Henry Archibald Stevenson Ford grave monument in Marlborough Road , Ilfracombe, Devon, England

Henry Archibald Stevenson Ford grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Henry Archibald Stevenson Ford
1957591898first name on monument
Ann Matilda Ford
1969831886wife of Henry Archibald Stevenson Ford
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image: 9046
grave: 302643
Elizabeth Paterson
image number 9046
image: 9047
grave: 302644
George Francis Gent
image number 9047
image: 9048
grave: 302645
Sarah W Fisher
image number 9048
image: 9049
grave: 302646
Horace M Mock
image number 9049
image: 9050
grave: 302647
Mary Ann Ralph
image number 9050
image: 9051
grave: 302648
Sarah Lockett
image number 9051
image: 9052
grave: 302649
Alfred Hayward Tucker
image number 9052
image: 9053
grave: 302650
George Gundry
image number 9053
image: 9054
grave: 302651
Doris Agnes Hammett
image number 9054
image: 9055
grave: 302652
Kate Fickling
image number 9055
image: 9056
grave: 302653
Henry Archibald Stevenson Ford
image number 9056
image: 9057
grave: 302654
Anna Sophie Burchard
image number 9057
image: 9058
grave: 302655
Charles Reginald White
image number 9058
image: 9120
grave: 302656
Dorothy May Middleton
image number 9120
image: 9060
grave: 302657
Elizabeth Heness
image number 9060
image: 9062
grave: 302658
William C Gordon
image number 9062
image: 9063
grave: 302659
Ralph Howland
image number 9063
image: 9065
grave: 302660
Amelia Martin
image number 9065
image: 9066
grave: 302661
Herbert Leonard Barber
image number 9066
image: 9067
grave: 302662
Edward J Hurrell
image number 9067
image: 9068
grave: 302663
Emily Amelia Norman
image number 9068

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