Omaka 2 Military Cemetery, Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand

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201FloodMary Ann Floodfirst name on this monument1815691884id: 224
(4 images)
144caem to NZ 1840; died 17 Feb 1884

202FoleyBridget Foleyfirst name on this monument1859651924id: 210
(3 images)
11died 12 Mar 1924
Maurice Foleyhusband of Bridget Foley

203FoleyMaurice Foleyfirst name on this monument1852771929id: 210
(3 images)
5died 6 Aug 1929; husband of Bridget
Bridget Foleywife of Maurice Foley

204FoleyWilliam Foleyfirst name on this monument1889291918id: 210
(3 images)
21killed in Action France 6 Apr 1918
Julian Foley19
Maurice John Foley4

205ForbesAynsley Stuart Forbesfirst name on this monument1920541974id: 602112born 17-1-1920; died 31-1-1074. Flt Lieut 41118 RNzAF
Lyndie Forbesdaughter of Aynsley Stuart Forbes
Carey Forbesson of Aynsley Stuart Forbes
Glenn Forbesson of Aynsley Stuart Forbes
Sylvia Forbeswife of Aynsley Stuart Forbes

206ForbesJeanne Mary Hannah Forbesfirst name on this monument1922551977id: 7026died 5 July 1977
Julie Forbesdaughter of Jeanne Mary Hannah Forbes
John Forbeshusband of Jeanne Mary Hannah Forbes

207FordMaxwell Henry Fordfirst name on this monument1906681974id: 5405died 2 Feb 1974
Sarah Elsie Fordwife of Maxwell Henry Ford1909952004 died 30 Sep 2004

208FormosaBrendon Murray Formosafirst name on this monument1974id: 429211
Murray Formosafather of Brendon Murray Formosa
Diane Formosamother of Brendon Murray Formosa
Tania Formosasister of Brendon Murray Formosa

209ForsterAubrey Leonard Herbert Forsterfirst name on this monument1915611976id: 58938died 7 Jan 1976
Dianne Forsterdaughter of Aubrey Leonard Herbert Forster
Gaye Forsterdaughter of Aubrey Leonard Herbert Forster
Suzanne Forsterdaughter of Aubrey Leonard Herbert Forster
Beth Forsterwife of Aubrey Leonard Herbert Forster

210ForsterBeth Alison Forsterfirst name on this monument1918561974id: 59040died 8 Sep 1974

211FowlerClement Warren Fowlerfirst name on this monument1899751974id: 54729born Spring Grove 3 Feb 1899. died Blenheim 24 Dec 1974
Ina Vevian Mary Fowlerwife of Clement Warren Fowler19011012002 born Blenheim 17 Aug 1901. died Hutt City 16 July 2002

212FowlerGeorge Fowlerfirst name on this monument1857741931id: 31611died 14 May 1931
Mary Elizabeth Stuart1906721978 died 16 Sep 1978
Catherine Fowlerwife of George Fowler1865581923 died 16 May 1923

213FowlerJohn A S Fowlerfirst name on this monument1888851973id: 5413died 26 Oct 1973
M R E Fowlerwife of John A S Fowler1892921984 died 21 Nov 1984

214FowlerLaurence C Fowlerfirst name on this monument1900531953id: 2853died 1 Jun 1953

215FowlerMelville Fowlerfirst name on this monument1891271918id: 2856died at Nelson 17 Aug 1918
Ronald Fowler1896221918 killed in France 2 Oct 1918

216FowlerReginald Fowlerfirst name on this monument1903161919id: 2851died 11 Oct 1919
Laurence C Fowler1900531953 died 1 Jun 1953
Melville Fowler1891271918 died at Nelson 17 Aug 1918
Ronald Fowler1896221918 killed in France 2 Oct 1918

217FowlerRussell Bruce Fowlerfirst name on this monument1954221976id: 68071died 3 Dec 1976; eldest son
Barry Fowlerbrother of Russell Bruce Fowler
Peter Fowlerbrother of Russell Bruce Fowler
Bruce Fowlerfather of Russell Bruce Fowler
Doreen Fowlermother of Russell Bruce Fowler
Patricia Fowlersister of Russell Bruce Fowler
Suzanne Fowlersister of Russell Bruce Fowler
Wendy Fowlersister of Russell Bruce Fowler
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218FoxGemma Moana Foxfirst name on this monument1974id: 4325died 22 Nov 1974 aged 2 days
John Foxfather of Gemma Moana Fox
Iva Foxmother of Gemma Moana Fox

219FranceAustin Francefirst name on this monument1945id: 272161died 29 Aug 1945
Florrie Francewife of Austin France

220FreebodyHenry Ernest Freebodyfirst name on this monument1879951974id: 596111
Dorsi Elizabeth C Belldaughter of Henry Ernest Freebody1906881994

221FreemanKatie Freemanfirst name on this monument1898511949id: 1374died 21 Oct 1949
Ralph Ernest Freemanhusband of Katie Freeman1896711967 died 28 Jun 1967

222FreethJack Freethfirst name on this monument1906661972id: 44519died 7 Oct 1973
Rosina Faith Freethwife of Jack Freeth1914611975 died 25 Apr 1975

223FreethJames Freethfirst name on this monument1952id: 400212died 2 Oct 1952
Mary A Freethwife of James Freeth1956 died 24 Aug 1956

224FrostEdward Vernon Frostfirst name on this monument1917571974id: 53215died 14 Jan 1974
Greta Kathleen Frostwife of Edward Vernon Frost1921912012 died 21 Aug 2012

225GagliariMary Antoinette Gagliarifirst name on this monument1985id: 120
(7 images)
7Sister of Mercy

226GambleWilliam Milton Gamblefirst name on this monument1869781947id: 2539died 16 Nov 1947

227GarrettRobert Cecil Marshall Garrettfirst name on this monument1903711974id: 60620died 19 Oct 1974
Leela daughter of Robert Cecil Marshall Garrett
Krystal grand daughter of Robert Cecil Marshall Garrett
Matthew grand son of Robert Cecil Marshall Garrett
Leela Anna Jane Garrettwife of Robert Cecil Marshall Garrett1916771993 died 2 Jan 1993

228GarriganGerald James Garriganfirst name on this monument1870591929id: 3687died 14 Jan 1928

229GeorgeClarence Georgefirst name on this monument1910641974id: 64310died 26 Oct 1974
Beverley Georgedaughter of Clarence George
Rita Mabel Georgewife of Clarence George1914862000 died 4 Oct 2000

230GibbAngus J Gibbfirst name on this monument1977id: 67562died 17 Feb 1977
Alistair Gibbson of Angus J Gibb
Graham Gibbson of Angus J Gibb
Stuart Gibbson of Angus J Gibb
Dot Gibbwife of Angus J Gibb

231GiffordHenry Herbert Giffordfirst name on this monument1885881973id: 5344died 16 Dec 1973
Flossie May Gifford1891831974 died 10 June 1974

232GillConstance Evelyn Gillfirst name on this monument1910651975id: 6163died 19 Apr 1975

233GillKenneth Clarence Gillfirst name on this monument1899771976id: 679161died 8 Jan 1976
Matilda May Gillwife of Kenneth Clarence Gill1898921990 died 10 June 1990

234GillTony Francis Gillfirst name on this monument1956181974id: 53816died 11 Feb 1974
David Gillbrother of Tony Francis Gill
Graeme Gillbrother of Tony Francis Gill
Kenneth Brian Gillfather of Tony Francis Gill1927691996 born 24 Sep 1927; died 15 Sep 1996
Ruth Gillmother of Tony Francis Gill1931651996 born 1 Sep 1931; died 3 Jan 1996
Carol Ann Evanssister of Tony Francis Gill
Lynette Gillsister of Tony Francis Gill

235GillespieRichard Gillespiefirst name on this monument1901731974id: 48310died 26 May 1974
Lilian Edith Gillespiewife of Richard Gillespie1900781978 died 6 Nov 1978

236GilmoreLouisa Amy Gilmorefirst name on this monument1886311917id: 8962died 23 Feb 1917

237GledhillHenry George Gledhillfirst name on this monument1906691975id: 66022died 4 Sep 1975
Olive Nanette Gledhillwife of Henry George Gledhill1907791986 died 26 Nov 1986

238GleesonJames Gleesonfirst name on this monument1857711928id: 36431died 7 June 1928
Bridget Gleesonwife of James Gleeson1873621935 died 14 Aug 1935

239GleesonJames Gleesonfirst name on this monument1898781976id: 47725died 29 Apr 1976
Dawn Gleesondaughter of James Gleeson
Blair Gleesonson of James Gleeson
Melba Christina Gleesonwife of James Gleeson1990 died 14 Jan 1990
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240GleesonJohn Gleesonfirst name on this monument1903491952id: 39731died 20 Mar 1952

241GloverPhyllis May Gloverfirst name on this monument1895821977id: 7202died 5 Aug 1977
Thomas Gloverhusband of Phyllis May Glover1901791980 died 2 Mar 1980

242GoldingAlbert James Goldingfirst name on this monument1909161925id: 22816died 21 Apr 1925

243GoldingArthur Salathiel Goldingfirst name on this monument1882601942id: 36014died 10 June 1942
Ellen Goldingwife of Arthur Salathiel Golding1884691953 died 14 July 1953

244GoslingCecil Jack Goslingfirst name on this monument1906id: 105131died 26 Nov 1906 aged 11 months
Leslie William Goslingbrother of Cecil Jack Gosling191111912 died 15 May 1912 aged 15 months
Jack Goslingfather of Cecil Jack Gosling
Alice Goslingmother of Cecil Jack Gosling

245GoslingElizabeth Alice Goslingfirst name on this monument1951id: 1249died 20 Oct 1951
Roy Goslingfather of Elizabeth Alice Gosling
Minnie Goslingmother of Elizabeth Alice Gosling

246GoslingKatherine Goslingfirst name on this monument1847701917id: 283101died 4 Apr 1917
William Goslinghusband of Katherine Gosling1832871919 died 1 Nov 1919

247GoulterAnthony Francis Goulterfirst name on this monument1925501975id: 54521died 20 Jan 1975

248GoulterCharles F J Goulterfirst name on this monument1854811935id: 1101died at Hawkesbury; Blenheim 18 Feb 1935
Katherine L Goulterwife of Charles F J Goulter1855881943 died at Hawkesbury; Blenheim 1 Aug 1943

249GoulterGeraldine Mary Goulterfirst name on this monument1885501935id: 281died 8 Dec 1935. Age from

250GoulterHarold Basil Goulterfirst name on this monument1910431953id: 40621died 23 June 1953

251GoulterHarold Oakley Goulterfirst name on this monument1900491949id: 3121Of Sevenoaks; Omaka; a farmer at rest. Died 18 Aug 1949. Age from

252GoulterNancy Jean Goulterfirst name on this monument1982id: 54692died 5 June 1982
Anthony Francis Goulterhusband of Nancy Jean Goulter

253GoulterRedwood Felix Goulterfirst name on this monument1859741933id: 9113died 15 Sep 1933

254GoulterTheresa Catherine Goulterfirst name on this monument1859861945id: 824died 6 Aug 1945

255GravesEric Gravesfirst name on this monument1907691976id: 47310died 10 May 1976
Lorna Janet Graveswife of Eric Graves1911811992 died 8 Aug 1992

256GreenLen Greenfirst name on this monument1885661951id: 1801died 14 Dec 1951

257GregorCora Jean Gregorfirst name on this monument1889881977id: 71417died 1 Apr 1977
Rona Adelaide Crichton Gregor1909781987 died 12 Sep 1987

258GreyNorah Greyfirst name on this monument1860631923id: 451died 4 Jul 1923

259GriggLois Ashton Rubena Victoria Griggfirst name on this monument1902741976id: 666251born 24 Apr 1902; died 6 July 1976
Lois Ashton Staplesdaughter of Lois Ashton Rubena Victoria Grigg1932702002
Archie Grigghusband of Lois Ashton Rubena Victoria Grigg

260GroubeRoland Horatio Groubefirst name on this monument1916842000id: 62552died 26 Dec 2000
Ngaire Groubewife of Roland Horatio Groube1929461975 died 5 May 1975

261GuardWayne Guardfirst name on this monument1948281976id: 6778died 9 Apr 1976

262HadfieldCyril P Hadfieldfirst name on this monument1905721977id: 62931died 15 Sep 1977
Elizabeth D Hadfieldwife of Cyril P Hadfield1896881984 died 12 Sep 1984

263HadfieldGraham Ballantyne Hadfieldfirst name on this monument1942331975id: 63078died 23 July 1975 in Singapore
Cyril Hadfieldfather of Graham Ballantyne Hadfield
Elizabeth Hadfieldmother of Graham Ballantyne Hadfield
Janet Hadfieldsister of Graham Ballantyne Hadfield

264HagedornJohn Hagedornfirst name on this monument1947id: 127101died 23 Jul 1947
C Hagedornfather or mother of John Hagedorn
M Hagedornfather or mother of John Hagedorn Full name - Mary Eleanor Hagedorn (nee Morrison) Born May 1, 1913 in Christchurch, New Zealand, granddaughter of Bernard and Bridget Duffy who emigrated from Ireland and arrived in New Zealand in 1879 aboard SS Opawa. Married Karl Hagedorn on October 5, 1940. Died February 11, 2004.

265HagenMaurice James Hagenfirst name on this monument1914321946id: 23228died 25 Apr 1946
James Hagenfather of Maurice James Hagen1884901974 died 9 Sep 1974
Christina Hagenmother of Maurice James Hagen1889831972 died 25 Feb 1972

266HaleMyra Gwen Halefirst name on this monument1974id: 6398died 10 Sept 1974
Norman Edwin Halehusband of Myra Gwen Hale18921001992 died11 June 1992
Don Haleson of Myra Gwen Hale
Gavin Haleson of Myra Gwen Hale
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267HamPatrick John Hamfirst name on this monument193311934id: 1293aged 1 year 2 months
Robert Hamfather of Patrick John Ham
Rosina Hammother of Patrick John Ham

268HancockMargaret Hancockfirst name on this monument1870831953id: 1841died 13 Jun 1953

269HanleyJohn Hanleyfirst name on this monument1933id: 29421died 23 May 1933
Mary Hanleydaughter of John Hanley1987 died 24 July 1987
Eric Hanleyson of John Hanley1943 killed in Italy 8 Dec 1943
Bridget Hanleywife of John Hanley1934 died 27 May 1934

270HarnettMichael Joseph Harnettfirst name on this monument1886511937id: 30531died 23 Aug 1937
Clarice Mary Harnettwife of Michael Joseph Harnett1952 died 27 Dec 1952

271HarperMary Assumpta Dorothy Madeleine Harperfirst name on this monument1996id: 120
(7 images)
7Sister of Mercy

272HarrisElizabeth Mary Harrisfirst name on this monument1913611974id: 5731died 21 Dec 1974
Ian Cuthbert Harrishusband of Elizabeth Mary Harris1919611980 died 6 June 1980
Leicester Harrisson of Elizabeth Mary Harris

273HarrisJohanna Harrisfirst name on this monument1858841942id: 35821died 1 Aug 1942
George Michael Harrishusband of Johanna Harris1858641922 died at Sydney 11 Sep 1922

274HarrisonGeorge Michael Harrisonfirst name on this monument1888581946id: 2553Passed away at Kenepuru Heads 22 Mar 1946

275HartAlan David Hartfirst name on this monument1975id: 62813died 25 July 1975
Catherine Hartwife of Alan David Hart1976 died 20 june 1976

276HartJohn Kearns Hartfirst name on this monument1860901950id: 19424
Freda Hartdaughter of John Kearns Hart
Charles Hart son of Charles Forrest Hart
Charles Forrest Hart1865881953 father of Charles; Georgina; Stanley; John and Margaret
Georgina Hart daughter of Charles Forrest Hart
John Hart son of Charles Forrest Hart
Margaret Hart daughter of Charles Forrest Hart
Stanley Hart son of Charles Forrest Hart

277HarveyRichard Kenp Harveyfirst name on this monument1914611975id: 653531died 6 Oct 1975. Capt. 13319 NZ Inf. 2nd NZEF
Judith Harveydaughter of Richard Kenp Harvey
Patricia Harveydaughter of Richard Kenp Harvey
John Harveyson of Richard Kenp Harvey
Richard Harveyson of Richard Kenp Harvey
Amuri Cordelia Harveywife of Richard Kenp Harvey1919801999 died 22 Mar 1999

278HawtinFrederick William Hawtinfirst name on this monument1903701973id: 522161died 4 Nov 1973
Thelma May Hawtinwife of Frederick William Hawtin1906881994 died 24 Oct 1994

279HealeyAlbert Edward Healeyfirst name on this monument1902751977id: 5566died 1 Jan 1977

280HealyMargaret Jane Healyfirst name on this monument1868501918id: 21791died 26 Nov 1918
John Healyhusband of Margaret Jane Healy1867851952 died 23 Oct 1952

281HendersonMuriel Helen Hendersonfirst name on this monument1892851977id: 6992died 6 Feb 1977
William Hendersonhusband of Muriel Helen Henderson1888951983 died 20 Sep 1983

282HendryBeth Hendryfirst name on this monument1923521975id: 6268
Tony Hendryhusband of Beth Hendry

283HennesseyPeter Hennesseyfirst name on this monument1948id: 128181died 25 Aug 1948 aged 1 day

284HennessyMichael Hennessyfirst name on this monument1850631913id: 28492died 21 Jul 1913
Josephine Hennessydaughter of Michael Hennessy189261898 died 31 May 1898
Charles Hennessyson of Michael Hennessy1887281915 Killed at Gallipoli 14 Aug 1915
Mary Hennessywife of Michael Hennessy1859811940 died 23 Mar 1940

285HensonRuth Agnes Hensonfirst name on this monument1930621992id: 6347died 16 Dec 1992
Ken Hensonhusband of Ruth Agnes Henson
David Hensonson of Ruth Agnes Henson
Tony Richard Hensonson of Ruth Agnes Henson1955191974 died 15 Aug 1974; aged 19 years 10 months
Wayne Hensonson of Ruth Agnes Henson
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286HerdMaria Herdfirst name on this monument1874721946id: 23321died 14 Jul 1946

287HerktCharles Simon Herktfirst name on this monument1896431939id: 35010born 9 Nov 1896; died 16 June 1939
Douglas George Herktnephew of Charles Simon Herkt1935722007 born 18 Dec 1935; died 29 July 2007
John Herktson of Charles Simon Herkt
Keith Herktson of Charles Simon Herkt
Vincent Herktson of Charles Simon Herkt

288HesterChristine Elizabeth Hesterfirst name on this monument1949281977id: 66412died 31 May 1977
Bill Hesterfather of Christine Elizabeth Hester
Olive Hestermother of Christine Elizabeth Hester

289HesterWilliam James Hesterfirst name on this monument1905721977id: 6317died 27 Aug 1977
Olive Eileen Hesterwife of William James Hester1906781984 died 27 Nov 1984

290HigginsCatherine Higginsfirst name on this monument1854641918id: 64433died 29 Jun 1918
John Higginshusband of Catherine Higgins1854921946 of Seddon; died 31 May 1946
Michael Joseph Higginsson of Catherine Higgins1880281908 died 23 Nov 1908

291HigginsTerence Patrick Higginsfirst name on this monument1921561977id: 568102died 4 July 1977
Carmel Higginsdaughter of Terence Patrick Higgins
Claire Higginsdaughter of Terence Patrick Higgins
Jim Higginsson of Terence Patrick Higgins
Joe Higginsson of Terence Patrick Higgins
Mark Higginsson of Terence Patrick Higgins
Philip Higginsson of Terence Patrick Higgins
Marjorie Dawn Higginswife of Terence Patrick Higgins1924882012 died 10 Oct 2010

292HigginsTimothy Edward Higginsfirst name on this monument1889601949id: 2496died 16 Jan 1949
Frank Higginsbrother of Timothy Edward Higgins1895591954 died 13 Jan 1954

293HoareThomas Hoarefirst name on this monument1838721910id: 3221died 7 dec 1910; native of Ireland
John Hoare1836751911 died 9 Aug 1911

294HocquardFrancis Emily Hocquardfirst name on this monument1873691942id: 34251died 2 (?) May 1942
Phillip Hocquard1949 died 19 May 1949 aged 68(?) - quite illegible

295HodgsonChristopher Philip Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1953id: 12371died 24 Sep 1953 aged 2 days
Laurie Hodgsonfather of Christopher Philip Hodgson
Fay Hodgsonmother of Christopher Philip Hodgson

296HoldawayRonald Maunsell Holdawayfirst name on this monument1909861995id: 6578died 28 June 1995
Olive Grace Holdawaywife of Ronald Maunsell Holdaway1914631977 died 9 Mar 1977

297HolmesThomas Benjamin Holmesfirst name on this monument1978id: 53362died 30 June 1978
Marianne Elizabeth Holmes1973 died 13 Oct 1973

298HopeIan Brian Hopefirst name on this monument1935381973id: 466212died 12 July 1973; result of an accident
Andrew Hopeson of Ian Brian Hope
Bernard Hopeson of Ian Brian Hope
Grant Hopeson of Ian Brian Hope
Jeffrey Hopeson of Ian Brian Hope
Raema Hopewife of Ian Brian Hope

299HopeWinifred Hopefirst name on this monument1923541977id: 64936died 30 June 1977
Grace daughter of Winifred Hope
Maurice Hopehusband of Winifred Hope
Neil Friend of Neil
Frank son-in-law of Winifred Hope

300HoranMichael Horanfirst name on this monument1838691907id: 117died 8 Nov 1907
Edward Horan1835781913 died 1 Dec 1913

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