St Stephen Anglican's Church burial ground, Willunga, South Australia, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1Lauretta first name on this monumentid: 112 Lauretta 20057212

2AM R Afirst name on this monument1898691967id: 202 M R A20066413

3AldamAlfred Maurice Aldamfirst name on this monument1878741952id: 160 Alfred Maurice Aldam20062213
Mary Honor Aldamwife of Alfred Maurice Aldam

4AldamFrank Lonsdale Aldamfirst name on this monument1875741949id: 197 Frank Lonsdale Aldam200659141
Vera Gwendoline Aldamwife of Frank Lonsdale Aldam

5AldamThomas Storey Aldamfirst name on this monument1824591883id: 303 Thomas Storey Aldam20076513
Mary Aldamwife of Thomas Storey Aldam1842951937

6AllenAnna Allenfirst name on this monument1840491889id: 71 Anna Allen20053112
Fanny Allendaughter of Anna Allen186171868
Tom Allenson of Anna Allen1859741933

7AllenHerbert Allenfirst name on this monument1864851949id: 171 Herbert Allen20063417
Jane Allendaughter of Herbert Allen
John Allenson of Herbert Allen
Caroline Allenwife of Herbert Allen1866901956

8AllenHurtle Allenfirst name on this monument1918id: 118 Hurtle Allen20057813
Antonia Linda Allenwife of Hurtle Allen1879701949

9AllenJohn Allenfirst name on this monument1833841917id: 67 John Allen20052614
Jane Allenhusband of John Allen1827961923

10AllenRuby Maude Allenfirst name on this monument1889751964id: 172 Ruby Maude Allen20063531

11AllenSydney Allenfirst name on this monument1864121876id: 68 Sydney Allen20052712
John Allenfather of Sydney Allen
Jane Allenmother of Sydney Allen

12AngusWayne Robert Angusfirst name on this monument1962191981id: 302 Wayne Robert Angus20076420
Gregory Angusbrother of Wayne Robert Angus
Robert Angusfather of Wayne Robert Angus
David Atkinsongrand father of Wayne Robert Angus
Loncie Atkinsongrand mother of Wayne Robert Angus
Judith Angusmother of Wayne Robert Angus
Kathryn Angussister of Wayne Robert Angus

13ArthurGlen Burnett Arthurfirst name on this monument1910591969id: 206 Glen Burnett Arthur20066811
Bev Arthurdaughter of Glen Burnett Arthur
Darryl Arthurson of Glen Burnett Arthur
Sylvie Arthurwife of Glen Burnett Arthur

14ArthurHarold Thomas Arthurfirst name on this monument1898661964id: 57 Harold Thomas Arthur200516113
Rose Elizabeth May Arthurwife of Harold Thomas Arthur1903711974

15ArthurSamuel Arthurfirst name on this monument1871571928id: 122 Samuel Arthur20058211

16ArthurThomas Arthurfirst name on this monument1936id: 58 Thomas Arthur200517161
Alice Arthur1960
Tommy Arthur1936

17AtkinsonClarice Idonia Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1970id: 298 Clarice Idonia Atkinson20076013
Robert Francis Atkinsonhusband of Clarice Idonia Atkinson1972

18AtkinsonColin Henry Atkinsonfirst name on this monument192461930id: 297 Colin Henry Atkinson20075912
Frank Atkinsonbrother of Colin Henry Atkinson

19AtkinsonDavid George Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1916902006id: 292 David George Atkinson20075425
Joan Atkinsondaughter of David George Atkinson
Judith Atkinsondaughter of David George Atkinson
Shirley Atkinsondaughter of David George Atkinson
Loncie Atkinsonwife of David George Atkinson

20AtkinsonEllen Elizabeth Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1883591942id: 300 Ellen Elizabeth Atkinson20076212
John Aldam Atkinsonhusband of Ellen Elizabeth Atkinson1885811966
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21AtkinsonJack Whitelaw Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1920541974id: 274 Jack Whitelaw Atkinson20073615
Anne Atkinsondaughter of Jack Whitelaw Atkinson
Peter Atkinsonson of Jack Whitelaw Atkinson
Larlien Joan Atkinsonwife of Jack Whitelaw Atkinson1922571979

22AtkinsonJoseph Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1824541878id: 286 Joseph Atkinson200748131
Elizabeth G Atkinsonwife of Joseph Atkinson1829691898

23AtkinsonR A Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1914371951id: 299 R A Atkinson20076116Army Catering Corps
Barbara Atkinsondaughter of R A Atkinson
Robert Atkinsonson of R A Atkinson
Edith May Atkinsonwife of R A Atkinson

24AtkinsonS Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1930id: 316 S Atkinson20077914died at Willunga
Annie Praterdaughter of S Atkinson1951
George Atkinsonhusband of S Atkinson1924 died at Kalgoorlie
Hurtle Praterson-in-law of S Atkinson

25AtkinsonSusan Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1862561918id: 293 Susan Atkinson20075571
Robert Fish Atkinsonhusband of Susan Atkinson1857651922

26AtkinsonThomas Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1822841906id: 291 Thomas Atkinson200753141
Jane Atkinsonwife of Thomas Atkinson1823871910

27BassettBert Thomas Bassettfirst name on this monument1920681988id: 218 Bert Thomas Bassett2006807
Susan Bassettdaughter of Bert Thomas Bassett
Deborah Bassettdaughter-in-law of Bert Thomas Bassett
Susan Bassettdaughter-in-law of Bert Thomas Bassett
David Bassettson of Bert Thomas Bassett
Peter Bassettson of Bert Thomas Bassett
Margaret Stella Bassettwife of Bert Thomas Bassett1923772000

28BassettGeorge William Bassettfirst name on this monument1915831998id: 211 George William Bassett2006731
Andrew Bassettson of George William Bassett
Eileen Bassettwife of George William Bassett1924762000

29BaylisC H Baylisfirst name on this monument1888271915id: 238 C H Baylis2007002No 3004 10 Abtt AIF died at Lemnos

30BeattieDavid Gregory Beattiefirst name on this monument1836671903id: 65 David Gregory Beattie2005244

31BeattieHannah Beattiefirst name on this monument1838621900id: 66 Hannah Beattie2005258
David Gregory Beattiehusband of Hannah Beattie

32BellColin Bellfirst name on this monument1955331988id: 217 Colin Bell2006792

33BiggsEdward Biggsfirst name on this monument1825951920id: 80 Edward Biggs20054011
Caroline Biggs1826801906
Joseph Biggs1858401898
Oliver Biggs1863501913

34BiggsJames Biggsfirst name on this monument1855871942id: 186 James Biggs2006494

35BilneyEdward Steven Bilneyfirst name on this monument1934561990id: 216 Edward Steven Bilney2006784
Gail Bilneydaughter of Edward Steven Bilney
Wayne Bilneyson of Edward Steven Bilney
Fae Bilneywife of Edward Steven Bilney

36BilneyW S Bilneyfirst name on this monumentid: 204 W S Bilney2006661

37BinneyBeatrice Binneyfirst name on this monument1891401931id: 150 Beatrice Binney20060921
Leonard Boundy Binneyhusband of Beatrice Binney1891701961
Ralph Binneyson of Beatrice Binney

38BinneyElizabeth Ferris Binneyfirst name on this monument1846791925id: 147 Elizabeth Ferris Binney20060633
John Binney1845901935

39BinneyIda Binneyfirst name on this monument1905671972id: 267 Ida Binney20072921

40BinneyTheodore Binneyfirst name on this monument1904701974id: 266 Theodore Binney20072811
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41BinneyVinrace William Binneyfirst name on this monument1888id: 148 Vinrace William Binney20060711

42BinneyW J Binneyfirst name on this monument1869591928id: 149 W J Binney20060811

43BirchmoreJohn Birchmorefirst name on this monument1872811953id: 167 John Birchmore20063021
Babe Birchmoredaughter of John Birchmore
Bob Birchmoreson of John Birchmore
George Birchmoreson of John Birchmore
Emma May Birchmorewife of John Birchmore1873921965

44BirdAbigail Birdfirst name on this monument185441858id: 250 Abigail Bird200712122
George Birdfather of Abigail Bird
Mary Birdmother of Abigail Bird
Abigail Bird1858 aged 8d
Susan Bird185581863
Charles Hart187311874
Emily Hart1870 aged 3m
Francis Hart
Mary Hart
William Hart1874 aged 3m

45BlackerElizabeth Blackerfirst name on this monument1845601905id: 146 Elizabeth Blacker20060511
William James Blackerhusband of Elizabeth Blacker1843701913

46BorthwickTevalyn Adam Borthwickfirst name on this monument1956371993id: 214 Tevalyn Adam Borthwick200676143helicopter accident at Opium Creek Stn NT
Rachael Borthwickdaughter of Tevalyn Adam Borthwick
Daniel Borthwickson of Tevalyn Adam Borthwick
Dianne Borthwickwife of Tevalyn Adam Borthwick

47BoutellElizabeth Boutellfirst name on this monument1832721904id: 308 Elizabeth Boutell2007701

48BradleyDorothy Bradleyfirst name on this monument1931712002id: 265 Dorothy Bradley2007276
Sue Bradleydaughter of Dorothy Bradley
Reg Bradleyhusband of Dorothy Bradley
Gary Bradleyson of Dorothy Bradley
Dot Bradleywife of Dorothy Bradley

49BradleyReginald Bradleyfirst name on this monument1928752003id: 264 Reginald Bradley2007263
Sue Bradleydaughter of Reginald Bradley
Gary Bradleyson of Reginald Bradley
Dot Bradleywife of Reginald Bradley

50BranfordEthel Beatrice Branfordfirst name on this monument1884751959id: 166 Ethel Beatrice Branford20062971

51BransonWalter Charles Bransonfirst name on this monument1879651944id: 159 Walter Charles Branson20062111
Mary Ellen Bransonwife of Walter Charles Branson1879801959

52BrookesHenry Walter Brookesfirst name on this monument1929762005id: 227 Henry Walter Brookes20068916
Sonia Brookesdaughter of Henry Walter Brookes
Yvonne Brookesdaughter of Henry Walter Brookes
Antony Brookesson of Henry Walter Brookes
Nigel Brookesson of Henry Walter Brookes
Janet Brookeswife of Henry Walter Brookes

53BroughtonAllan Broughtonfirst name on this monument1925id: 145 Allan Broughton2006043
Denis Broughtonfather of Allan Broughton
Elinor Broughtonmother of Allan Broughton
Arnella Broughtonsister of Allan Broughton1885561941

54BroughtonElinor Broughtonfirst name on this monument1860531913id: 144 Elinor Broughton20060312
Denis Broughtonhusband of Elinor Broughton1856601916

55BroughtonEmily Broughtonfirst name on this monument1829641893id: 285 Emily Broughton2007471
Robert Broughtonhusband of Emily Broughton1816781894

56BroughtonStewart Ross Broughtonfirst name on this monument1898451943id: 168 Stewart Ross Broughton20063117
Betty Broughtondaughter of Stewart Ross Broughton
Jean Broughtondaughter of Stewart Ross Broughton
Shirley Broughtondaughter of Stewart Ross Broughton
Cliff Broughtonson of Stewart Ross Broughton
Mabel Phyllis Broughtonwife of Stewart Ross Broughton1902711973
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57BrownCharles Brownfirst name on this monument1837751912id: 102 Charles Brown2005622of Norfolk Eng died at Willunga
Martha Ann Brownwife of Charles Brown1841781919

58BrownMartha Ann Brownfirst name on this monument186821870id: 103 Martha Ann Brown2005635
Algernon Brown187311874
Arthur Albert Brown187611877
Frederick William Brown188221884

59BrownWalter Charles Brownfirst name on this monument1870751945id: 173 Walter Charles Brown2006362

60BullEmily Bullfirst name on this monument1842821924id: 59 Emily Bull2005181

61BurgessArthur Colvin Burgessfirst name on this monument1914781992id: 215 Arthur Colvin Burgess20067714
Jenny Burgessdaughter of Arthur Colvin Burgess
Colvin Burgessson of Arthur Colvin Burgess
Margo Burgesswife of Arthur Colvin Burgess

62ButterworthAlbert Broadbent Butterworthfirst name on this monument1886701956id: 78 Albert Broadbent Butterworth2005383
Ellen Butterworthdaughter of Albert Broadbent Butterworth
Neil Butterworthson of Albert Broadbent Butterworth
Stewart Butterworthson of Albert Broadbent Butterworth
Rose Butterworthwife of Albert Broadbent Butterworth1892891981

63ButterworthMary McGregor Butterworthfirst name on this monumentid: 79 Mary McGregor Butterworth2005393
Brant Butterworthhusband of Mary McGregor Butterworth
Albert B Butterworthson of Mary McGregor Butterworth
Charles S Butterworthson of Mary McGregor Butterworth

64BuxtonEssie Buxtonfirst name on this monument1902701972id: 244 Essie Buxton2007062
Laurie Buxtonhusband of Essie Buxton1899731972

65CampainMargaret Mabel Campainfirst name on this monument1918281946id: 178 Margaret Mabel Campain20064121

66ChapmanJoseph Chapmanfirst name on this monument1857431900id: 92 Joseph Chapman2005522died at McLaren Vale
Eliza Chapmanwife of Joseph Chapman1859821941

67ChapmanJoseph Thomas Chapmanfirst name on this monument1932651997id: 263 Joseph Thomas Chapman2007253
Mary Lorraine Chapmanwife of Joseph Thomas Chapman1932732005

68ChapmanThomas Chapmanfirst name on this monument1827631890id: 91 Thomas Chapman20055152
Edward Chapman1868261894
Eliza Chapman1862241886
J Chapman
Elizabeth Chapmanwife of Thomas Chapman1912

69ClarkMaureen Clarkfirst name on this monument1943572000id: 224 Maureen Clark2006865
Annie Clarkdaughter of Maureen Clark
Dara Clarkdaughter of Maureen Clark
Martin Clarkson of Maureen Clark

70CliftElleanor Cliftfirst name on this monument1799721871id: 17 Elleanor Clift20047646
John Clifthusband of Elleanor Clift1797821879

71CliftFrederick G Cliftfirst name on this monument1888711959id: 196 Frederick G Clift2006586
Ellen Cliftdaughter of Frederick G Clift
Myrtle Cliftwife of Frederick G Clift1890971987

72CliftJames Cliftfirst name on this monument1852731925id: 138 James Clift2005985
Mary Ann Cliftwife of James Clift1861711932

73CobbledickPhillippa Cobbledickfirst name on this monument1797781875id: 21 Phillippa Cobbledick20048023

74CollettWendy Anne Collettfirst name on this monument1955261981id: 163 Wendy Anne Collett20062631
Doug Collettfather of Wendy Anne Collett
Mary Collettmother of Wendy Anne Collett

75ColvilleDavid Colvillefirst name on this monument1851331884id: 24 David Colville20048421
David Colvillebrother of David Colville1851331884
J Colvillefather of David Colville
M Colvillemother of David Colville
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76ColvilleJohn Colvillefirst name on this monument1815441859id: 25 John Colville2004859
Margaret Colvillewife of John Colville1817761893

77ColvilleJohn Colvillefirst name on this monument1840151855id: 24 John Colville2004831

78ColvilleMathew Colvillefirst name on this monument1815431858id: 26 Mathew Colville20048611
John Colvillebrother of Mathew Colville1878481926 late Rector of Naracoorte

79CooteMargaret Cootefirst name on this monument46id: 254 Margaret Coote2007165of Yankalilla

80CottonJane Mary Cottonfirst name on this monument1910861996id: 193 Jane Mary Cotton2006558
Joan Ellbourndaughter of Jane Mary Cotton
Norma Ellbourndaughter of Jane Mary Cotton
Stanley Cottonhusband of Jane Mary Cotton1913831996
John Ellbournhusband of Jane Mary Cotton
Lexwell Ellbournson of Jane Mary Cotton
Rosemary Cottonstep daughter of Jane Mary Cotton
Bill Cottonstep son of Jane Mary Cotton
Peter Cottonstep son of Jane Mary Cotton
Victor Cottonstep son of Jane Mary Cotton

81CulleyThomas Culleyfirst name on this monument1828561884id: 321 Thomas Culley2007841died at Willunga
Benjamin Culleyfather of Thomas Culley of Trowse Hall Norfolk Eng
Helen Culley1818711889

82DanielsEmanuel Danielsfirst name on this monument1826391865id: 242 Emanuel Daniels2007045

83DaweHenry Dawefirst name on this monument1816331849id: 305 Henry Dawe2007672of Tamerton Devon Eng
Elizabeth Dawe1820451865

84DaweSampson Dawefirst name on this monument1813661879id: 307 Sampson Dawe2007695
Jane Dawewife of Sampson Dawe1817651882

85DaweTabitha Dawefirst name on this monument1846131859id: 304 Tabitha Dawe2007661

86DaweWilliam Dawefirst name on this monument1814361850id: 306 William Dawe2007684of Tamerton Devon Eng

87DelaneyAndrew William Delaneyfirst name on this monument1891611952id: 195 Andrew William Delaney2006578accidently killed at Willunga
Constance Mary Delaneywife of Andrew William Delaney

88DelaneyArthur Delaneyfirst name on this monument1893711964id: 201 Arthur Delaney2006633

89DelaneyConstance M E Delaneyfirst name on this monument1886901976id: 194 Constance M E Delaney2006561
Andrew Delaneyhusband of Constance M E Delaney

90DellowDoreen Dellowfirst name on this monument1919791998id: 271 Doreen Dellow2007332
John Robert Dellowhusband of Doreen Dellow

91DellowJohn Robert Dellowfirst name on this monument1917832000id: 270 John Robert Dellow2007321
Doreen Dellowwife of John Robert Dellow

92DickesonPhyllis Margaret Dickesonfirst name on this monument1910932003id: 222 Phyllis Margaret Dickeson2006841formerly Wright
Thomas Wrightfirst husband of Phyllis Margaret Dickeson
Lionel Dickesonsecond husband of Phyllis Margaret Dickeson

93DunstanAgnes Dunstanfirst name on this monument1896271923id: 111 Agnes Dunstan200571181
Grace Dunstandaughter of Agnes Dunstan
Basil G Dunstanhusband of Agnes Dunstan1887801967
Basil John Dunstanson of Agnes Dunstan1921 aged 10m
Martin Dunstanson of Agnes Dunstan

94EllbournArthur John Ellbournfirst name on this monument1908611969id: 179 Arthur John Ellbourn20064211
Jane Mary Ellbournwife of Arthur John Ellbourn

95EllisJack Rickaby Ellisfirst name on this monument1935631998id: 226 Jack Rickaby Ellis20068892
Vicki Ellisdaughter of Jack Rickaby Ellis
Mark Ellisson of Jack Rickaby Ellis
Deberah Elliswife of Jack Rickaby Ellis

96EllisJohn C Ellisfirst name on this monument1824821906id: 237 John C Ellis2006991
Catherine Elliswife of John C Ellis1835741909
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97EvansHenry Edward Evansfirst name on this monument1914892003id: 221 Henry Edward Evans20068312of Broken Hill and Hackham

98FitzroyGwendalene Jessie Fitzroyfirst name on this monument1915862001id: 154 Gwendalene Jessie Fitzroy2006162
Edwin Charles Hallhusband of Gwendalene Jessie Fitzroy

99ForemanAlfred Lewis Foremanfirst name on this monument1875881963id: 94 Alfred Lewis Foreman2005547
Dorothy Foremandaughter of Alfred Lewis Foreman
Elva Foremandaughter of Alfred Lewis Foreman
Rae Foremandaughter of Alfred Lewis Foreman
Arthur Foremanson of Alfred Lewis Foreman
Frank Foremanson of Alfred Lewis Foreman
Ronald Foremanson of Alfred Lewis Foreman
Rose Foremanwife of Alfred Lewis Foreman1879881967

100ForemanFrank Foremanfirst name on this monument1866551921id: 95 Frank Foreman2005557RPR Boer War
Frank T Foreman1912101922

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Stephen Anglican's Church burial ground, Willunga, South Australia, Australia.

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