All Saints' Church burial ground, Otley, Yorkshire, England

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301StephensonJohn Stephensonfirst name on this monument1798551853id: 0315321
Mary Dunndaughter of John Stephenson1834181852
Ann Kingdaughter of John Stephenson1833271860

302StephensonMargaret Stephensonfirst name on this monument1756791835id: 031835
William Stephensonfather of Margaret Stephenson farmer late of Lindley
Ann Stephensonmother of Margaret Stephenson

303StephensonRichard Stephensonfirst name on this monument1731541785id: 0313
(5 images)
542of Lindley Hall
Ann Stephensondaughter-in-law of Richard Stephenson1755681823
Richard Stephensongrand son of Richard Stephenson1790671857
William Stephensonson of Richard Stephenson63
Elizabeth Stephensonwife of Richard Stephenson1793 aged 6?

304StokesSamuel Stokesfirst name on this monument1731641795id: 010856

305StubbsAnn Stubbsfirst name on this monument1766421808id: 0316
(2 images)

306SugdenEllen Sugdenfirst name on this monument1853id: 002237
Richard Sugdenhusband of Ellen Sugden

307SummersWilliam Summersfirst name on this monument180961815id: 0231321
David Summersbrother of William Summers182311824
John Summersbrother of William Summers1818 17mnth
Solomon Summersfather of William Summers1854 of Greenholm
Elizabeth Summersmother of William Summers1789521841
Ann Summerssister of William Summers181491823
Mary Summerssister of William Summers182141825

308SutherlandThomas Sutherlandfirst name on this monument1823241847id: 0350
(5 images)
28miner - died in the construction of the Bramhope Tunnel

309SuttonCharles Suttonfirst name on this monument1827201847id: 0350
(5 images)
48miner - died in the construction of the Bramhope Tunnel

310SymonsRichard Symonsfirst name on this monument1817301847id: 0350
(5 images)
35miner - died in the construction of the Bramhope Tunnel

311TaylorJane Taylorfirst name on this monument1835id: 0122
(4 images)
Mariah Taylordaughter of Jane Taylor1824 6mnths
Joseph Thorpfather of Jane Taylor
John Taylorhusband of Jane Taylor
James Taylorson of Jane Taylor died 18?? aged 6mnths
William Taylorson of Jane Taylor18 died 18??

312TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1812341846no image12

313TempestAnn Tempestfirst name on this monument1759741833id: 012174
Ann Ackroyddaughter of Ann Tempest1803311834
James Tempesthusband of Ann Tempest
Francis Ackroydson-in-law of Ann Tempest

314ThackeryHannah Thackeryfirst name on this monument1799461845id: 034433
William Thackeryhusband of Hannah Thackery tanner and currier
James Thackeryson of Hannah Thackery1825301855
Hannah Thackerysecond wife of husband of Hannah Thackery1800581858 second wife of William Thackery

315ThompsonCharles Thompsonfirst name on this monument1735611796id: 002635
Elizabeth Thompsondaughter of Charles Thompson
Mary Thompsondaughter of Charles Thompson
Mary Ann Thompsondaughter of Charles Thompson
Charles Thompsonson of Charles Thompson1774721846
Mary Thompsonwife of Charles Thompson1741771818

316ThompsonGarnett Thompsonfirst name on this monument1792331825id: 0199
(4 images)
Martha Thompsondaughter of Garnett Thompson182511826 1yr 5mnth
Thomas Thompsonson of Garnett Thompson181821820 2yrs 10mnth
Martha Thompsonwife of Garnett Thompson1794591853
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317ThompsonGeorge Thompsonfirst name on this monument1800461846id: 0350
(5 images)
28miner - died in the construction of the Bramhope Tunnel

318ThompsonHannah Thompsonfirst name on this monument1798621860id: 004131
Charles Thompsonhusband of Hannah Thompson blacksmith
Charles Thompsonson of Hannah Thompson1825301855 died in Scotland
John Thompsonson of Hannah Thompson1833281861 died in Scotland

319ThompsonJoseph Thompsonfirst name on this monument1829id: 024726
Elizabeth Thompsondaughter of Joseph Thompson1810281838
Mary Thompsonwife of Joseph Thompson1773751848

320ThompsonMargaret Thompsonfirst name on this monument1801541855id: 012432
James Robert Thompsonhusband of Margaret Thompson

321ThrashMark Thrashfirst name on this monument1791621853id: 029339
John Thrashson of Mark Thrash39
Mary Thrashwife of Mark Thrash1795871882

322ToddJohn Toddfirst name on this monument1801491850id: 0204
(3 images)
Hannah Todddaughter of John Todd1835251860
Martha Todddaughter of John Todd183721839 2yr 9mnth
John Toddson of John Todd183971846 7yr 10mnth
Jane Toddwife of John Todd

323TownendSamuel Townendfirst name on this monument1836id: 007136
Thomas Townendfather of Samuel Townend
Edith Townendmother of Samuel Townend

324TurnerThomas Gill Turnerfirst name on this monument1832id: 0137
(3 images)
William Turnerbrother of Thomas Gill Turner1836271863
W C Turnerfather of Thomas Gill Turner1800661866 solicitor of Boston Spa
Anne Turnermother of Thomas Gill Turner1796601856
Florence Ann Turnernephew of Thomas Gill Turner dau of William and Margaret Turner
Margaret Turnersister-in-law of Thomas Gill Turner

325UsherJane Usherfirst name on this monument1786651851id: 033841

326WaddingtonBetty Waddingtonfirst name on this monument1770391809id: 0310502
William Waddingtonhusband of Betty Waddington1754761830

327WaddingtonJohn Flesher Waddingtonfirst name on this monument183721839id: 01286232yrs 8mnths
William Waddingtonbrother of John Flesher Waddington184011841 1yr 6mnths
John Waddingtonfather of John Flesher Waddington plumber and glazier
Sarah Waddingtonmother of John Flesher Waddington

328WaddingtonSamuel Waddingtonfirst name on this monument1718661784id: 0030
(4 images)
56of Bramhopee
Richard Waddingtonson of Samuel Waddington1803211824
Samuel Waddingtonson of Samuel Waddington1767571824
William Waddingtonson of Samuel Waddington1761241785
Ann Waddingtonwife of Samuel Waddington1719991818

329WaddingtonThomas Waddingtonfirst name on this monument1800561856id: 005936

330WaddingtonThomas Waddingtonfirst name on this monument1753431796id: 0078
(4 images)
George Harperbrother-in-law of Thomas Waddington
Robert Waddingtonfather of Thomas Waddington of Hawksworth
Mary Waddingtonmother of Thomas Waddington
Mary Harpersister of Thomas Waddington1732781810

331WaddingtonThomas Waddingtonfirst name on this monument1772201792id: 023632

332WadeMary Wadefirst name on this monument1800231823id: 016035
John Wadehusband of Mary Wade junier of Arthington

333Walker Walkerfirst name on this monument18id: 0007744died 18??
James Walkerbrother of Walker22 died 182?
John Walkerfather of Walker1759721831
Mary Walkermother of Walker
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334WalkerAnn Walkerfirst name on this monument1773281801id: 025340
John Fairbankfather of Ann Walker of Burley Lane Top
Thomas Walkerhusband of Ann Walker
Sarah Fairbankmother of Ann Walker

335WalkerHannah Walkerfirst name on this monument1839id: 0006332
Hannah Walkerdaughter of Hannah Walker182651831
Mary Walkerdaughter of Hannah Walker1844
John Walkerhusband of Hannah Walker1797531850

336WalkerHenry Walkerfirst name on this monument1835171852id: 0151
(6 images)
Fred Walkerbrother of Henry Walker
John Walkerbrother of Henry Walker1831771908
Charles James Walkerfather of Henry Walker1794811875 of Grove House Otley
Mary Walkermother of Henry Walker1804811885
Fanny Walkersister of Henry Walker184491853

337WalkerJeremiah Walkerfirst name on this monument1733691802id: 0244
(3 images)
Susannah Walkerdaughter of Jeremiah Walker

338WalkerJohn Walkerfirst name on this monument1756691825id: 0152
(2 images)
Sarah Walkerwife of John Walker

339WalkerMary Walkerfirst name on this monument1747851832id: 009732
John Walkerhusband of Mary Walker

340WalkerRichard Walkerfirst name on this monument44id: 0106
(4 images)
48of Menston
Abraham Walker1756881844 of Burley

341WalmsleyMyrtill Walmsleyfirst name on this monument1764421806id: 0241
(3 images)
Edward Walmsleybrother of Myrtill Walmsley1805141819
Henry Walmsleybrother of Myrtill Walmsley4 died 181?
Edward Walmsleyfather of Myrtill Walmsley
Frances Walmsleymother of Myrtill Walmsley
Eleanor Walmsleysister of Myrtill Walmsley1814291843
Frances Walmsleysister of Myrtill Walmsley1809101819 10yr 9mnth

342WardmanJohn Wardmanfirst name on this monumentid: 0251
(3 images)
301carrier of Otley corn mills
Margaret Wardmanwife of John Wardman1829221851

343WeatherburnJoseph Weatherburnfirst name on this monument1737451782id: 025230a skinner

344WebsterEmma Websterfirst name on this monument182721829id: 016327
John Thomas Websterbrother of Emma Webster1831 1yr 9mnth
Samuel Websterfather of Emma Webster
Sarah Webstermother of Emma Webster

345WestHenry Westfirst name on this monument1801591860id: 0077
(4 images)
30of Newall

346WharrieMary Wharriefirst name on this monument1802431845id: 0043
(2 images)
William Wharriehusband of Mary Wharrie

347WheelhouseFrederick Wheelhousefirst name on this monument1798581856id: 0060
(3 images)
32Timber merchant
John Wheelhousefather of Frederick Wheelhouse1743841827
Tamar Wheelhousemother of Frederick Wheelhouse1750821832

348WhitakerJohn Whitakerfirst name on this monument1789691858id: 0112281a tailor

349WhiteheadElizabeth Whiteheadfirst name on this monument1794481842id: 0257
(2 images)
38wife of John Whitehead junior and fourth dau of Hugh Gill esq of Weeton
Hugh Gillfather of Elizabeth Whitehead of Weeton
John Whiteheadhusband of Elizabeth Whitehead

350WhiteheadHannah Whiteheadfirst name on this monument1767321799id: 025641
John Whiteheadhusband of Hannah Whitehead currier

351WhiteheadJohn Whiteheadfirst name on this monument51id: 0258
(4 images)
36currier - died 18??
John Whiteheadson of John Whitehead21

352WhiteheadWilliam Whiteheadfirst name on this monument1780621842id: 0110
(2 images)
271farmer of Clifton
James Whiteheadson of William Whitehead1808371845
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353WhitesmithElizabeth Whitesmithfirst name on this monument1814331847id: 034241
James Exley Whitesmithhusband of Elizabeth Whitesmith

354WhitwhamChristiana Whitwhamfirst name on this monument1812id: 0301371
Henry Watmoughfather of Christiana Whitwham
John Whitwhamhusband of Christiana Whitwham
Ann Watmoughmother of Christiana Whitwham

355WhitworthEmma Whitworthfirst name on this monument181431817id: 0224
(2 images)
George Whitworthfather of Emma Whitworth of the White House Inn
Mary Whitworthmother of Emma Whitworth

356WigglesworthMartha Wigglesworthfirst name on this monument1783601843id: 001431
Martha Wigglesworthdaughter of Martha Wigglesworth1843 11wks
George Wigglesworthhusband of Martha Wigglesworth Musical instrument maker

357WilkinsonJoseph Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1747451792id: 0079
(2 images)

358WilsonJohn Wilsonfirst name on this monument1793321825id: 008728Tea dealer
William Wilsonson of John Wilson1821211842

359WilsonJohn Wilsonfirst name on this monument1809381847id: 0350
(5 images)
33miner - died in the construction of the Bramhope Tunnel

360WoodJane Woodfirst name on this monument1756621818id: 0073
(4 images)
Jeremiah Woodhusband of Jane Wood

361WoodJohn Woodfirst name on this monument180031803id: 0237
(2 images)
John Woodfather of John Wood of Burley
Hannah Woodmother of John Wood1771421813

362WoodWilliam Woodfirst name on this monument1773501823id: 00851311
Aaron Woodson of William Wood infancy
Richard Woodson of William Wood infancy
Sarah Woodwife of William Wood1783631846

363WrightElizabeth Wrightfirst name on this monument1810301840id: 016727
George Wrightfather of Elizabeth Wright
Charlotte Wrightmother of Elizabeth Wright

364WyleHenry Wylefirst name on this monument1676841760id: 0093
(4 images)
Ann Wylegrand daughter of Henry Wyle1744171761
Mary Wylegrand daughter of Henry Wyle175741761
Benjamin Read1736601796
Benjamin Read1769361805
Hannah Read1773811854
Mary Read1735841819

365YeadonHannah Yeadonfirst name on this monument49id: 0186
(2 images)
39died 18??
John Yeadonfather of Hannah Yeadon
Hannah Yeadonmother of Hannah Yeadon

366YeadonJoshua Yeadonfirst name on this monument1782201802id: 0185
(2 images)
John Yeadonfather of Joshua Yeadon
Hannah Yeadonmother of Joshua Yeadon

367YeomanCharles Yeomanfirst name on this monument1763561819id: 0034
(4 images)
Peter Yeomanson of Charles Yeoman1795401835
Hannah Yeomanwife of Charles Yeoman1756811837

368YeomanElizabeth Yeomanfirst name on this monument3id: 003570died 179? - 3yrs 7mnths
Elizabeth Baileygrand daughter-in-law of Elizabeth Yeoman
John Baileygreat grand son of Elizabeth Yeoman1839 5mnths
Brian Baileygrand son of Elizabeth Yeoman
Elizabeth Yeomansister of Elizabeth Yeoman180141805 4yrs 5mnths

369YoungElizabeth Youngfirst name on this monument1851id: 0243
(2 images)
Thomas Youngfather of Elizabeth Young
Martha Youngmother of Elizabeth Young

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