Abrham Akeroyd grave monument in Holy Trinity , Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

Abrham Akeroyd grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Abrham Akeroyd
183141827first name on monumentson of Edward and Matilda Akeroyd; Bowling;
Edward Akeroyd
1839301809father of Abrham Akeroyd
Edward Akeroyd
1855851770grand father of Abrham Akeroydfather of Edward Akeroyd; of Bowling Ould Lane;
Matilda Akeroyd
1835251810mother of Abrham Akeroydwife of Edward Akeroyd
Elizabeth Akeroyd
183881830sister of Abrham Akeroyddau. of Edward and Matilda Akeroyd;
Abraham Akeroyd
1859451814uncle of Abrham Akeroyd3rd son of Edward Akeroyd Snr.
Zaccheus Akeroyd
1860471813uncle of Abrham Akeroydson of above (presumed in view of age - Edward Akeroyd Snr.)
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image: 8895
grave: 433043
William Wilkinson
image number 8895
image: 8897
grave: 433044
Sarah Barraclough
image number 8897
image: 8901
grave: 433045
Francis Collins
image number 8901
image: 8903
grave: 433046
Betty Simpson
image number 8903
image: 8905
grave: 433047
Sarah Bentley
image number 8905
image: 8907
grave: 433048
Richard Houldsworth
image number 8907
image: 8914
grave: 433049
William Houldsworth
image number 8914
image: 8920
grave: 433050
Richard Slater
image number 8920
image: 8921
grave: 433051
Edward Akeroyd
image number 8921
image: 8928
grave: 433052
Sarah England
image number 8928
image: 8933
grave: 433053
Abrham Akeroyd
image number 8933
image: 8940
grave: 433054
Ann Turner
image number 8940
image: 8944
grave: 433055
William Parkinson
image number 8944
image: 8951
grave: 433056
Sarah Beldon
image number 8951
image: 8954
grave: 433057
Alice Bartle
image number 8954
image: 8958
grave: 433058
Joseph Parkinson
image number 8958
image: 8962
grave: 433059
William Swaine
image number 8962
image: 8965
grave: 433060
Susanna Smalley
image number 8965
image: 8972
grave: 433061
Deborah Kellett
image number 8972
image: 8974
grave: 433062
Christopher Wadsworth
image number 8974
image: 8984
grave: 433063
Amos Wardman
image number 8984

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