Sunset Cemetery, St Stephen, South Carolina, United States

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1BallentineCalvitt B Ballentine1926721998no image1671516born 17-Apr-26 died 11-Aug-98 CPL US Army WW II

2BallentineMargaret P Ballentine1922531975id: margaret_p_ballentine1672146born 05-Mar-22 died 16-Jul-75

3BallentineMildred H Ballentineno image1671505

4BallentineRichard B Ballentine1920721992no image1672157born 06-Dec-20 died 30-Sep-92 1st Sgt US Army WW II

5BallentineRichard B (Dickie) Ballentine1941571998no image1672138born 17-Aug-41 died 29-Jan-98

6BazemoreCarl J C Bazemore1912741986id: carl_j_c_bazemore1671664born 12-May-12 died 01-Sep-86

7BelangiaBarbara Browder Belangia1928631991id: barbara_browder_belangia16707229born 17-Dec-28 died 30-Jun-91 Aunt Bea

8BrandonPamila A Brandon1953311984id: pamila_a_brandon16713725born 14-Nov-53 died 19-Sep-84

9BrowderA Jack Browder1917791996no image16712111born 05-Feb-17 died 05-Aug-96

10BrowderAl C Browder1932712003no image1670699

11BrowderBarbara E Browder1967141981id: barbara_e_browder16707128born 22-Oct-67 died 20-Oct-81

12BrowderCarrie T Browderno image16712210

13BrowderCathleen D Browder1914751989no image1671653born 11-Jun-14 died 25-Jan-89

14BrowderClifton Barnette Browder1904511955id: clifton_barnette_browder16706016born 18-Oct-04 died 11-Mar-55

15BrowderClifton Barnette Bubba Browder1930581988no image16706213born 12-Sep-30 died 23-Mar-88

16BrowderHenry J Browder1879781957id: henry_j_browder16705859born 10 Apr 1879 died 15-Jan-57

17BrowderInfant Daughter Browder195301953id: infant_daughter_browder16710250born 10-Jun-53 died 12-Jun-53 d/o Rev and Mrs James W
James W Browder

18BrowderJuanita J Browder1933441977id: juanita_j_browder16707023born 16-Mar-33 died 27-Sep-77

19BrowderLacie B Browder190181909no image1671649born 10-Nov-09 died 24-Oct-01

20BrowderMartha Crooks Browder1905891994id: martha_crooks_browder16706148born 05-Nov-05 died 13-Dec-94

21BrowderPolly Kelly Browder1880861966id: polly_kelly_browder16705936born 5 Aug 1880 died 09-Mar-66

22BrowderWoodrow W Browder1912541966id: woodrow_w_browder167056161born 22-Sep-12 died 23-Jul-66

23BrownChester H Brown1886831969id: chester_h_brown16722314born 16 Sep 1886 died 23-Sep-69

24BrownJesse H Red Brown1908651973no image1672216born 26-Nov-08 died 30-Jan-73

25BrownMary H Brown1910871997id: mary_h_brown16722229born 18-Sep-10 died 26-Jul-97

26BryanGladys Browder Bryan1915511966id: gladys_browder_bryan16705722born 19-Jun-15 died 25-May-66

27BullardClyde Allen Bullardno image16714029s/o C W and P S Bullard
C W Bullard
P S Bullard Bullard

28BullardMay Bell Kirvin Bullard1909761985no image16714121born 30-Nov-09 died 13-Feb-85 w/o Clyde A Bullard
Clyde A Bullard

29CokerMary Alice Adams Coker1923671990id: mary_alice_adams_coker1671057born 13-Apr-23 died 28-Sep-90 m/o Thomas A M Karen and Michael D Coker

30CokerMary Karen Coker195401954id: mary_karen_coker16710428born 19-Oct-54 died 31-Oct-54

31CoxJohn I Cox1907681975no image1671674born 02-Jan-07 died 12-Jun-75

32CoxLillian M Cox1922551977no image1671685born May-22 died Nov-77

33CrawfordAda Peagler Crawford1915841999no image16717612

34CrawfordAndrew Bully Crawford1914761990no image16717518

35CrawfordEdward J Slick Crawfordno image1671006

36CrawfordJuanita Sue Crawford1955151970id: juanita_sue_crawford1670996born 21-Jun-55 died 17-Oct-70

37CrawfordSandra M Sandy Crawford1902401942no image1671013born 21-Sep-42 died 12-Feb-02

38DeHayTravis Morris DeHay1900381938id: travis_morris_dehay16714214born 30-Aug-38 died 18-Jan-00 w/o Andrew O DeHay
Andrew O DeHay

39DunningBilly Dunning1926571983id: billy_dunning16713910born 02-Oct-26 died 17-May-83 USN WW II

40DunningChristopher A Dunning1953492002id: christopher_a_dunning16711413

41DunningHerman Allen Dunning1920341954id: herman_allen_dunning167113141born 24-May-20 died 26-Oct-54 ENC USN WW II

42DunningLillie H Dunning1896781974id: lillie_h_dunning1671155

43DuPreeMatthew C DuPree197201972id: matthew_c_dupree1671733born 07-Nov-72 died 09-Nov-72

44EdgertonEdwin D Edgerton1936621998id: edwin_d_edgerton1671477

45FaullingRichard D Faulling1958141972id: richard_d_faulling16711618born 17-Oct-58 died 29-Jun-72 Son
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46FeaginBruce Allen Feagin1944301974id: bruce_allen_feagin16722911born 01-Dec-44 died 27-Jan-74 s/o H S and Ida B Feagin
H S Feagin
Ida B Feagin Feagin

47FeaginEffie Mae Long Feagin1882801962id: effie_mae_long_feagin_lytchfield16722712born 1 May 1882 died 08-Sep-62 w/o H S Feagin
H S Feagin Feagin

48FeaginHarlee Stafford Feagin1878381916no image1672264born 10 Nov 1878 died 04-Sep-16 h/o Effie Mae Long
Effie Mae Long Feagin

49FeaginHarlee Stafford Feagin1913461959no image167228111born 15-Sep-13 died 13-Feb-59 h/o Ida Ballentine
Ida Ballentine Feagin

50FulmoreHugh H Fulmore1916491965id: hugh_h_fulmore1671297born 16-Nov-16 died 19-Jul-65 SC CPL US Army WW II

51FulmoreMarion E Fulmore1923611984id: marion_e_fulmore1671279born 23-Dec-23 died 17-Dec-84 US Army Pvt WW II

52FulmoreTroy P Fulmore1919541973id: troy_p_fulmore1671289born 05-Aug-19 died 21-Oct-73 S1 USN

53GallowayCecil Ballentine Galloway1907811988id: cecil_ballentine_galloway16721223born 29-Apr-07 died 13-Jul-88

54GallowayJohn William Galloway1903531956id: john_william_galloway1672117born 07-Oct-03 died 04-May-56

55GGoffLarence E GGoff1901641965no image1670874

56GoffBarbara B Goff1898831981id: barbara_b_goff16708815

57HarrelsonCorean Rowell Harrelson1916801996no image1671125

58HarrelsonVan Harrelson1914611975no image1671113

59HensonJohn Lafayette Henson1916621978id: john_lafayette_henson16706520born 10-Feb-16 died 22-Apr-78

60HinsonAnnie Rose B Raybourne Hinsonid: annie_rose_b_raybourne_hinson1671087

61HinsonHoward E Hinson1910781988no image16712532born 20-Apr-10 died 13-Nov-88

62HinsonRaymond L Hinson1916721988no image16712661born 16-Jul-16 died 26-Oct-88

63HoodMildred Evelyn Keller Hood Hoodno image1671727d/o Riley H and Margaret Carr Keller
Riley H Hood
Margaret Carr Keller Hood

64HoodPhillip Holroyd Hoodno image16717181s/o Hezekiah and Louise Pipkin Hood
Hezekiah Hood
Louise Pipkin Hood Hood

65HowardFred E Howard1902371939no image1670913born 20-Apr-39 died 12-May-02

66HowardMary E Howardno image1670925

67HowardPerry E Howard1958161974id: perry_e_howard16709012born 18-Sep-58 died 04-Jun-74 s/o Evangeline and Fred
Evangeline Howard
Fred Howard

68Howard Family Plot Howard Family Plotno image16708924

69HowellLewis P Howell1901601961no image1671857

70HowellOlive H Howell1904821986no image1671866

71HowellTed LaRue Howell1940571997id: ted_larue_howell16718710born 08-Feb-40 died 27-Aug-97 PFC US Army

72HrightOcie O Hrightno image1670933

73HuxfordCecil C Huxford1904611965no image1671805born 01-Mar-04 died 15-Nov-65

74HuxfordGrace B Huxford1908851993no image1671819born 24-Oct-08 died 11-Jun-93

75IrickDolly C Irick1911791990id: dolly_c_irick16707523born 04-May-11 died 02-Mar-90 USN WW II

76IrickGeorgia Outlaw Irick1908771985id: georgia_outlaw_irick16707619born 06-Jul-08 died 08-May-85 w/o Dolly Calhoun Irick
Dolly Calhoun Irick

77JohnsonMorris Johnson1917832000id: morris_johnson1671384

78JonesPearl D Jones1905791984no image1671317born 10-Feb-05 died 23-Jan-84

79JonesRussell B Jones1898721970no image1671302born 27 May 1898 died 02-Mar-70 SC Pvt US Army WW I

80JoyePhyllis S Joye1924792003id: phyllis_s_joye167197151Dial-Murray FH

81KellerGeorge W Keller1896671963id: george_w_keller1672099born 6 May 1896 died 13-Aug-63 h/o Grace Williams
Grace Williams Keller

82KellerGrace W Keller1894881982id: grace_w_keller1672105born 10 Apr 1894 died 08-Feb-82

83KellerKrystal Diane Keller1972171989id: krystal_diane_keller16717410born 27-Apr-72 died 24-Jun-89
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84KellerReaver Margaret Carr Keller1918711989no image16717029born 01-Mar-18 died 27-Nov-89 d/o Otto M and Delilah Smith Carr
Otto M Carr
Delilah Smith Carr

85KellerRiley Harlington Keller1911751986no image16716912born 15-Oct-11 died 16-Apr-86 s/o Derrill H and Hattie Orvin Keller
Derrill H Keller
Hattie Orvin Keller

86KlintworthOtto Fred Klintworth1890631953id: otto_fred_klintworth1670639born 18 Jul 1890 died 25-Jan-53

87KlintworthPearl C Klintworth1898771975id: pearl_c_klintworth1670648born 7 Dec 1898 died 30-Jul-75

88LandersMartha Orvin Landers190051905id: martha_orvin_landers16719019born 08-Oct-05 died 31-Jul-00

89MartinAnnie H Martin1895791974id: annie_h_martin1670834born 1 Jan 1895 died 09-Jan-74

90MartinJames H Martin1888641952no image1670824born 29 Jun 1888 died 15-Jan-52

91MartinJames H Martin1913671980no image16708461born 01-Oct-13 died 15-Sep-80

92MathewesJohn O'Rourke Mathewes1920661986no image16712310born 19-Nov-20 died 27-Apr-86 US Army Air Corps WW II

93MathewesLaura R Mathewes1920771997id: laura_r_mathewes1671243born 29-Feb-20 died 05-Apr-97

94McKenzieB R McKenzie1952471999no image16720819born 02-Dec-52 died 23-Apr-99

95MerrittClyde Harris Sadie Merritt1916831999no image16708629born 09-Nov-16 died 01-Jan-99

96MerrittHazy Ray Jack Merritt1914781992no image167085241born 16-Mar-14 died 17-Aug-92

97MGuilfoyleMadeline Murray MGuilfoyle1916611977no image16713612born 23-Oct-16 died 08-Sep-77

98MitchumCharles Heywood Mitchum1968291997id: charles_heywood_mitchum16712012born 13-Aug-68 died 01-Aug-97

99MitchumDinkie Jackson Mitchum1901361937no image1671496born 20-Jun-37 died 15-Jun-01 Mama Dink

100MitchumEthel R Mitchum1895821977id: ethel_r_mitchum16719911born 26 Jun 1895 died 12-May-77

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