New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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401RainieWilliam Rainiefirst name on this monument1782681850id: 113632563371073Accountant; died 24th April
Robert Aitchisonbrother-in-law of William Rainie1790461836 Died 12th April
Mary Rainiewife of William Rainie1790791869 Died 23rd April

402RalonJames Ralonfirst name on this monument1833631896id: 111182562361079Died at Comely Green; 26th January
Jessie Baird Smith Ralondaughter of James Ralon186041864 Died 14th August aged 4 years 4 months
Peter Ralonson of James Ralon1860501910 Died at Sydney 16th September
Christina Ralonwife of James Ralon1913 Born at Inverleigh 26th June; died 16th July

403RankenGeorge Rankenfirst name on this monument1760591819id: 11202382560851075Hon. East India Co. Medical Service; Bengal; died 17th February
Agnes Rankenwife of George Ranken1774851859 Died September

404RankenJohn William Norton Rankenfirst name on this monument186351868id: 11202392560861072Died 30th April; aged 5 years and 10 months
George Rankenfather of John William Norton Ranken1810641874 Late of the 69th Bengal Native Infantry; died 7th September

405RedpathJohn Redpathfirst name on this monument1773731846no image2559041081Iron Merchant. Died 2nd January
Agnes Griffindaughter of John Redpath1819751894 Died 10th October
Caroline Elizabeth Redpathgrand daughter of John Redpath1837281865 Died 20th March. Only child.
Elizabeth Redpath1820831903 Died 23rd February
Mary Redpath1805671872 Died 31st January
Wilhelmina Redpath1801651866 Died 17th Apri;
Hugh Redpathson of John Redpath1811471858 Died 22nd January
John Redpathson of John Redpath1839181857 Died 20th September
Thomas Redpathson of John Redpath1824391863 Died in New Zeland in January
Henry Mountford Griffinson-in-law of John Redpath1811471858 Died 10th November
Elizabeth Redpathwife of John Redpath1847 Died 21st December

406ReedMaggie Reedfirst name on this monument1850231873id: 112762563001068Died 23rd March
James M Hunter
Jeanie Hunter

407ReidDavid Sinclair Reidfirst name on this monument1896811977id: 111042562321099Died 28th August
Wilhelmina Ledingham Reidwife of David Sinclair Reid1898901988 Died 11th November

408ReidElizabeth Reidfirst name on this monumentid: 11201232560401069A native of the north. A domestic in one household.

409ReidGrace Reidfirst name on this monument1792491841id: 114862563911080Died 23rd June
Anne Paris Reiddaughter of Grace Reid1831721903 Died 24th December
Catherine Reiddaughter-in-law of Grace Reid1836351871 Died 16th April
William Reidhusband of Grace Reid1800681868 Died 5th June
David Reidson of Grace Reid1840541894 Youngest son; died 6th June
James Reidson of Grace Reid183331836 Died 1st May aged 3 and a half
William Reidson of Grace Reid1823101833 Died 14th November
Isabella Reidsecond wife of husband of Grace Reid1809561865 Died 12th May

410ReidRobert Little Reidfirst name on this monument1800871887no image2559741082Died 7th June
Robert Menzies1817601877 Died 19th July
Catherine Reid
Charles Reid
Katherine Reid1795751870
Peter Gregory Reid

411ReidWilliam Reidfirst name on this monument1865331898id: 1149825639610951Eldest son; died 26th January
Grace Conquer1947 Died 29th September
David Reid
David Sinclair Reid1977 Died 28th August
Jane Paris Reid1867721939 Youngest daughter; born 11th April; died 12th April
John Herdman Reid1947 Died 22nd March
Margaret Herdman Reid1863481911

412RentonJohn Rentonfirst name on this monument1838id: 1122025627711281Died 3rd October
Anne Murray Rentondaughter of John Renton Died 22nd December
Janet Morison Rentondaughter-in-law of John Renton
James Rentonson of John Renton1832 Eldest son; died 26th January
John Rentonson of John Renton
Anne Rentonwife of John Renton1829 Died 12th August
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413ReochJohn Reochfirst name on this monument1945id: 1156525642610761Died 30th May
Grace Reochwife of John Reoch1954 Died 17th January

414RitchieDavid Ritchiefirst name on this monument1763811844id: 1122225627810701Minister of St Andrew's Church and Professor of Logic in the University of Edin. Died 10th January
Jane Frances Ritchiedaughter of David Ritchie1838 Died 1st October
Margaret Anne Ritchiedaughter of David Ritchie1826 Died 6th March
William Ritchieson of David Ritchie1792451837 Professor of Natural Philosophy University of London Died 15th September
Margaret Ritchiewife of David Ritchie1841 Died 15th November

415RitchieIsabella Ritchiefirst name on this monument1782771859id: 114452563721067Died 30th September
Isabella Ritchiedaughter of Isabella Ritchie1833 Died 26th July
David Ritchiehusband of Isabella Ritchie1890 Died 28th January

416RitchieJanet Ritchiefirst name on this monument1777471824id: 11201972560711068Died 31st January
Mary Ritchiedaughter of Janet Ritchie
Rachel Ritchiedaughter of Janet Ritchie1831 Died October; possibly 20?
James Ritchiehusband of Janet Ritchie1778641842 Builder
James Ritchieson of Janet Ritchie1807281835 Died

417RobertsonCatherine Jane Robertsonfirst name on this monument1841271868id: 112034625612410811Born 19th April; died 21st June
Archibald Nimmofather of Catherine Jane Robertson1799801879 Cashier; British Linen Company Bank; born 1st April; died 2nd January
John Murray Robertsonhusband of Catherine Jane Robertson of The Stock Exchange; London
Janet Clark Nimmomother of Catherine Jane Robertson1801881889 Died April

418RobertsonJames Aitchison Robertsonfirst name on this monument1798691867id: 1136925634010884Solicitor; died 19th August
William Robertsonbrother of James Aitchison Robertson1808291837 Died 3rd February
Catherine Robertsondaughter-in-law of James Aitchison Robertson1893 Died 29th November
James Robertsonfather of James Aitchison Robertson1777631840 Died 30th April
Marion Robertsonmother of James Aitchison Robertson1772651837 Died 26th September
James Cochrane Robertsonson of James Aitchison Robertson1832491881 Died 24th October; aged 19 years born 1862.
Elizabeth Robertsonwife of James Aitchison Robertson1827251852 Died 25th December

419RobertsonSarah Robertsonfirst name on this monument1783711854no image2560191071Died 17th June
Helen Robertsondaughter of Sarah Robertson182071827 Died 6th February
Sarah Robertsondaughter of Sarah Robertson182321825 Died 18th January; aged 2 years and 2 months
William Robertsonhusband of Sarah Robertson1786751861 Brewer; Summerhall; Edin. Died 26th May
David Brash Robertsonson of Sarah Robertson1822381860 Died 4th February
James Robertsonson of Sarah Robertson1849 Died in India
John Robertsonson of Sarah Robertson1835 Died 27th November
Robert Robertsonson of Sarah Robertson1823271850 Died 20th December
William Robertsonson of Sarah Robertson1811681879 Erected 1859. Royal Navy. Died 28th March

420RobinsonT W Robinsonfirst name on this monument71id: 115792564301106At Maitland; N.S. Wales; died 20th April
??? Gordon
John Mundell Robinsonson of T W Robinson1847331880 Born at Singleton; NSW; died at Hornsea; Yorkshire; 27th October
Jane Robinsonsister of T W Robinson Interred at New ??? England
Mary Robinsonwife of T W Robinson1811801891 Born near this spot; died at Wardie 22nd February

421RodenAnn Rodenfirst name on this monument1833551888id: 110292562041097Died 2nd January
Maryann Rodendaughter of Ann Roden1870 Born 16th June; died 11th December
Margaret Rodendaughter-in-law of Ann Roden
Thomas Rodenhusband of Ann Roden1847421889 Died 12th June
Hugh Rodenson of Ann Roden1882 Born 15th September; died 15th July
Michael Rodenson of Ann Roden1888 Born and died 2nd January
Patrick Rodenson of Ann Roden1879391918 Died 12th July
Steven Rodenson of Ann Roden1887 Born 9th September; died 1st February

422RossBarbara Rossfirst name on this monument1787611848id: 1108025622510982Died 8th January
Barbara Mathew Rossdaughter of Barbara Ross1823791902 Second daughter; died in London 9th November
Elizabeth Christina Rossdaughter of Barbara Ross182821830 Died at Gladefield; Rossshire 20th September; buried at Edderton
Helen Ritchie Rossdaughter of Barbara Ross1821691890 Eldest daughter; died at Sidmouth 27th September
Barbara Rossdaughter-in-law of Barbara Ross1889 Second daughter of late Hugh Ross of Knockbrake (listed in 11077; no additional info.); died in London 12th March; and buried at Finchley
John Bethunefather of Barbara Ross Minister of Dornoch; Sutherlandshire
John Gray Rosshusband of Barbara Ross1772821854 Late of the first royal Veteran Battalion. Died in London; 12th February
John Bethune Rossson of Barbara Ross1819371856 Advocate - died in London; 3rd January
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423RossCharles Rossfirst name on this monument1832621894id: 114852563901087Died 5th October
Alice Rossdaughter of Charles Ross1866741940 Died 31st January
Isabella Mary Rossdaughter of Charles Ross186721869 Died 17th April; aged 18 months
Alice Rosswife of Charles Ross1828571885 Died 30th October

424RossJane Rossfirst name on this monument1793511844id: 1107725622410971Died May
Anne Rossdaughter-in-law of Jane Ross1821701891 Died 9th November
Hugh Houstounfather of Jane Ross
Barbara Rossgrand daughter of Jane Ross Died in infancy
Jane Rossgrand daughter of Jane Ross Died in infancy
John Bethune Rossgrand son of Jane Ross1879 Died in infancy; 4th June; buried elsewhere name indecipherable
Thomas William Rossgrand son of Jane Ross1865 Died in infancy January; buried elsewhere name indecipherable
Hugh Rosshusband of Jane Ross of Knockbrake
Thomas Houstoun of Kintradwell; father of Anne Houstoun
Hugh Rossson of Jane Ross1869 Died 25th February

425RossMary Rossfirst name on this monument1838id: 113552563331070Died 17th January
Alexander Railliefather of Mary Ross
Hugh Rosshusband of Mary Ross

426RossWilliam Rossfirst name on this monument1809601869id: 114972563951067Keeper of Queen Mary's Apartments; Holyrood Palace; died 9th June
Robert S Forbesgrand son of William Ross186931872 Born 10th November; died 9th June; aged 3 years and 7 months
Ann Rosswife of William Ross1813731886 Died 19th August

427RowanHugh Rowanfirst name on this monument1779831862id: 111072562341075Formerly of the 6th Dragon Guard Carabineers; died 11th June. This stone is erected by the widow and family of the late Robert Taylor Esq. Of Broomland in the ??? of ??? who thus record their affectionate remembrance of his faithful service as their coachman for the long period of 46 years.

428RussellAlexander Russellfirst name on this monument1782701852id: 111202562371069Merchant; died December
Janet Russellwife of Alexander Russell1864 Died 21st January

429RussellJohn Russellfirst name on this monument1825831908id: 1108325622610791Died 28th April; also in memory of their children who died in infancy John Russell was born on 5th July 1824
Helen Russellwife of John Russell1831831914 Died 9th March

430RussellMargaret Russellfirst name on this monument1760801840id: 112542562931081Died 12th January
Elspeth Russell1796811877 Died 7th November
Margaret Russell1822961918 Born 27th August; died 19th June
William Russell1797701867

431RutherfoordWilliam Rutherfoordfirst name on this monument41id: 11203492561261076Died 10th February
Agnes Rutherfoorddaughter of William Rutherfoord19 Second daughter; died in Durham 27th February
Grace Rutherfoorddaughter of William Rutherfoord1833721905 Fourth daughter; died 28th April
??? Rutherfoordson of William Rutherfoord1832 Buried in Old Calton; no record.
??? Rutherfoordson of William Rutherfoord1833 Buried in Old Calton; no record.
John Rutherfoordson of William Rutherfoord1858111869 Died at Montreal; 5th November
Elizabeth Rutherfoordwife of William Rutherfoord1801781879 Died 27th August

432SandisonAgnes Sandisonfirst name on this monument1910id: 115162564041068Died at Gourock 7th January
Andrew Key Sandisonhusband of Agnes Sandison1844821926 Born 9th October; died 20th September

433SansonAlexander Sansonfirst name on this monument1799641863id: 11202292560811070Late of H.M. Insland Revenue; Dublin. Died 5th September
Margaret Sansonwife of Alexander Sanson1804881892 Died 4th April

434ScottAgnes Scottfirst name on this monument1838id: 112009825602910891Agnes Dunlop Born c 1800 Married 17 Dec 1829 in Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh Died 22nd May 1838 at 5, Middleby Street, Edinburgh
Gideon Burnet Scottdaughter of Agnes Scott1831 Born 21st; died 28th June
W D Scotthusband of Agnes Scott1800521852 Walter Dalgleish Scott son of George Scott, schoolmaster, and Jane Dalgleish born 4 Feb 1800, Minto, Roxburghshire Married 17 Dec 1829 in Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh Newspaper agent. Died 16th December in Inveresk Among other things George was the first Scott of the firm of Robertson & Scott, Advertising Agents founded in 1819, the second advertising agency in the world. He was the sole partner by 1847 and the business stayed in the family for the next 100 years
Charles Benjamin Scottson of Agnes Scott1848201868 Born 22nd March; died 22nd October
George Scottson of Agnes Scott184331846 Born 22nd September; died 6th April
George Edward Scottson of Agnes Scott184121843 Son of W. D. Scott and Mary Bullock. Born 14th November; died 7th February
Mary Scottsecond wife of husband of Agnes Scott1810481858 Died 5th December

435ScottGeorge Scottfirst name on this monument1814831897id: 115322564121075Born November; died 5th March
Helen C Scottdaughter of George Scott1853671920 Died 31st July
Helen G Scottdaughter of George Scott184751852 Died 16th July; aged 5 years 6 months
Mary J S Scottdaughter of George Scott185421856 Died 2nd December aged 2 years 11 months
George M Scottson of George Scott1852 Died 22nd October; aged 6 months
Mary Tod Scottwife of George Scott1819641883 Died 7th November
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436ScottJames Scottfirst name on this monumentid: 111402562451067

437ScottJohn Scottfirst name on this monument1822731895id: 11200672560161112Died 13th June
Annie Dick Scottdaughter of John Scott187201872 Twin of Allan. Born 15th May; Died 5th June
Julia Scottdaughter of John Scott Died in infancy
Louisa A D Scottdaughter of John Scott187101871 Died 9th September 1871
Allan Scottson of John Scott187201872 Twin of Annie Dick. Born 15th May; Died 5th June.
Duncan Scottson of John Scott Died in infancy
George Scottson of John Scott187561881 Died 25th June
Henry Archibald Scottson of John Scott187501875 Died 22nd April; aged 3 weeks
Thomas Duncan Scottson of John Scott
Catherine Scottwife of John Scott1824421866 Died 24th April
Annie Houston Scottsecond wife of John Scott1832691901 Died 18th December

438ScottThomas H Scottfirst name on this monument1825761901id: 11200682560171066Of Clommel; Co. Tipperary; died in Edinburgh 21st April

439ScottWilliam Scottfirst name on this monument1763681831id: 111091625595210692Of Exchequer. Died 24th December
Walter Scottbrother of William Scott1766881854 Late Wright in Edinburgh. Died 3rd September
Margaret Slorachsister-in-law of William Scott1763671830 Died 24th December
Janet Scottwife of William Scott1790471837 Died 29th June

440SdeuardChristian Sdeuardfirst name on this monument1836261862id: 111702562571068Second daughter; died 9th October
Archibald Sdeuardbrother of Christian Sdeuard Eldest son.
Duncan Sdeuardfather of Christian Sdeuard Late of Pitlochrie
Mary Sdeuardmother of Christian Sdeuard
George Forbes1826411867 Native of Peterhead; died at Glasgow 29th January

441SeatonDavid Seatonfirst name on this monument1803561859id: 11108342559231066Boot maker. Died 22nd June
Thomas Seatonson of David Seaton1833281861 Died at Calcutta 28th June

442SetonJessie Setonfirst name on this monument1858id: 1103725620610661
Charles Setonbrother of Jessie Seton
James Setonhusband of Jessie Seton1809651874 Died 15th January

443ShandJames Shandfirst name on this monument78id: 109082561581093Painter
James Shandson of James Shand38 Eldest son
Thomas Shandson of James Shand1816201836 Fourth son; died 16th March
Martha Macgill Lavraywife of James Shand67

444ShawLewis Shawfirst name on this monument1819321851id: 11107232558851073Died 25th December
Isabella Anderson Pattersondaughter of Lewis Shaw1851791930 Died 1st October.
William Shawson of Lewis Shaw1848441892 Died 21st June
Peter Hume Pattersonson-in-law of Lewis Shaw1845671912 Died 9th March
Isabella Laing Shawwife of Lewis Shaw1819881907 Died 12th July

445SheaffeFrances Julia Sheaffefirst name on this monument1812221834id: 112006925601810801Died 2nd April
R Hale Sheaffefather of Frances Julia Sheaffe1782891871 Died 17th July
Agnes Emily Sheaffesister of Frances Julia Sheaffe1807251832 Died 20th May

446SherlockThomas Sherlockfirst name on this monumentid: 11203032561111081
Bridget Sherlockwife of Thomas Sherlock1834571891 Died 2nd November

447SibleyFrances Sibleyfirst name on this monument1765781843id: 114422563691069Died August; erected by her niece

448SimpsonGeorge Simpsonfirst name on this monument1849id: 1092525616410931
Grace Jeffreydaughter of George Simpson
Marion Jeffrey
George Simpsonson of George Simpson
Gordon Simpsonson of George Simpson
John Simpsonson of George Simpson
C Simpsonwife of George Simpson
Marion Simpsonsecond wife of George Simpson

449SimpsonJohn Simpsonfirst name on this monument1782541836id: 109112561591070of the Bengal Military Establishment; served 38 years in India; died 20th June
Margaretta Anna Pinedaughter of John Simpson1828871915 Born 31st January; died 28th September
Anna Eckford1850 Died at Kirkcaldy; 12th February
John Eckford Merchant; Dunfermline
Marion Eckford1780641844 Died September
Benjamin C C Pineson-in-law of John Simpson
Janet Simpsonwife of John Simpson1790921882 Born 16th November; died 4th January
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450SinclairAlexander Sinclairfirst name on this monument1796531849no image25627510811Died 18th June
Alexander Sinclairson of Alexander Sinclair1830 Died 11th January
Thomas Sinclairson of Alexander Sinclair1826111837 Youngest son; died 11th December
Helen Sinclairwife of Alexander Sinclair1844 Died 22nd June

451SinclairJohn Sinclairfirst name on this monument1792701862id: 111097125597010977B. 27 MAR 1794 • Canisbay, Caithness, Scotland Died 20th May 1862
Helen Sinclairdaughter of John Sinclair184121843 b. 6 Feb 1842 Died 5th November 1843
Jessie Sinclairdaughter of John Sinclair184711848 b. 29 Sep 1846 Died 16th April; aged 1 year and 6 months
Agnes Sinclairdaughter-in-law of John Sinclair1828681896 Died 11th May
John Sinclairgrand son of John Sinclair1866 Died 23rd May aged 6 months
Thomas Stirling Sinclairgrand son of John Sinclair1849811930
David Sinclair187281880 Died 20th October
John Sinclairson of John Sinclair1840711911 Died 26th January
Walter Sinclairson of John Sinclair1830171847 b. 5 Apr 1830, Died 19th Oct 1830
Jane Sinclairwife of John Sinclair1805701875 b. 17 JUN 1804 Died 14th April 1805

452SinclairMalcolm Sinclairfirst name on this monument1773731846id: 111083225592110732
Archibald Sinclairson of Malcolm Sinclair1867
Malcolm Sinclairson of Malcolm Sinclair1816451861
Mary Sinclairwife of Malcolm Sinclair1774791853

453SkeldenRobert Skeldenfirst name on this monument1821361857id: 11200102559841072Died 22nd April
Joseph Skeldenson of Robert Skelden184861854 Died 6th May; aged 6 years and 9 months
Ann Skeldenwife of Robert Skelden1872 Died 11th June

454SkeneAndrew Skenefirst name on this monument1784511835id: 111090225594710671Born 26th February. Intered the faculty of Advocates 11th June 1806. Solicitor General for Scotland 3rd November 1834. Died 2nd April
George Skenefather of Andrew Skene Physician in Aberdeen

455SkirvingPatrick Skirvingfirst name on this monument1757791836id: 112012525604110681Died 7th July
Margaret Janet Skirvingdaughter-in-law of Patrick Skirving1827811908 Died 19th August
Christina Skirvinggrand daughter of Patrick Skirving1858801938 Died 9th January
Robert Skirvinggrand son of Patrick Skirving1854811935 Died 12th October. Of Cobairdy; Aberdeenshire: was first President of Dufftown Golf Club which still plays for the Skirving Cup. Lived across the road at Glenrinnes Lodge which he owned between 1892 and 1898. Died at Torquay in 1935; also owned a house in Edinburgh [family home].
Margaret Skirving186201862 Died 24th April; aged 7 weeks.
Patrick Skirvingson of Patrick Skirving1795211816
Robert Skirvingson of Patrick Skirving1795301825 Died 1st October
Thomas Skirvingson of Patrick Skirving1798801878 Died 30th September
Christian Skirvingwife of Patrick Skirving1758741832 Died 18th April

456SmithAndrew Smithfirst name on this monument1762691831id: 112001725598810711Died 29th September
Margaret Anne Smithdaughter of Andrew Smith1802871889 Died 20th April
Maria Smithdaughter of Andrew Smith1795331828
Elizabeth Smithsister of Andrew Smith1767801847 Died August
Maria Smithwife of Andrew Smith1775591834 Died 27th February

457SmithJames Smithfirst name on this monument1783371820id: 112029525610710751
Grace Smithdaughter-in-law of James Smith1818751893
Grace Murray Smithgrand daughter of James Smith1859841943
James J A Smithgrand son of James Smith1861761937
James Smithson of James Smith1810691879
Joan Smithwife of James Smith1834

458SmithJames Smithfirst name on this monument1805581863id: 109742561851081Builder; died 9th October

459SmithJanet Smithfirst name on this monument1758731831id: 11202592560931069
Agnes Smithdaughter of Janet Smith1788311819
Agnes William Smithdaughter-in-law of Janet Smith1804901894 Died 4th November
Daniel Smithhusband of Janet Smith
Samuel Smithson of Janet Smith1798701868 Died 22nd June

460SmithMargaret Smithfirst name on this monument1829431872id: 1117125625810701Died 2nd June

461SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1860id: 11202932561061069Merchant; died 12th September
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462SordenOwen Sordenfirst name on this monument1840471887id: 1086525614310741Died 16th January; also eight deceased children.
George Colliegrand son of Owen Sorden189921901 Died 11th April; aged 2 years 1 month
James Sordenson of Owen Sorden1864371901 Died 19th October
Elizabeth Sordenwife of Owen Sorden1841621903 Died 6th March

463SpenceJames Spencefirst name on this monument1787691856id: 11202862561041086
Frederick Alexander Jefferiss1861671928 Born May 7th; died August 5th
Henry Jefferiss1864551919 Born December 22nd; died November 21st
James Jefferiss1858191877
Robert R Jefferiss1801741875
Rubina W Spence Jefferiss1837711908
William Jefferiss1863101873
Annie J Middleton1866781944 Born March 28th; Died November 6th
James William Middleton1865791944 Born January 1st; died February 3rd

464SpenceWilliam Spencefirst name on this monument1801731874id: 109142561601092Born 26th September; died 1st December
Caroline Jane Spencedaughter of William Spence1906 Died 21st November
Mary Ann Romilly Spencedaughter of William Spence3
William Charles Spenceson of William Spence
Caroline Margaret Spencewife of William Spence1835 Died 23rd January

465SpensNathanael James Spensfirst name on this monument1845341879id: 111087125594110802Of Craigsanquhar Captain 72nd Highlanders. Killed in action at Cabul 14th December
Colin Spensbrother of Nathanael James Spens1844231867 Lt. 42nd Royal Highlanders. Second son. Died at Cheraat; near Peshawwur; India; 22nd June
Nathanael Spensfather of Nathanael James Spens1805641869 Of Craigsanquhar Died 22nd November
Janet Spensmother of Nathanael James Spens1889 Died 24th June

466StalkerPeter Stalkerfirst name on this monument1882id: 1114725624810781
Ellen Wallace Stalkerdaughter of Peter Stalker1837171854 Died 4th September (twins with Isabella)
Isabella Stalkerdaughter of Peter Stalker1837321869 Died 28th May (twins with Ellen)
Ellen Wallace Drydenwife of Peter Stalker1812731885 Died June

467StarsEdward Starsfirst name on this monument1831641895id: 111082925591910761Inspector of Police. Died 15th March
Catherine Margaret Starsdaughter of Edward Stars Died in infancy
Mary Jane Starsdaughter of Edward Stars Died in infancy
Mary Jane Starsdaughter of Edward Stars Died in infancy
John Starsson of Edward Stars Died in infancy
Catherine Starswife of Edward Stars1834941928 Died 22nd January

468StenhouseWilhelmina Stenhousefirst name on this monument1796371833id: 111085125593310882Died 22nd February
Rebecca Roberts Stenhousedaughter of Wilhelmina Stenhouse
Wilhelmina Stenhousedaughter of Wilhelmina Stenhouse1815
Mowbray Stenhousehusband of Wilhelmina Stenhouse1780601840 Died 30th June. Portobell
George August Westphal Stenhouseson of Wilhelmina Stenhouse1832 Died April
Catherine Stenhousesecond wife of husband of Wilhelmina Stenhouse1804681872 Died 13th September

469StevenMoses Stevenfirst name on this monument1871id: 1094425617310922Founders of the Bellahouston Bequest Fund in Glasgow. Of Polmadie and Bellahouston; Lanarkshire; died 27th July
John Peter Grantbrother-in-law of Moses Steven
Margaret Grantsister of Moses Steven1837 Died 17th April
Elizabeth Stevensister of Moses Steven1892 Eldest sister; died 15th March
Grace Stevensister of Moses Steven1888 Second eldest sister; died 30th April

470StevensAndrew Bell Stevensfirst name on this monument1830781908id: 111452562471077Died 11th March
Catherine Dallaswife of Andrew Bell Stevens1828661894 Died 11th June

471StevensonAlan Stevensonfirst name on this monument1807581865id: 112014625605110741Engineer to the commissioners of Northern Lighthouses and engineer to the Skerryvore Lighthouse. Died 23rd December
Katharine De Mattosdaughter of Alan Stevenson1939 Died 13th April
Humphrey Herbert Jonesfather-in-law of Alan Stevenson Of Llynnon; Anglesea
Robert Alan Mowbray Stevensonson of Alan Stevenson1847531900 Died 18th April. Only son.
R De Mattosson-in-law of Alan Stevenson1950
Margaret Scott Stevensonwife of Alan Stevenson1812831895 Died 5th March
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472StevensonRobert Stevensonfirst name on this monument1772781850id: 112014425605310842Civil engineer. Born Glasgow 8th June; died Edinburgh 12th July. During the long period of half a century he was engineer to the board of Northern Lighthouses and designed and executed Bell Rock Lighthouse and other public works in the UK.
Jane Stevensonwife of Robert Stevenson1779671846 Died 2nd March

473StevensonRobert Colin Stevensonfirst name on this monumentid: 112014725605210681Died at sea.
Margaret Isabella Stevenson1828691897 Born at Colinton Manse; February 11; Died at Edinburgh May 14th

474StevensonThomas Stevensonfirst name on this monument1803391842id: 11200832560231083Died 2nd November
John Stevensonson of Thomas Stevenson1826701896 Died 7th March
Christian Stevensonwife of Thomas Stevenson1803461849 Died 6th February

475StewartGeorgina E Stewartfirst name on this monument1855721927id: 114632563791079Died 28th June
A A Stewarthusband of Georgina E Stewart
Andrew Alexander Stewartson of Georgina E Stewart1897751972 Died 16th June

476StewartJames Alexander Stewartfirst name on this monument1898191917id: 11108412559271070Killed in action 23rd October
Duncan Stewartfather of James Alexander Stewart1859771936 Born 30th September; Died 25th June
Esther Stewartmother of James Alexander Stewart1859711930 Born 9th January; Died 12th October
Christina Stewartsister of James Alexander Stewart Died in infancy
Esther Stewartsister of James Alexander Stewart Died in infancy

477StewartJohn Stewartfirst name on this monument1752841836id: 112007825602010871Late of Stirling. Died 25th May
Mary Anne Stewartdaughter of John Stewart1816201836 Died October
Anne Mcleod Millergrand daughter of John Stewart1831 Born 11th January; Died 4th December
Catherine Stewart Millergrand daughter of John Stewart183421836 Born 30th May; Died February
Charles Stewart Millergrand son of John Stewart1840 Born 24th December; died 25th February
James Mcleod Millergrand son of John Stewart1837341871 Died at Sea April
John James Stewartson of John Stewart1849271876 Died 24th May
John Millerson-in-law of John Stewart Merchant

478StewartPeter Stewartfirst name on this monument1813761889id: 114222563601086Died 15th August
Rebecca Brycedaughter of Peter Stewart1838501888 Died 14th May; interred in the Grange Cemetery
Daniel Stewartson of Peter Stewart Erected by
William Moir Bryceson-in-law of Peter Stewart
Harriet Stewartwife of Peter Stewart1841 Died January

479StewartW M Stewartfirst name on this monument1776521828id: 11203542561301088Bookseller; died 1st November
Mary Stewartdaughter of W M Stewart1883 Died 18th September
Elizabeth Stewartdaughter-in-law of W M Stewart1848 Wife of Malcolm Stewart; died 30th April
John Stewartson of W M Stewart1814101824 Died 22nd July
Malcolm Stewartson of W M Stewart1890
Georgina Stewartwife of W M Stewart1860 Died 26th January

480StirlingJohn Stirlingfirst name on this monument1827id: 115452564181076Died 6th September
Helen Stirlingwife of John Stirling1770611831 Died 24th February

481StodartMary Wilson Stodartfirst name on this monument1809351844id: 111079825590910763
Eliza Tweedie Stodartdaughter of Mary Wilson Stodart1834801914 Died 11th October
George Tweedie Stodarthusband of Mary Wilson Stodart1800691869 Writer to the Signet. Died at Oliver; 20th August
Margaret Stodart1786721858 Daughter of William Stodart; Hamilton. Died 25th May
William Stodart
James Tweedie Stodartson of Mary Wilson Stodart1845511896 Died 23rd June. Letter Carrier; Edin.

482StodartRobert Stodartfirst name on this monument1748831831id: 111095525596511087Died 10th March
Augusta Stodartdaughter of Robert Stodart1795761871 Third daughter; died 18th August
Eliza Stodartdaughter of Robert Stodart1794641858 Second daughter; died 21st May
Jessie Stodartdaughter of Robert Stodart180061806 Youngest daughter; died 25th July
Jemima Henrietta Stodartdaughter-in-law of Robert Stodart1865 Wife of J. R. Stodart; died 29th September
Henrietta Mary Stodartgrand daughter of Robert Stodart1840871927 Youngest daughter of John Riddle Stodart; born 16th January; died 19th December
David Riddle Stodartgrand son of Robert Stodart1832611893 Son of John Riddle Stodart; died at Staten Island; New York; 14th November
Robert Riddle Stodartgrand son of Robert Stodart1827591886 of the Lyon Office; formerly of Ceylon; son of John Riddle Stodart; born 16th November; died 19th April
James Lewis1804681872 Died at Rome 28th January
Louisa Mary Stodart1866 Died at Montreal 10th October; aged 8 months
John Wyld181081818 Died 26th February
Marion Wyld1801851886 Died 14th December
Charles Stodartson of Robert Stodart1791321823 Fourth son; died in July
George Stodartson of Robert Stodart1789781867 Third son; of no.11 Russell Square; London; died 28th June
James Stodartson of Robert Stodart1789381827 Second son; died 27th October
John Riddle Stodartson of Robert Stodart1793781871 Fifth son; died 5th February
Robert Stodartson of Robert Stodart1786511837 Eldest son; died 13th October
Alison Stodartwife of Robert Stodart1760731833 Died 26th July
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483StrachanAndrew Strachanfirst name on this monument1802511853id: 11200642560131110Died 5th June
William Strachanson of Andrew Strachan1829211850 Died at London 27th December; interred in Kensal Green Cemetery

484StrachanJames Strachanfirst name on this monumentno image2561201127Tanner in Cannon Mills
Robert Strachangrand son of James Strachan
Mary Brown1891 Died 30th November
William Brown1824591883 Died 22nd March. Husband of Mary Strachan
Agnes Strachan1849731922 Died 3rd May; youngest daughter of Robert and Margaret

485StuartAlexander Stuartfirst name on this monument1786831869id: 111091025594910671Writer and circuit clerk of Justiciary. Died 8th September
Mary Stuartwife of Alexander Stuart1789811870 Died 4th September

486StuartWilliam Edington Stuartfirst name on this monument1828591887id: 111073625589110821Major Late 15th Kings Hussars

487SturrockIsabella Sturrockfirst name on this monument1799741873id: 1143825636710801Died 17th February
William Sturrockhusband of Isabella Sturrock1798351833 William - Parents = John Sturrock b. abt 1765 d. 7 June 1817 Ceres, Fife, Sco and Mary Archibald b. abt Dec 1759 d. 22 Jan 1809 Ceres, Fife, Sco William - bap 18 Feb 1798 Ceres, Fife, Sco Perfumer; died 28th January
John Sturrockson of Isabella Sturrock1818501868 Perfumer; died 7th June

488SutherlandAlexander Sutherlandfirst name on this monument1786451831id: 112005725600910801Merchant. Died April
Isibell ? Sutherlandwife of Alexander Sutherland1831 Died August

489SutherlandAnnie Sutherlandfirst name on this monument1851551906id: 1117925626110751Died 11th January
Angus Sutherlandhusband of Annie Sutherland1840811921 Died at Kinghorn; 22nd September

490SutherlandRobert Sutherlandfirst name on this monument1825541879id: 111382562441072Merchant; Leith; died 21st December
George J Sutherlandson of Robert Sutherland1851311882 Died 1st February
Robert Sutherlandson of Robert Sutherland1846341880 Died 12th June

491SwintonCatherine Swintonfirst name on this monument1790311821id: 112442562891094Died January
John Swintonhusband of Catherine Swinton Of Broadmeadows
Archibald Swinton
Elizabeth Catherine Swinton1788891877 Died 6th May
Harriet Swinton85 Died 25th August
Henrietta Swinton1757701827 Died 19th March
Katharine Margaret Swinton1813271840 Died 24th May
Maria Swinton74 Died 13th December

492TaylorAdam Taylorfirst name on this monument1868701938id: 11107652559001074Died 11th September
Martha May Taylordaughter of Adam Taylor Died in infancy

493TaylorMargaret Taylorfirst name on this monument1833161849id: 108732561481085Died 1st September; aged 16 years 9 months
Mark Taylorbrother of Margaret Taylor1835161851 Died 4th May; aged 16 years 10 months
Thomas Bogie Taylorbrother of Margaret Taylor1833271860 Died 10th August
Mark Taylorfather of Margaret Taylor1808471855 Died 5th August
Agnes Taylormother of Margaret Taylor1801701871 Died 24th March

494TeapeMary Calder Teapefirst name on this monument1827741901id: 112028825610511142Born November 2nd; died October 11th. Grand daughter of Thomas Rymer Marshall (1824 to 1901). Elder brother was William Calder Marshall a famous Victorian sculptor.
Charles Richard Teape1830751905 Doctor of Philosophy. First Rector of Saint Andrew's Church Saint John's Hill
Elizabeth Douglas Teape1782761858 Died November 21st

495TelletMary Clara Telletfirst name on this monument1812281840id: 1139725634710662Died 23rd November
Harriet Telletsister of Mary Clara Tellet1846 Died February

496TerrotMarianne Terrotfirst name on this monument1855id: 1120276
(4 images)
25610110721Died September 24th
Elias Terrothusband of Marianne Terrot
Anna Terrot Died in infancy
Anna Jemima Wood Terrot1833831916 Died at Greenfaulds; Cumbernauld; 30th July
Catharine Eliza Terrot1896 Died January 26th
Charles Hughes Terrot1790821872
Charles Samuel John Terrot1876 Died 14th May
Charlotte Terrot1848 Died July 16th
Elias Charles Terrot1869 Died September 2nd.
Elizabeth Terrot Died in infancy
Elizabeth Louisa Terrot1829791908 Died 19th October
Grace Terrot1845 Died July 7th
Helen Terrot1904 Died 8th October
Samuel Terrot Died in infancy
Sarah Terrot1901 Died 10th July
Sarah Ingram Terrot1855 Died September 5th
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497ThinJohn Thinfirst name on this monument1765621827id: 111092325595610831Died 10th January
Charles Davidson Thinson of John Thin181591824 Died 15th September
David Hunter Thinson of John Thin1817241841 Drowned on a voyage from Fernambuco to London; 18th January
George Elias Thinson of John Thin1813181831 Died 6th August
John Henry Thinson of John Thin1810141824 Died 7th June
William Edward Thinson of John Thin182261828 Died 6th November
Marion Thinwife of John Thin1789441833 Died 21st May

498ThomasJohn Thomasfirst name on this monument1800641864id: 112362562841074Flint glass manufacturer; died 11th October
Catherine Thomaswife of John Thomas1802631865 Died 3rd June

499ThomsonMargaret Lindsay Thomsonfirst name on this monument1847id: 11201532560551092Died at Dreghorn; 30th April
Jane Thomsondaughter of Margaret Lindsay Thomson1888 Died October 14th
Margaret Thomsondaughter of Margaret Lindsay Thomson1888 Died December 20th
John Thomsonhusband of Margaret Lindsay Thomson
John Thomsonson of Margaret Lindsay Thomson1868 Commissariat Corps.

500ThomsonMary Anne Thomsonfirst name on this monument1870id: 1128825630411364Third and last surviving daughter
Elizabeth Anne Dicksonaunt of Mary Anne Thomson1818391857 Fourth daughter; died 29th April
Margaret Traquairaunt of Mary Anne Thomson1807131820 Born 9th April; died 21st June
Andrew Heatley Thomsonbrother of Mary Anne Thomson1828281856 Died at sea 15th July
D R Thomsonbrother of Mary Anne Thomson1846161862 Died 16th October
Henry Thomsonbrother of Mary Anne Thomson183021832 Born 7th October; died 7th March
Robert George Thomsonbrother of Mary Anne Thomson183301833 Born 22nd March; died 27th December
William Thomsonbrother of Mary Anne Thomson1827121839 Died 2nd January
William Traquair Thomsonbrother of Mary Anne Thomson1841161857 Died 19th February
Andrew Thomsonfather of Mary Anne Thomson1870
William Traquairgrand father of Mary Anne Thomson1777561833 Builder; born May 5th; died 23rd April
Elizabeth Traquairgrand mother of Mary Anne Thomson
Mary Thomsonmother of Mary Anne Thomson1876 Born 24th May; died 21st May
Eliza Mary Thomsonsister of Mary Anne Thomson1834 Born 24th December; died 2nd April
Elizabeth H Thomsonsister of Mary Anne Thomson183821840 Born 26th May; died 3rd May
Elizabeth Margaret Thomsonsister of Mary Anne Thomson182411825 Born 6th January; died 21st May
Helen M Thomsonsister of Mary Anne Thomson1843141857 Born 4th May; died 26th August
John Dicksonuncle of Mary Anne Thomson Saughton Mains
John Traquairuncle of Mary Anne Thomson1801151816 Born November 18th; died November 8th
John Traquairuncle of Mary Anne Thomson180301803 Born 28th April; died November 8th
Ramsay Heatley Traquairuncle of Mary Anne Thomson1820771897 Born 21st February; died 1st August
Robert George Traquairuncle of Mary Anne Thomson1812211833 Born 23rd August; died 22nd July
Thomas James Traquairuncle of Mary Anne Thomson1811351846 Born 6th December; died 2nd Aprl
William Traquairuncle of Mary Anne Thomson1810851895 Born 1st May; died 7th April

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