Baptist's Church burial ground, Bonneau, South Carolina, United States

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101HoodCharter Hood1912701982id: charter_hood16968410born 26-Jul-12 died 27-Jan-82

102HoodHezekiah Hood1906631969no image1697715born 04-Sep-06 died 29-Apr-69

103HoodHoward B Hood1900181918id: howard_b_hood16976515born 02-Oct-18 died 21-May-00 S1 USN WW II md 29 Jan 1947

104HoodInfant Daughter Hood1966id: infant_daughter_hood16975416died Apr-66 d/o Joyce and Gerald
Joyce Hood
Gerald Hood

105HoodLouise Pipkin Hood1911701981no image1697729born 15-Mar-11 died 13-Apr-81

106HoodMarie Pipkin Hood1915711986no image16987110born 08-Apr-15 died 24-Feb-86

107HoodMary Ruth Brinson Hood1902211923no image16976616born 18-Oct-23 died 24-May-02 md 29 Jan 1947

108HoodSandra Thomas Hood196901969no image1697732born 27-Dec-69 died 27-Dec-69

109HoodSteve S Hood1909561965id: steve_s_hood1698313born 10-Aug-09 died 14-Apr-65

110HoodTheodore H Hood1916521968no image1698724born 18-Jun-16 died 20-Aug-68 SC PVT US Army WW II

111HopeWilliam R Hope1915651980no image16985611born 25-Nov-15 died 27-Sep-80

112HughesPeter S Hughes1906641970no image1697436born 16-Aug-06 died 08-Apr-70

113HughesSophia Perry Hughes1900531953no image1697448born 13-Sep-00 died 26-Oct-53

114JasperMary P Jasper1949522001id: mary_p_jasper16967910Dial-Murray Funeral Home

115JohnsonBarry L Johnson1947271974id: barry_l_johnson16981510born 25-Nov-47 died 12-Mar-74

116JohnsonFloyd H Johnson1912751987no image1698259born 19-Sep-12 died 23-Apr-87

117JohnsonStella M Johnson1919801999no image16982612born 25-Mar-19 died 14-Apr-99

118JonesBonnie S Jonesno image1698074

119JonesMildred Roberts Jones1923631986id: mildred_roberts_jones1698049born 17-Jul-23 died 15-Aug-86

120JonesMildred Strock Jones1920581978id: mildred_strock_jones16980613born 21-Jan-20 died 16-Aug-78

121JonesOttis M Jonesno image16989815

122JonesRobert L Jonesno image1698087Masonic

123JonesRudolph H Jones1901171918id: rudolph_h_jones1698058born 06-Mar-18 died 30-Nov-01 Masonic

124JonseRuth Hilton Jonseno image16989911

125JudyPaul Daniel Judy1967191986id: paul_daniel_judy16987313born 04-Feb-67 died 07-Mar-86

126LambHenry Virgil Lamb1895601955id: henry_virgil_lamb16981421

127LandPamela C Land1955371992id: pamela_c_land16980311born 23-Oct-55 died 05-Sep-92

128LoFaroAva Hensley LoFaro1921701991no image16977820born 01-Jun-21 died 25-May-91 md 16 Jun 1945

129LoFaroSamuel LoFarono image1697775md 16 Jun 1945

130MarshallMary Mungo Marshallno image1698833Mama

131MarshallWilliam Frank Marshall1928651993no image1698825born 16-Dec-28 died 14-Jul-93

132McCoyEva Crawford McCoy1911541965no image16988723born 28-Jul-11 died 31-Jan-65 w/o Harold McCoy
Harol McCoy

133McCoyHarold McCoy1911811992id: harold_mccoy16988614born 28-Sep-11 died 11-Jul-92

134MilesLuary Eugene Miles1907481955no image1698137born 30-Jun-07 died 08-Mar-55

135MillsRalph B Bobby Mills1931451976no image1698924born 25-May-31 died 01-Jun-76

136MillsRalph Bobby Mills1931451976no image1698935born [25 May]1931 died [1 Jun]1976 CPL US Army Korea

137MitchumAgnes Cumbee Mitchum1902161918id: agnes_cumbee_mitchum16978019born 15-Sep-18 died 16-Jan-02

138MitchumAlbert J Mitchum1914231937id: albert_j_mitchum16968116born 28-Jul-14 died 02-Oct-37 s/o Mr and Mrs Geo W Mitchum
Geo W Mitchum

139MitchumAugustus W Mitchum1917791996id: augustus_w_mitchum
(3 images)
1697833born 19-Jan-17 died 28-Dec-96 CEM USN WW II

140MitchumAugustus W Mitchum1885771962id: augustus_w_mitchum
(3 images)
1697829born 23 Sep 1885 died 24-Apr-62

141MitchumCarrie May Sexton Mitchum1892781970id: carrie_may_sexton_mitchum1697819born 11 May 1892 died 28-Aug-70

142MitchumChristopher Lee Mitchum1921701991id: christopher_lee_mitchum1697508born 29-Jul-21 died 14-Nov-91 US Army WW II

143MitchumCurt Joseph Mitchum196231965id: curt_joseph_mitchum1698348born 05-Aug-62 died 24-Aug-65

144MitchumDaisy M Mitchum1894651959id: daisy_m_mitchum1698335born 24 Dec 1894 died 16-Dec-59

145MitchumElwood James Mitchum1923291952id: elwood_james_mitchum16983551born 16-Sep-23 died 28-Nov-52 h/o Louise Saulisbury
Louise Saulisbury Mitchum
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146MitchumJ P Mitch Mitchum1912601972no image1697609born 18-Oct-12 died 13-May-72

147MitchumJean Mitchum1956no image1698415Infants of Shirley Mitchum

148MitchumJosh Sumter Mitchum1874831957no image16974711born 6 Jan 1874 died 09-Jan-57

149MitchumJulia Harris Mitchum1881791960no image16974812born 8 Dec 1881 died 19-Aug-60

150MitchumJunas A Mitchum1899621961id: junas_a_mitchum1696802born 25 Apr 1899 died 21-Jun-61 SC SGT US Army WW II

151MitchumMae Peagler Mitchum1922701992no image16976111born 22-Nov-22 died 22-Sep-92

152MitchumMark Elton Mitchum1915331948id: mark_elton_mitchum1697793born 23-Apr-15 died 02-Nov-48

153MitchumOnie H Mitchum1884631947id: onie_h_mitchum16983219born 28 Jul 1884 died 20-Dec-47

154MitchumRuby M Mitchumno image1698245md 10 Jul 1942

155MitchumSallie Brinson Mitchum1895581953id: sallie_brinson_mitchum1698286born 14 Feb 1895 died 02-May-53

156MitchumSheree Mitchum1955no image16984010Infants of Shirley Mitchum

157MitchumSmart Benjamin Mitchum1888881976id: smart_benjamin_mitchum1698277born 8 May 1888 died 14-Jan-76 Masonic

158MitchumTitus N Mitchum1915611976id: titus_n_mitchum1698919born 22-Sep-15 died 25-Oct-76 TEC5 US Army WW II

159MitchumTracy Mitchum1958no image16984210Infants of Shirley Mitchum

160MitchumVera L Mitchumid: vera_l_mitchum1697845

161MitchumW Bill Mitchum1914751989no image1698233born 26-Aug-14 died 27-Oct-89 md 10 Jul 1942

162MitchumWoodrow T Mitchum1917601977id: woodrow_t_mitchum1697493born 11-Apr-17 died 03-Mar-77

163MixonBeatrice J Mixonno image1697394md 4 Jun 1976

164MixonKeith L Mixon1914761990no image1697385md 4 Jun 1976

165MontgomeryHarriett T Montgomery1910681978id: harriett_t_montgomery1697944born 19-Oct-10 died 15-Nov-78

166MontgomeryT Grier Montgomery1906781984no image1697937born 22-Jul-06 died 08-Sep-84

167NewtonRandall James Fig Newton1901731974id: randall_james_newton16979932born 10-Apr-74 died 01-Jul-01 s/o Iris Williams Newton and David Ransom Newton
Iris Williams Newton
David Ransom Newton

168OrvinCliff Orvin1902631965id: cliff_orvin1697357born 01-Jan-02 died 27-Oct-65

169OrvinClyde Jerry Orvin1904761980no image1697553born 20-Apr-04 died 17-Feb-80

170OrvinInez W Orvin1904751979id: inez_w_orvin1697285born 13-Apr-04 died 25-Sep-79

171OrvinKate M Orvin1915761991no image1697564born 22-Apr-15 died 21-Aug-91

172PaigeWilliam C Paige1930361966id: william_c_paige16987052born 15-Jun-30 died 03-Dec-66

173ParkerCharlie Alvin Parker1927641991id: charlie_alvin_parker16980919born 22-Feb-27 died 15-Jan-91 USN WW II

174PerdueBilly Perdue1941221963id: billy_perdue1698448

175PerduePeggy N Perdue1962id: peggy_n_perdue1698436died 18-Nov-62

176PhillipsRobin Lee Phillips195911960id: robin_lee_phillips16972115born 22-Oct-59 died 04-Apr-60

177PhillipsTimothy G Timmy Phillips1958181976no image1697202born 22-Aug-58 died 20-Feb-76

178PipkinBetsy Barnes Pipkin1893661959id: betsy_barnes_pipkin16977527born 19 Nov 1893 died 14-Jul-59 w/o Robert H Pipkin
Robert H Pipkin

179PipkinLeroy T Pipkin1913611974id: leroy_t_pipkin16986413born 12-Feb-13 died 13-Nov-74

180PipkinRobert D Bill Pipkin1921641985no image16977610born 04-Jul-21 died 20-Nov-85

181PipkinRobert H Pipkin1887761963id: robert_h_pipkin16977413born 16 Dec 1887 died 13-Feb-63

182PipkinSamuel S Bucksie Pipkin1919551974no image16967819born 19-Sep-19 died 21-Oct-74

183PockrusFlorence W Pockrus1908621970no image1698123born 06-Apr-08 died 23-Nov-70

184PockrusRayford G Pockrus1913561969no image1698116born 08-May-13 died 17-May-69 Tennessee S2 USNR WW II

185RayJames F Ray1889771966no image1697185born 27 Nov 1889 died 21-Mar-66

186RayJason Franklin Ray1901751976id: jason_franklin_ray1696873born 04-Aug-76 died 06-May-01

187RouseDavid K Rouse1937191956id: david_k_rouse16971414born 31-Jan-37 died 05-Feb-56

188RouseEva Quick Rouse1921741995id: eva_quick_rouse16970620born 29-Jun-21 died 18-Aug-95

189RouseJames Lester Rouse1902221924id: james_lester_rouse16970520born 02-Jun-24 died 04-Mar-02 F1 USN WW II

190RouseJames M Rouse1900741974id: james_m_rouse1697137born 03-Aug-00 died 30-Oct-74
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191RouseMary Butler Mother Rouse1901741975no image1697043born 01-Nov-01 died 24-Jan-75

192SandersFrank W Sanders1896901986id: frank_w_sanders16990217SGT Sig Corps WW I

193ShepardAlton Ray Shepard1931411972id: alton_ray_shepard1697237born 04-Jan-31 died 29-Apr-72

194SmithEula Brigman Smith1902861988no image1698028born 11-Jul-02 died 11-Jun-88

195SmithRev M Clyde Smith1893691962no image1698013born 4 Dec 1893 died 22-Apr-62

196SpiersBen S Spiers1917311948no image16987812

197SpiersGeraldine J Spiers1917801997no image16987615born 08-Nov-17 died 30-Dec-97

198SpiersMarion J Spiersno image1698755

199SpiersRuby C Spiers1919671986no image1698797

200StoneDeanna K Stone1902631965no image16978911born 06-Jul-65 died 03-Jan-02 md 27 Dec 1983

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