St Mary Magdalene's Church burial ground, Yarm on Tees, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1E E F first name on this monumentid: 487

2George first name on this monument1759id: 1602stone very badly eroded

3Mary first name on this monument1700621762id: 8141Majority of stone illegible

4Mary Ann first name on this monumentid: 2997of Little Willand

5AbbeyHarriet Abbeyfirst name on this monument1851241875id: 1517died Oct 18th
William Abbeyhusband of Harriet Abbey

6AdamsonJohn Adamsonfirst name on this monument1666731739id: 286101
Elizabeth Gilling1718241742 wife of John Gilling
John Gilling
Jane Adamsonwife of John Adamson

7AinsleyEllen Ainsleyfirst name on this monumentid: 2157Stone eroded where dates are
Francis Ainsleyhusband of Ellen Ainsley

8AllenHenry Allenfirst name on this monumentid: 2211Stone badly eroded
Eleanor Allen

9AllisonMary Allisonfirst name on this monument1763151778id: 2236died August 4th
John Allisonfather of Mary Allison
Mary Allisonmother of Mary Allison

10AltonWilliam Altonfirst name on this monument1815391854id: 1967died May 21st
William Chapman Altonson of William Alton1854 died Jan 16th

11AppletonElizabeth Appletonfirst name on this monument1697631760id: 101211
Eunice Appletondaughter of Elizabeth Appleton173331736 died May 19th
James Appletonhusband of Elizabeth Appleton1702661768 died Nov 20th
Anthony Harrison
Eunice Harrison1664981762 widow of Anthony Harrison died Sep 10th
James Appletonson of Elizabeth Appleton1739291768 died at Jamaica June 18th

12AppletonMartha Appletonfirst name on this monument1790621852id: 4111died Feb 13th
Richard Appletonhusband of Martha Appleton1789771866 died Aug 23rd

13ArcherRonald Hedley Archerfirst name on this monumentid: 405183Lieutenant; 1st Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers who died 27th December 1917 of wounds received in action near Bapaume aged 41. Buried at Grevillers Cemetery; France

14ArmstrongAnn Armstrongfirst name on this monument1779691848id: 34525died June 2nd
Thomas Armstronghusband of Ann Armstrong1774911865 died May 28th
Benjamin Taylor
Margaret Ann Taylor1853301883 died Dec 2nd
Robert Taylor1874101884 son of Margaret and Benjamin died Sept 15th

15AtkinsonEthel Mary Atkinsonfirst name on this monument187611877id: 26
(2 images)
4died May 17th

16BainbridgeCecil Bainbridgefirst name on this monument1751id: 3038Stone badly eroded
Hannah Wilsondaughter of Cecil Bainbridge1771
Anthony Wilsonson-in-law of Cecil Bainbridge

17BakerRichard Bakerfirst name on this monument1794621856id: 1384for 28 years Head Master of the Free Grammar School; died Oct 6th

18BaldRobert Baldfirst name on this monument1838id: 1333late of Stockton on Tees. Stone badly eroded

19BallRobert Ballfirst name on this monument1699761775id: 12516died Feb 12th
Margaret Clarkdaughter of Robert Ball1738631801 died March 29th
Mary Mitcheldaughter of Robert Ball1734631797
Mary Ballwife of Robert Ball1701831784 died Jan 10th

20BanksMary Banksfirst name on this monument1721631784id: 3343
George Bankshusband of Mary Banks1707801787

21BellThomas Bellfirst name on this monument1856291885id: 187
(2 images)
51died August 17th
Harry Bellson of Thomas Bell1885 died March 21st
Elizabeth Bellwife of Thomas Bell

22BelwoodWilliam Belwoodfirst name on this monument1735441779id: 11671died May 29th
Barbara Marshalldaughter of William Belwood1767271794 died June 20th
Barbara Gowland1738571795 died Dec 22nd
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23BillsborrowThomas Billsborrowfirst name on this monument1784781862id: 16761late of Marton Parish died Feb 25th
William Grevesonuncle of Thomas Billsborrow1752841836 late of Marton Parish died March 14th
Esther Billsborrowwife of Thomas Billsborrow1786771863 died Feb 22nd

24BladesGeorge Bladesfirst name on this monument1734771811id: 7814stone badly worn
Bladeswife of George Blades84 stone badly worn

25BowranElizabeth Bowranfirst name on this monument1729681797id: 3351

26BradleyFrancis Bradleyfirst name on this monument1738621800id: 20814died Jan 20th
Margaret Bradleywife of Francis Bradley1743891832 died May 11th

27BradleyIsabella Bradleyfirst name on this monument1827601887id: 165151stone down details from church records
Emma Bradleydaughter of Isabella Bradley died in infancy
Foster Bradleydaughter of Isabella Bradley died in infancy
Jane Elizabeth Bradleydaughter of Isabella Bradley died in infancy
Mary Ann Bradleydaughter of Isabella Bradley died in infancy
William Bradleyhusband of Isabella Bradley died in infancy
Thomas Bradleyson of Isabella Bradley died in infancy

28BrittainGeorge Brittainfirst name on this monument1749911840id: 2668died May 5th
George Brittainnephew of George Brittain1849 Merchant of Yarm

29BrownThomas Brownfirst name on this monument1743id: 31823Private Kings Own Regiment of Dragoons; the Hero of the Battle of Dettingen June 27th

30BrumptonAnn Brumptonfirst name on this monument1834491883id: 34771died July 8th
John Brumptonhusband of Ann Brumpton

31BurdonJohn Burdonfirst name on this monument1729631792id: 2108
John Burdonson of John Burdon1779451824
William Burdonson of John Burdon1774201794 died in Jamaica
Eleanor Burdonwife of John Burdon1748631811

32BurnMary Burnfirst name on this monument1781421823id: 236
(3 images)
92Stone down details from church records
Stephen Burnhusband of Mary Burn1790551845

33BurnMary Burnfirst name on this monument1754841838id: 230212died Dec 19th
Henry Burnhusband of Mary Burn1761281789 died March 27th
William McCloughsecond husband of Mary Burn1767261793 second husband of Mary
George Dunningthird husband of Mary Burn1774721846 third husband of Mary

34BurnMatthew Burnfirst name on this monument1787801867id: 23523
Mary Burnfirst wife of Matthew Burn1784661850
Hannah Burnsecond wife of Matthew Burn1817731890

35BurnRobert Burnfirst name on this monument1792571849id: 220132died Nov 27th

36BurtonSarah Burtonfirst name on this monument1700591759id: 401161died May 12th
Elizabeth Burtondaughter of Sarah Burton
David Burtonhusband of Sarah Burton1701831784 Magistrate died April 13th
David Burtonson of Sarah Burton
Robert Burtonson of Sarah Burton

37BurtonSarah Burtonfirst name on this monument1701581759id: 350172
Marshall Fowler1878
Mary Frances Fowler1874

38BusbyRuth Busbyfirst name on this monument175461760id: 3332details from church records
William Busbyfather of Ruth Busby
Elizabeth Busbymother of Ruth Busby

39Butterwick Butterwickfirst name on this monument46id: 19412
William Butterwick1710631773
Catherine Butterwickwife of Butterwick1716531769

40ButterwickJohn Butterwickfirst name on this monument1617id: 1597

41ButterwickMargaret Butterwickfirst name on this monument1758631821id: 16914died August 20th
Thomas Butterwickhusband of Margaret Butterwick1757701827 died June 19th
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42CawthornNicholas Cawthornfirst name on this monument1794791873id: 11722died May 21st

43ChalonerWilliam Chalonerfirst name on this monument1738631801id: 40051died June 4th

44ChapmanEsther Chapmanfirst name on this monument1778561834id: 2045

45ChaytorElizabeth Chaytorfirst name on this monument1811741885id: 18423died Nov 28th
Mary Ann Emmettdaughter of Elizabeth Chaytor1857481905 died Toronto Canada
William Chaytorhusband of Elizabeth Chaytor1807921899 died March 31st
Pollie Chaytor1871381909 died June 13th
Henry Emmettson-in-law of Elizabeth Chaytor

46ChurnsideAlexander Churnsidefirst name on this monument1782341816id: 2504stone mason native of Skelton near Boroughbridge. Died Nov 22nd
Alexander Churnsidefather of Alexander Churnside
Meriam Churnsidemother of Alexander Churnside

47ClaphamAnn Claphamfirst name on this monument1820291849id: 267101died Oct 5th
Robert Claphamhusband of Ann Clapham

48ClaphamCharles Claphamfirst name on this monumentid: 130
(3 images)
Ann Clapham
Elizabeth Clapham
Christopher Pybus1686551741 on reverse of stone
Grace Pybus1692851777

49CoatesAnn Coatesfirst name on this monument1778id: 808
Henry Coateshusband of Ann Coates

50CoatesJohn Coatesfirst name on this monument1715661781id: 16311died Dec 24th
Mary Coateswife of John Coates1740741814 died Oct 11th

51CoatesJohn Thomas Coatesfirst name on this monument1824491873id: 16217died April 9th
Richard Coatesbrother of John Thomas Coates1817651882
Wheatley Coatesfather of John Thomas Coates
Frances Coatesmother of John Thomas Coates
George Wheatley Coatesnephew of John Thomas Coates1843431886

52CoatesWheatley Coatesfirst name on this monument1807721879id: 16411died May 1st
Frances Coateswife of Wheatley Coates1821631884 died July 18th

53CoatesworthGeorge Coatesworthfirst name on this monument1697751772id: 11910
Esther Coatesworthwife of George Coatesworth1687801767

54CoatsBenjamin Coatsfirst name on this monument1687701757id: 1063

55CoatsMary Coatsfirst name on this monument1792id: 3151stone eroded
Richard Coatsfather of Mary Coats
Jane Coatsmother of Mary Coats

56CoatsPeter Coatsfirst name on this monument1675961771id: 2903
Margaret Coatsniece of Peter Coats

57CockcroftMartha Chapman Cockcroftfirst name on this monument186631869id: 13111died at Tudhoe April 30th
Lonsdale Cockcroft187231875 died at Hooker Hill June 20th
Robert William Henry Cockcroft186851873 died April 3rd

58ConolyThomas Conolyfirst name on this monument1815601875id: 531

59CooperFrancis Cooperfirst name on this monument1797831880id: 61died Nov 24th
Mary Cooperwife of Francis Cooper1803861889 died Nov 26th

60CooperWilliam Cooperfirst name on this monumentid: 3041Stone badly eroded

61CrawfordWilliam Crawfordfirst name on this monument1787871874id: 31of Crosby Garret Westmorland died July 5th

62CrooksMary C R Crooksfirst name on this monument186511866id: 11
(2 images)
1died Dec 23rd

63CrooksWilliam John Crooksfirst name on this monument1834371871id: 13
(2 images)
61late master of the Grammar School died Sept 28th

64CuitWilliam Westrop Cuitfirst name on this monument1785141799id: 16851died May 14th

65CummingsJohn Cummingsfirst name on this monument1774801854id: 24091died Sept 24th
Ann Taylordaughter of John Cummings1807861893 died April 17th
John Taylorgrand son of John Cummings1840291869 died Dec 19th
William Taylorson-in-law of John Cummings1817251842 died Aug 19th
Hannah Cummingswife of John Cummings1782801862 died Jan 21st
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66CummingsJohnson Cummingsfirst name on this monument1806631869id: 239121broken stone
Elizabeth Cummingsdaughter of Johnson Cummings1838351873 died Oct 25th
Lucy Cummingsgrand daughter of Johnson Cummings185541859 died March 16th
Elizabeth Cummingswife of Johnson Cummings1801681869 died April 29th

67DaleMary Dalefirst name on this monument1791851876id: 32912died Dec 23rd
Crossley Dalehusband of Mary Dale1802861888 died Nov 17th

68DaleWilliam Dalefirst name on this monument1774441818id: 12681Glass Dealer; died Feb 26th
Martha Daledaughter-in-law of William Dale1800251825 died Sept 11th
Crossley Dalegrand son of William Dale1825 died Sept 29th
William Daleson of William Dale1798301828 killed on the Stockton and Darlington Railway Sept 8th
Ann Dalewife of William Dale1770971867 died Nov 6th

69DavisonJane Davisonfirst name on this monument1709801789id: 86341
Ann Davisondaughter of Jane Davison1788271815 died at Hinckly Leicestershire
Jane Danby Davisondaughter of Jane Davison died in infancy
Ann Davisondaughter-in-law of Jane Davison1792711863
Thomas Davisonhusband of Jane Davison1757591816
Thomas Davisonson of Jane Davison1784401824
William Davisonson of Jane Davison1766671833

70DavisonWilliam Davisonfirst name on this monument1868id: 8731second son died Nov 30th
Thomas Davisonfather of William Davison1818551873 died Dec 5th
Lucy Emma Davisonsister of William Davison1865 third daughter died Dec 2nd

71DennisonRichard Dennisonfirst name on this monument1804681872id: 13251died March 25th
Richard Dennisonson of Richard Dennison1849271876 died August 29th
Ann Dennisonwife of Richard Dennison1810691879 died April 14th

72DickieCharles Dickiefirst name on this monument1722591781id: 2014died March 13th

73DixonHenry Dixonfirst name on this monument1808411849id: 2632

74DixonThomas Dixonfirst name on this monument1734631797id: 3511late master of the free Grammar School of Kirby Ravensworth; Rector of Wilton; St Andrew and St Mary; Droitwich; Worcestershire.

75DixonThomas Dixonfirst name on this monument175431757id: 886died Oct 15th
Thomas Dixonfather of Thomas Dixon
Jane Dixonmother of Thomas Dixon
Thomas Dixon27 stone badly worn

76DodJane Dodfirst name on this monument1736591795id: 292
(4 images)
7died Sept 16th
Ann Doddaughter of Jane Dod1772121784 died July 23rd
Mary Doddaughter of Jane Dod1779171796 died July 23rd
Sarah Doddaughter of Jane Dod1768641832 died April 5th
Elizabeth Doddaughter-in-law of Jane Dod1776651841 died June 12th remains interred at Sunderland
Mary Ann Doddaughter-in-law of Jane Dod1781961877 Wife of Thomas died May 20th
Eleanor Dodgrand daughter of Jane Dod1811181829 Daughter of William and Elizabeth died May 1st
William Dodgrand son of Jane Dod1809201829 Son of William and Elizabeth died Feb 1st
Peter Dodhusband of Jane Dod1731851816 died Sept 5th
Peter Dodnephew of Jane Dod1761521813 died Jan 2nd
Cecilia Mawlam1789651854 servant of Thomas Dod for 44 years died Aug 15th
John Dodson of Jane Dod1765331798 died Sept 16th
Peter Dodson of Jane Dod1769191788 died June 25th
Robert Dodson of Jane Dod1782 died May 11th
Thomas Dodson of Jane Dod1776781854 died June 9th
William Dodson of Jane Dod1771631834 died March 11th

77DodJane Dodfirst name on this monument1805601865id: 3102died Feb 8th
Jane Dod Daughter of Thomas and Phillis died in infancy
Phillis Dod
Thomas Dod1807621869 died Oct 2nd
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78DoughtyHenry Doughtyfirst name on this monument1799681867id: 12011born at Eaglescliffe died at Middlesbrough March 22nd
Elizabeth Doughtywife of Henry Doughty1793851878 born at Coatham died at Hartlepool March 21st

79DoughtyMary Ann Doughtyfirst name on this monument1837311868id: 12121died Sept 11th
Elizabeth Doughtydaughter of Mary Ann Doughty1867 died July 13th
Henry Doughtywife of Mary Ann Doughty

80DoughtyWilliam Doughtyfirst name on this monument1810751885id: 1869
Elizabeth Graham1799851884
John Graham of Heighington
Mary Doughtywife of William Doughty1802741876 died Nov 15th
Margaret Doughtysecond wife of William Doughty1825881913

81DrydenWilliam Drydenfirst name on this monument183971846id: 24961died Oct 15th
Robert Drydenbrother of William Dryden184091849 died Sept 25th
William Drydenfather of William Dryden1784811865 died May 6th
Ann Drydenmother of William Dryden

82DunnElizabeth Dunnfirst name on this monument176561771id: 2252
Sarah Dunnmother of Elizabeth Dunn

83DunnMargaret Dunnfirst name on this monument1773id: 354
(2 images)
Elizabeth Dunndaughter of Margaret Dunn died in Infancy
Margaret Dunndaughter of Margaret Dunn died in Infancy
Robert Dunnhusband of Margaret Dunn72

84ElliffHannah Eve Ellifffirst name on this monument185531858id: 13451died Dec 28th
William Ellifffather of Hannah Eve Elliff1816621878 died Dec 21st
Hannah Elliffmother of Hannah Eve Elliff
Eve Hannah Elliffsister of Hannah Eve Elliff1860141874 died Jan 21st

85ElliotJoseph Elliotfirst name on this monument1810591869id: 615died June 23rd
Jane Elliotwife of Joseph Elliot1806701876 died April 13th

86EwbankElizabeth Ewbankfirst name on this monument1743id: 11581
Margaretta Ewbankdaughter-in-law of Elizabeth Ewbank1738851823
George Gibsonfather of Elizabeth Ewbank Late vicar of Stockton
Thomas Ewbankhusband of Elizabeth Ewbank
George Ewbankson of Elizabeth Ewbank1792

87FairbridgeGeorge Fairbridgefirst name on this monument1756841840id: 2263died July 25th
Mary Ann Nightingaledaughter of George Fairbridge1823511874 died Jan 3rd
George Thomas Nightingalegrand son of George Fairbridge1855
Mary Ann Fairbridge1854131867
Thomas Fairbridge
William Nightingaleson-in-law of George Fairbridge
Mary Fairbridgewife of George Fairbridge1785691854 died Sept 19th

88FalknerFrederick Bancks Falknerfirst name on this monument1820461866id: 1362late Grammar School master died July 1st

89FarmerJohn Farmerfirst name on this monument1739321771id: 692died April 24th

90FawcettFrances Molineux Fawcettfirst name on this monument1842271869id: 42
(2 images)
4died March 14th

91FawcettMargaret Fawcettfirst name on this monument1752501802id: 149111died Jan 23rd
Thomas Fawcettson of Margaret Fawcett1781311812 died in Spain Oct 13th

92FawcettMary Ann Fawcettfirst name on this monument1804691873id: 45
(3 images)
242died Aug 11th
Josiah Rhodesfather of Mary Ann Fawcett
William Fawcetthusband of Mary Ann Fawcett1810651875 died May 1st
Ann Rhodesmother of Mary Ann Fawcett1854

93FawellIsabella Fawellfirst name on this monumentid: 301
(3 images)
62stone badly eroded
Thomas Fawellhusband of Isabella Fawell

94FloundersBenjamin Floundersfirst name on this monument1739771816id: 2
(3 images)
102Born around 1868 Died in 1846

95FothergillMary Fothergillfirst name on this monumentid: 3368stone badly eroded
William Fothergillfather of Mary Fothergill
Mary Fothergillmother of Mary Fothergill
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96FowlerDavid Burton Fowlerfirst name on this monument1736921828id: 40827died Jan 30th
David Robinson1815121827 Son of Marshall and Mary died March 7th
Marshall Robinson Merchant of Sunderland
Marshall Robinson
Mary Frances Robinson
Sarah Robinsonniece of David Burton Fowler1761671828 died March 12th

97FowlerFrances Fowlerfirst name on this monument1778151793id: 98died June 26th
John Fowlerfather of Frances Fowler1736851821 died March 23rd
Ann Fowlermother of Frances Fowler1736671803 died Dec 1st

98FowlerMary Frances Fowlerfirst name on this monument1788861874id: 4112died Feb 28th
Marshall Fowlerhusband of Mary Frances Fowler1790881878 of Preston Hall Co Durham died May 18th
Henry Fowlerson of Mary Frances Fowler1830351865 third son died July 9th

99GalbraithJohn Galbraithfirst name on this monument1734771811id: 22215a Brewer of Yarm died Dec 27th

100GarbuttWilliam Garbuttfirst name on this monument1795541849id: 352
(3 images)
Mary Garbuttdaughter of William Garbutt died in Infancy
Mary Anne Garbuttdaughter of William Garbutt died in Infancy
Christiana Garbutt1829251854
Isabella Garbutt1829221851
John Garbuttson of William Garbutt died in Infancy
Thomas Garbuttson of William Garbutt1821491870
William Garbuttson of William Garbutt died in Infancy
Christiana Garbuttwife of William Garbutt1791701861

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Mary Magdalene's Church burial ground, Yarm on Tees, Yorkshire, England.

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