St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Heacham, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.view

101BrownCheryl Pamela Georgina Brownfirst name on this monument1996id: DSCF562151

102BrownEliza Brownfirst name on this monument1895id: DSCF50887

103BrownGeorge Barnes Miller Brownfirst name on this monument1863781941id: DSCF542391

104BrownHenry Howie Brownfirst name on this monument1899731972id: IMG700914
Nellie Louisa Brown1895911986

105BrownMary Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1865721937id: DSCF54238

106BrunningWilliam Brunningfirst name on this monument1901711972id: IMG70127

107BuckW E Buckfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49845On War Memorial Wall

108BuckW E Buckfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF496271War Memorial 1914-18

109BullMarshall Bullfirst name on this monument1905881993id: DSCF51505

110BullenRussell Martin Bullenfirst name on this monument1908591967id: DSCF526762
Ethel Bullenwife of Russell Martin Bullen1909711980

111BullimoreHilda Edith Bullimorefirst name on this monument1894911985id: IMG68805
Charles Harold Bullimorehusband of Hilda Edith Bullimore1991

112BunceHannah Buncefirst name on this monument1892791971id: IMG7024311
Caleb William Thomas Buncehusband of Hannah Bunce1886851971

113BunkleHenry Richard Bunklefirst name on this monument1914791993id: DSCF566533
Mary Bunklewife of Henry Richard Bunkle1918882006

114BunnEdith Martha Bunnfirst name on this monument1898421940id: DSCF53885
George Albert Bunnhusband of Edith Martha Bunn1898791977

115BurgessHarold Burgessfirst name on this monument1909821991id: DSCF564327

116BurkePhilip Burkefirst name on this monument1927711998id: DSCF558016
Margaret Burkewife of Philip Burke1934702004

117BurrellVivien Jean Burrellfirst name on this monument1934211955id: IMG7105161
Joan Valerie Kentsister of Vivien Jean Burrell1932611993

118BurrellWilliam Burrellfirst name on this monument1833821915id: IMG708341
Sarah Burrellwife of William Burrell1834821916

119BurtonHarriet Eliza Burtonfirst name on this monument1919691988id: DSCF517535
Daisy Edith Burton1914851999

120BurtonVera Burtonfirst name on this monument1917721989id: DSCF56847
Denis Arthur Studley Burtonhusband of Vera Burton1915872002

121ButtifantThomas Buttifantfirst name on this monument1899841983id: IMG68935
Mary Buttifantwife of Thomas Buttifant1903972000

122BuxtonKathleen Mary Buxtonfirst name on this monument1921852006id: DSCF54979
Frank William Buxtonhusband of Kathleen Mary Buxton1922842006
Graham Frank Buxtonson of Kathleen Mary Buxton1948602008

123BuxtonPaul William Buxtonfirst name on this monument1944341978id: DSCF50784

124ByfordAlfred Edgar Byfordfirst name on this monument1880931973id: IMG700139
Eric Asher Byfordson of Alfred Edgar Byford82
Constance Kate Byfordwife of Alfred Edgar Byford1894721966

125CairnsJohn Graham Cairnsfirst name on this monument1904671971id: IMG701821
Elsie Maud Cairnswife of John Graham Cairns1992

126CallabyAlfred Samuel Callabyfirst name on this monument1892791971id: IMG70193
Sophia Callabywife of Alfred Samuel Callaby1888951983

127CallabyMary Elizabeth Callabyfirst name on this monument46id: IMG71034Died 194?
Horace Carter Callaby1876691945

128CallabyMaureen Callabyfirst name on this monument1939622001id: DSCF55453

129CallabyWilliam Callabyfirst name on this monument1830851915id: DSCF5359101
Honor Callabywife of William Callaby1825561881

130CantWinifred Cantfirst name on this monument1880881968id: DSCF52797
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131CarltonJeff Carltonfirst name on this monument1924731997id: DSCF560612

132CarmanBrian Carmanfirst name on this monument1938622000id: DSCF513015

133CarrittMarjorie Iris Carrittfirst name on this monument1930621992id: DSCF5652282born 28 September 1929
William Thomas Carritthusband of Marjorie Iris Carritt1995 born 25 Feb 1926 Kings Lynn, Norfolk

134CarseVenetia Carsefirst name on this monument1919872006id: IMG7125583
Will Kempefather of Venetia Carse
Andreas Duncan Carsefather-in-law of Venetia Carse
Duncan Carsehusband of Venetia Carse1913912004 Antarctic Explorer - Silver Polar Medal and two clasps
Queenie Kempemother of Venetia Carse
Florence Carsemother-in-law of Venetia Carse

135CarterFlorrie Carterfirst name on this monument1930742004id: DSCF501615
David Carterhusband of Florrie Carter

136CarterJean Carterfirst name on this monument1925711996id: DSCF50409
Roy Carterhusband of Jean Carter1921902011

137CaseyKenneth Caseyfirst name on this monument1920892009id: DSCF546611

138Caunter JacksonF A Caunter Jacksonfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49626War Memorial 1939-45

139CawthornHester Cawthornfirst name on this monument1885631948id: IMG71136
Agnes Cawthorndaughter of Hester Cawthorn1908
Ernest Edward Cawthornhusband of Hester Cawthorn1880731953

140CawthorneAnnie Cawthornefirst name on this monument1909992008id: DSCF5047121
Dawn Cawthornedaughter of Annie Cawthorne
Ted Cawthornehusband of Annie Cawthorne
Joe Cawthorneson of Annie Cawthorne
Neville Cawthorneson of Annie Cawthorne

141CawthorneFred Cawthornefirst name on this monument1921701991id: DSCF56407

142CawthorneRuby Kathleen Cawthornefirst name on this monument1922782000id: DSCF56404

143ChamberlainLouise Annette Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1928722000id: DSCF513820

144ChanceFrances Margaret Chancefirst name on this monument1923701993id: DSCF56666

145ChanceKenneth Morton Chancefirst name on this monument1922631985id: DSCF518914

146ChandlerMaude Chandlerfirst name on this monument1945id: DSCF540391
M Phillippomother of Maude Chandler1959

147ChapmanA S Chapmanfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF496231War Memorial 1914-18

148ChapmanA S Chapmanfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF498433On War Memorial Wall

149ChapmanAnne Elizabeth Chapmanfirst name on this monument1956522008id: DSCF502717

150ChapmanClarice M Chapmanfirst name on this monument1893871980id: DSCF51078

151ChapmanJohn Chapmanfirst name on this monument1731491780id: DSCF495610

152ChapmanMargaret Louise Chapmanfirst name on this monument1927521979id: DSCF50559

153ChapmanSydney Chapmanfirst name on this monument1891771968id: DSCF527451
Gertrude Chapmanwife of Sydney Chapman89

154ChapmanWilliam John Chapmanfirst name on this monument1883661949id: IMG708726
Margaret Priscilla Chapmanwife of William John Chapman65

155ChaseMargaret Chasefirst name on this monument1939581997id: DSCF5573141

156ChasneyArthur William Chasneyfirst name on this monument1923802003id: DSCF513491
Rosemary Vera Chasneywife of Arthur William Chasney1925822007

157ChesterElizabeth Ann Chesterfirst name on this monument1853771930id: DSCF542281

158ChiltonJames George Chiltonfirst name on this monument1837691906id: DSCF53179
Priscilla Chiltonwife of James George Chilton1916

159ChilversBarry George Chilversfirst name on this monument1941602001id: DSCF5555251
Pamela Joyce Chilverswife of Barry George Chilvers1943551998

160ChilversLaurie Selina Chilversfirst name on this monument1915731988id: DSCF57023
Arthur Thomas Chilvershusband of Laurie Selina Chilvers1906831989
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161ChilversThomas Chilversfirst name on this monument1833791912id: DSCF53367
Hannah Chilverswife of Thomas Chilvers1833851918

162ChilversW S Chilversfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49623War Memorial 1914-18

163ChilversW S Chilversfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF498420On War Memorial Wall

164ChristieJohn Fleming Christiefirst name on this monument1919471966id: DSCF523881
Doris Evelyn Christiewife of John Fleming Christie1924621986

165ChurnEdwin Churnfirst name on this monument1930481978id: DSCF51043
Janet Churnwife of Edwin Churn1938601998

166ClarkPatricia Clarkfirst name on this monument1955331988id: DSCF57003

167ClarkeBrenda Kathleen Clarkefirst name on this monument1920812001id: DSCF555221
Ronald Arnold Clarkehusband of Brenda Kathleen Clarke1922862008

168ClarkeGladys May Clarkefirst name on this monument1920741994id: DSCF56352
Peter John Clarke1941632004

169ClarkeWilliam Clarkefirst name on this monument1866761942id: DSCF53453
Ethel May Clarkewife of William Clarke1867921959

170ClarksonHenry William Clarksonfirst name on this monument1868651933id: DSCF539671

171ClaxtonJohn William Claxtonfirst name on this monument1903691972id: IMG70135
Ruth Evelyn Claxtonwife of John William Claxton1914731987

172ClaytonJoseph Claytonfirst name on this monument1900751975id: IMG703512
John Raymond Claytonson of Joseph Clayton

173ClaytonMaisie Blanche Claytonfirst name on this monument1908871995id: DSCF56304

174CobbRichard Cobbfirst name on this monument1911681979id: DSCF50619

175ColasanteItalo Angelo Leonard Colasantefirst name on this monument1916852001id: DSCF512926

176ColemanKenneth Colemanfirst name on this monument1926792005id: DSCF55386

177ColledgeAlan Colledgefirst name on this monument1933651998id: DSCF503742

178CollinsWilliam Collinsfirst name on this monument1848841932id: DSCF537810

179CollisonMabel Collisonfirst name on this monument1930481978id: DSCF507931

180ConeyRobert Coneyfirst name on this monument1823id: DSCF52139
Elizabeth Coneywife of Robert Coney1826

181ConstableVictor Constablefirst name on this monument1924782002id: DSCF55146

182CookAnne Maria Cookfirst name on this monument1871841955id: DSCF54173
William Cookfather of Anne Maria Cook Of Blakesley Northants

183CookAnne Maria Cookfirst name on this monument1872841956id: IMG70985
William Cookfather of Anne Maria Cook Of Blakesley Northants

184CookeRalph Carrington Cookefirst name on this monument1914841998id: DSCF55893
Marjorie Cookewife of Ralph Carrington Cooke Who rests elsewhere

185CooperJenny Jane Cooperfirst name on this monument1985id: IMG686710

186CooteEdward Henry Cootefirst name on this monument1911881999id: DSCF559511
Gladys Muriel Cootehusband of Edward Henry Coote1913861999

187CooteLily F A Cootefirst name on this monument1904841988id: DSCF51768

188CopestakeCharles Wilfred Copestakefirst name on this monument1909671976id: IMG69336

189CopleyRobert Flower Copleyfirst name on this monument1846701916id: DSCF540410

190CottamDoris Elizabeth Cottamfirst name on this monument1902641966id: DSCF524110
Alfred Robert Cottamhusband of Doris Elizabeth Cottam1896741970

191CottamMolly Jean Cottamfirst name on this monument1925752000id: DSCF55605

192CoullAlbert Andrew Coullfirst name on this monument1924631987id: DSCF5177141
Joyce Margaret Coullwife of Albert Andrew Coull1927802007

193CowdreyRobert Cowdreyfirst name on this monument87id: DSCF54923Musician

194CowenDavid Anthony Cowenfirst name on this monument1971241995id: DSCF563147
Megan Cowenmother of David Anthony Cowen1933692002

195CraferLeonard Craferfirst name on this monument1875731948id: IMG71004
Florence Rosa Craferwife of Leonard Crafer1878751953
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196CramMarcelle Dorothea Cramfirst name on this monument1920781998id: DSCF55703
Frederick Cramhusband of Marcelle Dorothea Cram1916912007

197CramptonAda Florence Cramptonfirst name on this monument1907781985id: IMG687614
Harold Turner Cramptonhusband of Ada Florence Crampton1905891994

198CrispDorothy Emily Crispfirst name on this monument1904841988id: DSCF56982

199CrispEmily Crispfirst name on this monument1876451921id: DSCF537441
Stephen Crisphusband of Emily Crisp1876821958

200CrispGeorge Albert Sidney Crispfirst name on this monument1901571958id: IMG706492Retired Squadron Leader RAF
Emma Elizabeth Mary Crispwife of George Albert Sidney Crisp1903821985

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Heacham, Norfolk, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is PE31 7HJ - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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