Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1801SmithBertha J Smithfirst name on this monument1885541939id: 96893033331067

1802SmithColin Arthur Smithfirst name on this monument1936581994id: 83663020441100

1803SmithDoris Mafalda Smithfirst name on this monument1913962009id: 84963021611067

1804SmithDylan Roy Smithfirst name on this monument1975362011id: 85563022081083

1805SmithEdith Smithfirst name on this monument1877611938id: 98553034671072
Harry Walton Smithhusband of Edith Smith1948

1806SmithEmily Amelia Smithfirst name on this monument1857821939id: 97013033451072
Edith Beatrice Austindaughter of Emily Amelia Smith1902961998
Reginald William Austingrand son of Emily Amelia Smith1917751992
William Henry Smithhusband of Emily Amelia Smith1863781941

1807SmithErnest John Smithfirst name on this monument1878781956id: 96883033321066

1808SmithFrederick Lemuel Smithfirst name on this monument1888621950id: 98433034551096
Audrey Madge Pearcedaughter of Frederick Lemuel Smith1928701998
Annie Mabel Smithwife of Frederick Lemuel Smith1897731970

1809SmithGeorge Alexander Smithfirst name on this monument1885731958id: 96273032791070
Brian Alexander Smithson of George Alexander Smith1931601991
Edith Beatrice Dorothy May Smithwife of George Alexander Smith1898841982

1810SmithHerbert Philip Smithfirst name on this monument1897731970id: 87993024411065
Winifred Mary Smithwife of Herbert Philip Smith1892881980

1811SmithJeanne Smithfirst name on this monument1933581991id: 80983017871071

1812SmithLewis Edward Smithfirst name on this monument1930712001id: 84363021121065

1813SmithMary Doreen Smithfirst name on this monument1921711992id: 83473020271068
Charles Thomas Smith1917922009

1814SmithRoy Smithfirst name on this monument1955482003id: 78953015881075

1815SmithSidney Gurney Smithfirst name on this monument1958id: 91803027721065

1816SmithWilliam J T Smithfirst name on this monument1924762000id: 84203020961080

1817SmithWilliam Parkin Smithfirst name on this monument1867671934id: 94583030411066
Sophia R E Smithwife of William Parkin Smith1873881961

1818SmythGeorge Smythfirst name on this monument1943id: 99343035401067
Jane Smythwife of George Smyth1868911959

1819SmythMontague C T Smythfirst name on this monument1934id: 98303034421071
Adelaide Luduvina Smythwife of Montague C T Smyth1967

1820SnellAlice Maud Snellfirst name on this monument1892871979id: 88903025301083
Arthur Ernest James Snellson of Alice Maud Snell1921872008

1821SnellClarence Albert Snellfirst name on this monument1952id: 95823031471084

1822SnellFrederick Chapple Snellfirst name on this monument1877561933id: 95423031171121

1823SnellViolet Snellfirst name on this monument1894471941no image3036281087
Arthur Reginald Snell1943

1824SnooksMargaret Jane Snooksfirst name on this monument1917771994id: 80563017461067

1825SnowJohn Henry Snowfirst name on this monument1878651943no image3036451069
Martha J N Snowwife of John Henry Snow1878931971

1826SobeyBertha Isabel Sobeyfirst name on this monument1886961982id: 93313029211088
Florence Rose Paynesister of Bertha Isabel Sobey1888951983

1827SollisEliza Jane Sollisfirst name on this monument1879721951id: 94043029891066

1828SollisKate Sollisfirst name on this monument1957id: 93873029731065

1829SolwellGloria Solwellfirst name on this monument1941171958id: 91693027611083

1830SomervilleMargaret E Somervillefirst name on this monument1888551943no image3036091066
Joan Somervilledaughter of Margaret E Somerville1921251946

1831SouchSusan Souchfirst name on this monumentid: 87873024291072
Richard Souch
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1832SouchWilliam F Souchfirst name on this monument1904761980id: 82113018971069

1833SouthWilliam Southfirst name on this monument1952id: 94413030241068
Ida South1976

1834SouthcombeGeorge Southcombefirst name on this monument1884571941id: 98383034501079

1835SouthcombeGraham Peter Southcombefirst name on this monument1951191970id: 85893022391070

1836SpainMargaret Elizabeth Spainfirst name on this monument1935521987id: 82963019801066

1837SparkesVera Sparkesfirst name on this monument1924611985id: 822830191410681
Ernest William Sparkeshusband of Vera Sparkes1931802011

1838SparkesWilliam Sparkesfirst name on this monument1860781938id: 966530331410691
Mabel Sparkeswife of William Sparkes1881601941

1839SparksDaniel H F Sparksfirst name on this monument1891601951no image3037331084
Gertrude M Sparks1894831977

1840SparksLouisa Sparksfirst name on this monument1863801943id: 97613033951075
Rahil Romaine Krougliakoffwife of Louisa Sparks1970

1841SpearAda Spearfirst name on this monument1952id: 93443029341068
Doris Speardaughter of Ada Spear2009
Frederick Spearhusband of Ada Spear1954

1842SpearAlfred George Spearfirst name on this monument1907801987id: 818730187410911
Rita Edith Spearwife of Alfred George Spear19051002005

1843SpearDoris Spearfirst name on this monument1907891996id: 80333017231083
Wilfred Spearhusband of Doris Spear1902751977

1844SpenceJohn Henry Spencefirst name on this monument1964id: 87383023811078

1845SpencerFrances Elizabeth Spencerfirst name on this monument1865691934id: 95853031501070
William Spencer1866771943

1846SpendiffEmily Rose Spendifffirst name on this monument1885861971id: 89993025971070
George Spendiffhusband of Emily Rose Spendiff1893781971

1847SquireCharles Derek Squirefirst name on this monument1953542007id: 84773021521069

1848SquireErnest Derek Squirefirst name on this monument1929701999id: 84073020851066

1849SquirePriscilla Mary Squirefirst name on this monument1860751935id: 85523022051066

1850StaceyHorace G Staceyfirst name on this monument1906681974id: 85973022471068
Lily Sarah Staceywife of Horace G Stacey1902861988

1851StaceyMargery Staceyfirst name on this monument1890771967id: 873130237410921
Nathaniel Sidney Staceyhusband of Margery Stacey1971

1852StaceyRosa Staceyfirst name on this monument1952id: 94233030061074
Jessie Stacey1974
Elsie Staceysister of Rosa Stacey1961

1853StaceyWilliam Staceyfirst name on this monument1892641956id: 92753028661078
Eleanor Naomi Staceywife of William Stacey1899411940

1854StaddonSamuel Staddonfirst name on this monument1878611939id: 95503031251075
Mary Staddonwife of Samuel Staddon1885901975

1855StairmandAlan John Stairmandfirst name on this monument1932661998id: 79773016691075

1856StairmandPaula Jane Stairmandfirst name on this monument1963231986id: 828630197010751
John Edward Stairmand1943541997

1857StanburyLucy Stanburyfirst name on this monument1866711937id: 85433022021073
William Stanburyhusband of Lucy Stanbury

1858StanburyWilfred George Stanburyfirst name on this monument1960id: 89843025821076
Harry Hubbard1960

1859StanburyWilliam John Stanburyfirst name on this monument1885841969id: 86873023321088
Annie Stanburywife of William John Stanbury1890841974

1860StansfieldTom Stansfieldfirst name on this monument1909861995id: 83723020511081
Margaret Stansfield1914862000
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1861StapenellCarole Stapenellfirst name on this monument1943632006id: 84823021571082
Robert Stapenellhusband of Carole Stapenell1938722010

1862StaplesDavid John Staplesfirst name on this monument1953502003id: 78973015901083

1863StapletonWilliam Henry Stapletonfirst name on this monument1864661930id: 96423032921093
Helena Agnes Stapletonwife of William Henry Stapleton1875761951

1864StarkeyWilliam Beamont Starkeyfirst name on this monument1934id: 994430355010711
James Starkeyfather of William Beamont Starkey

1865Staveley-BrownRosemary Dawn Staveley-Brownfirst name on this monument1926731999id: 841230209010722
Arthur Samuel Brownhusband of Rosemary Dawn Staveley-Brown1915621977

1866SteadmanGeorge Thomas Steadmanfirst name on this monument1896651961id: 91183027121069

1867StephensBetty Stephensfirst name on this monument1923151938no image3036921069
Leonard Stephensfather of Betty Stephens
Olive Stephensmother of Betty Stephens

1868StephensLeonard Charles Stephensfirst name on this monument1916481964id: 87793024211082
Alice Stephensmother of Leonard Charles Stephens1889911980
Richard Paul Stephensson of Leonard Charles Stephens1943622005
Joyce Edna Stephenswife of Leonard Charles Stephens1920872007

1869StephensonAlfred Henry Stephensonfirst name on this monument1903801983id: 84433021191084
Rachel Helen Stephenson1946341980
Susanna Stephenson1913892002

1870StephensonWilliam Stephensonfirst name on this monument1918811999id: 79713016631065
Annie Mary Stephensonwife of William Stephenson1920842004

1871StevensAdelaide Annie Stevensfirst name on this monument1913681981id: 82653019501111
Andrew Philip Stevensgrand son of Adelaide Annie Stevens1964341998
William George Stevenshusband of Adelaide Annie Stevens1914771991

1872StevensDerek Stewart Stevensfirst name on this monument1926331959id: 89973025951067

1873StevensElizabeth Stevensfirst name on this monument1854881942id: 97773034091067
Samuel Stevens1859911950

1874StevensGladys Agnes Ella Stevensfirst name on this monument1914831997id: 79973016881069
Richard John Stevenshusband of Gladys Agnes Ella Stevens1917852002

1875StevensJolan Stevensfirst name on this monument1949391988id: 830530198910861

1876StevensRichard Herbert Stevensfirst name on this monument1888741962id: 91813027731066
Gladys Stevenswife of Richard Herbert Stevens1891761967

1877StevensSamuel J Stevensfirst name on this monument1891631954id: 92643028551068
Sarah Stevenswife of Samuel J Stevens1886811967

1878StevensonJohn George Stevensonfirst name on this monument1915681983id: 82203019061080
Desmere Marjorie Stevensonwife of John George Stevenson1995

1879StewartJohn Henderson Stewartfirst name on this monument1912751987no image3036811065
Anne Stewartwife of John Henderson Stewart1918852003

1880StobbeDiethelm Stobbefirst name on this monument1925531978id: 88573024981079

1881StockhamCharlotte Mary Stockhamfirst name on this monument1929611990id: 81123018001087

1882StokesAlice Stokesfirst name on this monument1858791937id: 99753035791072
Radclyffe Haldane Stokeshusband of Alice Stokes

1883StokesDoreen Stokesfirst name on this monument1918922010id: 85603022121076

1884StokesRadclyffe Haldane Stokesfirst name on this monument1858781936id: 99763035801069
Stokesfather of Radclyffe Haldane Stokes

1885StowellRose Beatrice Stowellfirst name on this monument1893671960id: 907030266510663
Alfred Ernest Stowellhusband of Rose Beatrice Stowell1890831973

1886StriblingWilliam E J Striblingfirst name on this monument1911831994id: 834530202510821William Edwin John Stribling, aged 83 on death, son of William Stribling and Beatrice Mary nee Snow
Sylvia Alice Striblingwife of William E J Stribling1922812003 Sylvia Alice nee Phillips

1887StroudCatherine Selina Stroudfirst name on this monument1878771955id: 90933026871073
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1888SuggCharles Henry Suggfirst name on this monument1917651982id: 827030195510952
Beatrice Kathleen Sugg1917671984 Beatrice Kathleen Sugg was the wife of Charles Henry Sugg

1889SummerfieldErnest J Summerfieldfirst name on this monument1889661955id: 92333028241075
Molly Irene Summerfielddaughter of Ernest J Summerfield1913701983 age 70?
Unity Helen Summerfieldwife of Ernest J Summerfield1890891979

1890SummerfieldJoyce Summerfieldfirst name on this monument1925501975id: 85943022441084
Kenneth Summerfieldhusband of Joyce Summerfield1922671989

1891SummersColin Stuart Summersfirst name on this monument1947521999id: 79563016481078

1892SummersCyril Summersfirst name on this monument1917651982id: 89313025691072

1893SummerwillElizabeth Ann Summerwillfirst name on this monument1866721938id: 99613035661091
Ivy Isodora Summerwilldaughter of Elizabeth Ann Summerwill1897811978
John D Summerwillhusband of Elizabeth Ann Summerwill1871801951

1894SummerwillHenry Summerwillfirst name on this monument1877701947no image30369710901
Violet Edith Summerwilldaughter of Henry Summerwill1902861988
Alice Louisa Summerwillwife of Henry Summerwill1879971976

1895SummerwillPatricia Summerwillfirst name on this monument1933752008id: 79213016131104

1896SummerwillReuben Summerwillfirst name on this monument1903651968id: 87303023731093
Lilian Beatrice Summerwill1904911995

1897SummerwillSamuel Dave Summerwillfirst name on this monument1915841999id: 79753016671115
Winifred Jessie Summerwillwife of Samuel Dave Summerwill1916902006

1898SummerwillSamuel Davie Summerwillfirst name on this monument1875801955id: 90313026291092

1899SummerwillWilliam Summerwillfirst name on this monument1868701938id: 97663033991088
Priscilla Summerwillwife of William Summerwill1867871954

1900SummerwillWilliam Reuben Summerwillfirst name on this monument1930311961id: 89853025831096
Gaye Summerwilldaughter of William Reuben Summerwill
Dorene Summerwillwife of William Reuben Summerwill

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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