Sydney Woollock grave monument in Eppleworth Road , Cottingham, Yorkshire, England

Sydney Woollock grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Sydney Woollock
01/11/1941591882first name on monument
Eva Hopwood nee Woollock
11/01/1948351913daughter of Sydney Woollock
Ada Gray nee Woollock
22/01/1996921904relationship not given of Sydney Woollock
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image: 185
grave: 396661
Frank Harrison
image number 185
image: 186
grave: 396662
John Henry Gray
image number 186
image: 187
grave: 396663
Richard Watson
image number 187
image: 188
grave: 396664
John Gray
image number 188
image: 189
grave: 396665
Ethel Taylor
image number 189
image: 190
grave: 396666
E Isgate
image number 190
image: 191
grave: 396667
R Bunton
image number 191
image: 192
grave: 396668
W W Stretton
image number 192
image: 193
grave: 396669
R G Hunt
image number 193
image: 194
grave: 396670
William Hebb
image number 194
image: 196
grave: 396671
Sydney Woollock
image number 196
image: 198
grave: 396672
William H Fairfield
image number 198

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