Florence Louisa Brace Simpson grave monument in St Andrew , Immingham, Lincolnshire, England

Florence Louisa Brace Simpson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Florence Louisa Brace Simpson
1999861913first name on monument
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image: 1273
grave: 320425
Florence Hannah Harrison
image number 1273
image: 1274
grave: 320426
Jeanette Short
image number 1274
image: 1276
grave: 320427
James Smart
image number 1276
image: 1278
grave: 320428
Walter Arthur Hanton
image number 1278
image: 1280
grave: 320429
Adrian George Benson
image number 1280
image: 1281
grave: 320430
Robert Barrett
image number 1281
image: 1283
grave: 320431
Ivy Joan Thorndyke
image number 1283
image: 1284
grave: 320432
David John Wagstaff
image number 1284
image: 1285
grave: 320433
Malcolm Beauchamp White
image number 1285
image: 1287
grave: 320434
Sidney Frederick Grey
image number 1287
image: 1290
grave: 320435
Florence Louisa Brace Simpson
image number 1290
image: 1291
grave: 320436
Florence Stephenson
image number 1291
image: 1292
grave: 320437
Henry S Wood
image number 1292
image: 1295
grave: 320438
Norah Chapman
image number 1295
image: 1296
grave: 320439
Maud Mary Ross
image number 1296
image: 1297
grave: 320440
Maude Mary Tapp
image number 1297
image: 1298
grave: 320441
James Mooney
image number 1298
image: 1300
grave: 320442
Fred Griffiths
image number 1300
image: 1301
grave: 320443
John W Cullum
image number 1301
image: 1302
grave: 320444
William I Lowde
image number 1302
image: 1303
grave: 320445
Betty Barron
image number 1303

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