Wallace Albert Lyons grave monument in Lawn (part 2) , Cohuna, Victoria, Australia

Wallace Albert Lyons grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Wallace Albert Lyons
07/06/1957541903first name on monument
Christopher Lyons
father of Wallace Albert Lyons
Arthur E Ball
father-in-law of Wallace Albert Lyons
Minnie Lyons nee Weaver
mother of Wallace Albert Lyons
Gertrude Elle Ball nee Wigley
mother-in-law of Wallace Albert Lyons
Violet May Lyons nee Ball
21/12/1960551905wife of Wallace Albert Lyons
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image: P1050729
grave: 506566
Edward Sloane Murdoch Williams
image number P1050729
image: P1050730
grave: 506567
Harold William Roberts
image number P1050730
image: P1050731
grave: 506568
Alice Dorothy Nankervis
image number P1050731
image: P1050732
grave: 506569
Edgar Bray Greenway
image number P1050732
image: P1050733
grave: 506570
Margaret Beverley Whitwam
image number P1050733
image: P1050734
grave: 506571
Reginald Wallace Lyons
image number P1050734
image: P1050735
grave: 506572
Violet Doreen Peace
image number P1050735
image: P1050736
grave: 506573
James Arthur Turnour
image number P1050736
image: P1050737
grave: 506574
James Owen Turnour
image number P1050737
image: P1050738
grave: 506575
Edward Bertram Henty
image number P1050738
image: P1050739
grave: 506576
Wallace Albert Lyons
image number P1050739
image: P1050740
grave: 506577
Francis Gordon Brickland
image number P1050740
image: P1050741
grave: 506578
Frederick Ernest Gray
image number P1050741
image: P1050742
grave: 506579
Jane Ogilvie Toll
image number P1050742
image: P1050743
grave: 506580
image number P1050743
image: P1050744
grave: 506581
Richard Francis Heap
image number P1050744
image: P1050745
grave: 506582
Richard Gledhill
image number P1050745
image: P1050746
grave: 506583
William George Salter
image number P1050746
image: P1050747
grave: 506584
image number P1050747
image: P1050748
grave: 506585
William Faulkner
image number P1050748
image: P1050749
grave: 506586
Francis George Stanton
image number P1050749

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