Freddy Barber grave monument in St Margaret , Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

Freddy Barber grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Freddy Barber
February 2 first name on monumentage 8 weeks
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Freddy Barber grave location

(20 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 313145)

The following thumbnail images are the 20 taken before and 20 after the one for Freddy Barber was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Freddy Barber below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Freddy Barber grave.

image: DSC03016
grave: 313125
Katherine Child
image number DSC03016
image: DSC03017
grave: 313126
Mildred Victoria Clamp
image number DSC03017
image: DSC03023
grave: 313127
Benjamin Thomas Playford
image number DSC03023
image: DSC03025
grave: 313128
Richard Ralph Smith
image number DSC03025
image: DSC03032
grave: 313129
Dinah Belding
image number DSC03032
image: DSC03033
grave: 313130
Pitcher Belding
image number DSC03033
image: DSC03034
grave: 313131
Beryl Haclin
image number DSC03034
image: DSC03035
grave: 313132
George Francis Moore
image number DSC03035
image: DSC03036
grave: 313133
John Benstead
image number DSC03036
image: DSC03039
grave: 313134
John Howell
image number DSC03039
image: DSC03041
grave: 313135
Martha Howell
image number DSC03041
image: DSC03042
grave: 313136
Charles Walter Riches
image number DSC03042
image: DSC03044
grave: 313137
Minnie Bates
image number DSC03044
image: DSC03045
grave: 313138
Sidney Oswald Armiger
image number DSC03045
image: DSC03047
grave: 313139
John Rout
image number DSC03047
image: DSC03049
grave: 313140
Elizabeth Feek
image number DSC03049
image: DSC03051
grave: 313141
Henry Howard
image number DSC03051
image: DSC03052
grave: 313142
Easter Petts
image number DSC03052
image: DSC03054
grave: 313143
John Robert Bickell
image number DSC03054
image: DSC03055
grave: 313144
Peter Charles Frederick Bickell
image number DSC03055
image: DSC03056
grave: 313145
Freddy Barber
image number DSC03056
image: DSC03057
grave: 313146
Lily Barber
image number DSC03057
image: DSC03058
grave: 313147
John Robert Hendry
image number DSC03058
image: DSC03060
grave: 313148
Susan Johnson
image number DSC03060
image: DSC03061
grave: 313149
Gertrude West
image number DSC03061
image: DSC03064
grave: 313150
Rosalind Malina Witton
image number DSC03064
image: DSC03068
grave: 313151
Julia Blanche Witton
image number DSC03068
image: DSC03069
grave: 313152
Agnes Annie Wright
image number DSC03069
image: DSC03071
grave: 313153
James Dewing
image number DSC03071
image: DSC03073
grave: 313154
Emma Mallon Allen
image number DSC03073
image: DSC03074
grave: 313155
Ernest Townsend Marshall
image number DSC03074
image: DSC03079
grave: 313156
Mary Elizabeth Roy
image number DSC03079
image: DSC03082
grave: 313157
Edward Oughton
image number DSC03082
image: DSC03085
grave: 313158
Jack Oughton
image number DSC03085
image: DSC03086
grave: 313159
Raymond Petts
image number DSC03086
image: DSC03087
grave: 313160
Catherine Petts
image number DSC03087
image: DSC03088
grave: 313161
A M Barwick
image number DSC03088
image: DSC03089
grave: 313162
Robert Oughton
image number DSC03089
image: DSC03090
grave: 313163
Lucy Roy
image number DSC03090
image: DSC03091
grave: 313164
Fanny Gable
image number DSC03091
image: DSC03096
grave: 313165
Matilda Howes
image number DSC03096

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