Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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401CoatesMaria Coatesfirst name on this monument1850751925no image3032011069
William Coates1854781932
Sarah Jones1858721930 engraved on other side of grave died jan 4th

402CoatsFanny Coatsfirst name on this monument1865781943no image3036641074
Elizabeth Coats1862831945

403CoatsHenrietta Pearson Coatsfirst name on this monument1883651948no image30370010711
Samuel Coatshusband of Henrietta Pearson Coats1880811961

404CoatsLeslie James Coatsfirst name on this monument1929742003id: 844630212210792
Tony Coatsson of Leslie James Coats1955311986
Doris Coatswife of Leslie James Coats1938742012

405CoatsThomas J Coatsfirst name on this monument1870701940id: 96513033001077age 70?
Emily Coatswife of Thomas J Coats

406CoddyDomingo Betancourt Coddyfirst name on this monument1922id: 93733029611066

407CoffeeWilliam Coffeefirst name on this monument1884711955id: 90343026321071
Elsie Evelyn Coffee1896681964

408CoglanCaroline Alvina Coglanfirst name on this monument1886931979id: 88653025061068

409ColeEmily Colefirst name on this monument1887951982id: 82433019291069

410ColeMary Colefirst name on this monument1871831954no image30372510721
Moses Colefather of Mary Cole
Mary Colemother of Mary Cole

411ColeRose Olive Chaplin Colefirst name on this monument1942id: 99203035271104
Ernest Colehusband of Rose Olive Chaplin Cole

412ColemanLucy Kate Colemanfirst name on this monument1867661933id: 94483030311076
Alfred Edwin Colemanhusband of Lucy Kate Coleman1863831946

413ColesWilf Colesfirst name on this monument1924842008id: 783730153410791

414CollieJohn Patrick Colliefirst name on this monument1923832006id: 78773015701090

415CollinsFrederick Collinsfirst name on this monument1869661935id: 954630312110831
Fredk Collinsson of Frederick Collins1899571956
Herbert Collinsson of Frederick Collins1903341937
Jane Collinswife of Frederick Collins1865761941

416CollinsJohn William Collinsfirst name on this monument1883581941id: 94623030451081
Mabel Collinswife of John William Collins1885861971 died mar 28th

417CollinsLewis Collinsfirst name on this monument1857831940id: 99523035571078

418CollinsPercy George Collinsfirst name on this monument1964id: 86543023021074
Mary Georgina Collinswife of Percy George Collins1975

419ColvinHelen Lushington Colvinfirst name on this monument1846841930id: 998730359110772
Binny James Colvinfather of Helen Lushington Colvin

420ColwillHarry Colwillfirst name on this monument1870631933id: 96613033101068
Annie Mary Colwillwife of Harry Colwill1872641936

421ColwillMary Colwillfirst name on this monument1863711934id: 96623033111073
Charles Colwillhusband of Mary Colwill1869691938

422ComerAugusta Janie Comerfirst name on this monument1880781958id: 925530284710722
John Comerhusband of Augusta Janie Comer1881841965

423ComerDerek Comerfirst name on this monument1926721998id: 839630207410951
June Comerwife of Derek Comer1927782005

424ComerEdith Comerfirst name on this monument1887801967id: 880430244610761
Frederick Comerhusband of Edith Comer1885891974

425ComerEunice Comerfirst name on this monument1914181932id: 95403031151083
Maude M Stephensaunt of Eunice Comer1912551967
George Comerfather of Eunice Comer
Bessie Comermother of Eunice Comer
Harry Stephens74
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426ComerFrancis Matilda Comerfirst name on this monument1908801988id: 813730182510742

427ComerGertrude Elizabeth Comerfirst name on this monument1899581957id: 927830286910712
Sheila Bengey1919631982
Stanley W Bengey2000

428ComerJohn Henry Comerfirst name on this monument1880571937id: 959030315510713
Annie Comerwife of John Henry Comer1879641943

429ComerStanley Roy Comerfirst name on this monument1974id: 871830236210761
Helena Comerwife of Stanley Roy Comer1979

430ComptonSarah Elizabeth Comptonfirst name on this monument1840941934id: 96053032581151
Edith Huxtable1952
Sybil Huxtable1904871991
W H Huxtable Solicitor

431ConibearCharles Conibearfirst name on this monument1866661932no image30322010701
Annie Conibearwife of Charles Conibear1942

432ConibearFrances Conibearfirst name on this monument1943id: 977830341010771
Emily Conibear1953
Eva Conibear1959

433ConibearFredk J Conibearfirst name on this monument1941no image3036541075
Annie Conibearwife of Fredk J Conibear1879811960

434ConibearGeorge Conibearfirst name on this monument1871801951id: 93923029771072
Hilda Conibeardaughter of George Conibear1895861981
Edgar Conibearson of George Conibear1896201916
George Conibearson of George Conibear1894221916
Marian Conibearwife of George Conibear1870841954

435ConibearGeorge Thomas Conibearfirst name on this monument1895591954id: 91783027701080
Mary Caroline Conibearwife of George Thomas Conibear1887851972

436ConibearHorace Conibearfirst name on this monument1905661971id: 862830227610811
Ann Conibear1913982011

437ConibearJames Summerwill Conibearfirst name on this monument1850841934id: 965630330510971
John James Conibearbrother of James Summerwill Conibear1882841966
Constance Mary Summerwill Conibeardaughter of James Summerwill Conibear1881581939
Violet Sally Conibearsister of James Summerwill Conibear1887691956

438ConnertonKen Connertonfirst name on this monument1904691973id: 88803025201074
Gertie Connerton

439ConnorEthel Connorfirst name on this monument1905952000id: 79683016601083

440ConstantineMichael Constantinefirst name on this monument1916922008id: 78833015761076
Criselda Constantine1916932009

441CookDoris Annie Kate Cookfirst name on this monument1908932001id: 79273016191067

442CookJohn H Cookfirst name on this monument1860781938id: 85373021971086

443CookLeonard Stuart Cookfirst name on this monument1911761987id: 81653018531065
Jean Mary Cookwife of Leonard Stuart Cook1915882003

444CookNellie Cookfirst name on this monument1901811982id: 89053025441090

445CookOlive Cookfirst name on this monumentid: 92193028111068

446CookSusan Cookfirst name on this monument1874741948id: 96733033201067
Susan Cookgrand daughter of Susan Cook1923421965

447CoombsRonnie Coombsfirst name on this monument1927111938id: 973630337410941
Charles Coombsfather of Ronnie Coombs1891841975
Nellie Gladys Coombswife of Ronnie Coombs1989 d 1989?

448CooperGeoffrey Cooperfirst name on this monument1944642008id: 84693021451071

449CooperMadeline Cooperfirst name on this monument1885871972id: 893730257310781

450CooperRonald C A Cooperfirst name on this monument1897881985id: 81963018831072
Audrey May Cooperwife of Ronald C A Cooper1909871996
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451CooteWilliam John Cootefirst name on this monument1906901996id: 83853020631079
Mary Coote1902982000

452CoppJohn Coppfirst name on this monument1946622008id: 80553017451076

453CoppardDora Emily Coppardfirst name on this monument1954id: 92713028621067

454CorkeBernard Corkefirst name on this monument194181949no image3037561072
Percy Corkefather of Bernard Corke1908871995
Freda Corke1912851997

455CorlessThomas Arthur Bell Corlessfirst name on this monument1948no image3036601070

456CornwellDorothy Frances Cornwellfirst name on this monument1904881992id: 80913017801091

457CoryPatrick Desmond Coryfirst name on this monument1927852012id: 85663022181078

458CottonFred Cottonfirst name on this monument1930762006id: 84683021441067

459CottonFred Cottonfirst name on this monument1912761988id: 83813020591075
Mary Milessister of Fred Cotton1914831997
Nancy Cottonwife of Fred Cotton1916811997

460CouchErnest John Couchfirst name on this monument1962id: 95783031441069

461CouchLavinia Couchfirst name on this monument1897741971id: 88773025171074

462CouchLeonard Couchfirst name on this monument1899571956no image3036891093
Agnes Leonora Couchdaughter of Leonard Couch1920261946
Bernard Kerswell1908851993

463CoullingMartha Coullingfirst name on this monument1890791969id: 86893023341074
David John Coulling1889811970

464CourtneyAda May Courtneyfirst name on this monument1928651993id: 80863017751072

465CowanElsie Alice Cowanfirst name on this monument1916491965id: 877630241810791
Edward Aloysius Cowan1913711984

466CowieViolet Beatrice Cowiefirst name on this monument1943no image3036391078
Edward James Cowiehusband of Violet Beatrice Cowie

467CowlerJames Cowlerfirst name on this monument1868801948id: 99053035131097
Thirza Jane Cowlerwife of James Cowler1966

468CoxWilliam Edward Coxfirst name on this monument1906641970id: 87683024101069
Ethel Mary Coxwife of William Edward Cox1912741986

469CrabbKenneth Charles Crabbfirst name on this monument1929792008id: 78253015241085

470CrangMabel Crangfirst name on this monument1887981985id: 82093018951073
Walter Cranghusband of Mabel Crang1915

471CrangMary Jane Crangfirst name on this monument1863781941id: 97213033601091
James Crang1872801952

472CreedE W Creedfirst name on this monument1911311942no image3037691100

473CreedyElizabeth Creedyfirst name on this monument1955id: 924030283110891
Pearl Blameysister of Elizabeth Creedy1970
Rose Blameysister of Elizabeth Creedy1971

474CresserDoreen Cresserfirst name on this monument1940672007id: 84793021541066

475CresserStuart Cresserfirst name on this monument1969412010id: 84783021531065

476CrispinWilliam Crispinfirst name on this monument1871601931no image30315910771
Mabel Pearce Crispinwife of William Crispin1871681939

477CrocombeBessie J Crocombefirst name on this monument1879931972id: 902030261810731
Henrietta Grace Crocombe1889881977 Henrietta Grace Crocombe was a sister to Bessie J Crocombe.

478CrossArthur Edward Crossfirst name on this monument1889941983id: 98753034841065

479CrossMary Crossfirst name on this monument1936id: 98493034611076
James W L Crosshusband of Mary Cross

480CrosslandEdward F Crosslandfirst name on this monument1904751979id: 82463019321074

481CroweJill Therese Crowefirst name on this monument1938581996id: 80183017081077

482CrowleyDaniel Crowleyfirst name on this monument1940682008id: 78853015781073
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483CrowleyWinifred Crowleyfirst name on this monument1977id: 882630246710771
Daniel Loveringfather of Winifred Crowley
Sarah Loveringmother of Winifred Crowley

484CuddefordAlbert Henry Cuddefordfirst name on this monument1897671964id: 87373023801068
Edith Emily Cuddeford1901941995

485CuddefordMary Ann Cuddefordfirst name on this monument1852771929id: 96163032691076
Annie Cuddeforddaughter of Mary Ann Cuddeford1877781955
Charles Cuddefordhusband of Mary Ann Cuddeford1849861935

486CuddefordRobert Cuddefordfirst name on this monument1852791931id: 96203032721096
Edgar Ley1881651946
Mary Cuddefordwife of Robert Cuddeford1951

487CullenJohn Daniel Cullenfirst name on this monument1952602012id: 85613022141068

488CummingsSarah Selway Cummingsfirst name on this monument1937id: 94663030471071

489CummingsWilliam Cummingsfirst name on this monument1856831939id: 95973032511066

490CunninghamJohn Gibson Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1895571952id: 94193030021068
Gwendoline Anne Cunninghamwife of John Gibson Cunningham1921852006

491CurtisHarold Curtisfirst name on this monument1895821977id: 88393024801067
Clara Elizabeth Leonora Curtiswife of Harold Curtis1898861984

492CurtisWilliam Curtisfirst name on this monument1863821945no image3036631079
Beatrice Annie Curtiswife of William Curtis1865791944

493CutcliffeCharles Henry Cutcliffefirst name on this monument1966id: 871030235510661
Florence Cutcliffewife of Charles Henry Cutcliffe1973

494CuttingBetty Cuttingfirst name on this monument1929722001id: 84263021021083
Robert Cuttinghusband of Betty Cutting1926812007

495D'AlbuquerqueJohn Pedroso D'Albuquerquefirst name on this monument1866751941no image3036941079
Beatrice D'Albuquerquewife of John Pedroso D'Albuquerque1945

496DaddsBessie Daddsfirst name on this monument1853761929id: 96153032681098
Richard Daddshusband of Bessie Dadds1854811935

497DaddsFrederick Daddsfirst name on this monument1860811941id: 96693033171096
Elizabeth Daddswife of Frederick Dadds1861861947

498DaddsGeorge Daddsfirst name on this monument1852901942id: 97303033691092
Elizabeth Daddswife of George Dadds49 buried in holy trinity churchyard ilfracombe photo of grave on this site

499DallinThomas Dallinfirst name on this monument1883701953id: 92093028011073

500DalzielStuart Dalzielfirst name on this monument1969291998id: 83983020761073

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England.

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