Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1701SampsonGeorge R Sampsonfirst name on this monument1911331944no image3037571065
Richard Sampsonfather of George R Sampson1874861960
Octavia Sampsonmother of George R Sampson1878901968

1702SamuelDavid Samuelfirst name on this monument1911631974id: 88583024991076
Henry Samuelfather of David Samuel

1703SandersBrian Thomas Sandersfirst name on this monument1940531993id: 83543020341072

1704SandersFrederick George Sandersfirst name on this monument1884771961id: 90383026351070
Winifred Violet Sanderswife of Frederick George Sanders1893941987

1705SandersGeorge Sandersfirst name on this monument1911651976id: 88193024611065
Winifred Mary Sanders1920872007

1706SandersJohn Sandersfirst name on this monumentid: 908930268310671
Mary Ann Sanders

1707SandersJohn Sandersfirst name on this monument1886701956id: 91263027191070
Bessie Sanderswife of John Sanders1889841973

1708SandersThomas Sandersfirst name on this monument1893691962id: 90423026391077

1709SandersThomas Henry Sandersfirst name on this monument1876721948id: 99083035161089
Ethel Frances Sanderswife of Thomas Henry Sanders1878831961

1710SandersonArthur Sandersonfirst name on this monument1902821984id: 827930196310751
Margery Sandersonwife of Arthur Sanderson1906911997

1711SargeantFlorence Annie Sargeantfirst name on this monument1888591947id: 98933035011075
Mary Jane Sargeantmother of Florence Annie Sargeant1863871950 d 1950?
Ernest James Sargeant1894831977

1712SatchwellSamuel Roy Satchwellfirst name on this monument1929712000id: 840430208210901

1713SaundersErnest A F Saundersfirst name on this monument1875661941id: 96483032971074

1714SaundersFrank James Saundersfirst name on this monument1893751968id: 87503023931074
Kathleen May Saunderswife of Frank James Saunders1896791975

1715SavageMary Magdalene Savagefirst name on this monument1959id: 94343030171077
Percival Savage1883891972

1716SayerFrederick Haven Sayerfirst name on this monument1906741980id: 82663019511076

1717ScammellKathleen Alberta Scammellfirst name on this monument1901711972id: 86713023161066
Francis Henry Scammell1898821980

1718ScampBessie Scampfirst name on this monument1872741946no image3036161067
Edward H Scamphusband of Bessie Scamp1875731948

1719ScampEliza Scampfirst name on this monument1933id: 94473030301074
Eleanor Scampdaughter of Eliza Scamp1870831953
George Scamphusband of Eliza Scamp1853861939

1720ScanesMary Finch Scanesfirst name on this monument1878731951id: 94033029881069

1721ScheinWerner K Scheinfirst name on this monument1996id: 80203017101069

1722SchillerAlbert Schillerfirst name on this monument1873781951no image30375110681
Emma Schillerwife of Albert Schiller1869851954

1723SchillerCharlie Schillerfirst name on this monument1904531957id: 921830281010771
Ethel Schillerwife of Charlie Schiller1907731980

1724ScollonKate Scollonfirst name on this monument1977id: 88453024861068

1725ScottDorothy Mary Scottfirst name on this monument1895701965id: 86083022581075
Walter Scotthusband of Dorothy Mary Scott1897941991

1726SeabrookSandra Seabrookfirst name on this monument1947652012id: 85123021821069

1727SealeyEdith Mary Sealeyfirst name on this monument1953id: 932430291410821
Louise Sealeysister of Edith Mary Sealey1884871971

1728SeawardDoris Cecilia Seawardfirst name on this monument1981id: 891230255110711
Sydney James Seaward2007
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1729SeawardThomas Seawardfirst name on this monument1862701932id: 95353031101077
Florence Jane Hewittdaughter of Thomas Seaward1889551944
Alice Mary Hill1874841958
Phyllis Annie Hill1914741988
Thomas Parker Hill1884841968
Mary Jane Seawardwife of Thomas Seaward1859751934

1730SeawardThomas Seawardfirst name on this monument1886611947no image3036611068
Leonard Thomas Seawardson of Thomas Seaward1994
Bessie Seawardwife of Thomas Seaward1890881978

1731SeddonNorman Harper Seddonfirst name on this monument1986id: 82913019751073

1732SeelyMartin J Seelyfirst name on this monument1947491996id: 80283017181091

1733SelbyHarriett Selbyfirst name on this monument1838951933no image3031801081
Clara Janet Selbydaughter of Harriett Selby1867901957
Harriett Ada Selbydaughter of Harriett Selby1865901955
William Selbyhusband of Harriett Selby1837591896

1734SeldonBertie Seldonfirst name on this monument1884811965id: 86563023041067
Albert William Seldon1915872002

1735SeldonSydney John Seldonfirst name on this monument1982id: 92203028121071
Jane Annie Elizabeth Seldonwife of Sydney John Seldon1995

1736SelfEdith Selffirst name on this monument1866951961id: 90093026071080

1737ShambrookJames Shambrookfirst name on this monument1900321932id: 960830326110722
Ethel Shambrooksister of James Shambrook1895701965

1738ShanklandAmy K Shanklandfirst name on this monument1959id: 91963027881067

1739ShanksRose Shanksfirst name on this monument1891691960id: 90363026331082
Alfred Ellisbrother of Rose Shanks1897651962

1740ShaplandFrancis John Shaplandfirst name on this monument1916561972id: 85983022481102
Olive Mary Shaplandwife of Francis John Shapland1920862006

1741ShaplandHerbert Shaplandfirst name on this monument1926671993id: 80753017651121
Joy Shapland

1742SharpeChris Sharpefirst name on this monument1931802011id: 85643022161130

1743ShawEliza Jane Shawfirst name on this monument1862821944no image3036721069
Florence Mary Butcher1894861980
Percy James Butcher1894831977

1744ShawPhyllis Irene May Shawfirst name on this monument1914801994id: 80773017671068
Ron Shawhusband of Phyllis Irene May Shaw1915932008

1745ShellardWilliam Henry Shellardfirst name on this monument1861741935no image30366810681

1746ShepherdChristine Mary Shepherdfirst name on this monumentid: 78913015841107
Robert Charles Shepherd

1747ShepherdEva Shepherdfirst name on this monument1882731955id: 91873027791104
Amy Colwilldaughter of Eva Shepherd1888741962

1748ShepherdVictoria Louise Shepherdfirst name on this monument1971322003id: 79133016061080

1749ShermanJohn Charles Shermanfirst name on this monument1945572002id: 79033015961074

1750ShortAnnie Shortfirst name on this monument1889721961id: 90413026381073
William Shorthusband of Annie Short1892791971

1751ShortEdward Shortfirst name on this monument1976id: 88223024631068
Margaret Elizabeth Shortwife of Edward Short1899931992

1752ShortMaria Shortfirst name on this monument1943id: 99003035081068

1753ShortRobert S Shortfirst name on this monument1874681942id: 979530342710661
Florence M N Short1878641942
Olive Short1901941995

1754ShortlandJohn Robert Shortlandfirst name on this monument1894451939id: 98773034861079
Mabel Alice Shortlandwife of John Robert Shortland1894911985
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1755SibleyEdith Sibleyfirst name on this monument1851851936id: 99713035751078
John W Sibleyhusband of Edith Sibley1848901938

1756SilvermanBeatrice Annie Silvermanfirst name on this monument1910821992id: 80663017561068

1757SimWilliam Robert Simfirst name on this monument1936no image30376310761
Ada Elizabeth Simwife of William Robert Sim1936 sister of alice westwood

1758SimmondsJessie Doreen Ada Simmondsfirst name on this monument1899761975id: 85953022451073
William Simmondshusband of Jessie Doreen Ada Simmonds1988

1759SimmonsEthel M Simmonsfirst name on this monument1877721949id: 935930294710651
Thomas H J Simmons1875751950

1760SimpsonDaphne Rosalie Simpsonfirst name on this monument1945no image3037741074age 3 days
Ronald Edwin Simpsonfather of Daphne Rosalie Simpson1913631976
Eva May Simpsonmother of Daphne Rosalie Simpson1916962012

1761SimpsonDaphne Rosalie Simpsonfirst name on this monument1945id: 85223021871071age 3days
Ronald Edwin Simpsonfather of Daphne Rosalie Simpson1913631976
Eva May Simpsonmother of Daphne Rosalie Simpson1916962012

1762SimsFlorence Simsfirst name on this monument1949id: 98693034781100
Ellen Elizabeth Sims
Mary J Simssister of Florence Sims1950

1763SinclairAlice E Sinclairfirst name on this monument1860831943id: 97833034151082
Sidney Sinclairhusband of Alice E Sinclair1863841947

1764SiviterAnnie Siviterfirst name on this monument1952id: 93193029091065
Isiah Siviter1956

1765SkinnerAlice Skinnerfirst name on this monument1944id: 95223030981074
Hugh Edward Skinnerhusband of Alice Skinner1879811960

1766SkinnerEileen Lucy Skinnerfirst name on this monument1921842005id: 92313028221067
Archibald John Harrisfather of Eileen Lucy Skinner1956

1767SkinnerLeonard Leigh Skinnerfirst name on this monument1918741992id: 83603020401078
Iris Hermione Skinnerwife of Leonard Leigh Skinner1919932012

1768SkinnerLionel Thomas Skinnerfirst name on this monument1905811986id: 81883018751098
Emily Skinnerwife of Lionel Thomas Skinner1925772002

1769SkinnerReginald Skinnerfirst name on this monument1906911997id: 79983016891081

1770SkinnerSarah Jane Skinnerfirst name on this monument1853811934id: 969730334110691
Harriet Anne Skinner1858771935

1771SladeAlbert Sladefirst name on this monument1960id: 89953025931093
Vivian Slade1944
Nellie Sladewife of Albert Slade1974

1772SladerEileen Mary Sladerfirst name on this monument1931631994id: 83703020481066

1773SladerMarion King Sladerfirst name on this monument1924772001id: 79263016181067

1774SladerMichael Sladerfirst name on this monument1866731939id: 95253031011071
Eva Sladerwife of Michael Slader1865791944

1775SladerThomas Sladerfirst name on this monument1897801977id: 88293024701066
Winifred Bessie Sladerwife of Thomas Slader1895851980

1776SleeEllen Sophia Sleefirst name on this monument1868841952id: 94203030031065

1777SleeFrederick Gilbert Sleefirst name on this monument1888721960id: 91373027301086
Mabel Sleewife of Frederick Gilbert Slee1886871973

1778SleeTryphina Sleefirst name on this monument1870621932id: 950830308510711
Margaret Sleegrand daughter of Tryphina Slee21

1779SlimDorothy Edith Slimfirst name on this monument1897831980id: 88933025331072
Francis Albert Slimhusband of Dorothy Edith Slim1898881986

1780SloaneAndrew Dunbar Sloanefirst name on this monument1878791957id: 924630283810781

1781SlocombeAlice Mary Slocombefirst name on this monument6id: 97253033641068
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1782SlocombeAnnie Louise Slocombefirst name on this monument1948id: 97643033971091

1783SlocombeClaude Slocombefirst name on this monument1909771986id: 81863018731067

1784SlocombeEdith Slocombefirst name on this monument1964id: 92303028211066
Herbert Slocombehusband of Edith Slocombe

1785SlocombeEthel May Slocombefirst name on this monument1900511951id: 94083029931070

1786SlocombeFredk Slocombefirst name on this monument1945id: 95043030821065
Fred P Slocombe

1787SlocombeHarold John Slocombefirst name on this monument1894731967id: 86923023371065
Annie Louisa Slocombewife of Harold John Slocombe1894901984

1788SlocombeKathleen May Slocombefirst name on this monument62id: 92433028351071d 195?
Reginald Colin Slocombehusband of Kathleen May Slocombe77

1789SlocombeWilliam Slocombefirst name on this monument1951no image3037531070
Mary Jane Slocombewife of William Slocombe1957

1790SlocombeWilliam John Slocombefirst name on this monument1898401938id: 97653033981068

1791SlowleyAlbert Wesley Slowleyfirst name on this monument1926701996id: 80413017311066

1792SlumanLucy Slumanfirst name on this monument1935id: 94533030361071
Jose W Bradfordbrother-in-law of Lucy Sluman1952
Eliza Bradfordsister of Lucy Sluman1945

1793SmallridgeAlbert Reginald Smallridgefirst name on this monument1978id: 88493024901072
Doreen Smallridgewife of Albert Reginald Smallridge

1794SmithAlbert Smithfirst name on this monument1919id: 99973036001068interred holy trinity church; there is a pic of his grave on this site
William Bowne Smithfather of Albert Smith
Sarah Radford Smithwife of Albert Smith1933

1795SmithAlice Smithfirst name on this monument1866781944id: 97903034221072
Rose Turnerdaughter of Alice Smith1898941992
William Smithhusband of Alice Smith1868881956 age 88?
Alfred Turnerson-in-law of Alice Smith1896791975

1796SmithAllan Henry Smithfirst name on this monument1929732002id: 78983015911071

1797SmithAnnie Smithfirst name on this monument1858871945no image3036501071
Arthur Harold Smithhusband of Annie Smith

1798SmithAnnie Smithfirst name on this monument1862701932id: 95373031121068
John Smithhusband of Annie Smith1865821947

1799SmithBernard Smithfirst name on this monument1912641976id: 88233024641083
George Arthur Cox1937411978
Margaret Ellen Smithwife of Bernard Smith1913841997

1800SmithBernard P Smithfirst name on this monument1919601979id: 87983024401066
Evelyn Joyce Smithwife of Bernard P Smith1920842004

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England.

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