Anne Ethel Pickering grave monument in Blanchland Abbey , Blanchland, Northumberland, England

Anne Ethel Pickering grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Anne Ethel (Elsie) Pickering nee Temperley
08-Mar-89841905first name on monument
Joseph Temperley
father of Anne Ethel Pickering
James Ralph Pickering
13-Nov-85841901husband of Anne Ethel Pickering
Anne Temperley
mother of Anne Ethel Pickering
John Temperley Pickering
11-Oct-09671942son of Anne Ethel PickeringCremated at Holmsford Bridge; Ayrshire
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Jane A Craggs
image number PA190204
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grave: 346958
Olwyn Hickson
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grave: 346959
Margarey Murray
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grave: 346960
Sarah Orr
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image: PA190211
grave: 346961
Margaret Isobel Tarbitt
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grave: 346962
Michael Hudson Jameson
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image: PA190213
grave: 346963
Stanley Bolam
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grave: 346964
William Robson
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image: PA190216
grave: 346965
Winifred Dove Yule
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grave: 346966
Ethel Forster
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image: PA190219
grave: 346967
Anne Ethel Pickering
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grave: 346968
Christopher Geddes
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image: PA190221
grave: 346969
Ranald MacDonald
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image: PA190222
grave: 346970
William Herdman
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image: PA190223
grave: 346971
John Herdman
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image: PA190224
grave: 346972
William Steel
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image: PA190225
grave: 346973
Joyce Parker Common
image number PA190225
image: PA190226
grave: 346974
George Edward Graham
image number PA190226
image: PA190227
grave: 346975
Thomas Shotton Ridley
image number PA190227
image: PA190228
grave: 346976
Elizabeth Bainbridge
image number PA190228
image: PA190229
grave: 346977
Kenneth Mackenzie MacDonald
image number PA190229

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