Annie Fisher grave monument in Holy Trinity , Barnstaple, Devon, England

Annie Fisher grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Annie Fisher
187441870first name on monument
William Fisher
father of Annie Fisher
Ann Fisher
mother of Annie Fisher
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image: 376
grave: 77728
John W J Thornby
image number 376
image: 378a
grave: 77729
Richard Clatworthy
image number 378a
image: 380
grave: 77730
Richard Edgcombe
image number 380
image: 381
grave: 77731
Florence Maud Mary Bowden Flury
image number 381
image: 382
grave: 77732
James Bowden
image number 382
image: 383
grave: 77733
Elizabeth Dobel
image number 383
image: 384
grave: 77734
Mary Anna Amcell
image number 384
image: 385
grave: 77735
Frederick Bale
image number 385
image: 387
grave: 77736
Mary Jewell
image number 387
image: 390
grave: 77737
Isaac Fisher
image number 390
image: 391
grave: 77738
Annie Fisher
image number 391
image: 392
grave: 77739
John Gribble
image number 392
image: 393
grave: 77740
George Edwin Kingson
image number 393
image: 394
grave: 77741
Thomas Hooper Law
image number 394
image: 397a
grave: 77742
Alice Gertrude Courtney
image number 397a
image: 400a
grave: 77743
Frederick William Gould
image number 400a
image: 400b
grave: 77744
Elizabeth Braund Norman
image number 400b
image: 400c
grave: 77745
John Gould
image number 400c
image: 405
grave: 77746
Betty Marjorie Morrish
image number 405
image: 406
grave: 77747
Doris Mary Beer
image number 406
image: 407
grave: 77748
Alice Maud Heayel
image number 407

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