirst name on this monumentid: 373065261126
Mary Smilliedaughter of James Smillie1853171870
Christina Smilliewife of James Smillie1828641892

72SmithGeorge Smithfirst name on this monument1819471866id: 91
(4 images)
Helen Smithwife of George Smith1817361853
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73SmithRobert Smithfirst name on this monument187701877id: 90
(2 images)
Mary Smithwife of Robert Smith1837921929

74SmithRobert Smithfirst name on this monument1798721870id: 92
(2 images)
Janet Smithdaughter of Robert Smith1822761898
Janet Smithwife of Robert Smith1797741871

75SmithRobert Gardiner Smithfirst name on this monument1853401893id: 53
(2 images)
30654211401Died At Edinburgh
Alice Smithdaughter of Robert Gardiner Smith188401884 age 1 day - Born Valentines Day; Died The Following Day 1884
Jeanie Flockhart Torrancewife of Robert Gardiner Smith192901929 Died At Edinburgh

76SomervilleJohn Somervillefirst name on this monument1802671869id: 18
(3 images)
3065071130Farmer; Letham
Janet Somervilledaughter of John Somerville1853 age 11 months
Marion Somervilledaughter of John Somerville1850711921
Ann Somervillewife of John Somerville1820711891

77SommersJohn Sommersfirst name on this monument1764781842id: 28
(2 images)

78StarkAgnes Starkfirst name on this monument43id: 118
(2 images)
30659011171Died At Nether Williamson
Christina Starkdaughter of Agnes Stark185731860
William Starkhusband of Agnes Stark90 Died At Juniper Green
George Millons Starkson of Agnes Stark27 Died On The West Coast of Africa
Robert Starkson of Agnes Stark1861211882
William Starkson of Agnes Stark1865371902 Died In London

79StarkRobert Starkfirst name on this monument1797721869id: 103
(3 images)
Mary Starkdaughter of Robert Stark1816631879
Christina Starkgrand daughter of Robert Stark185911860 age 18 mths
James Starkgrand son of Robert Stark185841862 age 4 and 11 mths
James Starkgrand son of Robert Stark186331866
James Starkson of Robert Stark1817731890
Robert Starkson of Robert Stark1833271860
Jean Starkwife of Robert Stark1793841877
Jane Starksecond wife of Robert Stark1822781900 Died At Nether Williamston

80StewartMarjorina Stewartfirst name on this monumentid: 115
(2 images)
David Scoularuncle of Marjorina Stewart1862 Merchant And Bank Agent

81StewartRobert Stewartfirst name on this monument1755771832id: 1093065801117
James Stewart
Magdalene Stewartwife of Robert Stewart1764661830

82StoddartJames Edward Stoddartfirst name on this monument1920id: 30
(2 images)

83TaggartJohn Taggartfirst name on this monument1840781918id: 29
(2 images)
James Taggartfather of John Taggart1809871896
Rosetta Taggartmother of John Taggart1807631870
Helen Taggartwife of John Taggart1851771928

84TaitRobert Taitfirst name on this monumentid: 68
(4 images)
3065571110Most of This Stone Cannot Be Transcribed; Names Are Legible But Dates Are Not
James Taitfather of Robert Tait84 Most of This Stone Cannot Be Transcribed; Names Are Legible But Dates Are Not
James Tait Most of This Stone Cannot Be Transcribed; Names Are Legible But Dates Are Not
Peter Bell? Tait185601856 Most of This Stone Cannot Be Transcribed; Names Are Legible But Dates Are Not
James Sinclair Taitson of Robert Tait180801808 Most of This Stone Cannot Be Transcribed; Names Are Legible But Dates Are Not

85ThomsonMargaret Thomsonfirst name on this monumentid: 24
(4 images)
James Shorebrother of Margaret Thomson1813131826
John Shorebrother of Margaret Thomson1927
John Shorefather of Margaret Thomson1776681844
Mary Shoremother of Margaret Thomson1779851864
Elizabeth Shoreson of Margaret Thomson1827161843
Mary Shoreson of Margaret Thomson1820261846
Bethia Shoreson-in-law of Margaret Thomson1916
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86TodRobert A B Todfirst name on this monument187901879id: 49
(2 images)
3065381118Captain of The 94th Regiment

87WalkerJames Walkerfirst name on this monument1898id: 38
(2 images)
Mary Young Walkerdaughter of James Walker1885
Mary Ann Walkerwife of James Walker1920

88WalkerWilliam Walkerfirst name on this monument1802801882id: 50
(5 images)
3065391111Minister of The Parish of Mid Calder
Anna Walker1913
William Walker194101941 Minister of The Parish of St. Leonards; Ayr
Thomas Charles Walkerson of William Walker1894
Marion Jane Walkerwife of William Walker193301933 The Homestead; Colinton

89WallaceAlison Wallacefirst name on this monumentid: 95
(2 images)
Janet Wallacedaughter of Alison Wallace1921
James Wallacehusband of Alison Wallace
Alison Wallace22
James Wallace age 8 mths

90WallaceJohn Wallacefirst name on this monument1894id: 94
(4 images)
James Waddell1900
James Waddell1847561903
Barbara Wallace
Isabella Wallacewife of John Wallace1813781891

91WardlawThomas Wardlawfirst name on this monument1843591902id: 3130652011141
Helen Wardlawdaughter of Thomas Wardlaw1863141877
Grace Wardlawwife of Thomas Wardlaw1834501884

92WatsonJohn Watsonfirst name on this monument1791711862id: 130649011121From Bellsquarry
Elizabeth Millar
Mary Watsonwife of John Watson1796701866

93WatsonM A Watsonfirst name on this monument1844311875id: 7
(4 images)
Walter Watsonhusband of M A Watson1834651899
Walter Tait Watsonson of M A Watson1869601929
Anne Watsonsecond wife of husband of M A Watson1834661900

94WeirJohn Weirfirst name on this monumentid: 20
(2 images)
Barbara Weirmother of John Weir1740801820
Margaret Weirwife of John Weir1773481821

95WhillisJames Whillisfirst name on this monument1788741862id: 10
(3 images)
Margaret Whilliswife of James Whillis1788761864

96WhitelawAlexander Whitelawfirst name on this monument1808871895id: 98
(2 images)
John Whitelawfather of Alexander Whitelaw
David Wardlawgrand son of Alexander Whitelaw5353
Margaret Whitelawmother of Alexander Whitelaw
Harriet Whitelawson of Alexander Whitelaw1867
Isabel Whitelawson of Alexander Whitelaw1799771876
Maryann? Whitelawson of Alexander Whitelaw

97WightWalter Wightfirst name on this monument74id: 81
(2 images)
Marie Wightdaughter of Walter Wight183401834
John Wightson of Walter Wight1838181856
Elizabeth Wightwife of Walter Wight85

98WilkieThomas Wilkiefirst name on this monument1807811888id: 653065541117Died At Fyvie; Aberdeenshire
Thomas Wilkieson of Thomas Wilkie1845211866
Agnes Wilkiewife of Thomas Wilkie1809691878

99WilliamsonAlexander Williamsonfirst name on this monument1838571895id: 33064921134

100WilsonAlexander Wilsonfirst name on this monument1759451804id: 51
(4 images)
Mima Wilsonwife of Alexander Wilson1837

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