St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Heacham, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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601LloydHarold Ernest Lloydfirst name on this monument1920551975id: IMG70054

602LodgeEileen Agnes Lodgefirst name on this monument1927721999id: DSCF56016

603LomasGeorgina Lomasfirst name on this monument1907841991id: DSCF516863
Agnes Martinmother of Georgina Lomas1867761943

604LomasHarold Ernest Lomasfirst name on this monument1933692002id: DSCF51727Uncle to Christopher
John Lomasbrother of Harold Ernest Lomas
Christene Lomassister of Harold Ernest Lomas

605LongKatherine May Longfirst name on this monument1893931986id: IMG69746

606LooseAnnie May Loosefirst name on this monument1890841974id: IMG69992
Alfred Henry Loosehusband of Annie May Loose1986

607LothianMargaret Scoble Lothianfirst name on this monument1921731994id: DSCF566718
Hector Jack Lothianhusband of Margaret Scoble Lothian1920741994

608LoweGordon K E Lowefirst name on this monument1905691974id: DSCF52515Reunited with Majorie

609LuckingLeonard Joseph Luckingfirst name on this monument1924741998id: DSCF50417
May Elizabeth Luckingwife of Leonard Joseph Lucking1925752000

610LudlowGeorge Edward Ludlowfirst name on this monument1912671979id: DSCF506015
Marie Ludlowwife of George Edward Ludlow1911851996

611LuffHester M Lufffirst name on this monument1909391948id: IMG711015
Charles W Luff1898761974

612LummRobert Lummfirst name on this monument1896771973id: IMG7002481
Daisy Selena Lummwife of Robert Lumm1898831981

613MacAulay ServiceHannah Louisa MacAulay Servicefirst name on this monument1877981975id: DSCF52944
Francis John MacAulay Serviceson-in-law of Hannah Louisa MacAulay Service1904821986

614MaceTrafalgar Macefirst name on this monument1862521914id: IMG712254
Louisa Macewife of Trafalgar Mace1860771937

615MacKenzieJosephine Elizabeth MacKenziefirst name on this monument1938581996id: DSCF56154
Bertram William MacKenziehusband of Josephine Elizabeth MacKenzie1934742008

616MaidenErnest George Maidenfirst name on this monument1928812009id: DSCF545612

617MallettJ B Mallettfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF498519On War Memorial Wall

618MallettJ B Mallettfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49623War Memorial 1914-18

619MallettJames Burgess Mallettfirst name on this monument1891271918id: DSCF53085Died in Scotland

620MallettJohn Mallettfirst name on this monument1925id: IMG707612
Mary Blanche Mallettwife of John Mallett1931

621MallettMildred Mary Mallettfirst name on this monument1970id: DSCF530914

622MallettSarah Mallettfirst name on this monument1855841939id: DSCF530729

623MannFrederick Mannfirst name on this monument1914751989id: IMG695911
Alice May Mannwife of Frederick Mann1919751994

624MargettsSydney Margettsfirst name on this monument1864701934id: DSCF5391366
Jane Mary Margettswife of Sydney Margetts1871801951

625MargettsSydney George Margettsfirst name on this monument1906221928id: DSCF5390253

626MarshallRonald George Marshallfirst name on this monument1929712000id: DSCF556120
Connie Marshallwife of Ronald George Marshall

627MarshallT W Marshallfirst name on this monument1931752006id: DSCF549836

628MartinAgnes Martinfirst name on this monument1867761943id: IMG697843
Georgina Lomas1907841991
Harold Ernest Lomas1933692002

629MartinsE W Martinsfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49623War Memorial 1939-45

630MathiesenBertha Florence Mathiesenfirst name on this monument1907761983id: IMG68995
Emily Mary Pearcesister of Bertha Florence Mathiesen1914721986

631MatlockAmy Edith Matlockfirst name on this monument1910691979id: IMG70455
William Matlockhusband of Amy Edith Matlock1904821986
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632MatthewsMary Matthewsfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF51128
Sarah Wattsgrand mother of Mary Matthews1849311880

633MatthewsViolet Irene Matthewsfirst name on this monument1916661982id: IMG690914
George Henry Rayner Matthewshusband of Violet Irene Matthews1910781988

634McBrideFrances Eileen McBridefirst name on this monument1920791999id: DSCF559217
Ernest McBridehusband of Frances Eileen McBride
Edith Mary Roberts

635McEvoyEdward McEvoyfirst name on this monument1912681980id: IMG692319
Elsie McEvoywife of Edward McEvoy1920912011

636McGinnDaniel Michael McGinnfirst name on this monument1980212001id: DSCF55467

637McGinnMatthew McGinnfirst name on this monument1903801983id: IMG689813
Laura McGinnwife of Matthew McGinn1907771984

638McIntyreMurdoch McIntyrefirst name on this monument1903791982id: IMG69105Squadron Leader RAF
Florence Racheal McIntyrewife of Murdoch McIntyre1913892002

639McWattgreenElizabeth E L McWattgreenfirst name on this monument1913892002id: DSCF55165

640MedhurstWalter H T Medhurstfirst name on this monument1919892008id: DSCF5006211

641MeltonGeorge Meltonfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF499321

642MenghettiV Menghettifirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49623War Memorial 1914-18

643MenghettiV Menghettifirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49854On War Memorial Wall

644MillardJune Millardfirst name on this monument1926832009id: DSCF545821

645MillerEmily Ann Millerfirst name on this monument1856831939id: DSCF54053

646MilwardRobert Dovedale Milwardfirst name on this monument1897861983id: IMG69014

647MindhamA J Mindhamfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49625War Memorial 1914-18

648MindhamA J Mindhamfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49864On War Memorial Wall

649MindhamFrances Mindhamfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF5392251
Gordon Leslie Barrett1917761993
Peggy May Barrett1924822006
Herbert Sidney Green1892811973
May Adelaide Green1896871983
Thomas Mindham

650MinnsAnn Minnsfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF52147

651MinnsWilliam Minnsfirst name on this monument84id: DSCF52162

652MitchamValerie Ann Mitchamfirst name on this monument1940632003id: DSCF53653

653MitchellJohn Mitchellfirst name on this monument1927822009id: DSCF50143

654MitchellJohn Ernest Mitchellfirst name on this monument1906821988id: IMG697212

655MontriouEdward Henry Montrioufirst name on this monument1909811990id: DSCF567631
Alice Edith Violet Montriouwife of Edward Henry Montriou1908932001

656MooreGladys Moorefirst name on this monument1908821990id: IMG695713

657MorisonRichard Gordon Morisonfirst name on this monument1929621991id: DSCF514710
Elsie Morisonwife of Richard Gordon Morison1929812010

658MorrisFlorence Mowbray Morrisfirst name on this monument1943id: DSCF541411

659MorrisIvy Mary Morrisfirst name on this monument1932752007id: DSCF54884

660MorrisJ Morrisfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF496214War Memorial 1914-18

661MorrisJ Morrisfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49864On War Memorial Wall

662MortonLucy Mortonfirst name on this monument1835801915id: DSCF53393Who passed away at Hunstanton

663MoulamGeorge Antony Moulamfirst name on this monument1920101930id: DSCF53388
Percy Moulamfather of George Antony Moulam
Helen Moulammother of George Antony Moulam

664MoulamHarriet Moulamfirst name on this monument1843661909id: DSCF53404
George Moulamhusband of Harriet Moulam1843671910

665MoulamPercy Thomas Moulamfirst name on this monument1883631946id: DSCF53373
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666MusselwhiteClaude Musselwhitefirst name on this monument1925792004id: DSCF51243

667MyringElsie Marjorie Myringfirst name on this monument1908932001id: DSCF554911Both of Aldridge Staffordshire
Joan Muriel Stokessister of Elsie Marjorie Myring1916862002

668NelsonEdward White Nelsonfirst name on this monument1905841989id: IMG69663
Marjorie Helen Nelsonwife of Edward White Nelson1992

669Neville RolfeArthur Neville Rolfefirst name on this monument1888951983id: DSCF543918Royal Gurkha Rifles

670Neville RolfeArthur Neville Rolfefirst name on this monument1858291887id: DSCF4974231Died at Chermoat Queensland
Charles Neville Rolfefather of Arthur Neville Rolfe relative of my Grandmother nellie Chapman
Martha Neville Rolfemother of Arthur Neville Rolfe A chpaman family name prior to marriage

671Neville RolfeEustace Neville Rolfefirst name on this monument1845631908id: DSCF4977581Died in Naples - Consul General
Charles Neville Rolfefather of Eustace Neville Rolfe

672Neville RolfeGuy Neville Rolfefirst name on this monument1898901988id: DSCF544726During 45 years service saw action in both World Wars
Hilda Ruth Wedderspoon Neville Rolfewife of Guy Neville Rolfe1903911994 Married for 58 years

673Neville RolfeJames Neville Rolfefirst name on this monument1961321993id: DSCF5448502Fell whilst walking in Wales
David Neville Rolfefather of James Neville Rolfe
Yvonne Neville Rolfemother of James Neville Rolfe
Yvette Neville Rolfewife of James Neville Rolfe

674Neville RolfeJane Neville Rolfefirst name on this monument1909781987id: DSCF543820

675Neville RolfeJeanne Neville Rolfefirst name on this monument1892601952id: DSCF543416

676Neville RolfeRandolph Neville Rolfefirst name on this monument1889751964id: DSCF544023Also reference to children but unable to read it
Kathleen Neville Rolfewife of Randolph Neville Rolfe1883851968

677Neville-RolfeErnest Neville-Rolfefirst name on this monument1847id: IMG7132391

678Neville-RolfeEustace Neville-Rolfefirst name on this monumentid: IMG713649Gave this acre in 1896 He wished his family to rest in this corner' This refers to a seperate burial ground in the churchyard used only by the Rolfe family

679Neville-RolfeHerbert Neville-Rolfefirst name on this monument1942id: IMG713440Born in Sedgeford

680Neville-RolfeJanet Neville-Rolfefirst name on this monument1846621908id: IMG713323
Ernest Neville-Rolfehusband of Janet Neville-Rolfe

681Neville-RolfeKunigunda Neville-Rolfefirst name on this monument1891id: IMG712849Of Lexham Hall - in memoriam 2002
Louise Neville-Rolfedaughter of Kunigunda Neville-Rolfe
Queenie Neville-Rolfedaughter of Kunigunda Neville-Rolfe
C W Neville-Rolfehusband of Kunigunda Neville-Rolfe
Clive Neville-Rolfesister of Kunigunda Neville-Rolfe
Randolph Neville-Rolfesister of Kunigunda Neville-Rolfe

682NewcombeBertha Ellen Newcombefirst name on this monument1917852002id: DSCF551020
Arthur Frederick Newcombehusband of Bertha Ellen Newcombe1921882009

683NewellAnne-Marie Newellfirst name on this monument197151976id: IMG7007311

684NewmanMarjorie L Newmanfirst name on this monument1916741990id: IMG705412

685NichollsWilliam Alfred Nichollsfirst name on this monument1920882008id: DSCF54544

686NicolEvelyn Rosalie Nicolfirst name on this monument1916942010id: DSCF54787

687NightingillMarie Nightingillfirst name on this monument1924862010id: DSCF547734

688NobesKenneth Robert Nobesfirst name on this monument1925701995id: DSCF513164

689NobesLily Nobesfirst name on this monument1909771986id: DSCF518015

690NobesMaurice Samuel Nobesfirst name on this monument1907651972id: IMG701015
Daisy May Nobeswife of Maurice Samuel Nobes1908651973

691NorgateLouisa Norgatefirst name on this monument1817321849id: DSCF521014
William Norgatehusband of Louisa Norgate

692NorgateWilliam Carter Norgatefirst name on this monument184341847id: DSCF521157
Edward Starling Norgatebrother of William Carter Norgate1843 Aged 3 days
William Norgatefather of William Carter Norgate
Louisa Norgatemother of William Carter Norgate

693NorwoodAlbert Edward Norwoodfirst name on this monument1899881987id: DSCF5179191
Ivy Johannah Norwoodwife of Albert Edward Norwood1912922004
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694NourseElizabeth Noursefirst name on this monument1837801917id: DSCF530515
James Noursehusband of Elizabeth Nourse

695NourseFlorense Albina Noursefirst name on this monument1880621942id: DSCF531022
Elizabeth Nourse1858941952
Joyce Nourse1953

696NourseJames Josiah Noursefirst name on this monument1856751931id: DSCF531117

697NoursePeter George Noursefirst name on this monument1928812009id: DSCF501717

698NourseRobert William Noursefirst name on this monumentid: DSCF531315
Lawrence Noursefather of Robert William Nourse
Lily Noursemother of Robert William Nourse

699NourseWilliam Samuel Noursefirst name on this monument1852571909id: DSCF530315
Harriet Noursewife of William Samuel Nourse1840731913

700NuddsHenry James Nuddsfirst name on this monument1915791994id: DSCF5636191
Kathleen May Nuddswife of Henry James Nudds2007

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Heacham, Norfolk, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is PE31 7HJ - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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