Lawnswood A-D Cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

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1101WaltersEmma Elizabeth Waltersfirst name on this monument1863701933id: 30113881567256
Lilian Maud Waltersdaughter of Emma Elizabeth Walters1895851980
Fred Waltershusband of Emma Elizabeth Walters18601041964

1102WaltersJohn Waltersfirst name on this monument1811761887id: 3010330156110151
Harriet Walterswife of John Walters1812781890

1103WaltersSarah Waltersfirst name on this monument1908id: 30113361567043
Jane Waltersdaughter of Sarah Walters1903
Timothy Amblerfather of Sarah Walters
William Waltershusband of Sarah Walters1912

1104WaltonJames Waltonfirst name on this monument1827821909id: 30104741562122
Helen Waltonwife of James Walton1915

1105WardCaroline Wardfirst name on this monument1817631880id: 3010147
(2 images)
William Sykes Wardhusband of Caroline Ward1807781885
Edmund Ward

1106WardRichard Wardfirst name on this monument1853351888id: 3010913
(3 images)
Constance Blairdaughter of Richard Ward
Gertrude Purina Lilleydaughter of Richard Ward1926
Clara Warddaughter of Richard Ward187811879
Robert Douglas Blairgrand son of Richard Ward1915221937
Joseph Lawsonsecond husband of wife of Richard Ward
Richard Wardson of Richard Ward1882451927
Douglas Blairson-in-law of Richard Ward
Clara Eugenie Lawsonwife of Richard Ward1856871943

1107WardWilliam Wardfirst name on this monument1843id: 301119815659811

1108WardleThomas Wardlefirst name on this monument1807501857id: 3011327
(2 images)
1566987Interred St Marks Woodhouse
Elinor Wardledaughter of Thomas Wardle1852691921
Frederick Wardleson of Thomas Wardle1849741923
Elizabeth Wardlewife of Thomas Wardle1812801892

1109WarnesFrances Warnesfirst name on this monument1833491882id: 30103211561066
Edward Harrison Warneshusband of Frances Warnes1833491882
Edward William Warnesson of Frances Warnes1858301888

1110WarrenElizabeth Warrenfirst name on this monument1838631901id: 301005115590711
William Warrenhusband of Elizabeth Warren1840831923

1111WarrenMehetabel Warrenfirst name on this monument1823851908id: 30110601565356
Joseph Newmanfather of Mehetabel Warren
John Warrenhusband of Mehetabel Warren
John Theodore Barker1849671916

1112WarrenWilliam James Warrenfirst name on this monument1864361900id: 30100521559081

1113WarringtonHenrietta Warringtonfirst name on this monument1848601908id: 3011464
(2 images)
Emily A L Warrington1911

1114WartersJohn Davidson Wartersfirst name on this monument1849561905id: 30107391563493
Mary Warterssister of John Davidson Warters1850821932

1115WaterhouseAnnie Waterhousefirst name on this monument1858521910id: 30114821567955
James Edwin Waterhousehusband of Annie Waterhouse1859831942
Annie Waterhouse1887941981
Minnie Waterhouse1888861974
James Meadley Waterhouseson of Annie Waterhouse1894631957
Teresa Waterhousewife of Annie Waterhouse

1116WatkinsThomas Watkinsfirst name on this monument1829641893id: 30101021559471

1117WatsonAnn Elizabeth Watsonfirst name on this monument1843531896id: 301165915692211
Charles Watsonhusband of Ann Elizabeth Watson1838781916
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1118WatsonHarriet Watsonfirst name on this monument1808751883id: 301022615604622
Robert Hartley Watsonhusband of Harriet Watson
Harriet Watson1853781931
James Watson1825811906
Sarah Watson1818731891

1119WatsonJames Watsonfirst name on this monument1844621906id: 30104991562291

1120WaudLouisa Waudfirst name on this monument1906id: 30115481568492
Lilian Gordondaughter of Louisa Waud1905
S W Waudhusband of Louisa Waud

1121WebsterAnn Websterfirst name on this monument1840471887id: 301153115683531
Abraham Websterhusband of Ann Webster1839581897

1122WebsterAnnie Colbert Websterfirst name on this monument1873761949id: 30111141565683
Benjamin Websterhusband of Annie Colbert Webster1871801951

1123WebsterJohn Websterfirst name on this monument1829641893id: 301044315619322
Sarah Websterwife of John Webster1827741901

1124WelchArthur Welchfirst name on this monument187351878id: 3011422
(4 images)
Edmund Welchbrother of Arthur Welch1869681937
Alice Hannah Mullencousin of Arthur Welch1838411879
George Edmund Welchcousin of Arthur Welch1896481944 Died AS India
Ruby Lois Welchcousin-in-law of Arthur Welch1902771979
Alice Mary Welchdaughter of Arthur Welch1871
George William Welchfather of Arthur Welch1840721912
Elizabeth Welchmother of Arthur Welch1841791920
Arthur Cedric Welch1903771980
Arthur George Welch1903571960
Mary Welch
Jane Alice Welchsister-in-law of Arthur Welch1867711938
Edmund Welchuncle of Arthur Welch

1125WelchGeorgiana Welchfirst name on this monumentid: 3011422
(4 images)

1126WellsAnnie Wellsfirst name on this monument1902id: 30117251569667
George Lee Wellshusband of Annie Wells1913

1127WellsFrank Wellsfirst name on this monument1856381894id: 30110491565262
Dorothy Wellsdaughter-in-law of Frank Wells1894941988
Duncan Scott Wellsson of Frank Wells1890931983
Mary Florence Wellswife of Frank Wells1864871951

1128WellsJames R C Wellsfirst name on this monument1878191897id: 30100761559261

1129WellsThomas Spencer Wellsfirst name on this monument188581893id: 301184515706421
Jarvis Wellsfather of Thomas Spencer Wells1846901936
Mary M Wellsmother of Thomas Spencer Wells1851641915

1130WemyssJessie Dryden Wemyssfirst name on this monument1868161884id: 301144215676774
Archibold McArthur Stewart Wemyssbrother of Jessie Dryden Wemyss1877221899
Thomas S D Wemyssfather of Jessie Dryden Wemyss1839771916
Nannie Wemyssmother of Jessie Dryden Wemyss1844851929

1131WestermanClark Westermanfirst name on this monument1842621904id: 30117241569652

1132WestermanStephen Henry Westermanfirst name on this monument1830701900id: 3011747
(2 images)
Florence Mary Bearderdaughter of Stephen Henry Westerman1887741961
Mabel Holliday Auty Westermandaughter of Stephen Henry Westerman188421886
James Holliday Westermanson of Stephen Henry Westerman1892661958
Francis Walter Bearderson-in-law of Stephen Henry Westerman
Mary Westermanwife of Stephen Henry Westerman1844671911

1133WestmorlandMary Anne Westmorlandfirst name on this monument1831471878id: 301174015698021
Clara Annie Heuthwaitedaughter of Mary Anne Westmorland1859681927
Clara Phyllis Heuthwaitegrand daughter of Mary Anne Westmorland189201892
John Westmorlandhusband of Mary Anne Westmorland1826721898
Henry Heuthwaiteson-in-law of Mary Anne Westmorland1850771927
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1134WhaphamFrederick Rowcliffe Whaphamfirst name on this monument1855571912id: 301047115620933
Mary Jane Whaphamwife of Frederick Rowcliffe Whapham1850621912

1135WharamWilliam Ramsay Wharamfirst name on this monument1834691903id: 3011604
(2 images)
Marjorie E Wardmandaughter of William Ramsay Wharam1984
Samuel Wharamson of William Ramsay Wharam1951
Rebecca Wharamwife of William Ramsay Wharam1842831925

1136WheatleyThomas Henry Wheatleyfirst name on this monument1851421893id: 30100981559458
Sarah Elizabeth Wheatleywife of Thomas Henry Wheatley1849781927

1137WhitakerAnnie Whitakerfirst name on this monument1860441904id: 30110551565312
Edwin Whitaker1829781907
Martha Whitaker1826821908
Thomas Frederick Whitaker1854581912
Mary Ann Wilkinson1826781904

1138WhitakerElizabeth Whitakerfirst name on this monument1854541908id: 30105121562385
Thomas Whitakerhusband of Elizabeth Whitaker1855651920
George Henry Whitakerson of Elizabeth Whitaker1879731952
Thomas Edward Whitakerson of Elizabeth Whitaker1886321918

1139WhiteMargaret Hannah Whitefirst name on this monument1843571900id: 3011673
(3 images)
Margaret Ducedaughter-in-law of Margaret Hannah White1909811990
Agnes Whitedaughter-in-law of Margaret Hannah White1874621936
Phyllis Whitegrand daughter of Margaret Hannah White1903741977
James Frederick Whitehusband of Margaret Hannah White
Lionel Bruce Whiteson of Margaret Hannah White1876481924
Walter Thornton Whiteson of Margaret Hannah White1875231898 Buried Woodhouse
Edgar Robert Duceson-in-law of Margaret Hannah White1909982007

1140WhiteThomas Chambers Whitefirst name on this monument1817761893id: 30115181568255
Elizabeth Whitewife of Thomas Chambers White78

1141WhiteheadConstance Whiteheadfirst name on this monumentid: 30102811560794
Charles Whitehead1852721924

1142WhiteingRobert Walter Whiteingfirst name on this monument1915id: 30113481567156
George Whiteingson of Robert Walter Whiteing1950
Julia Whiteingwife of Robert Walter Whiteing1945

1143WhiteleyCharles Whiteleyfirst name on this monument1831601891id: 30115581568574
William Arthur Whiteleyson of Charles Whiteley1855601915
Elizabeth Whiteleywife of Charles Whiteley1834711905

1144WhitfieldAlbert Edward Whitfieldfirst name on this monument1878id: 301158615687631
Richard Whitfieldfather of Albert Edward Whitfield1859391898
Mary Ann Eastwood Whitfieldmother of Albert Edward Whitfield1854351889

1145WhitfieldHenry Hardy Whitfieldfirst name on this monument1841501891id: 301153915684015
Percy Hardy Whitfieldson of Henry Hardy Whitfield1877221899
Elizabeth Ann Whitfieldwife of Henry Hardy Whitfield1841781919

1146WhitfieldWilliam Whitfieldfirst name on this monument1829781907id: 301085815640451
Frank Eaton Whitfieldgrand son of William Whitfield1903771980
William Whitfieldson of William Whitfield1874351909
Elizabeth Whitfieldwife of William Whitfield1845811926

1147WhithamEliza Whithamfirst name on this monument1841581899id: 301043415618854
Annie Barranddaughter of Eliza Whitham1936
Harry Slater Whithamhusband of Eliza Whitham1840621902
George Emsley Barrandson-in-law of Eliza Whitham1859621921

1148WhitleyGeorge Whitleyfirst name on this monument1838431881id: 301142615675321
George Thomas Whitley189451899
Martha Whitley
Thomas Whitley
Sarah Ann Whitleywife of George Whitley1842691911
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1149WhitmellLucy Whitmellfirst name on this monument1869481917id: 3011627
(2 images)
15690133Married 1903
William Fosterfather of Lucy Whitmell
Charles Thomas Whitmellhusband of Lucy Whitmell1849701919

1150WhitworthBetsy Whitworthfirst name on this monument1834641898id: 301132215669621
Alice Whitworthdaughter of Betsy Whitworth1861791940
Beatrice Mary Whitworthdaughter of Betsy Whitworth1883611944
Joseph Whitworthhusband of Betsy Whitworth1835751910
Dorothy Enid Wainwright1899871986
Joseph Henry Wainwright1894711965
William Henry Whitworthson of Betsy Whitworth1864731937

1151WhitworthWilliam Dawson Whitworthfirst name on this monument1852351887id: 30101811560098
Joseph Whitworthfather of William Dawson Whitworth1820801900
Martha Whitworthmother of William Dawson Whitworth1822881910

1152WilcockAnnie Wilcockfirst name on this monument1855211876id: 30111411565853
W Wilcockhusband of Annie Wilcock
E W Wilcock1859791938
Pollie Wilcock1857601917

1153WildEdwin Wildfirst name on this monument1827861913id: 301013715597313
Eleanor Beatrice Wilddaughter of Edwin Wild1957
Hilda Irene Wilddaughter of Edwin Wild188341887
Lilian Wilddaughter of Edwin Wild1928
Edwin Harold Wildson of Edwin Wild1954
Eliza Emily Wildwife of Edwin Wild1841721913

1154WildbloodWilliam Wildbloodfirst name on this monument1844651909id: 3010860
(3 images)
Mary Emily Wildblooddaughter of William Wildblood1947
Harriet Wildbloodwife of William Wildblood1844691913

1155WildonJoseph Wildonfirst name on this monument1859391898id: 30103401561175
Emily Wildonwife of Joseph Wildon1857701927

1156WilkinsonAnnie Elizabeth Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1867411908id: 30113351567036
Elsie Mary Wilkinsondaughter of Annie Elizabeth Wilkinson190031903
Arthur Wilkinsonhusband of Annie Elizabeth Wilkinson1866601926
Edward Louis Wilkinsonson of Annie Elizabeth Wilkinson1897211918 Killed at sea

1157WilkinsonBenjamin Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1853691922id: 30117831570165
Maud Wilkinsondaughter of Benjamin Wilkinson1878731951
John Warburton Wilkinsonson of Benjamin Wilkinson1879431922
Catherine Wilkinsonwife of Benjamin Wilkinson1851591910

1158WilkinsonJ J Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1839591898id: 30103811561484

1159WilkinsonMary Hannah Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1822681890id: 30107881563676
John Wilkinsonhusband of Mary Hannah Wilkinson
Frank Edward Wilkinson1875281903
George Wilkinson
Kate Wilkinson1878301908
Mary Ann Wilkinson1843681911

1160WilkinsonSam Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1850401890id: 3011042
(2 images)
May Wilkinsondaughter of Sam Wilkinson1881671948
Elizabeth Wilkinsonwife of Sam Wilkinson1849471896

1161WilkinsonWilliam Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1844671911id: 301147815679010
Betsy Cocker1852721924
George Walter Cocker1850651915
Mary Ann Wilkinsonwife of William Wilkinson1849961945

1162WilleyFrederick Willeyfirst name on this monument1853411894id: 3010899
(3 images)
Joseph Henry Willeyson of Frederick Willey21
Sarah Willeywife of Frederick Willey1853641917
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1163WilsonAbraham Wilsonfirst name on this monument1827721899id: 3010596
(2 images)
Mary McCluer Herring1834601894
Edward Wilsonson of Abraham Wilson1856781934
Sophia Ann Wilsonwife of Abraham Wilson1827841911

1164WilsonAndrew Wilsonfirst name on this monument1856401896id: 3010892
(4 images)
Andrew Wilson1962
Anthony Andrew Wilson1915271942 KIA
Bruce Wilson1918261944
Kathleen Wilson1939
Norman Wilson1890261916 KIA France

1165WilsonEdward Wilsonfirst name on this monument1852451897id: 30117491569882
Elizabeth Wilsonwife of Edward Wilson1852551907

1166WilsonEthel Wilsonfirst name on this monument190221904id: 30111811565922
Henry Wilsonfather of Ethel Wilson
Isabel Wilsonmother of Ethel Wilson

1167WilsonEthel Wilsonfirst name on this monument190221904id: 30100201558828
Henry Wilsonfather of Ethel Wilson
Isabel Wilsonmother of Ethel Wilson

1168WilsonJane Wilsonfirst name on this monument1842591901id: 30113291566994
Thomas Wilsonhusband of Jane Wilson1841831924
Thomas Henry Wilsonson of Jane Wilson1867311898
Annie M Wilsonsecond wife of husband of Jane Wilson

1169WilsonJessie Wilsonfirst name on this monument1873201893id: 30116221568981
George Wilsonfather of Jessie Wilson1847641911
Elizabeth Wilsonmother of Jessie Wilson1850671917
Emily Wilsonsister of Jessie Wilson1872781950

1170WilsonJohn Wilsonfirst name on this monument1907id: 30106271563113
Alexander Duff Wilsonson of John Wilson1918
Rose Hannah Wilsonwife of John Wilson1874661940

1171WilsonJoshua Wilsonfirst name on this monument1848501898id: 3010885
(3 images)
Alan Wilson1889761965
Clifford Wilson1884421926
Lucy Wilson1952
Stanley Wilson1881591940
Bridget Wilsonwife of Joshua Wilson1850561906

1172WilsonJoshua Harrop Wilsonfirst name on this monument1879751954id: 3010751
(3 images)
Derek Harrop Wilsonson of Joshua Harrop Wilson1921131934
Michael Harrop Wilsonson of Joshua Harrop Wilson1924762000
Dorothy Wilsonwife of Joshua Harrop Wilson1889861975

1173WilsonMartha Maria Wilsonfirst name on this monument1872id: 3010906
(2 images)
15642816Died Geneva
William Wilsonhusband of Martha Maria Wilson
Mary Derrett Watts1814631877
Sophia Watts1818581876

1174WilsonSam Wilsonfirst name on this monument1851671918id: 301089615642112
Ann Wilsonwife of Sam Wilson1862691931

1175WilsonThomas Wilsonfirst name on this monument1837651902id: 30102091560353
Pamela Wilsonwife of Thomas Wilson1907

1176WilsonWilliam Wilsonfirst name on this monument1854521906id: 30104981562283
Lucy Wilsondaughter of William Wilson
John Wilsonson of William Wilson1886471933
Elizabeth Wilsonwife of William Wilson1848651913
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1177WiltonMarianne Wiltonfirst name on this monument188521887id: 30117571569953
William Edwin Wiltonfather of Marianne Wilton
Harriet Eliza Wiltonmother of Marianne Wilton1854341888

1178WinfieldJohn Winfieldfirst name on this monument1836511887id: 3011500
(2 images)
Ellen Collinsdaughter of John Winfield1860651925
William Frank Winfieldson of John Winfield186321865
Eliza Winfieldwife of John Winfield1833761909

1179WinnThomas Winnfirst name on this monument1839691908id: 3011301
(2 images)
Fanny Winnwife of Thomas Winn1836771913

1180WisslerErnest Wisslerfirst name on this monument1852531905id: 301128615667041

1181WithersCharlotte Jane Withersfirst name on this monument1842661908id: 301133315670112

1182WoodFrederick J Woodfirst name on this monument1824541878id: 30103081560951
Anne Elizabeth Woodwife of Frederick J Wood1820731893

1183WoodGeorge Woodfirst name on this monument1816731889id: 30116561569192
Caroline Woodwife of George Wood1827721899

1184WoodGeorge William Woodfirst name on this monument1937id: 30112431566346
Mary Ann Woodwife of George William Wood1957

1185WoodJoe Allen Woodfirst name on this monument1845551900id: 30117821570151
Alice Woodwife of Joe Allen Wood1853581911

1186WoodJoseph Woodfirst name on this monument1828621890id: 30114281567551
Ernest Edward Woodson of Joseph Wood
Sophia Woodwife of Joseph Wood1838851923

1187WoodMary Woodfirst name on this monument1815721887id: 30117711570068
George Crowfather of Mary Wood
Jesse Woodhusband of Mary Wood1825721897
Elizabeth Crowmother of Mary Wood

1188WoodPercival Woodfirst name on this monument1880211901id: 301181715704212
Alfred Woodfather of Percival Wood1850511901
Annie Woodmother of Percival Wood1854841938
Maude Woodsister of Percival Wood1877251902

1189WoodRichard Woodfirst name on this monument1841661907id: 3011491
(2 images)
Emmie Wooddaughter-in-law of Richard Wood1879491928
Emma Woodwife of Richard Wood

1190WoodSusannah Woodfirst name on this monument1818631881id: 30102421560554
William Woodhusband of Susannah Wood1817811898
Jane Wood1848871935

1191WoodWilliam Musgrave Woodfirst name on this monument1842721914id: 3011663
(3 images)
Ethel Mary Butlerdaughter of William Musgrave Wood1903 Buried Southampton
Sydney Joseph Musgrave Woodson of William Musgrave Wood1911 Buried Stone Kent
Goergina Mary Woodwife of William Musgrave Wood1851781929

1192WoodheadErnest Herbert Woodheadfirst name on this monument1896531949id: 30100571559117
Clotilda Christian Woodheadmother of Ernest Herbert Woodhead1875761951

1193WoodhouseCharlotte Woodhousefirst name on this monument1913id: 3011789
(2 images)
Clorinda Woodhousedaughter of Charlotte Woodhouse1859931952
Edwin Woodhousehusband of Charlotte Woodhouse1833901923 former Lord Mayor of Leeds

1194WoodsThomas Woodsfirst name on this monument1857591916id: 3010262
(2 images)
Harriet Woodswife of Thomas Woods1856651921

1195WoolamElizabeth Woolamfirst name on this monument1844751919id: 30105401562482
Mary Matilda Woolamsister of Elizabeth Woolam1843821925

1196WormaldJoseph Wormaldfirst name on this monument1836751911id: 301024715606031
Annie Aordsley Wormaldwife of Joseph Wormald1838801918
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1197WorrallHerbert Worrallfirst name on this monument1869411910id: 30114711567868

1198WrightAnnie Wrightfirst name on this monument1908id: 30116411569116
John E Wright1857801937

1199WrightFrederick Wrightfirst name on this monument1846471893id: 30116071568885
Hannah Wrightwife of Frederick Wright1844741918

1200WrightFrederick Chorley Wrightfirst name on this monument1828691897id: 30114141567444

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Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Lawnswood A-D Cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

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