New Market Cemetery, Williamsburg, South Carolina, United States

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1BlackClelia R Keels Blackfirst name on this monument1884271911id: clelia_r_keels_black1688391068born 6 Sep 1884 died 18-Apr-11 w/o John E
John E Blackhusband of Clelia R Keels Black

2BlackwellWilliam Eliott Blackwellfirst name on this monument1860641924id: william_eliott_blackwell1688541075born 5 Dec 1860 died 06-Dec-24

3BoyleBulah Boylefirst name on this monument190841912id: bulah_boyle1689021072born 19-Feb-08 died 26-Aug-12 d/o B A and K B
B A Boylefather of Bulah Boyle
K B Boylemother of Bulah Boyle

4BoyleBunnie Alston Boylefirst name on this monument1873541927no image1689031076born 22 Feb 1873 died 10-Nov-27

5BoyleCunningham Boylefirst name on this monument190501905id: cunningham_boyle1689011071born 23-Oct-05 died 17-Nov-05 s/o B A and K B
B A Boylefather of Cunningham Boyle
K B Boylemother of Cunningham Boyle

6BoyleKatherine Brown Boylefirst name on this monument1878851963no image1689041065born 24 Nov 1878 died 17-Sep-63

7BrunsonJames Henry Brunsonfirst name on this monument1898661964id: james_henry_brunson1689331077born 2 May 1898 died 07-Nov-64 s/o James S and Mary S
James S Brunsonfather of James Henry Brunson
Mary S Brunsonmother of James Henry Brunson

8BrunsonRobert Iva Brunsonfirst name on this monument1901171918id: robert_iva_brunson1689341071born 07-Oct-01 died 21-Oct-18 s/o James S and Mary S
James S Brunsonfather of Robert Iva Brunson
Mary S Brunsonmother of Robert Iva Brunson

9BurgessAndrew McDonald Burgessfirst name on this monument1871381909id: andrew_mcdonald_burgess1689381099born 18 Dec 1871 died 26-Jun-09

10BurgessBeatrice Burgessfirst name on this monument189911900id: beatrice_burgess1689361088born 10 Sep 1899 died 13-Jul-00 d/o C R and E O
C R Burgessfather of Beatrice Burgess
E O Burgessmother of Beatrice Burgess

11BurgessGene Burgessfirst name on this monument189611897no image1689351075born 10 May 1896 died 14 Apr 1897 d/o C R and E O
C R Burgessfather of Gene Burgess
E O Burgessmother of Gene Burgess

12BurgessHerbert Bennett Burgessfirst name on this monument1862321894id: herbert_bennett_burgess1689421069s/o Dr James M
James M Burgessfather of Herbert Bennett Burgess

13BurgessJames Madison Burgessfirst name on this monument1831671898id: dr_james_madison_burgess1689411067born 2 Oct 1831 died 4 Oct 1898

14BurgessMargaret Ann Cantey Burgessfirst name on this monument1834621896id: margaret_ann_cantey_burgess1689401071born 17 Dec 1834 died 18 Jan 1896 w/o Dr Madison
Madison Burgesshusband of Margaret Ann Cantey Burgess

15BurgessPattie Elizabeth Burgessfirst name on this monument190621908id: pattie_elizabeth_burgess1689391106born 01-Sep-06 died 14-Dec-08 d/o A McD and B N
A McD Burgessfather of Pattie Elizabeth Burgess
B N Burgessmother of Pattie Elizabeth Burgess

16Burgess-GreenBessie Noland Burgess-Greenfirst name on this monument1871671938no image1689371069born 20 Oct 1871 died 27-Aug-38

17ClarksonCharlotte Laura Clarksonfirst name on this monument1940id: charlotte_laura_clarkson1688801091died 15-Mar-40

18ClarksonDonald D Clarksonfirst name on this monument192311924id: donald_d_clarkson1688831116born 28-Mar-23 died 08-Jul-24 s/o T D and S J
T D Clarksonfather of Donald D Clarkson
S J Clarksonmother of Donald D Clarkson

19ClarksonElizabeth Clarksonfirst name on this monument1823811904id: elizabeth_clarkson1688821065born 15 Mar 1823 died 31-Oct-04

20ClarksonEmily Clarksonfirst name on this monument1909761985id: emily_clarkson1688791077born 07-Aug-09 died 14-Jun-85

21ClarksonItaline Clarksonfirst name on this monument190001900no image1688761069born 23-Jun-00 died 30-Aug-00 d/o Wm N and Kate F
Wm N Clarksonfather of Italine Clarkson
Kate F Clarksonmother of Italine Clarkson

22ClarksonJohn Montgomery Clarksonfirst name on this monument1902941996id: john_montgomery_clarkson1688731067born 14-Oct-02 died 14-Apr-96

23ClarksonJustin Tate Clarksonfirst name on this monument191101911no image1688771077born 20-May-11 died 27-Jul-11 s/o Wm N and Kate F
Wm N Clarksonfather of Justin Tate Clarkson
Kate F Clarksonmother of Justin Tate Clarkson

24ClarksonKate Montgomery Clarksonfirst name on this monument1873611934id: kate_montgomery_clarkson1688751077born 13 Feb 1873 died 12-Dec-34 w/o William Nicoll
William Nicoll Clarksonhusband of Kate Montgomery Clarkson

25ClarksonMae Belle Leitch Clarksonfirst name on this monument1886821968id: mae_belle_leitch_clarkson1688781070born 10 Oct 1886 died 18-Jun-68

26ClarksonMary Eloise Clarksonfirst name on this monument1926id: mary_eloise_clarkson1688811068died 26-Aug-26
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27ClarksonMary Jane Clarksonfirst name on this monument1838631901no image1688611070born 6 Dec 1838 died 08-Oct-01 w/o William John
William John Clarksonhusband of Mary Jane Clarkson

28ClarksonMattie Keels Clarksonfirst name on this monument1881251906id: mattie_keels_clarkson1688401071born 23 Oct 1881 died 17-Sep-06 w/o J B
J B Clarksonhusband of Mattie Keels Clarkson

29ClarksonWilliam John Clarksonfirst name on this monument1834671901no image1688621068born 26 Sep 1834 died 18-Jul-01

30ClarksonWilliam Nicoll Clarksonfirst name on this monument1871851956id: william_nicoll_clarkson1688741073born 19 Jan 1871 died 19-Aug-56

31ColcloughMargaret C Burgess Colcloughfirst name on this monument1874371911id: margaret_c_burgess_colclough1689431074w/o B D
B D Colcloughhusband of Margaret C Burgess Colclough

32DennisHagood Blackard Dennisfirst name on this monument1925531978id: hagood_blackard_dennis1689441067born 14-Sep-25 died 09-Aug-78

33DennisPeggy McKnight Dennisfirst name on this monument1926591985id: peggy_mcknight_dennis1689451068born 16-Jun-26 died 05-Mar-85

34EppsDavid James Eppsfirst name on this monument192701927id: david_james_epps1688841075born 07-Jan-27 died 11-Jan-27 Inf s/o L S and Elizabeth
LS Eppsfather of David James Epps
Elizabeth Eppsmother of David James Epps

35FootmanEmma Caroline Footmanfirst name on this monument1836421878id: emma_caroline_footman1689251071born 23 Mar 1836 died 8 Nov 1878 w/o John M
John M Footmanhusband of Emma Caroline Footman

36FootmanInfant Son Footmanfirst name on this monument188701887no image1688481071born 24 Nov 1887 died 24 Nov 1887 s/o Mary E and Robert Henry Footman
Robert Henry Footmanfather of Infant Son Footman
Mary E Footmanmother of Infant Son Footman

37FootmanJohn Maxwell Footmanfirst name on this monument1830711901id: john_maxwell_footman1689261069born 18 Feb 1830 died 24-Jun-01 s/o W C and M O
W C Footmanfather of John Maxwell Footman
M O Footmanmother of John Maxwell Footman

38FootmanMaggie Footmanfirst name on this monument189041894id: maggie_footman1688461074born 9 Jan 1890 died Sep 1894 d/o B H and M E
B H Footmanfather of Maggie Footman
M E Footmanmother of Maggie Footman

39FootmanMary E Footmanfirst name on this monument1862561918id: mary_e_footman1688451069born 27 Mar 1862 died 18-Jun-18 w/o H H
H H Footmanhusband of Mary E Footman

40FootmanRobert Henry Footmanfirst name on this monument189001890id: robert_henry_footman1688471069born 9 Jun 1890 died 13 Jul 1890 s/o Mary E and Robert Henry Footman
Robert Henry Footmanfather of Robert Henry Footman
Mary E Footmanmother of Robert Henry Footman

41FootmanRobert Henry Footmanfirst name on this monument1864561920id: robert_henry_footman1688441068born 10 Jul 1864 died 02-Apr-20

42GambleBlanche Oliver Gamblefirst name on this monument1879591938id: blanche_oliver_gamble1688861079born 13 Aug 1879 died 26-Feb-38

43GambleCarrie Cox Gamblefirst name on this monument1881271908no image1688981072born 29 Jan 1881 died 19-Jan-08

44GambleCharles Mouzon Gamblefirst name on this monument1872691941no image1688971077born 20 Feb 1872 died 21-Feb-41

45GambleInfant Daughter Gamblefirst name on this monument189601896id: infant_daughter_gamble1688951081born 14 Dec 1896 died 15 Dec 1896 d/o J P
Gamblefather of Infant Daughter Gamble

46GambleJ P Gamblefirst name on this monument1834701904id: j_p_gamble1688941065born 31 Jul 1834 died 28-Feb-04

47GambleJodie Cantey Gamblefirst name on this monument1910451955id: jodie_cantey_gamble1688881071born 04-Feb-10 died 01-Dec-55 m 5 Dec 1931 Eliz Cook

48GambleJulius Pendergrass Gamblefirst name on this monument18731111984id: julius_pendergrass_gamble1688851065born 18 May 1873 died 17-Aug-84

49GambleM J Gamblefirst name on this monument1836781914id: m_j_gamble1688931065born 6 Nov 1836 died 01-Nov-14 w/o J P
J P Gamblehusband of M J Gamble

50GambleSamuel Wayne Gamblefirst name on this monument1922631985id: samuel_wayne_gamble16890710723born 15-Nov-22 died 22-Jul-85 s/o Theresa Register and Samuel Wayne
Theresa Register Gamblefather of Samuel Wayne Gamble
Samuel Wayne Gamblemother of Samuel Wayne Gamble

51GambleSamuel Wayne Gamblefirst name on this monument1898791977id: samuel_wayne_gamble1689051087born 26 Apr 1898 died 21-Jul-77 s/o Blanche Oliver and Julius P
Blanche Oliver Gamblefather of Samuel Wayne Gamble
Julius P Gamblemother of Samuel Wayne Gamble

52GambleTheresa Register Gamblefirst name on this monument1901751976id: theresa_register_gamble16890610801born 02-Oct-01 died 22-Apr-76 d/o Mae Godwin and John F Register
Mae Godwin Gamblefather of Theresa Register Gamble
John F Register Gamblemother of Theresa Register Gamble

53GambleWilliam M Gamblefirst name on this monument190821910id: william_m_gamble1688961071born 10-Feb-08 died 13-Nov-10 s/o J P and B O
J P Gamblefather of William M Gamble
B O Gamblemother of William M Gamble
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54GilliamJodie Gamble Gilliamfirst name on this monument1961191980id: jodie_gamble_gilliam1688871078born 26-Mar-61 died 19-Dec-80

55GordonInfant Daughter Gordonfirst name on this monument1884id: infant_daughter_gordon1688911111died 29 Jul 1884 d/o A M and M L
A M Gordonfather of Infant Daughter Gordon
M L Gordonmother of Infant Daughter Gordon

56GordonJulius Gamble Gordonfirst name on this monument1885id: julius_gamble_gordon1688921067died 30 Jun 1885 2 ysrs

57GrahamElizabeth Pace Grahamfirst name on this monument1894781972id: elizabeth_pace_graham1688721085born 16 Nov 1894 died 24-Sep-72

58GrahamElizabeth Theodosia Grahamfirst name on this monument189711898id: elizabeth_theodosia_graham1688691068born 21 Sep 1897 died 23 Dec 1898 d/o S A and E T
S A Grahamfather of Elizabeth Theodosia Graham
E T Grahammother of Elizabeth Theodosia Graham

59GrahamElizabeth Theodosia Grahamfirst name on this monument1871261897id: elizabeth_theodosia_graham1688681070born 8 Feb 1871 died 10 Oct 1897 m 12 Nov 1890 S A

60GrahamMary Francis Grahamfirst name on this monument189121893id: mary_francis_graham1688671066born 6 Oct 1891 died 12 Nov 1893 d/o S A and E T
S A Grahamfather of Mary Francis Graham
E T Grahammother of Mary Francis Graham

61GrahamSamuel A Grahamfirst name on this monument1895641959no image1688711065born 4 Sep 1895 died 19-Mar-59

62GrahamSamuel Alan Grahamfirst name on this monument1860661926id: samuel_alan_graham1688701067born 16 Mar 1860 died 15-Sep-26 s/o I W and Mary Frances
I W Grahamfather of Samuel Alan Graham
Mary Frances Grahammother of Samuel Alan Graham

63HenryAnna Margaret Henryfirst name on this monument1820781898id: anna_margaret_henry1689271077born 1 Sep 1820 died 22 Sep 1898 d/o Rev Robert and Elizabeth H Henry
Robert Henryfather of Anna Margaret Henry
Elizabeth H Henrymother of Anna Margaret Henry

64HenryHenrietta Campbell Henryfirst name on this monument1822831905id: henrietta_campbell_henry1688431069born 26 Oct 1822 died 24-Jul-05 d/o Rev Robert and Elizabeth H Henry
Rev Robert Henryfather of Henrietta Campbell Henry
Elizabeth H Henrymother of Henrietta Campbell Henry

65HenryMary A G Henryfirst name on this monument1830771907id: mary_a_g_henry1688501080born 10 Sep 1830 died 06-Jul-07 w/o Dr Robert Henry
Dr Robert Henry Henryhusband of Mary A G Henry

66HenryRobert Henryfirst name on this monument1880241904id: dr_robert_henry1688491065born 1 Sep 1880 died 03-Nov-04

67HoganMamie Lesesne Hoganfirst name on this monument1876211897no image1688551069born 24 Jan 1876 died 26 Dec 1897

68JohnsonLouise Boyle Johnsonfirst name on this monument1876591935id: louise_boyle_johnson1688651085born 18 Oct 1876 died 17-Feb-35 w/o R Henry Johnson
R Henry Johnsonhusband of Louise Boyle Johnson

69JohnsonRobert Henry Johnsonfirst name on this monument1869351904id: robert_henry_johnson1688661066born 17 Mar 1869 died 20-Jul-04

70JonesElizabeth Jonesfirst name on this monument191461920id: elizabeth_jones1688631065born 14-Mar-14 died 18-Sep-20 d/o Rev W R Jones
W R J Jonesfather of Elizabeth Jones

71JonesMary Alice Jonesfirst name on this monument192211923id: mary_alice_jones1688641065born 26-Aug-22 died 24-Apr-23 d/o Rev W R Jones
W R J Jonesfather of Mary Alice Jones

72KeelsJ F Keelsfirst name on this monument1873471920id: j_f_keels1689461070born 14 Jul 1873 died 12-Mar-20

73LesesneCharles Lesesnefirst name on this monument1839621901id: charles_lesesne1688571067born 8 Mar 1839 died 27-Oct-01

74LesesneCharles Lesesnefirst name on this monument190551910id: charles_lesesne1688601067born 08-Oct-05 died 05-Dec-10 s/o R H and S A
R H Lesesnefather of Charles Lesesne
S A Lesesnemother of Charles Lesesne

75LesesneMary E Lesesnefirst name on this monument1845531898no image1688561069born 14 May 1845 died 24 Sep 1898

76LesesneRobert Hamilton Lesesnefirst name on this monument1873451918id: robert_hamilton_lesesne1688581066born 5 Jan 1873 died 23-Jun-18

77LesesneSallie Pitts Lesesnefirst name on this monument1885351920id: sallie_pitts_lesesne1688591068born 14 Nov 1885 died 08-Jun-20

78MallardMayme E Keels Mallardfirst name on this monument1891271918id: mayme_e_keels_mallard1688411070born 13 Aug 1891 died 23-Sep-18 w/o J P
J P Mallardhusband of Mayme E Keels Mallard

79MontgomeryCaroline Amanda Montgomeryfirst name on this monument1842571899id: caroline_amanda_montgomery16885110651born 13 Jun 1842 died 13 Jun 1899

80MontgomeryE Reid Montgomeryfirst name on this monument1883301913id: e_reid_montgomery1688531069born 27 Jun 1883 died 21-Oct-13

81MontgomeryJames Belton Montgomeryfirst name on this monument1834761910id: james_belton_montgomery16885210681born 4 Sep 1834 died 11-Jan-10

82MontgomeryMargaret K Montgomeryfirst name on this monument189411895id: margaret_k_montgomery1689281066born 24 Jul 1894 died 12 Jul 1895 d/o A W and M V
A W Montgomeryfather of Margaret K Montgomery
M V Montgomerymother of Margaret K Montgomery

83MontgomeryMary Shirer Brunson Montgomeryfirst name on this monument1880881968id: mary_shirer_brunson_montgomery1689321070born 7 Apr 1880 died 21-Apr-68
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84MontgomeryMary Virginia Montgomeryfirst name on this monument1870411911id: mary_virginia_montgomery1689311069born 20 Feb 1870 died 18-Aug-11 w/o A W
A W Montgomeryhusband of Mary Virginia Montgomery

85MontgomeryMelvina A Montgomeryfirst name on this monument190111902id: melvina_a_montgomery1689301067born 05-Oct-01 died 18-Jan-02 d/o A W and M V
A W Montgomeryfather of Melvina A Montgomery
M V Montgomerymother of Melvina A Montgomery

86MontgomeryWilliam C Montgomeryfirst name on this monument189921901id: william_c_montgomery1689291067born 14 Mar 1899 died 22-Sep-01 s/o A W and M V
A W Montgomeryfather of William C Montgomery
M V Montgomerymother of William C Montgomery

87MoonCarroll T Moonfirst name on this monument1905891994no image1688891068born 21-Sep-05 died 23-Dec-94

88MoonLouise Gamble Moonfirst name on this monument1905691974no image1688901071born 13-Nov-05 died 16-Aug-74

89OliverJames William Oliverfirst name on this monument1910571967id: james_william_oliver1689191065born 16-Dec-10 died 29-Aug-67

90OliverMary Dampier Oliverfirst name on this monument1881591940id: mary_dampier_oliver1689181068born 11 Sep 1881 died 15-Apr-40

91OliverSamuel Peter Oliverfirst name on this monument1867741941id: samuel_peter_oliver1689171065born 23 Feb 1867 died 07-Feb-41

92RhodusEdward Barton Rhodusfirst name on this monument1863871950id: edward_barton_rhodus1689241066born 10 Jun 1863 died 03-Sep-50

93RhodusEdward Dingle Rhodusfirst name on this monument1890451935id: edward_dingle_rhodus1689221070born 15 Feb 1890 died 07-Oct-35

94RhodusGabriel D Rhodusfirst name on this monument1824581882id: gabriel_d_rhodus1689211067died 28 Feb 1882 Aged: 58yrs 9mo 3dys

95RhodusMartha Hannah Rhodusfirst name on this monument1830681898id: martha_hannah_rhodus1689201066born 7 Jun 1830 died 13 Sep 1898

96RhodusMary Briggman Rhodusfirst name on this monument1866721938id: mary_briggman_rhodus1689231068born 19 Jan 1866 died 26-Mar-38

97SalleyLouise Keels Salleyfirst name on this monument1888341922id: louise_keels_salley16884210681born 10 Aug 1888 died 18-Jan-22 w/o George S.
George S Salleyhusband of Louise Keels Salley George S. Salley (5 Feb 1872-4 Mar 1915) is buried at Zion Methodist Church, about 6 miles west of Orangeburg, SC, on US Highway 301/601, locally known as the Bamberg Road. Their son George S. Salley, Jr.(known as Dooley), was born in 1915.

98SpannInfant Spannfirst name on this monument1904id: infant_spann1689001065died 18-Aug-04 Inf of E E and G M

99SwannAlice Cox Swannfirst name on this monument1878611939id: alice_cox_swann1688991068born 13 May 1878 died 15-Dec-39

100TarteAytch Tartefirst name on this monument1904641968id: aytch_tarte1689111070born 15-Apr-04 died 28-Dec-68

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for New Market Cemetery, Williamsburg, South Carolina, United States.

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