New Walk Cemetery, Beverley, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AbercrombieAnnie Jefferson Abercrombiefirst name on this monument1869391908id: NW1492755778d 24-Sep-08

2AllisonHannah Maria Allisonfirst name on this monument1871371908id: NW1202755488d 08-Apr-08

3AndersonSarah Andersonfirst name on this monument1845231868id: NW2192756463
Edward Andersonbrother of Sarah Anderson

4AndersonSarah Andersonfirst name on this monument1845231868id: NW202754472
Edward Andersonbrother of Sarah Anderson

5AnderwsRobert Anderwsfirst name on this monument1830651895id: NW652754932The date carved on the stone is 1985; I'm sure this is a mistake.
Hannah Andrewswife of Robert Anderws1834571891

6AtkinsonAnn Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1794821876id: NW932755211

7BabingtonHenry Nightingale Babingtonfirst name on this monument1854761930id: NW1932756203d 18-Feb-30

8BackhouseJohn William Backhousefirst name on this monument1897821979id: NW992755273d 15-Nov-79

9BackhouseJohn William Backhousefirst name on this monument1865761941id: NW12827555610d 08-Aug-41
Albert Backhouseson of John William Backhouse1899641963 d 12-Feb-63
Selina Backhousewife of John William Backhouse1864891953 d 27-Dec-53

10BarnardMartha Barnardfirst name on this monument1830691899id: NW2272756545
William Barnardhusband of Martha Barnard1833771910 d 24-Nov-10

11BarnsJane Barnsfirst name on this monument1845651910id: NW412754693d 02-Apr-10
Joseph Elliottbrother-in-law of Jane Barns1839771916 d 18-Mar-16
Ellen Elliottsister of Jane Barns1846891935 d 03-Sep-35

12BatesonJames Bradley Batesonfirst name on this monument1850321882id: NW1112755391
Gilder Batesonfather of James Bradley Bateson1800861886
Susannah Batesonmother of James Bradley Bateson1812751887

13BlackburnMary Ann Blackburnfirst name on this monument1802881890id: NW322754601Widow of James Blackburn

14BlythJohn Blythfirst name on this monument1826751901id: NW8927551712d 04-Feb-01

15BlythRobert Blythfirst name on this monument1856481904id: NW1222755505d 01-Nov-04
Percy Blythson of Robert Blyth1893231916 d 15-Sep-16

16BoswellJohn Boswellfirst name on this monument1814731887id: NW1992756266
Ann Boswellwife of John Boswell1819811900 d 23-Jan-00

17BotterillJoseph William Botterillfirst name on this monument187121873id: NW2222756496

18BradleyJames Bradleyfirst name on this monument1805671872id: NW52754321
Mary Bradleywife of James Bradley1802671869

19BroomheadJack Broomheadfirst name on this monument1892121904id: NW2182756453d 24-Sep-04

20BrouchEmily Elizabeth Brouchfirst name on this monument1865621927id: NW15127557910d 22-Feb-27
Harry Wharton Brouchwife of Emily Elizabeth Brouch1866721938 d 17-Feb-38

21BrownEmily Brownfirst name on this monument1859261885id: NW712754993

22BrowshoEliza Browshofirst name on this monument1825721897id: NW1782756052
Annie Browshodaughter of Eliza Browsho1859671926 d 29-Nov-26
John Browshohusband of Eliza Browsho1825861911 d 06-Dec-11

23BrusbyJohn Brusbyfirst name on this monument1817741891id: NW382754663
Eliza Brusbywife of John Brusby1819771896

24BurrowsSteven William Burrowsfirst name on this monument1961id: NW1312755594d 17-Aug-61 infant

25BursellCarrie Bursellfirst name on this monument1882281910id: NW12
(3 images)
John Henry Pextonfather of Carrie Bursell1853701923 d 18-Aug-23
Mary Ann Pextonmother of Carrie Bursell1846711917 d 02-Feb-17

26CallisWalter Callisfirst name on this monument1833731906id: NW1262755542d 23-Jul-06
Rachael Calliswife of Walter Callis1839811920 d 03-Aug-20

27CalvertHannah Calvertfirst name on this monument1851641915id: NW129
(2 images)
2755571d 19-May-15
Teresa Calvert1846781924 d 02-Jan-24

28CarlingMaria Carlingfirst name on this monument1814601874id: NW242754513
Robert Carlinghusband of Maria Carling1811701881
Elizabeth Nicholson This person's inscription has weathered away
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29ChadwickEmma Chadwickfirst name on this monument1857341891id: NW352754636

30ChapmanHarold Chapmanfirst name on this monument1815871902id: NW1022755303d 02-Jan-02
Isabel Kate Chapmanwife of Harold Chapman85 d 26-Sep-65 ?

31ChapmanJames Chapmanfirst name on this monument1824741898id: NW1562755844
Jane Chapmanwife of James Chapman1837831920 d 12-Sep-20

32ClarkJames Clarkfirst name on this monument1823831906id: NW1422755702d 25-Nov-06
Annie Clarkdaughter of James Clark1861291890
Elizabeth Clarkwife of James Clark1833731906 d 30-Nov-06

33ClarkMatilda Clarkfirst name on this monument1816581874id: NW7427550222
John Robert Clarkhusband of Matilda Clark1815661881

34ClubleyRobert Clubleyfirst name on this monument1814811895id: NW79275507105
Fred Clubleyson of Robert Clubley1859161875
Susan Clubleywife of Robert Clubley1823761899

35ConstableJohn Burton Constablefirst name on this monument1808681876id: NW21227563922
Elizabeth Constabledaughter of John Burton Constable1842681910 d 27-Oct-10
Elizabeth Constablewife of John Burton Constable1812731885

36CookThomas Cookfirst name on this monument1899id: NW1472755751
Louisa Cookwife of Thomas Cook1843641907 d 08-Jul-07

37CooperSarah Ann Cooperfirst name on this monument1842801922id: NW20727563421d 01-Jul-22

38CouplandNorrison Shadwell Couplandfirst name on this monument1858261884id: NW11327554131
Cathrine Lee Couplandwife of Norrison Shadwell Coupland1860771937 d 17-Feb-37

39DayWilliam Dayfirst name on this monument1813691882id: NW11027553861
Elizabeth Mary Daywife of William Day1818691887

40DayesThomas Dayesfirst name on this monument1844561900id: NW82754353d 28-May-00
Herbert Dayesson of Thomas Dayes1870331903 d 20-Oct-03
Marian Dayeswife of Thomas Dayes1842711913 d 01-Oct-13 - Age taken from Free BMD

41DeightonSarah Deightonfirst name on this monument1799831882id: NW10127552914
Philip Deightonhusband of Sarah Deighton1800901890
Emma Hunsley Deightonsecond wife of husband of Sarah Deighton1841531894

42DickinsRebecca Dickinsfirst name on this monument1809741883id: NW2052756321

43DonkinGeorge Robinson Donkinfirst name on this monument1815751890id: NW562754841
Ann Donkinwife of George Robinson Donkin1818751893

44DosserMatthew Dosserfirst name on this monument1820491869id: NW427543112
Sarah Dosserwife of Matthew Dosser1883

45DoveHannah Elizabeth Dovefirst name on this monument1860261886id: NW1827544511
William Dovehusband of Hannah Elizabeth Dove1851601911 d 04-Mar-11

46DuffittEdward George Duffittfirst name on this monument1862201882id: NW2102756372

47DunnJames Dunnfirst name on this monument1825811906id: NW106
(2 images)
2755344d 19-Aug-06
Maud Dunndaughter of James Dunn1863851948 d 19-Jun-48
Sarah Dunnwife of James Dunn1825911916 d 19-Jun-16

48DunnWilliam Dunnfirst name on this monument1837571894id: NW2242756513
Hannah Dunnwife of William Dunn1843841927 d 08-Apr-27

49ElsomDerek Howard Elsomfirst name on this monument1922id: NW1462755743d 27-Apr-22

50EmpsonRichard Empsonfirst name on this monument1873831956id: NW1532755812d 10-Jan-56

51EnglishRobert Alfred Englishfirst name on this monument1869331902id: NW1672755953d 24-May-02
John William Englishson of Robert Alfred English189261898
Annie Elizabeth Englishwife of Robert Alfred English1866851951 d 03-Sep-51

52FosterSarah Fosterfirst name on this monument1812801892id: NW422754701

53FosterSarah Fosterfirst name on this monument1846561902id: NW1802756072d 14-Oct-02
Matthew John Fosterhusband of Sarah Foster1833761909 Year of death taken from Free BMD

54FrankishJohn Frankishfirst name on this monument1891id: NW2322756592
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55FrankishJohn Frankishfirst name on this monument1841501891id: NW332754614

56FrostSarah Elizabeth Frostfirst name on this monument1866161882id: NW2112756381
Emma Frostmother of Sarah Elizabeth Frost1843421885

57GamesonAnn Elizabeth Gamesonfirst name on this monument1832691901id: NW1902756171d 05-Nov-01
James Mcdougall Gamesonhusband of Ann Elizabeth Gameson1832761908 d 01-Jan-08

58GanthamJohn Ganthamfirst name on this monument1821631884id: NW1302755581
William Henry Granthamgrand son of John Gantham1864221886

59GibbonWillkiam Gibbonfirst name on this monument1810791889id: NW14327557111
Jane Gibbondaughter of Willkiam Gibbon
Mary Gibbonwife of Willkiam Gibbon1806831889

60GibsonWilliam Gibsonfirst name on this monument1835811916id: NW1412755691d 12-Jul-16
Mary Elizabeth Gibsonwife of William Gibson1841801921 d 24-Mar-21

61GlewJoseph Glewfirst name on this monument1828671895id: NW1362755641

62GoodwinHannah Goodwinfirst name on this monument1839761915id: NW2352756621d 08-Feb-15
Henry Goodwinhusband of Hannah Goodwin1839761915 d 22-Apr-15

63GraggyRobert Andrew Graggyfirst name on this monument1827751902id: NW1542755821d 03-Apr-02
Charlotte Graggywife of Robert Andrew Graggy1827821909 d 21-Nov-09

64GraggySarah Graggyfirst name on this monument1860521912id: NW822755103d 10-Sep-12
Thomas Harrisonfather of Sarah Graggy1836791915 d 05-Nov-15
Helen Harrisonmother of Sarah Graggy1837761913 d 27-Jun-13

65GrahamWilliam Grahamfirst name on this monument1823491872id: NW22627565334
Annie Elizabeth Garforth1826691895
Ann Elizabeth Grahamwife of William Graham1821421863

66GrayWilliam Grayfirst name on this monument1842581900id: NW13527556311d 07-Jan-00
Naomi Graywife of William Gray1849641913 d 21-Feb-13

67GreensidesElizabeth Greensidesfirst name on this monument1836871923id: NW142754415d 17-Feb-23
Christopher Greensideshusband of Elizabeth Greensides1841851926 d 12-Jan-26

68GriceMartha Gricefirst name on this monument1829431872id: NW2202756472
Hannah Gricedaughter of Martha Grice1857111868 age 11yr 6m

69GrovesWilliam Edward Batless Grovesfirst name on this monument1866261892id: NW432754711
John Grovesfather of William Edward Batless Groves1829701899
Isabella Grovesmother of William Edward Batless Groves1838821920 d 29-Jan-20

70HakneyJohn Hakneyfirst name on this monument1802711873no image2754532
Ann Hakneywife of John Hakney1805781883

71HallFrances Mary Hallfirst name on this monument1873291902id: NW1582755861d 20-Jun-02

72HallJohn Hallfirst name on this monument1811661877id: NW10927553711
Jane Halldaughter of John Hall1846871933 d 10-Nov-33
Jane Hallwife of John Hall1810901900 d 02-Jun-00

73HanceWalgate Hancefirst name on this monument1799831882id: NW962755241

74HareMillie Harefirst name on this monument1830731903id: NW16427559251d 12-Mar-03
John Harehusband of Millie Hare1840841924 d 01-Mar-24

75HargraveJohn Henry Hargravefirst name on this monument1852481900id: NW1822756092d 02-May-00

76HarperJames Harperfirst name on this monument1748801828id: NW1972756241d 01-Feb-28
Mary Harperwife of James Harper1852371889

77HarringtonAnnie Harringtonfirst name on this monument1862151877id: NW1052755331
Elizabeth Harringtonsister of Annie Harrington1851641915 d 28-Jan-15

78HarringtonJames Harringtonfirst name on this monument1846241870id: NW782755062
Richard Harringtonfather of James Harrington
Ann Harringtonmother of James Harrington

79HarringtonRichard Harringtonfirst name on this monument1818731891id: NW502754784
Charlotte Allisondaughter of Richard Harrington1849641913 d 12-Dec-13
Ann Harringtonwife of Richard Harrington1826741900 d 07-Dec-00
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80HarrisonJohn Harrisonfirst name on this monument1811651876id: NW9427552231
Mary daughter of John Harrison1918 d 01-Dec-18
Ellen Alice Graggygrand daughter of John Harrison1897 age 7 months
Priscilla Harrisonwife of John Harrison1812661878

81HaselhurstRobert Haselhurstfirst name on this monument1811581869id: NW32754301

82HaweWilliam Hawefirst name on this monument1821761897id: NW19227561952

83HewardEdith Annie Hewardfirst name on this monument1866241890id: NW552754834

84HewardWilliam Hewardfirst name on this monument1840441884id: NW7227550041
Susan Margaret Hewardwife of William Heward1845601905 d 13-Apr-05

85HobbsJohn Hobbsfirst name on this monument1801721873id: NW862755141
Sarah Hobbswife of John Hobbs1796841880

86HodbsonEdwin Hodbsonfirst name on this monument1853291882id: NW9727552564
William Hobsonhusband of Edwin Hodbson1820731893
Elizabeth Hobsonwife of Edwin Hodbson1817761893

87HodgsonCatherine Maud Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1862561918id: NW69
(2 images)
2754971d 09-Feb-18

88HodgsonHarold John Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1887391926id: NW67
(2 images)
27549511d 09-Feb-26
Jack Hodgson1883451928 d 25-Dec-28

89HollingsworthThomas Hollingsworthfirst name on this monument1833581891no image2754753
Thomas Hollingsworthson of Thomas Hollingsworth1860331893
William Hollingsworthson of Thomas Hollingsworth1873221895
Sarah Ann Hollingsworthwife of Thomas Hollingsworth1835611896

90HollowayThalia Hollowayfirst name on this monument1797811878id: NW8827551612

91HolmesElizabeth Holmesfirst name on this monument1824781902id: NW1602755881d 06-Nov-02
William M Holmeshusband of Elizabeth Holmes1823811904 d 23-Sep-04

92HolmesJohn William Holmesfirst name on this monument1866811947id: NW102754378d 08-Jan-47
Edith Amelia Holmeswife of John William Holmes1871841955 d 25-Oct-55

93HopperSarah Louisa Hopperfirst name on this monument1866301896id: NW1862756133
Stanley Hopperson of Sarah Louisa Hopper1896 age 7 days

94HudsonJohn Harold Hudsonfirst name on this monument1864841948id: NW66
(2 images)
2754942d 10-Jan-48
Helen Featonby Hudsonwife of John Harold Hudson1884681952 d 15-Sep-52

95HunsleyWilliam Hunsleyfirst name on this monument1861531914id: NW17027559841d 21-Mar-14
Herbert Hunsleyson of William Hunsley1892241916 d 17-Aug-16
Sabina Hunsleywife of William Hunsley1864631927 d 18-Feb-27

96HunssleyFrederick Hunssleyfirst name on this monument1859391898id: NW1662755942
Rhoda Hunssleywife of Frederick Hunssley1860911951 d 16-Jan-51

97HuntMartha Huntfirst name on this monument1854651919id: NW1842756112d 14-Nov-19
Martha Clarkmother of Martha Hunt1815831898

98HurstJane Ann Hurstfirst name on this monument1884151899id: NW1502755787
Robert Papebrother-in-law of Jane Ann Hurst1881681949 d 05-Feb-49
Annie Ethel Papesister of Jane Ann Hurst1885591944 d 15-Oct-44

99HutchinsonMary Ann Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1838591897id: NW1852756122

100HutchinsonThomas Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1805821887id: NW11927554732
Sarah Ann Johnsondaughter of Thomas Hutchinson1863621925 d 18-Jan-25
Rebecca Hutchinsonwife of Thomas Hutchinson1833711904 d 09-Jul-04

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for New Walk Cemetery, Beverley, Yorkshire, England.

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